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What is Strict Site Isolation mode and how to enable in on Chrome


We all know how Web Browsers are simply stupendous at viewing web pages. Web browsers do the amazing job of translating the HTML files resources that are pulled from a web browser to make it viewable.

Formerly, the web browsers were so volatile in case of stability that, even one harmful web page in a tab of a browser could shut down all the parallel running tabs along with the whole browser. But as the technology advanced, the browsers became more and more robust.

In the world of tenacious threats from hackers, it’s almost impossible to build any new technology which is completely secure so that the malware can be easily dispelled out.

Google has come up with a new experimental feature called Strict Site Isolation mode in Chrome 63. Strict Site Isolation is said to provide stronger stability and security among the websites than the existing Sandbox mode.

To be precise, when you enable Strict Site Isolation mode, Chrome will create a new process for every open website in the browser.

This dedicated process will be obscured from other domain visited thus offering extra security by dividing line between websites opened in the browser.

While Strict Site Isolation provides an additional layer of security and stability, it consumes a lot of memory space as more processes will be released by Chrome.

With this mode enabled, depending on the browser usage, the memory usage may rise up by approximately 20%or more. So if memory consumption is not an issue for you, then you may want to increase the security further by enabling the Site Isolation mode.

The feature is still on an experimental base which is on progress by Google and it is not enabled in your browser by default.

If you wish to enable this mode, you can do it either via a command line flag or via chrome flag. Following steps will guide you if you would like to choose either way.

Enable Strict Site Isolation mode

1.Via a Chrome flag

Open the Chrome browser and type the following URL in Chrome’s address bar


Strictsiteisolation1 e1529471639451

Hit the Enable button.

Restart the Chrome browser.

2.Via a Command line flag

Locate the Google Chrome browser shortcut and right click on it.

Select Properties from the drop-down menu.


Select the Shortcut tab from Google Chrome Properties window.

In the Target section, Add the text “–site-per-process” at the end of the browser path.


Click on Ok.

Restart the Chrome browser.

Enable Strict Site Isolation mode for particular website

Go through the same process as above to open the “Shortcut” tab in Chrome Properties. Now in the “Target” field, add a space and then add –isolate-origins= directly followed by the URL of the websites without spaces and sparated by commas.

For example:

D:\Chrome\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe –isolate-origins=https://www.gtricks.com,https://google.com

Enable Strict Site Isolation mode for particular website

That’s all.

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