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Escape From Tarkov Shooting Guide for Beginners

Escape From Tarkov, or EFT is a survival simulator in the royal battle genre where private military companies from the USA and Russia, as well as Wild stalkers and militants, came together in opposition.

The player’s task is to survive in game locations, destroy opponents and strengthen his character through interaction with NPCs and other players.

There are three types of currency in the game – rubles, dollars and euros. The main operations are carried out for rubles.

You can earn rubles by selling various equipment to merchants and other players, or just buy it.

To buy tarkov rubles, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1.  Select a currency and enter the amount you want.
  2.  Pay for the order and wait for a response from the manager.
  3.  After agreeing on the time and method of transferring game rubles, receive them inside the game Escape from Tarkov.

Transactions are carried out within the game under the guise of a normal exchange between characters, so the game administration will not regard the operation as a violation of the game rules, since the players themselves determine the degree of interaction with other characters and have the right to exchange game currency within the server.

Shooting and tactics play a fundamental role in defeating the enemy, and through in-game rubles, you can gain an advantage through better equipment and weapons.

What a beginner needs to know about weapons:

  1.  Types of weapons.
  2.  Methods of firing.
  3.  Collection and interaction.
  4.  Using cover
Escape From Tarkov Shooting Guide for Beginners

Weapon types

Despite the large number of weapons in Tarkov, they can be divided into several types.

  1. Melee weapons – knives and other melee weapons. Beginners should avoid using knives, since Tarkov is not a CS:GO – here it is quite difficult to take the enemy by surprise, and one wrong move will lead to death and the loss of useful things.
  1. Secondary weapons – pistols, submachine guns – Instead of reloading the main weapon, it is better to simply draw a pistol and continue to fire at the enemy, trying to finish him off before the end of the cartridges.
  1. Machine guns and assault rifles are our main weapons, it is advisable to decide on the main weapon as soon as possible and start strengthening it with various details, such as a sight, a silencer, a flame extinguisher, a handle to increase accuracy, a convenient stock, an enlarged magazine for cartridges. Choose a weapon according to your play style and personal convenience – AK and M4 have slight differences in recoil and power output, but are one of the best and most stable weapons in Escape From Tarkov.
  1. Sniper rifles are your best friend for assessing the situation and firing at long distances. It is advisable to get a good scope from thermal cameras – this will allow you to see disguised players and campers.
  1.  Grenade launcher – difficult to get, but this is a very confident argument in the fight against the enemy, especially the one that fires from cover.
Escape From Tarkov Shooting Guide for Beginners

Methods of firing

EFT is a tactical military simulator, and it has all the rules of firing from real combat clashes.

Single fire – aimed shooting at one cartridge. It is used when firing at medium and long distances to quickly destroy the enemy. Consider ballistics – take deflection to the side of movement if the enemy is moving and slightly above the target, if the enemy is on the ground, or sitting on his knee.

Shooting in bursts – firing three rounds at once, hitting a target at close and medium distances, effective against movable and growth targets – which stand at full height, or use a sitting position. Multiple bullets increase the chance that at least one will hit the target.

Automatic fire – chaotic shooting that consumes all the ammo that is in the magazine. It is used only in close contact, when you need to quickly eliminate the enemy. Be ready to switch to secondary weapons. If you start reloading while the enemy is alive, then the chances of dying will be high.

Use of cover

In Escape from Tarkov, hiding places play a key role in the character’s survival.

The player can use covers and look out from behind them from above and to the side, as well as conduct Somali shooting.

Somali shooting is a way of shooting without visual contact with the enemy, or without looking at the target – simply by pointing the weapon and firing at random in the direction of the enemy.

Peeking out from behind cover allows you to reduce the visibility of the character’s body and reduce the chance of hitting, while the character himself will conduct full-fledged fire at the full-length figure. The enemy will have to hit exactly in the head to cause fatal damage, which is not so easy without the proper skill.