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How To Edit Host File In Windows 10


The host file is the main file of any operating system where OS is connecting to first check if it wants to communicate on the network or the internet. That’s why if you want to block any website or redirecting any website to particular IP-address we are editing host file in Windows 10 or other Operating systems.

Step-by-step Process to Edit Host File In Windows 10 :-

With the Launch of Windows 7, Microsft is not allowing the Standard user’s to edit the host file. To edit Host file in Windows 10, you need administrative rights.

Click on the Start and search for “CMD” and right-click on it and select the “Run as Administrator ” option.

edit hosts file windows 10

then enter “notepad C:\windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts\ ” without quote and hit enter.

edit hosts file windows 10

Block Website through Host Entry in Windows 10:-

Now if you want to block website you need to do the entry like below image.  facebook.com :- It will block HTTP website  www.facebook.com :- It will block https website.

and finally, click on the Save to save your Host File.

How To Edit Host File In Windows 10

Redirect Website through Host File Entry in Windows 10:-

In some conditions, we need to redirect your website to particular IP-address as the particular website doesn’t have published DNS.

You need to edit your Windows 10 host file in the below-mentioned way to redirect.

As you seen in below image, I want’s to redirect IP-address to my website technicalustad.com

When I will open technicalustad.com , my PC will find resolve IP-address of my website and it will directly send a request to particular IP instead of searching for DNS name.

How To Edit Host File In Windows 10

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Use your host’s file to block ads and malware:-

A number of websites provide lists of domains belonging to known adware and malware, etc. domains, which can be added to your hosts file.

StevenBlack’s Amalgamated host file

How To Edit Host File In Windows 10

Video Tutorial on Edit Host File in Windows 10:-

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