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Electric Toothbrush: Need and Craze Of Today’s Generation


Everyone knows that they need to brush their teeth at least once every morning and night before going to bed. This will encourage dental hygiene and also make sure that you are using new and effective brush which has not been matted with use or worn down. This is one of the main reasons why many dentists prefer to give their every patient a new toothbrush. With so many toothbrushes available in market electric brushes are getting quite popular nowadays as it is easy to use and offer many benefits.

Different types of electric toothbrush –

Among so many brushes out there in market, you can switch on to electric toothbrush. It makes brushing much easier and its whistles reach every corner. Here are few options which you can prefer as per your need –

Sonic toothbrushes –

This electric toothbrush usually have longer heads which represent traditional or manual toothbrushes and it vibrate up to 40,000 strokes per minute. It also incorporates fluid dynamics that is secondary cleaning action and extends the reach of brush. The scrubbing of sonic toothbrush can reach more than the oscillating counterparts no matter even if it will tickle on its way a little bit.

Oscillating toothbrushes –

These types of electric toothbrushes have round heads which rotates back and forth at an average frequency of 7500 to 8000 strokes per minute. One of the main and biggest benefits of using oscillating toothbrush is that it do not cause problem like teeth tickling which means sensation of sonic models. But, at the same time is quite louder which can lead to discomfort for those people who have sensitive gums.

Spin brush toothbrushes –

This is least expensive type of electric toothbrush; it is battery operated and works by oscillating, rotating or spinning as you will start brushing your teeth. In fact, studies have shown that this toothbrush is highly beneficial for those people who take time to brush effectively with manual toothbrush. Spin brush can cover teeth with more cleaning powder and stroke in less time. So, if you are ready to spent any amount to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy then you must buy a Spinbrush toothbrush as along with healthy gums it will offer many other benefits.

Rotating electric brushes –

These brushes either have bristles arranged in circular arrangement or as arranged in manual toothbrush. When you will switch on the battery of this toothbrush bristles start vibrating. Bristles either move in pulsating or oscillating motion at frequency of 3000 to 7500 strokes per minute. Cleaning action of such kind of electric brushes is primarily scrubbing teeth when bristles come in contact with teeth.

Brushing teeth properly is very important as it will not only maintain oral hygiene but also offer many other benefits. Thus, it’s crucial that you choose right kind of electric toothbrush if want one. In case if you are new to electric toothbrush then can consider tech reviews through which you will get an idea as which one is best.

Checking out for tech reviews is easy today. You can check out for reviews online and make your search easy and purchase better and affordable.


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