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How to Enable Stereo Mix in Windows 10


Stereo Mix is a special recording option that may be provided by your sound drivers. If it is, you can select it (instead of a microphone or audio line-in input) and force any application to record the same sound that your computer is outputting from its speakers or headphones.

On Windows 10, Stereo Mix is generally disabled by default — even if your sound drivers support it.

Step-by-Step Process to enable stereo mix in Windows 10:-

Step1:- Open control panel by right-clicking on the Start menu and select “Sound” option and click on the “Recording” option here.

Now in the empty area right-click and select “Show Disabled Devices” option. if it’s visible then enable it here and make this device as your default device.

How to enable stereo mix in Windows 10

Step2:- Download and install Realtek HD audio driver on your PC. download the appropriate driver for your PC

Tip:- To identify your System bit, Right-click on the “This PC” and select “Properties” here in System pane it will show you your system bit.

How to enable stereo mix in Windows 10

Step3:- after driver installation restarts your PC, now again open sound setting in control panel, now have the stereo option here.

Right-click on it and enable it. make sure “Show disabled device” option is enabled. that’s it.

With “Stereo Mix” enabled, you can open up your favorite recording program and select that instead of your microphone before you record.

If you don’t see the option, or your program doesn’t give you the ability to change the recording device, you can disable or unplug your microphone and make “Stereo Mix” the default recording device.

Video Tutorial to enable stereo mix in Windows 10:-

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