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DVDFab: A Versatile Video Converter for Windows & Mac

For a video lover, you might anticipate a powerful video converting tool that is able to convert all popular video formats so that you can play all video contents on multiple devices.

With such a helper at your disposal, there is no barrier to enhancing your visual experience. But when it comes to a professional video converter, you may get enchanted by its versatile features. 

In this post, you will be introduced the best video converter for Windows and Mac OS to convert videos between all mainstream formats, compress video size as you need, and even edit video in all aspects.

Thus, this fantastic video converting software acts well as a video converter, video editor, video compressor and even works seamlessly with a built-in video quality enhancer.

Of course, when you aim to transform music videos of MP4 format to MP3 files for random listening whenever possible, this tool will absolutely become your optimal MP4 to MP3 converter.

DVDFab: A Versatile Video Converter for Windows & Mac

PART 1: Versatile Features

Now let’s get a quick glance over its functions as below.

Video/Audio Converter

This converter can read all popular video or audio formats from the Internet, digital camcorders and capture cards, and further convert them from video to video, video to audio, or from audio to audio, to suit all players or devices. Therefore, to output 2D & 3D videos and Hi-Res audios is a piece of cake.

Meanwhile, flexible adjustments to video & audio parameters give you the full control over output format. Besides, batch conversion, multi-threading and GPU hardware acceleration considerably contribute to a blazing fast conversion process.

Video Compressor 

As a perfect compressor, this converter can achieve fast compression with lossless content. What you shall do is determine your wanted output size and wait for the converting process. 

Video Editor

This versatile video converter highlights its built-in video editor capable of trimming & cropping videos, merging clips, adding credits, music, watermark and subtitles, and even adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation. 

Video Quality Enhancer

This video converting software works together with DVDFab Enlarger AI to substantially enhance video quality from 480P to 1080P by adding in precise details to enrich the video image. With this marvelous feature, there is no need to worry about your low-resolution videos or movies. 

PART 2: How-to Guide

Now let’s move to the following simple tips on how to convert videos between all formats.

Step 1: launch DVDFab Video Converter and load the video source

Download and install DVDFab 11 where Video Converter is integrated, together with other modules. Choose ‘Converter’ module, navigate from local HDD or mobile to import the video you want to convert to other formats. 

DVDFab: A Versatile Video Converter for Windows & Mac

Step 2: choose one profile and customize output video

Tab ‘Advanced Settings’ (wrench icon) to set parameters relevant to video, audio and subtitles.

DVDFab: A Versatile Video Converter for Windows & Mac

Then you can activate the video editor (pen icon) to personalize your output video, such as adding credits, music, subtitles or watermark (image & text), trimming, cropping and merging clips, rotating video clockwise or counterclockwise, or making adjustments to brightness, contrast and saturation.

DVDFab: A Versatile Video Converter for Windows & Mac

Besides, you can click ‘Common Settings’ (inverted triangle in the upper right corner) to tick GPU hardware acceleration to speed up the conversion task beyond expectation. 

Step 3: start to convert

Once done, trigger the ‘Start’ button to launch the converting process during which real-time progress will be checked via the slider. After completed, the converted video will be saved into your HDD. Then enjoy your video content with a wonderful player, DVDFab Player 6.

Final Thought

Now you probably have understood why this multipurpose video converter merits your attention and full trial. It is always sensible to kill two birds with one stone. ACT NOW and enjoy it!