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How The E-commerce World Reacted To The Pandemic 1 Year Ago

In the year 2020, the entire world came under the clutches of CoronaVirus, also known as COVID 19  is one of the largest pandemic infections transmitted through the infected person’s cough, sneeze and fever.

With the increasing number of corona cases and the death rate of people in the USA, President Donald Trump who was initially slow to respond to pandemic CoronaVirus, ultimately declared a national emergency when more than half the population of the USA suffered with the Virus. A cluster of infections and a rapid increase in death rate in the USA advise people to be at their homes and follow the necessary guidelines issued by the government.

If you want to read about the best ecommerce blogs, then you have arrived on the right platform. Talking about the pandemic coronavirus which has disrupted the entire economy of the nation and influenced a lot of things in society. The lockdown phrase announces the closure of education sectors, religious places, shopping malls, transport services, cinema halls, restaurants, bars and any type of social, political, sports, entertainment activity that leads to a large gathering.

How The E-commerce World Reacted To The Pandemic 1 Year Ago

However, the positive effects can be seen in the E-commerce World. The E-commerce industry has accelerated its growth through digital platforms as consumers due to lockdown and menacing spread of pandemic disease went to online platforms to purchase their goods and services which according to studies states that e-commerce global retail rate has increased from 14% in 2019 to 17% in 2020. 

The E-commerce industries through their digital transformation have reached their consumers in many ways which have increased the sales of the business and expanded its reach to the large section of the groups and communities. The industry has adopted several strategies and techniques to stand their business unique in the market.

In this pandemic, several brands have changed their marketing approaches or reprioritized their communication channel as frequent communication with their customers has reached its highest peak. Several E-commerce industries have said that they will use voice as a medium to marketize their brands to the customers apart from Emails which is considered to be the top channel used by brands to communicate with their customers. 

The pandemic has accelerated customer involvement towards virtual platforms from 72 million to 83 millions from 2019-2020. The most significant change can be noticed in mobile retail e-commerce industries whose sales grew 31.5% in 2020 as consumers are spending more time shopping through their mobile phones due to pandemic disease. The countless payments through mobile phones have increased the sales of mobile industries and are considered to be a safer mode to make payments for your online shopping.

The Covid-19 has led the expansion of e-commerce industries to new firms, customers, various types of products and the shift of e-commerce industries from luxury goods and services to necessities of daily lives. The digital transformation has allowed customers to access vast varieties of the product at their convenience.

The E-commerce industries continue to work while keeping in mind the contact restrictions and other measures during the covid-19 pandemic and the complete safety of their customers. The pandemic has expanded the e-commerce landscape and operates according to the convenience of people for purchasing vast varieties of the product and how the new firms have capitalized their investments through new sales channels.

The pandemic phase has shifted the attention of the audience from traditional patterns to virtual channels and how they are responded to well by the companies and brands. According to the studies, rapid shifts can be noticed in customer interaction through digital channels.

Now let’s consider how Information and Technology Industries and Software developers have reacted to the pandemic?

As the pandemic CoronaVirus began its spread in 2020, many IT-based companies and software developers started working from home so that the workflow of the company is not affected at any cost and this will help the employees to boost the productivity of their company. To enhance the sales of their company, the companies need to focus on employee productivity during the pandemic to boost the morale of their employees and to motivate them to complete their task on time. 

The companies tend to focus on improving the employees’ home offices and give extra support to the disabled people working in their organizations. Working from home experiment gave positive as well negative effects on the life of employees. The positive effects of this experiment are that employees are working from any space of their household such as kitchen, bedrooms, sofas but a negative impact can be seen on the work schedules when there is a constant distraction from their children, parents, siblings, roommates and pets.

However, the pandemic has increased the revenue of IT-based companies in a positive manner. Employees working from their homes have benefitted the company’s growth even in the unprecedented increase of CoronaVirus. Working from home jobs has adhered to the norms of social distancing during a pandemic and the workflow of companies are not affected by its spread. For Instance, if we see that the company Broken Rubik sales and revenues are generated during the phase of the pandemic. The company welcomed two individuals to their team when the lockdown was put in place as soon as the spread of the virus increased to another level. 

Due to pandemic e-commerce has expanded its growth not only worldwide but also locally and regionally as well. Companies and businesses have shifted their focus to digital platforms to improve the sales channel of their organizations. The company Broken Rubik has to make difficult decisions during pandemics when they allow full allowance to their employees when the offices are being shut and employees are working remotely. The company motivated the teams and ensured the safety of their team members. They put a lot of effort into making their teams united so that they do not feel aligned and isolated during this pandemic.

Let me conclude my article by talking about the software developers and how they reacted to the pandemic CoronaVirus. 

The pandemic has put the world on a  halt but in the midst of this, software developers are not affected much by this virus. In fact, in the pandemic, there is a great rise in software services due to the digital transformation of the e-commerce industry.

Everything has shifted to the digital platform from buying groceries and clothing to working from your company remotely. The software developers are working double due to the rise in the services. Since companies have shifted their attention to digital transformation as now their office meetings and huddle rooms are accessible to the employees through the zoom platforms.

Shifting everything to digital transformation implies double the workload of tech employees. The job opportunities of the tech developers were lower in pre-pandemic times. As the online traffic is increasing to such an extent that the big tech companies are hiring people in large numbers to meet the needs of their customers.