You have some task to perform on your computer but as soon as you turn the device on, the operating system indicates a possible hard disk failure.

Many have found themselves in such kind of predicaments. The most worrying thing is how to recovery the possibly lost data from our hard drives.

Data recovery is basically the process of recovering lost or deleted files on a corrupt, formatted or damaged hard drive.

The first thing to do is to stop using the drive or if you have the technical know-how, you can remove the hard disk from the computer. If not, you can get a professional to do it. Do not by any chance attempt to install a data recovery software. This software may overwrite all your data, diminishing any probability of recovering your lost files.

When data is deleted or destroyed, it does not immediately go away. The computer only erases information that directs the computer to the specific data. This data remains until new data is fed to it and overwrites it.

Just to make sure it is the hard drive that is faulty, plug it onto another working computer. If you can access the drive’s files, back up any important data and information before proceeding further.

Sometimes, you will notice that files are working and only a few are missing. In such instances, one is advised to do a thorough file search. This can be done by opening any folder and using the search field located on the upper right side.  Checking the Recycle bin is also a viable option. If none of the two have yielded results, you can check from apps such as Cloud and Google drive.

If one has done all the above I vain, a data recovery software is recommended. Install the software on a working computer and run it. This software works by scanning the affected hard drives. They do this by allowing you to scan the whole drive or scanning for the specific file that you want to be recovered. This can be done by name search or by file type search.

In addition, the software display files that have been deleted recently and there likelihood of recovery. Recovering the lost files is not always guaranteed.

In cases where you have lost files of high value, one can always sort some type of aid from an Information Technology expert who comes highly recommended. This is also the case when you suspect a hard drives mechanical failure. These experts do a proper evaluation of the damage then offer possible solutions. This option also does not guarantee results.

All in all, data recovery is a hard task primarily because every hard drive is unique in its own way. There is no one way to go about it. The best way to avoid all these hustles is to take the time to always back up our data on applications such as Google drive and Cloud. These applications help in such a way that the probability of losing data stored in these applications is slim to none.


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