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Everything you need to know about FM WhatsApp


FM WhatsApp is one of the various modified versions of official WhatsApp. It has been founded by Fouad Company. It has been very popular amongst the users since the last few months. FM WhatsApp will gradually be the next big thing if used in the right manner. 

There is a lot that most of the people do not know about this version of WhatsApp. It has been agreed by most of the users that this version is much better than the official one given the additional features. Nevertheless, if you know how to use the official version, it will not be difficult to master the modified version. You are basically just using the identical version of it. 

How to install it?

The first thing that you need to know as a user is to know how to install it. The method of installation is as simple as downloading the APK version. Then you have to register the phone number and the application will itself sync with the contacts. You can even go through different guides on the Internet about the how to download and update this application. 

Is it better?

One of the major questions a lot of users ask about fmwhatsapp apk and other modified version is whether it is better than the official version. Clearly, official version is the base and foundation of all the modified versions but the modified versions have better features. You will come across a variety of features that will not be available with the official version of WhatsApp. Therefore, a lot of customers have considered this as the better version. 

Tips and tricks

There are a lot of tips and tricks that you must be aware of. It will make the experience of WhatsApp better in a lot of ways. There are many features that might be new for you. Here are some of them listed:

  • Hide chat: this is the first feature that the official version of WhatsApp doesn’t include. This is a really simple feature. You can lock and hide the chat. This can be used for a number of purposes. 
  • Hide media: you can easily hide media from the gallery. If you friend has sent some screenshot or personal picture that you don’t want other people to look at, then hide media option can be used. It will be safe from other people. 
  • Share more images: a lot of people use this version of WhatsApp just because it enables you to share more than 10 images at one time. It becomes much more convenient. 
  • Change colors: if you want to change color of the chat, then it can be easily done. You just need to follow several steps. A lot of users want to customize according to their preferences and this version of WhatsApp allows you to do so. 

The bottom line

Above are some of the things that you must know when using FM WhatsApp. However you may explore other different features when using this version. 


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