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Excellent portable chargers for your needs ( Detailed Guide )


With the accelerated pace of life, constantly growing; there is less time to cover the needs of the masses. One of these needs is obviously to charge the cell phone.

From students to entrepreneurs they need to be constantly using their cell phones, tablets, laptops, among others. But thanks to the pace of life they do not have enough time to fully charge it, or keep it on all day long. For these people, a clear and optimal solution for portable chargers for your needs has arrived.

Portable chargers have the advantage of being able to give the user the peace of mind to charge their devices anywhere at any time. When a portable charger is chosen, the device to be used is first considered, in order to be able to choose the capacity of the charger.

The higher the amount of mAh, the more times you can recharge your devices. Regularly these chargers are used for phones, but there are others with greater capacity that allows recharging Tablets or even Laptops.

In this section, we have prepared some of the most practical portable chargers. If you want to choose well, and effectively then you must be sure of the capacity of your devices. This, to be able to choose well a charger that covers clearly your needs. Remember that these chargers not only carry phones but also game consoles at any time and place.

Excellent portable chargers for your needs

Anker PowerCore+ mini 3350mAh Portable Charger 

 If you want a very compact portable charger, this is what you need. It is so compact that it can be confused with a lipstick. It recharges with a 1 Amp adapter in 4 hours.

It offers a fast charge of up to 1 Ampere to your devices. Works with most types of Smartphones. Its capacity is enough to charge an iPhone 8 and even a Galaxy S8. It comes with a micro USB cable and a travel bag.

It has an LED indicator that alerts you to the amount of available charge. Its design and its colors make it an elegant device. It is programmed to offer the best loading speed to your equipment.

It has a protector to prevent internal damage, and the device. Because of its size, it is easy to transport. Its simplistic design makes it easy to use. Your Lithium battery can store and hold the charge for a long time.


  • It is practical and convenient to use
  • Easy transportation
  • Efficient and intelligent device loading
  • It has internal protection
  • Good loading speed
  • It’s easy to use
  • Works with most Smartphones
  • Its capacity can fully charge the devices


  • Does not bring the Lightning cable for iPhone
  • It does not adapt to several Apple computers

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Qi Wireless Power Bank Cloele High Capacity 12000 mAh

For the most modern technologies, as well as the devices; The Cloele wireless charger arrives. Thanks to technological advances, this portable charger has a wireless charging transmitter. You can load up to 3 computers at the same time. Your wireless device can provide a charge of up to 1 Ampere. I

t comes with a data cable and a flannel bag for transportation. It is extremely compatible with devices that support wireless charging. The USB port detects the optimal load for your devices. With smart USB ports the load can be up to 2.1 A. It includes protection against overloads and overheating. The USB cable comes with 3 accessories: Micro USB, Type C and Lightning. You can use it anywhere, even in the car. It is light with a size similar to a cell phone.

It works perfectly for long trips and fast last-minute top-ups. It is the best ally for your trips and long journeys, those in which you do not release the phone at all. Its design is elegant and you can choose between several models.


  • Allows simultaneous uploads
  • The wireless charging attachment makes it especially practical
  • It adapts to iPhone and iPad technologies
  • Its capacity is enough to charge 3 devices
  • Its design is elegant and generates confidence
  • Your charge can last a long time
  • It is versatile and smart when loading devices
  • The loading speed is very good


  • Wireless charging can improve

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Anker PowerCore 20100mAh Portable Charger

For the highest capacity devices comes the perfect portable charger, very useful everywhere. This portable charger is very practical for charging large capacity devices such as Laptops and Tablets. It has a new charging technology for the most current laptops, the USB-C. The portable charger can be fully recharged in just 4 hours. With its capacity you can recharge an iPhone 7 a maximum of 6 times. When purchased, it comes with a 30W wall charger, a micro USB cable, a USB-C and a travel bag.

Its ultra high storage capacity makes it the most viable option for all your equipment. It has advanced technology that makes it more secure when loading your devices. It is charged with the 30W wall charger. Its own charging speed makes it one of the fastest chargers available. It has a normal weight, but it is nothing compared to its usefulness. It is perfectly portable, being able to be transported from one place to another.


  • Its fast charge leaves it available at its maximum capacity in only 4 hours
  • It is very compatible with almost all devices
  • Its storage capacity makes it very durable and useful
  • It has a protection system that takes care of your devices
  • It allows to load even the Nintendo Switch
  • You can use it anytime anywhere
  • It is practical, useful, versatile and very productive


  • It is not compatible with PCs that consume more than 22W
  • Does not allow high-speed camera for certain devices
  • It is not compatible with devices that have an input less than 50mA

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Ultra High Capacity Power Bank ZeroLemon ToughJuice 30000mAh

If you are looking for capacity and resistance, here is a perfect charger for you. The Ultra High capacity charger has a capacity of 30000nAh. It has outputs of 7 Amps and 5 USB ports. It has USB-C compatibility. It has anti-shock resistance. It comes with integrated fast charging ports. It is light and durable. The materials of its manufacture make it very resistant to knocks and falls. It is perfect for the field or workplaces. You can trip over it or let it go and fall into a dream and nothing will happen to you.

You can load various devices and simultaneously. With its capacity you can charge an iPhone X a maximum of 11 times. You can charge your Laptop, your devices and even your Nintendo Switch; all you need. It has indicators that show the internal load available. It has protection against overloads and short circuits. It has the best configuration in terms of charging ports, and with its user guide, you will know what port to use to load your device more or less quickly. It has great compatibility with most of the current devices.


  • A massive storage capacity
  • Excellent port distribution and loading speeds
  • It has a user guide for any questions or concerns
  • Allows simultaneous loading of multiple equipment
  • Has one of the best cost-value relationships
  • It has protection for the user and their devices
  • It is exceptional for long and lasting trips, thanks to its ability
  • It is very durable, elegant and functional


  • You cannot save it anywhere
  • You have to check the compatibility with the newest technologies.

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