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Ellp: A New PC Assistant for Busy People


There are lots of dull but necessary tasks you probably perform on your PC every day, from switching it off at night to launching your browser to visit websites. Happily, you can now get help with at least a few of these chores from a new program called Ellp (www.ellp.com).

Simply choose an action – for example, ‘When my hard disk is getting full, free up space’ or ‘When it’s time for bed, mute the sound on my PC’ – and specify parameters for the ‘rule’, such as the times it should be applied or the threshold at which it kicks in. Click Activate to confirm.

How to use Ellp

Navigate to www.ellp.com and download Ellp Software on your pc and install it.here you have four Cards for

  • Productivity
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Entertainment

Ellp A New PC Assistant for Busy People

Just Select your option, it will show you all the cards in particular category. You just need to activate it.

Like below card ” When an application is slowing down my PC startup, alert me.” , click on the ‘Activate” it.

click on the “Categories” option, You will find all the Cards in one place.

Ellp A New PC Assistant for Busy People

many cards coming with an Edit option for your own adjustment and click on the “Activate” to activate a particular card.Ellp A New PC Assistant for Busy Peoplemore cards are coming soon and you can tell Ellp your email address to add new options as soon as they become available.

We love the program’s simple, attractive interface and that tasks can be easily toggled on and off. In Simple words, “Ellp is Like IFTTT for the desktop“.

I will recommend you to try out “WhenI’mm spending too much time online, ping me.” if you are facebook or any other other social media addictive.

Ellp A New PC Assistant for Busy People

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