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9 Of The Best eLearning Websites To Boost Your Skills

Looking for Best eLearning Websites To Boost Your Skills? 🤔 we got you covered in this post.

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E-learning has now become a tool of choice for a lot of companies, employees and students are keeners to learn new things on their own.

If the companies are not providing ample opportunities to learn something new, there’s a high risk of an employee joining the competitor. As the world is facing a global pandemic, everyone is looking for a way to indulge themselves.

To find something which can make them feel less bored and stuck in one place. Well, if you are a student or a skilled employee working in an MNC, this is the right time for you to upgrade your skills while sitting in the comfort of your home.

Given below are some of the Best eLearning Websites where you can find any course you want. If you are into coding, you will get it if you are a video editor and want to learn new software?🤔  These websites will get you covered. 

Also, we are not asking you that you must learn something. It’s your choice, we all are going through tough times, and everyone is facing problems in their personal life.

So don’t let the LinkedIn peeps make you conscious about your learning. It’s totally fine, if you don’t want to do it. But if you have free time, and you are keen to learn new skills, this article will be opening a whole new world of opportunities for you. So make a Dalgona coffee, and start learning something new. 

Why Is E-Learning More Efficient?

It happens with all of us, we are in college, and we are not feeling like attending it, but we have to go due to attendance. Thus, we are in college physically, but the mind is wandering somewhere else.

So we don’t take any interest in what the professor is trying to teach us. But when you opt to go online to learn something, you are interested in it.

You are putting your free time to get something done which you wanted. This is the main difference between studying in a college and learning new skills online. 

E-Learning Animation

Most of us don’t want to put our heads inside a book. That’s why E-learning is such a huge success all over the globe. It’s bite-sized, interactive content. If you can watch a video and listen to the podcast, we are sure you won’t be opening the book.

See every teacher, and professor has their way of teaching you, and when you are in the class, they can’t pay special attention to you. But when you are using eLearning Websites, you can ask for help whenever you want, and the instructor will come on one-to-one video calls or chat.

Moreover, if you think about it, E-learning gives you freedom of scalability. You can choose different courses depending on your interest and decide how many months you want to finish them. 

At the time of our research on Best eLearning Websites To Boost Your Skills, we found a video about “Before you take any online course” which is worth watching. 😎🤴

Before you take any online course

Given below is the list of top eLearning Websites that will help you excel in your career. There is one thing we would like to point out here. When you are taking these courses, try to solve the problems that are given in the assignments and projects on your own. It won’t bear any fruit if you take the code from your friend or the Github website. 

Best eLearning Websites: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Udemy

Udemy stands tall in our list of best eLearning Websites. There is no doubt we have to give Udemy the number one spot.

Udemy is a California-based company that has got 48 million dollars in funding till now. The company intends to topsy-turvy the world from the traditional instructional industry.

Udemy has brought forward a platform where it gives novice instructors a stage to plan, design, and produce a video on how-to instructions on any given topic and subject.

Best eLearning Websites

You can expect to get 100s of courses on your search that will teach you from the very basic to the expert level. There is no hierarchy when it comes to completing courses.

You can start with the expert level if you want. The company’s motto is to “help anybody to learn anything online” it is visionary thinking in which everyone can teach and share what they know about the subject.

Udemy usually targets a specific market that holds a vast potential of daily traffic numbers. Its primary source of traffic is through students, who are looking for a course, and promoters of how-to instructor videos.

Android App Store Preview V2

Currently, Udemy is the largest producer and provider of how-to videos. This is because the website is offering more than 25,000 publically available courses in categories such as lifestyle, coding, video editing, software testing, etc. in addition to this, the course catalog gets updated every month with over 1000 new courses. 

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of Udemy that makes it add to the Best eLearning Websites list.


  1. First, most of the courses that Udemy offers are less than $200. This is the main reason why students prefer Udemy for getting certification. It’s the affordability along with reliability. 
  2. Secondly, at one time you can decide how many courses you want to take, you can choose multiple courses at the same time. 
  3. Once you complete the course, you will be given a certification from Udemy. 
  4. The customer care service is the best in class, if you are stuck somewhere during the processing of the fee or certification, their support will make sure that you get your problem solved as soon as possible. 
  5. If the student wants to stop his course due to some personal reasons, he can do it without having to answer the company in between 30 days. The money for the course will be reimbursed. 
  6. Once the enrollment is done, a student gets immediate access to their course and its material 
  7. Also, you will be getting lifetime access to the enrolled course. Any course that you choose can be viewed throughout your lifetime without paying any extra fees. 
  8. You can access the review and ratings of the course from the previous students. Most of these are unbiased reviews with no aim to market the course.


  1. The course creators have to rely on Udemy to show their course as Udmeny is the sole controller of placement and appearance of the courses on their website. 
  2. Moreover, there are no credits added to the course by your college or university. As a result, the Udemy course doesn’t include any certificate of proficiency.

2. Coursera

Missing the top spot, we have Coursera. The company has its name in the E-learning market by providing offbeat courses such as the “History of Rock” and the History of the “Humankind.”

To attain this knowledge, one goes to the Library to find the answer to their curious questions. But, now we have Coursera to solve your problems.

With the introduction of the Internet, the education realm has changed a lot. Coursera was founded in the year 2009—that time when it was not so common for an average household to have access to the Internet.

Coursera is best when it comes to providing students all over the globe with the courses by collaborating with the universities. Some of these universities come in the top 100, so you get the idea of how important it is to get one of the certificates from Coursera. 

Best eLearning Websites

Coursera is an excellent tool for those who want to venture out and explore their current subjects. If you are doing your bachelor’s in science, but you want to learn Philosophy from a profound university, then Coursera has got you covered.

If you go to their website, you will find out the number of students that have been enrolled in till now. Along with how much successful partnership Coursera has with universities. In addition to this, Coursera all provides degrees in some specialization. 

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of Coursera that makes it add to the Best eLearning Websites list.


  1. First, it provides the student with flexibility and convenience at any given time you study from the top universities in the world while sitting at your home.
  2. The courses give you international exposure, which you crave. Giving you a glimpse of how the top universities teach and make global leaders. 
  3. Coursera has also launched its mobile app, so if you are the one who doesn’t like carrying their laptop all the time. This app can help you in a lot of ways. 
  4. Likewise, you can download the videos and watch them offline when you wish.
  5. Once you complete the course, you can ask for the certificate from the university by providing some extra fees.
  6. If you do not have the funds to pay for the course, you can tell Coursera to give you financial aid.
  7. Also, there are several courses that are free to access. Meaning you don’t have to pay for them. 
  8. Lastly, the courses are in multiple languages, so you are not comfortable with English. You can opt for your native language if Coursera provides it.


  1. The cost of each course is massively higher than other websites. But when you compare it to the fees you need to pay for university, it comes out to be much more affordable.
  2. There is no inbuilt platform on the website to assist you in finding a job. For that, you have to visit another portal or website. 

3. edX: Online Courses by Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, IBM

At number three, we have edX formed by the leading US universities, such as Harward and MIT. Unlike other online course providers, edX is a non-profit organization created solely to assist a student in their learning.

Download the edX Mobile App on Google Play!

In addition to this, it provides lots of technical courses free of cost. You can access the course video on YouTube as most of the courses are free to sign up. As a result, you can even download them and watch them later if you want.

Courses available on edX don’t include certification for the most part. Likewise, the courses typically run for a few weeks.

The main focus of each course is to provide the student with the best of teaching experience with the latest knowledge of innovation in the emerging fields. The professional education courses that edX offers you will help you in preparing for the jobs in MNC in the 21st century. 

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the edX that makes it add to the Best eLearning Websites list.


  1. With edX, you get to learn some of the most complex technical skills in a much more relaxed way.
  2. In addition to this, the dates to sign up for the course are available throughout the year. So they provide you time to plan your schedule accordingly. 
  3. As we said, courses are free of cost if you don’t want certification. But if you do need it, you will be paying a bare minimum amount. 
  4. Courses in edX go deep in defining a concept, so a student doesn’t have to go anywhere else to understand it further.


  1. It doesn’t provide one-on-one coaching.
  2. Also, if you are a first-timer, it could be difficult for you to navigate through their website. 
  3. Sometimes it takes a fair bit of time for you to get your hands on your certificate after the course is done. 

4. Udacity

Udacity is more of a global community where young learners come together to take a deep dive into the world of technology with its massive variety of courses to choose from.

The courses are designed in such a way that it intrigues your mind and makes you think hard on how to solve the current problem of your project. 

Udacity was not the first company to come up with the Nano-degree programs, but, surely, they are the ones who made this phrase common among students around the globe.

9 Of The Best eLearning Websites To Boost Your Skills

These nano-degree programs come with industry-recognized credentials helping students in learning new skills. While giving them a taste of how these skills will be used in real-world projects.

The main focus of Udacity is to make a student job-ready by covering all the aspects of the new skill a student is learning. The Nano-degree programs are specially made keeping in mind the current industry requirements.

The programs are divided into subparts where each part has its own set of videos to watch and, in the end, a project for the student to submit. To complete that module of a Nano-degree.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Udacity that makes it add to the Best eLearning Websites list.


  1. First, Nano-degree programs are a great way of enhancing your skills in the current industry level.
  2. Secondly, Udacity provides you with a virtual environment where you get to use your learnings to solve real-world problems.
  3. Also, Udacity has its inbuilt career platform where companies can take your resume and call you for an interview. 
  4. Thus, it not only helps in making you job-ready but also assists you in securing one of your first jobs.
  5. Furthermore, the user interface is easy to operate, and you won’t get stuck in one place. Even if you are using it for the first time. 
  6. Likewise, it does have some free course, which doesn’t cost you a single Rupee.
  7. The videos are specially made for each course by the technical experts of that field so that you will be getting a thorough lecture on a particular topic.
  8. Lastly, you get a one-on-one interactive session with your tutor.


  1. The nano-degree programs are in no way cheap. They cost almost double any normal course that you can sign up for, on other websites.
  2. Nano-degree programs have their own recommended deadline. You can study at your own pace. But you need to complete it within the period. 

5. Khan Academy

Well, now we have reached the middle point of our list. At number five, we have Khan academy, which is getting quite popular due to its videos on YouTube.

If you are a computer science student, then we are sure you must have heard the name of Khan Academy from your friend who takes the help of YouTube to understand the topic.

There are lots of videos of Khan Academy that are present on YouTube with millions of views. All these views give us an idea of how good Mr. Khan is when it comes to providing an explanation too complicated problems. 

A message from Sal on school closures and remote learning on Khan Academy.

Everything on this website is accessible to you at zero cost. Yes, you don’t have to pay anything to Khan Academy to see the lectures. Khan Academy is a MOOC provider which means it is a library of Massive Open Online Courses.

The company came into existence in 2008 by Salman Khan, not the actor. He’s the professor who first started helping college students with complex computational theorems via YouTube video. You can still find his videos on Youtube, and we are sure you will be satisfied with his explanation.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Khan Academy that makes it add to the Best eLearning Websites list.


  1. The content quality of the Khan Academy is excellent. The website maintains a pretty high standard with almost zero tolerance for mistakes. 
  2. If you sign up with your email, the site will create a unique dashboard for you to access the video lectures you want. 
  3. In addition to this, you get to access the exercise to test your learning and see where you are lacking. 
  4. Moreover, if you are a gamer, you will love how Khan Academy motivates you to learn more. As it follows a leveling system that increases your XP, which shows on your login profile like a batch. 
  5. You can track your learning journey and see how much you have learned in the past few days or weeks, depending on your pacing.
  6. Lastly, everything is free on Khan Academy, so all these above-mentioned features are just an excellent addition to what is already a brilliant E-learning website.


  1. The number of courses that Khan Academy provides is quite less when you compare it to other websites.
  2. Also, videos need to be improved a little bit as visuals are getting outdated in 2020.
  3. Every course that you can access in Khan Academy is technical. 
  4. Lastly, there is no certification waiting for you after you complete the course.

6. LinkedIn Learning ( Formerly Lynda)

We all have been on LinkedIn to give a boost to our job search. LinkedIn Learning is the learning website that comes under Linkedin. It offers you access to all its premium content at just $30 a month.

9 Of The Best eLearning Websites To Boost Your Skills

Its mind sounds a bit expensive if you are a college student, but once you see the number of courses, you get to unlock in such a small monthly payment. We are sure you are going to be surprised.

The courses can range from 5 hours to 20 hours, depending on how complicated the technical part of the course is, likewise if you are the one who wants to learn something new from the ground up and want to learn it completely.

Then LinkedIn Learning is the way to go without any second thoughts. Also, if you are thinking about taking an annual membership, Lynda will give you 2 months of free added subscription to their courses. 

The online Library is always evolving, and you get more than 56,000 tutorials and 923 courses, just a click away with your monthly payment. 

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Learning that makes it add to the Best eLearning Websites list.


  1. First, learning on Lynda has more emphasis on current industry methods. You will get to know what the company wants in an employee if they are looking for a particular skill for hiring.
  2. In addition to this, Lynda gives you multiple subscription plans to choose from. If you have free time in the next two months, you can join it for monthly basics. 
  3. You can create your list of courses you want and can bookmark tags and videos that interest you.
  4. The professors and teachers on Lynda are quite respectable personnel in their field. So you will be learning from the best. 


  1. With a monthly subscription, it is quite expensive when you compare it to other websites.
  2. Also, the website emphasizes learning from its mobile app, which could upset some learners.

7. W3schools

W3school is like a Godsend for programmers who are new to the coding language. W3schools was designed to provide a learning, testing, and training ground for young programmers.

Best eLearning Websites

Also, W3school regularly checks the tutorials, references, and examples to make sure there are no errors whatsoever. 

Most people use W3school as a quick reference website from which you take help when you are stuck in code. The number of examples this website provides is more than enough for you to understand the topic completely.

W3school gives coders a platform where they can share their code to the community and get their feedback. Other coders can make changes to that code. Making it easier for people to optimize their code and learn from their mistakes. 

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the W3school that makes it add to the Best eLearning Websites list.


  1. First, it provides you with a “try it yourself” session where you can edit the code according to your needs and find its output.
  2. Secondly, W3school breaks huge learning material into small modules. 
  3. As a result, it eases the pressure on the student to learn everything about the new coding language at the same time. 
  4. Every concept in the tutorial are separated by their page and have their own set of coding examples. 
  5. The UI is easy to navigate, and the tutorials are written in such a way that it is easier for a beginner to grasp everything. 
  6. Relevant links are mentioned to assist a student in learning further and helping him start with his research.


  1. Some of the codes have been outdated, but they are still active on the website. 
  2. Moreover, the data on W3school is not reliable.
  3. There are no video tutorials in any of the courses they offer. 
  4. Also, no certification is given once you complete all the tutorials of a given coding language.
  5. Lastly, W3School provides only programming language tutorials. 

8. TEDEd

At number eight, we have TEDEd. TEDEd is created to help students and teachers with their study material.

The online Library is vast in several educational videos. TEDed is for everyone; you can use it to help your child learn the concepts of science and maths. While on the other hand, college students can learn about history, philosophy, and art from their video tutorials. 

Does time exist? - Andrew Zimmerman Jones

In between the great-quality video along with extensive classroom plans. TEDEd is an excellent substitute for classroom learning. With engaging graphics, your child will be thoroughly entertained while learning a new concept. 

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the TEDEd that makes it add to the Best eLearning Websites list.


  1. It’s a great way to provide additional information about the topic which you won’t find in the books.
  2. As a teacher, you can use its video to make your classroom more interactive, making it easy for your students to concentrate while you teach them.
  3. Likewise, every video that you see on TEDEd is curated in a way that it played like a presentation.
  4. Thus, making it easier for the kids to understand each topic.


  1. It’s not useful for adults who want to learn new skills to build a more persuasive resume.
  2. The user interface is a bit clustery, and it will take some time for you to get the hang of it. 

9. Google Skillshop

Starting with our list, we have Google Skillshop; this is the right place for you to study all about how Google Adwords works and how you can master it.

When you are completing the course, you will have to go through a test that will decide whether you have achieved a fair amount of knowledge to be given Google certification.

9 Of The Best eLearning Websites To Boost Your Skills

The Google AdWords certification is like any other certification that you can attain online by doing the course. The website was designed to provide all the necessary information one needs to improve their skill in a specified niche. 

Furthermore, it creates a strong value proposition. If you can’t show it, then you can’t sell it, that’s the main rule. If you are not able to convince people that they need to have your product. Then there is no way people are going to buy it.

In addition to this, we all know building up your resume is a constant process. Even if you have your own business and not looking for a job, you still have to keep updating your resume to get more opportunities. 

A resume shows much more about the person than just his technical skill set. Having a great resume will help in communicating your success to the world. When you have a Google certification in your resume, you are adding wings to it.

In the IT sector, nothing can surpass the knowledge level of Google. So it will increase your chance of getting that job you wanted for so long. 

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Google Skillshop that makes it add to the Best eLearning Websites list.


  1. First, you are getting trained by Google so that you will be getting the best of the learning experience with the latest updates in the market.
  2. The tools you are going to use once you complete the certification are all interconnected to each other. When you get a good grip on how to use one of the tools, you can quickly learn the others in no time. 
  3. Being endorsed by Google is like a dream come true for many businesses. It can help you in increasing your clientele. 


  1. Google Skillshop will only provide you certification on Google courses that are quite a few.
  2. Also, all these courses are related to digital marketing and content creation. There is nothing for you if you are a coder and want to learn a new coding language. 
  3. Lastly, tests can be difficult to pass out as you need more than 80% to get the certification from Google.

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Why “C” Students Are More Successful Than “A” Students
In Conclusion

To conclude these are the best eLearning Websites that you can access anytime you want and get your learning started. eLearning Websites give you personalized learning experiences where you have full control over what you are learning and its pacing.

Learners of today are always on the move, well before the pandemic outbreak happened, so they want to access content whenever they want, with these websites you are not bound by classrooms and professors. Now you will be the professor while still playing the role of a student.