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Europe To Be Free From Netflix’s GeoBlocking


Europe To Be Free From Netflix’s GeoBlocking:-

The one thing that can be annoying about Netflix is that the subscription-based streaming service delivers content based on geographical location.

As soon as you step across the bother, suddenly the service is unusable on your device – and the reason for this is due to licensing rights. After all, producers currently award content licenses to each country individually. As a result, films and serials can only be watched in the countries for which the streaming provider has acquired a license.

This is set to change for European countries next year in 2018 because that’s when the portability decree issued by the European Parliament will be enforced. Once that happens, every streaming service customer is supposed to be able to access contents from across the entire EU. However, this right is limited to ‘‘temporary stays in foreign countries” like business trips or vacations. This regulation does not explicitly apply to free services like media libraries or video portals.

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