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11 Of The Best English Learning Apps For Better Learning

Are you searching for the Best English Learning Apps to improve your English language learning? 🤔

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of the top 11 apps for you.

Let’s get started. 📗

English has become an important language of communication now. Different countries have different national or official languages. But there needs to be a common language that unites all the countries or most of the countries. 

In India, right from the elementary standard in schools, students are taught English. Moreover, we can observe that most of the parents are willing to send their children to English medium schools.

English was infused into the Indian education system by the Britishers. So, the question is- Is English really needed? What is the benefit of learning English? Does having knowledge of English affect us anyway in our daily lives or careers? 

Let us first gain some insights regarding the benefits of learning English or the obvious reasons to include English in our day-to-day work or lifestyle.

So, some of the favorable points on learning English are:-

1. It is a global language. Moreover, it is also commonly spoken or understood language among most of the countries. Though different countries have different national languages, most of them are familiar with English.

2. It is highly beneficial for your career or for getting a good job. Nowadays, almost every job that you come across daily requires proficiency in English. Be it any domestic job or international job, the knowledge of English is demanded almost everywhere.

Today, many companies are giving priority to proper communication over knowledge. Because, even if you have proper knowledge, without efficient communication skills, you may become a liability for the company. 

3. You can meet interact with new people all around the world easily. This is because most people are familiar with the English language. So it helps to ease the conversation between two persons.

4. If you have a keen interest in science, then having knowledge in English is important for you. This is because most of the research papers are published in the English language.

Most of the important findings and papers are conveyed through the English language. So it will become convenient for you to understand and analyze them.

5. The media industry has become one of the most prominent industries of any country today. Almost all of the international news channels follow the English language.

Moreover, many foreign news channels that are broadcasted in India either follow English or display English subtitles at the bottom of the screen. Having knowledge of English can help you to gain knowledge about the news of different countries.

6. Today’s generation is the generation of the Internet. Have you ever been in need of the internet for your office work or any project? We have become much dependent on the Internet that, for every little thing, we surf Google or Yahoo.

Most people use the Internet for their day-to-day activities. However, it is interesting to know that the Internet also follows the language of English. If you have no knowledge of English, then you might face problems using the Internet.

7. Do you love or aspire to travel outside India or your dream foreign destination? Then, make sure to learn the basic English language before packing your bags for a holiday.

As discussed above, people from most of the countries of the world understand English. So if you travel to any foreign country, then it will be easy for you to approach its local citizens for any type of conversation or help.

8. English is also known as the language of business. Are you a business owner? Then make sure to have a good knowledge of English and also make it mandatory for your employees or colleagues to learn English.

You may not crack a good deal with your client due to a gap in language communication. Most of the local, national, and international businesses follow the English language.

English is essential for you or your employee to communicate with the other party regarding any deal or business.

9. It helps you in international education. Most of the students in the current period are willing to study abroad. Moreover, the income capacity of the people has also increased.

So the parents send their children to foreign countries for better and advanced education. But, again, English is of utmost importance in receiving foreign education.

Most of the international universities follow English for teaching as the students arrive there from every part of the world.

So, English becomes a common language as a means of communication among students and professors. So, give importance to learning English if you wish to study abroad or in any good foreign university.

10. Are you a fan of international movies? Do you have an interest in knowing about the foreign cultures or traditions of foreign countries? Then, there is no way out other than learning the English language.

Most of the international movies follow English. However, there are many movies, such as Korean or Spanish, that do not use English in their audio. But most of them follow English subtitles so that people from all over the world can watch them. 

11. Last but not least, all electronic gadgets such as smartphones or laptops use the language of English in their system. You need to learn English to run all those smart electronic devices.

Even the device’s basic functioning or use of smart features requires some knowledge of English. Even the user manuals of all those devices are written in English.

So, as we discussed above, there are many benefits of learning English. In fact, nowadays, it has become compulsory to have knowledge of English.

Now the question arises- If English is so important for our day-to-day lives, then what are the ways to learn it? Is it necessary to attend any institute to become proficient in English? Or is it necessary to follow traditional methods such as grammar and literature books?

The answer is, yes, of course, you can follow these methods. But due to work pressure and other activities throughout the day, people find it difficult to join any Spoken English institute. Moreover, they find it boring to go through multiple books. But there is an alternative method. 

Most of us carry smartphones nowadays. You will be amused to know that there are many apps available on Google Playstore or Apple store, which can help you learn English.

These apps start teaching you from the beginner’s level. Anyone with a smartphone can download the apps and start learning English. The interesting part is that there are no fixed timings to log in to those apps.

The timings are flexible. You can take out your time whenever you are free and start learning English at your home.

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10 Mind Tricks to Learn Anything Fast!

Without wasting any time, let us learn about some of those interesting apps available on our smartphones. Below is the list of those apps which you can refer to from learning English:

Best English Learning Apps: Our Top Pick 👌

1. Duolingo

We include Duolingo on our list first. The tagline of the particular app is “Learn languages for free.” If you want to select the apps according to popularity, then you can’t exclude Duolingo.

Best English Learning Apps

Duolingo is one of the most popular English Learning Apps used by people. As the tagline suggests, you can avail yourself of most of its language learning services for free. The app finds its origin in America. 

You can download and use it on both Android and Apple operating systems. Here, you can learn your courses in 23 different languages. 

You can find more than 200 million users on this app. The number of users indicates the true popularity of the app. Most of the users choose to learn the English language on the Duolingo platform. 

Duolingo has a user-friendly interface. You will find it interesting to use or to operate the Duolingo app. Moreover, it is really fun to learn languages on a particular platform. 

The app provides you some activities with its language lessons. Due to this reason, users don’t get bored.

Instead, they get connected to their lessons and find them relatable to their day-to-day activities. Gradually, the learning style of a consumer becomes different from the conventional style.

Duolingo also follows an approach of teaching through games. You don’t need to spend several hours on this app. A couple of minutes per day can help you learn the English language. Basically, here you can invest less time and gain effective learning. 

11 Of The Best English Learning Apps For Better Learning

In the market of free learning apps, Duolingo is one of the most trusted or preferred apps by users. Be it any new word or any grammar-related thing; you can learn everything here.

Let us introduce you to another interesting feature of the particular app. The app gives you rewards after you complete all your classes or courses successfully.

The rewards system creates a factor of motivation among the users. So, the users get more connected to the particular platform.

Moreover, the app keeps a record of your daily progress. It also notifies you about your progression after each lesson. So, it makes you remember your path of learning in a better way. 

The platform provides another feature known as Duolingo Plus. The particular feature provides some additional benefits to the users.

Through this, you can save all your lessons in an offline format, and you can get through those lessons even when you are offline. Thus, multiple features of this app make it popular among its users. 

Click here to download the app on the Android platform. 

Click here to download the app on the iOS platform.

2. Busuu: Fast Language Learning

Next, we include another popular app on our list- Learn Languages Busuu. Language learners are quite acquainted with this app. Busuu has its headquarters in London.

The first and the most important feature of this English Learning Apps is that it is powered by a strong artificial intelligence system. You can find major language learning courses here, such as English, German, Spanish, French, etc. 

Best English Learning Apps

The app was founded in the year 2008. Some experts recommend Busuu as the best English learning app available in the current market.

If you want to learn English at the beginners’ level, then don’t forget to use this app. It will be truly beneficial for you. Professional linguists have designed the app. 

You can find more than 90 million users on Busuu’s platform. The lessons provided by Busuu cover every aspect of English language learning, such as spelling, reading, writing, grammar, etc.

Let us come to the second interesting feature of Busuu. Here, while learning English or any language, you also get to talk and interact with the native speakers of a particular language, along with receiving feedback from them. Interaction helps to boost your confidence and command over the English language.

 All the features included in the app target mostly the fluency of the learners over a particular language. Similar to the previous app, Busuu also allows its users to download the lessons or videos and go through them even in offline mode. 

The app uses a percentage system to display your level of progress to complete the courses of a particular language. It displays the progress by using a combination of different colors. 

After you start learning a language course, you get regular weekly reports from the app regarding your past achievements. Again, these features raise motivation among the users to complete the course within a specific time. 

Busuu has a strong technical team that reviews the functioning and addition of new features to it regularly.

Through a certain survey conducted by two universities of America, it was found that 22 hours of your time at the particular app was equivalent to a language learning semester. 

Currently, the app operates in most of the countries of the world. The app has also received many recognitions and rewards in the field of education. And, it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Click here to download the app on the Android platform. 

Click here to download the app on the iOS platform.

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3. Improve English: Vocabulary, Grammar, Word Games

The next English Learning App that we are going to talk about is Improve English. It is another popular app in the market for language learning. If you want or wish to learn English as an additional language, then you can always choose the Improve English app. 

11 Of The Best English Learning Apps For Better Learning

The particular app follows a simple method of teaching English to its users, i.e., word games. Isn’t it interesting? Those word games focus entirely on the development of your language skills. 

It is best for people who are already familiar with the English language but want to improve or work upon their grammar, writing, or communication skills. Are you willing to appear for CAT, TOEFL, etc.? Then don’t forget to make good use of this app. 

The particular English app is compatible with any Android or iOS device. Another additional feature that the app provides is that you can get your customized content of learning here.

So, every person gets to enjoy the courses in his or her own way. The practice games are equipped with excellent content. 

The card-style format is used by its courses. Through this format, a user gets to know the meaning of a word or a phrase at the time of learning simultaneously. 

Best English Learning Apps

Another important tool that this app uses is a scientific algorithm. The scientific algorithm helps better in language learning of users. While going through different word games, you will come across new words, spellings, grammar, etc.

Do you remember your childhood time when you used to play simple word games with your friends or parents? Improve English app has modified this childhood game into a learning version. 

Moreover, the users can add any kind of notes or reminders to those cards if they want. When the user realizes that he has learned a particular word or phrase, then he or she can remove it from the list. 

The English learning app also comes with a pro version. The Pro version has more advanced courses and modules that can take your learning experience to a different level. It also provides excellent practice modules. 

The pro version provides a tracking meter of progress for both students and teachers. This feature helps in smooth and transparent learning from both ends.

Thus, if you are acquainted with English but want to polish your skills more, then this app is the right choice for you.

Click here to download the app on the Android platform. 

Click here to download the app on the iOS platform.

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4. Vocab Victor English Word Game

The next app that we include in our list of English learning apps is Vocab Victor. As you can see, the name of the app is related to the word “vocabulary.”

It is one of the most used apps by mobile users. It has gained popularity due to its excellent user interface.

11 Of The Best English Learning Apps For Better Learning

The app contains a series of word games. The word games are arranged according to their difficulty levels. Vocab Victor contains different types of games.

 The games provide you with knowledge of different types of words, their spellings, and pronunciations. Moreover, the games are customized according to your level of learning. 

This English Learning App also possesses a unique feature. It maintains a database of games that you play daily and the words that you have come across.

According to the old database, the app forms new games for you and provides you fresh lessons on different words. You no more need to watch those physical flashcards regularly for remembering new words. Just play the games on the particular app regularly, and your job will be done. 

Vocab Victor FREE Word Learning App

The database of the following app stores over 15000 words. The app finds a relation between different words to generate new games.

Playing a new game each time you use the app enhances your interest in learning. If you gain interest in something, then you learn it easily and effectively. 

Currently, the app is compatible with all Android and iOS platforms. People find it more fun and useful than flashcards. Let us introduce another feature of Vocab Victor.

It provides you with challenges to complete certain courses and modules weekly displayed as a “1000 word challenge”.

If you complete those challenges, you will get to learn the link between many words and many other issues related to languages across different countries such as social, cultural, linguistic, etc. So, this app also proves itself the best in the category of English learning apps. 

Click here to download the app on the Android platform. 

Click here to download the app on the iOS platform.

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5. Sentence Master Pro – best english learning apps for android

Sentence Master Pro is the next item on the list of English learning apps. As the name suggests, the app is based on creating meaningful sentences in English.

The app is considered to be one of the most interesting apps by users. The app is very interactive in nature.

Sentence Master - Teaser (English)

If you want to learn something on a digital platform, then graphics and display features play a major role in enhancing your interest. 

While using this app, you will feel like learning in the real world. The courses run fast on this platform, but still, the users are given some time to absorb the study content. 

Like all other language learning apps, this app also includes a unique feature. Here the users present on the platform collaborate with each other to match words from meaningful sentences. 

This feature gives rise to peer-to-peer learning, which makes a huge impact on the learning ability of a user in a positive way. The rule is simple.

A user is given some set of words. He has to use these words to form a meaningful sentence within a given time. If he fails to do so, then he loses the game. 

There are games of different levels present on the Sentence Master Pro platform such as Beginner, Professional, Expert, etc.

The app is not restricted to a specific group of learners. People with different abilities in English can learn differently through this platform. For example, children or beginners can use this app to learn new words form meaningful sentences and learn basic English grammar. 

Whereas, experienced people or professionals can use this app to add more skills to their existing ones and brush up themselves.

If you are interested in proverbs and sayings, then you will be happy to know that this app provides a separate platform for them. This section can be used by any individual regardless of expertise level. 

Like most apps, this app also runs on both Android and iOS devices. So, the user interface and learning experience provided by the app make it different from others in the market.

Click here to download the app on the Android platform. 

Click here to download the app on the iOS platform.

6. Learn English Dictation – Listening Master

Learn English Listening Master is another popular English Learning App in the market of language learning software. What can you infer from the name of the particular app? Maybe, your guess is correct. 

English Learning App

The app focuses on the listening platform. It is believed that when you listen to anything repeatedly, then gradually, you get to learn that thing.

The following trend is found in the case of songs. When you listen to any song repeatedly, then, after some time, you start to recite that song clearly. 

The developers of the particular app are also involved in developing many technical apps in the market. The developers keep one thing common in every app they build. It is none other than the design of the apps. 

The developers believe that the design of any app plays a vital role in engaging the customers to a particular platform. Similarly, the focus is given on the outer look of the app. 

This app not only focuses on the learning and development of the users but also gives emphasis on the level of understanding gained by them.

 Now let us know how the app gives emphasis to learning through listening skills. There are two methods. First, you have to note down or write the words with their proper spellings from the list of words that you hear.

In the second phase, you have to tap the right words from the audio and form meaningful sentences. Listening and writing the words regularly increases your level of pronunciation also. 

Like a few apps, Learn English Listening Master also uses games as a method of giving lessons to its users. Through this game, you get to hear real English words through conversation. In fact, it creates a lot of fun for users.

 The app focuses on the application of the English language in real life. Here, you can play games in both individual and multiplayer mode. 

There are four different levels of difficulty present in the game. The app is perfect for beginners. As soon as you complete different stages of the games, you get stars as your rewards from the app. 

There is a timer available in the app. It helps you to keep a check on your speed of forming meaningful sentences. The developers are regularly working upon the modifications and features of the particular app. It is also compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Click here to download the app on the Android platform. 

Click here to download the app on the iOS platform.

7. Learn Languages for Free with Memrise

Memrise is the next interesting and free English learning app that we are going to talk about now. It is a British language learning platform founded in the year 2005.

You can get access to this app worldwide from any Android or iOS device. Most of its users find the platform so useful and interactive that they hesitate to shift to any other language learning platform.

11 Of The Best English Learning Apps For Better Learning

The app provides perfect English lessons for both beginners and professionals. The app is designed in such a way that any user will find fun in it. The UI of the app makes the users addicted to it. The learning process here is as simple as possible. 

The app primarily focuses on three factors of English learning- vocabulary, phrases, and grammar. These three things are the basics of any language learning course.

For this reason, the users of the particular app are successful in building a strong base in the English language. The app makes you strong enough to apply your learnings in the real world.

Have fun, learn fast

 The initial or beginners’ courses make you able to speak like a native. The app has a differentiation factor when compared to other language learning apps in the market.

There is a feature called “Learn with locals” available on the platform. The feature allows you to interact with the locals or the natives regarding the basic usage of English.

This boosts confidence among the users right from the beginning. Moreover, the feature provides a unique experience to its users and binds them to the learning platform. 

The lessons and courses are designed in such a way that the users get to learn basic things very quickly. The app doesn’t believe in long and tiring courses. It cuts short those courses into different parts. In this way, the user gets quite attentive while attending a single course.

 Moreover, you can practice those small courses either while traveling or when you are at your home. Those small steps of learning help you to learn English in an effective way. 

It also imposes a flashcard’s way of learning. The particular app has also received a good number of awards in the field of language learning apps. So, if you are looking for learning through regular repetition, then this app is the right choice for you.

Click here to download the app on the Android platform. 

Click here to download the app on the iOS platform.

8. Learn English with Babbel

Babbel app is a contribution from Germany to the field of language learning. It was launched in the year 2007. The app is available in more than 12 different languages.

If you want to grow your basic conversational skills, then do try this English Learning App. The whole platform of the app mainly focuses on increasing the conversational skills of the users. Moreover, vocabulary is also given much importance here. 

Best English Learning Apps

The app provides you a set of phrases to practice. The users have to complete the courses of phrases and then have to repeat it several times. 

There are four basic pillars of the particular app. They are picture recognition, fill-in blanks, spelling, and sound recognition. All of these terms might remind you of your childhood memories. 

The app believes that those small things can help the users develop certain skills and increase their bond with the learning platform. 

It also believes that a learner can never gain from the quantity of the courses. Rather, more importance should be given to the quality of the courses. 

The app is supported by a custom goal system. Through this feature, you can set benchmarks on your progress level. So, you can monitor your level of learning or progress and can gradually fasten the learning process. This process increases your effectiveness in learning. 

Most of the lessons provided by the app are related to real-life situations. You will not only learn conventional things such as grammar, spelling, etc. here but also about how to introduce yourself to others, order food from a restaurant, etc.

Those courses help you to stay confident and motivated in practical situations. You can later have real-life conversations also. 

The most difficult challenge for new users is learning or becoming familiar with new English words. But Babbel makes this learning easier. It follows the Common European Framework of Reference. The courses of new words are divided according to the level of their difficulty.

The app works on any Android or iOS device. Moreover, due to the large multilingual platform provided by the app, you can expand your learning beyond English by learning other languages also. 

Click here to download the app on the Android platform. 

Click here to download the app on the iOS platform.

9. Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages

Rosetta Stone is another benchmark in the market of language learning apps. It is a symbol of innovation. The app is designed very differently from all other apps in the market.

Rosetta Stone believes that the design of the platform should be such that people fall in love with it at first sight. 

The particular app is equipped with basic exercises to help you learn the commonly learned words. It is multilingual. For each language, there are different sets of courses. 

11 Of The Best English Learning Apps For Better Learning

The app follows a similar pattern of lessons and teaching for many years. However, the users still love learning from the app due to its design and UI. So, basically, you can trust this method of learning because it is already tried by thousands of users. 

All the things on the platform, such as audio, visuals, etc. are completely in English. Its learning component or courses are considered to be the best in the market. 

The app provides a unique feature to its users. After each lesson, a user gets the opportunity to discuss his or her lessons with a live mentor.

Again, this facility helps to build confidence among the users. They get more motivated to complete more lessons. You just have to go through your lessons and practice your lessons or have a casual talk with a native speaker. What more fun can a learning app give! 

The app is equipped with another remarkable feature known as “Speech recognition.” It helps to recognize the pronunciation of a user. No matter how many words you learn or sentences you form, proper pronunciation helps you in real-life situations. 

Generally, in the beginning, people learn to love new words but forget to give emphasis on pronunciation. So, the particular feature helps to make you realize your level at pronunciation so that you can work hard on it.

The following is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. Thus, all the above features make the app stand out among the rest of the Best English Learning Apps list.

Click here to download the app on the Android platform. 

Click here to download the app on the iOS platform.

10. LingoDeer- Learn Languages

The last English Learning App that we are going to discuss is LingoDeer. It is one of the most interactive apps available in the market. It gives you a proper and structured way of interaction while learning. It is a multilingual app. 

Best English Learning Apps

Apart from English, you can learn many other languages here, such as Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc. The app follows in no hurry. Users can learn according to their own pace and learning capability. 

If you follow its lessons regularly, then you can realize a huge improvement in reading and writing skills within yourself. Here, you get to learn basic key terms, rules of grammar, vocabulary, etc.

In the field of presentation, this app is one of the best. The app selects precise and everyday or general topics for giving lessons to its users. In this way, you get familiar with the English language gradually. 

The app also teaches you the prescribed contents with many sub-topics. So, you don’t get bored by just getting stick to a single topic. The topics also contain attached reviews and tests for your better understanding of them. 

11 Of The Best English Learning Apps For Better Learning

The app also follows context-based teaching, which helps a lot in enhancing your vocabulary. Presented topics in the app help you learn like a classroom student. 

Moreover, people find it very entertaining to go through the courses of the platform. If you are a beginner or a junior learner, then you can always prefer to use this app.

LingoDeer also runs on every android and iOS device. The particular app has got many positive reviews from users.

In fact, most people worldwide use this app due to the exceptional interactive feature that it provides. Its UI also plays a major role in customer retention and brand recall. 

Click here to download the app on the Android platform. 

Click here to download the app on the iOS platform.


So we covered the ten most popular apps for learning the English language. Technology has changed in the current scenario. You no more need to visit a coaching class or read a boring book to enhance your skills in English.

You just have to open your smartphone and download an app, and your job is done then. You can learn English according to your free time. Moreover, those apps provide better and more interactive learning than traditional methods.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional. The apps are designed in such a way that they will suit everyone’s needs.