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Microsoft MS-202: Transition Exam for Those Who Passed Microsoft 70-345


Microsoft MS-202: Transition Exam for Those Who PassedMicrosoft 70-345. Prepare for This Test with Exam Dumps

Manychanges occur in our world, especially in the IT sphere. As many technologies evolve due to more and more outdated information, new certification programs appear day by day. And Microsoft is one of the companies that update, renew, retire, or even create new credentials and tests for all the interested students to fit the requirements of this fast-changing life. Thus, the organization develops transition exams for those who want to switch between the tracks. And Microsoft MS-202 is one of these tests.

The MS-202 certification exam is aimed at those individuals who have already passed Microsoft 70-345. It is a transition test that leads to the attainment of Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate. Those candidates who have not taken the 70-345 exam should not take Microsoft MS-202. Before we continue, it is important to mention that this test was expired on September 30, 2019. So if you missed your chance to update your skills and knowledge with this exam, you must take active two tests: MS-200 and MS-201. Because Microsoft 70-345 is now the exam only for the MCSE Productivity Solutions Expert credential.


Anyway, let’s take a closer look at the features of the Microsoft MS-202 exam.

Overview of Microsoft MS-202

Those candidates who passed Microsoft MS-202werethe messaging administrators involved in deployment, management, troubleshooting, configuration, and monitoring of recipients, mail flow, public folders, mail protection, and permissions in both on-premises and Cloud environments. They should also have the working knowledge of licensing, authentication types, as well as integration featuring Microsoft 365 applications. As we said earlier, the exam was part of the requirements for attaining the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate credential. There are two other related tests that lead to this certification. The students who have not taken Microsoft 70-345 can still go ahead to pursue the certificate bypassing these related exams. These are Microsoft MS-200: Planning & Configuring a Messaging Platform and Microsoft MS-201: Implementing a Hybrid & Secure Messaging Platform. The details of these tests can be found on the certification page.

The Microsoft MS-202 test was offered through Pearson VUE, and the individuals were required to pay the sum of $99 as the exam fee. This certification testwas available in the English language and contained about 50 questions in different formats. Please visit the official website to know more about the question types.The MS-202 exam evaluated specific skills. These skills include managing modern messaging infrastructure; managing mail flow topology, recipients &devices; planning and implementing migration& hybrid configuration; securing messaging environment. It is essential to mention that the skills for this test have been extracted from Microsoft MS-200 and Microsoft MS-201. This is necessary in order to equip the applicants with the updated skills required to function optimally as a certified messaging administrator. Let’s look at these in detail.

Skills Measured 

The below skills are part of the tasks required to be completed in the Microsoft MS-200 certification exam. Other parts of the technical skills in MS-202 are taken from the Microsoft MS-201 test.

Microsoft MS-200


  • OperateInfrastructure of Modern Messaging


The test takers must demonstrate their knowledge and skills in managing databases, especially mailbox ones.The candidates are also evaluated on their competence in managing the messaging infrastructure lifecycle. This subtopic includes AD and Exchange services.


  • Operate MailFlowTopology


This part evaluates the skills necessary for planning transport architecture; designing multi-site mail flow; planning high availability mail-flow solutions.


  • Operate RecipientsandDevices


This exam objective requiresthe students to gain competence in managing recipient resources, such as archive mailboxes, groups, resource mailboxes, shared mailboxes. And also,they need to have an ideaofevaluating license optionsand configuring mailbox policies.

Microsoft MS-201


  • Plan and Implement Hybrid Migration & Configuration


There are two main objectivesthat require the skills in areas such as planning and deployingthe hybrid environment. You need to know how to evaluate hybrid free/busy access and federation in hybrid coexistence. Also, the candidates should have theskills in the configuration of OCT and other knowledge related to the topics, including on-premises, OneDrive access, and others.


  • SecureMessaging Environment


In this part, the studentshave to build capacity in the management of message hygiene, ATP for messaging, and compliance. They should know a thing or two about the configuration of ATP services and functions, malware & spam filters, retention policies, and data loss prevention policies. For this objective,they also have to manage connection filters, protection for phishing, ATP anti-spam, and more.

Preparation for Microsoft MS-202

As with any test, the understanding of the exam topics along withthe components associated with them contributes to the success of the certification test. To develop knowledge and skills related to the objectives, Microsoft always leaves specific recommendations under the exam details on the officialwebpage. You can check them out to learn more about different resource tools that you can use in your preparation. Additionally, you can get the up-to-date and relevant study materials on the Exam-Labs website. This is one of the top platforms that offer prep tools not only for the Microsoft tests but also for the exams of other vendors. You can findvideo tutorials, study guides, blog articles, practice questions, simulators, and braindumps on this site.Most candidates whopassed their test with flying colorsare those who used all these resources. And each of those who wanted to pass other certification exam used the Exam-Labs platform one more time.


Thanks to these sources and resources, you have everything that you need to achieve success in anyMicrosoft exam. The only thing you will need in addition to them is the commitment to diligent preparation. Create a study plan, schedule, list of topics, list of materials you have. Do everything you need and write down it to see your achievements right before your eyes. This works for any tests and helps you tremendously. So, don’t miss your chance, follow your heart, listen to your mind, and run for your dream of becoming a certified specialist in one, two, or even three IT sectors. Good luck!


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