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11 Best Face Filter Apps To Get Your Favorite Look

With haphazardous work, there remains no time left to look after oneself. So, for those who are willing to look flawless, there used to hardly seem a way out. But now, with a number of face filter apps right at your fingertip, things have become easier than before.

With just a single click, you can create truly magnificent pictures, videos and can even converse with your loved ones at the same time.

It’s no longer needed to carry a bag full of make-up items to every place you visit. Neither is it necessary to compromise with your sleep schedule or your yoga exercise to do makeup for hours and hours.

All you have to do is have an app on your device, always ready to capture your memorable moments. Who does not wish to look beautiful? Having these face filter apps is definitely going to make you the show-stoppers amongst your friends, colleagues, or even your family members.

The ultimate satisfaction of getting a perfectly glamorous picture is incomparable. Although mobile phones are already coming with advanced camera features and lenses, for one extraordinary shot, you have these face filter apps!

So, here comes the most appropriate solution for you! Following is the list of top 11 face filter apps for both iOS and Android users to have on their device and enjoy some of the best features that the apps have to offer.

Best Face Filter Apps – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Facetune2 – Makeup Editor & Magical Photo Tools

Embellishing your selfie is no longer troublesome! Using Facetune, you can easily do so. Be it smoothening your skin, reshaping your face, hiding your acne or pimples, modifying your looks, or improvising the lightning, everything’s just a click away!

Not only this, but you also get to choose from many types of filters and textures, which simply add a cherry to the cake! There are viable frame options that make your picture look classier than before. The frames give a beautiful touch-up to your selfies and photos.

Best Face Filter Apps

Imagine getting a makeup glow on your device! The app comes with a variety of makeup features as well. With these inbuilt makeup features, you can quickly get a customized makeup look without having to bother much and in absolutely no time!

Adding on to this, beautiful and flawless touch-ups can be given to your pictures with numerous filters and effects present on the app. You can also quickly reshape your face with these filters.

The filters of the app are so enhancing that they effortlessly give magnificent makeup like glam to your selfie or picture. You can also adjust brightness and contrast for your picture at your convenience.


Also, captivating and trendy editing options are provided to the user for free. For example, the user can easily do facial editing and selfie editing that looks extremely real.

Users can even get a subscription for a better-personalized experience of the app.

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2. Retrica – The Original Filter Camera

Retrica provides its users with more than 190+ ways to add filters to their pictures. Multiple pictures can be clicked and edited, always per your preferences! You can simply and easily give a retro-like atmosphere to your selfies with all their unique effects.

For creating a vintage look, one can rely on Retrica. You can easily edit your selfie even before giving it the last click. This feature attracts users to Retrica.

The app has inbuilt tools which are extremely easy and handy to use. In the app, you get a “collage creating” feature where you can combine more than one picture of yours to get a perfect layout of them in a single frame.

Retrica for Android

For all your favorite pictures, the app has a separately built-in “collection,” an inbuilt feature of this app. You can store all your best photos here. This resolves the issue of finding your perfect picture from the bulk of them.

You can also add grain, blur, ratio, and other retro-styling filters to your selfies. This gives a beautiful appearance to all your selfies.

In case you are unable to get your best shot, the app provides you with an “inspiration” option, where you can learn new and different ways to capture your picture perfectly. So, learning and exploring go hand in hand with the Retrica app!

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3. Cymera

With Cymera on your device, you can be selfie-ready even at midnights or on your “homeless-looking” days! This app is primarily designed and built for those who want editing to be super easy and fun!

The app gives an artistic touch to your pictures, for which the user gets more than 20+ filter options and a variety of effects ready for them. With a single click, their picture can become adorable.

Also, an improvised version of this app offers you a range of more than 7+ different types of lenses. Each lens has its own unique effect on your selfie/picture. Along with the lenses, the user can also modify the brightness and contrast of their picture.

Best Face Filter Apps 1Stickers are always more fun! So, the app also has so many different kinds of stickers to add to your selfie/picture and make it look more lively more flawless!

Even before getting your picture clicked, you can opt for real-time editing and edit your facial expressions, the brightness of your picture, the contrast, and the color using the live beauty camera. Real-time editing makes the app better and more user-friendly.

Overall, the app is reliable for using fabulous filters. The user can explore a lot of new filters too.

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4. Snapchat

The app which is mostly heard of, and the app which is Instagram’s major competitor and rival, is Snapchat.

As the name suggests, the user can capture a snap as well as have a conversation(chat) on the same app. This reduces the user’s burden of switching to two different apps. This attracts the user’s attention towards the app.

So, along with some really cute and distinguished filters, you can also have an awesome chit-chat with your mates out there! Any moment can be captured and shared with your friends and family in the blink of an eye.

Best Face Filter Apps 2With an already inbuilt set of filters and user-friendly features, quick and easy modifications can be made to the pictures or selfies.

Other than this, Snapchat also has a feature of text overlaying, Bitmoji, and world lenses that you can add as finishing touches to your photos.

On Snapchat, snap streaks can be created with those added to your friend’s list or your family members. Moreover, the messages and pictures sent/shared on Snapchat disappear after some time, making the app reliable and trustworthy.

Snapchat serves dual objectives-: Face filter and Messaging. You can pick from a variety of filters and also text your friends at the same time.

Filters can be self-created on Snapchat, or you can simply use the pre-existing ones.

Moreover, as the user has the allowance to share these pictures via different social networking platforms, Snapchat is widely used as a face filter app.

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5. Perfect 365

Everyone craves that one picture-perfect look that makes them look mesmerizing because more or less perfection is beauty. This beauty is just a click away from the Perfect 365 app. The app doesn’t bound you to just one picture. It helps the user to create, edit and add multiple ones!

With Perfect 365 you no longer need to worry about those smooth facial textures, absolute brightness, quick reshaping of your face, saturation, colors and contrasts to get your bright and beautiful pictures.

Perfect365 The Best Free Digital Makeup App!

The editing styles present in the app are trendy and captivating. Also, numerous different and lively styles and options are available to the user, making it easier for them to opt for their favorite one!

A glamorous touch-up can be provided to all your pictures. With Perfect 365, you always have that flawless smile ready in one go!

The app also provides virtual make-up options, wherein you can get a personalized virtual makeover in just no time! The makeup features have a significant impact on your picture.

Moreover, the virtual makeup helps the user save a lot of time and effort and simply open the app and get their mesmerizing picture ready.

All the enhancements and modifications on the app are super-easy to make, so there’s absolutely no trouble in operating the app. This helps you to get a whole new look exceptionally effortlessly.

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6. Instagram

Other than serving majorly as an app that connects people all over the world, Instagram has also come up with numerous filters and effects to capture a picture.

You can also simply apply filters to an already clicked picture and share pictures with your friends and family. These filters help in better editing your photographs. The picture quality gets incredibly enhanced by using the Instagram app.

At the touch of a button, you can have smooth skin, enlarged eyes, whiter teeth, and even beautiful face lines. You can also adjust the color, contrast, and brightness of your selfie in no time.

Best Face Filter Apps 3
Along with pictures, short videos(called reels) can be created and edited by using the preset filters on the app. By using your own personalized effects, you also have the option to edit your self-created videos. You can also create as many captivating videos as you want!

There are effects to smooth your skin and even options to erase your dark circles. A variety of stickers can also be added to any of your pictures.

Various types of tools are also present to capture your best-lived moments! So, you can literally have one picture of yours in a thousand new ways, all extremely adorable.

Instagram acts as a two-in-one app, featuring both picture/video editing as well as chit-chatting with friends and family. You can easily share your pictures or videos with people across the world.

You can also have followers who can adore your pictures and videos and can boost your spirits up!

Moreover, you can also apply Instagram’s filters and effects while having a video call with someone through the app itself. This feature is literally very fun-loving.

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7. YouCam Perfect

What if I tell you that getting an unblemished makeup look is just your thing now! Well, that’s correct. With the YouCam Perfect app, you can edit and enhance a number of pictures of yours!

Best Beautify Camera & Photo Editor | Best Selfie App 2021 | YouCam Perfect #Shorts

You can always add-on to the special and distinguished effects and filters to beautify your picture. The app has different wig styles to try on your hair.

You can have a retouch feature that helps smooth your skin, adjust brightness, whiten your teeth, control contrast and saturation, etc.

Multiple numbers of filters are available for use on the app. The makeup options available on the app are actually very amazing.

YouCam perfect app also has an option to enlarge your eyes, and it also helps to remove under-eye puffiness and dark circles. Along with that, there are tons and tons of camera filters, photo effects, smart stickers, and free frames to turn your selfie into a masterpiece.

With YouCam, the user gets a makeup look, glowing skin, better and intensified lightening, sweet smile, perfect jawline for their pictures. The app holds the power to create an incredibly flawless outlook for its users.

Truly cool and funky effects can be applied to your selfie using the YouCam Perfect app. Simple and easy modifications can also be made to your videos as you shoot them. The app changes your picture to an unrecognizable you! YouCam creates the most soothing look you have always been craving for!

The auto-beautify feature creates a mesmerizing outlook on your photograph. The app uses AR technology which makes it more efficient and lively in use.

The best thing about using the YouCam Perfect app is that it allows its users to have access to multiple devices, so you need not worry about switching devices.

Overall, this app perfectly suits those who are filter-loving and photoholics!

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8. Camera 360

Forget all your flaws with Camera 360. This app blemishes and smooths your skin adjusts brightness and provides a lot and lots of filters on a single platform. This app helps bring your best face forward by providing you with many distinctive features, personalized effects, and filters.

You can immediately have an effect ready for your photograph without much trouble. It features eye brightening, retouching, face reshaping, pointed-nose, picture enhancing, and whatnot, all just a click away!

11 Best Face Filter Apps To Get Your Favorite Look
The app has a variety of effective tools to make you look more flawless. The best part about the app is that it does not require any kind of post-editing, making it efficient and easy to use!

You can also give yourself virtual lipstick, finishing eyeliner look, perfect shadows, dark mascara, and even more. The app also lets you enhance and reshape your facial features to get yourself a look of perfection.

All your favorite photographs can easily be restructured in no time. Adding on to this, you can also align all the effects you like into a single photograph, creating a beautiful outlook.

The app has mesmerizing effects of touching up your ordinary picture. Moreover, with clicked pictures, you can always use the enhancing features of the app. Therefore, you can create a jaw-dropping look using the app.

The app is super-easy and very handy to use. You also get colored filters for all your pictures, and top designer frames can be added to your picture, giving it a vibrant look!

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9. Reface: Face Swap

One face, numerous looks! Indeed that is now possible by using the face swap feature of the Reface app. You can easily use anyone else’s face instead of yours!

A lot of exciting filters can be applied to your face or the face you chose to swap with!
Even your everyday pastimes can become exciting with the Reface app.

You can always swap your face with any prominent personality, dignitary, a person from your friend list, family member, colleague, teacher, neighbor, or whosoever you like.

With swapping apps, you can always have a whole lot of fun and enjoy doing face-swaps of someone or the other.

The app works on AI technology, wherein the users can have fantastic face fusion at their fingertips!

The feature of exchanging your face with any celebrity you adore the most makes the app even easier and more fun-loving to use! With a single selfie, you can do a lot of face swaps.

The app was also nominated for the Google Play Users’ Choice Awards in 2020. In addition, you can create a wide range of pictures, videos, and GIFs using the app.

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10. BeautyPlus -Snap Retouch Filter

In order to explore beauty at its best, you have the BeautyPlus app. With just small modifications, you can have a whole lot of unblemished pictures.

With BeautyPlus, you can look absolutely amazing without worrying about anything else! Moreover, it has an inbuilt auto-beautification tool using which you can get a better picture experience.

Best Face Filter Apps 5The app has peculiar art effects with which you can always give a retouch to your photographs and look picture-perfect.

Wearing makeup is no longer necessary when you can get that fancy make-up look effortlessly with the BeautyPlus App. You can reshape your face, brighten your picture, control contrasts, enhance your looks, everything on a single app!

Innumerable effects and filters are all yours to use with the app. So you can always bring in that glam-girl or best-boy modifications in your photograph and look fantastic.

The app has multiple easily changeable backgrounds, numerous hairstyles that look natural, and an AI photo editing feature that brings out the best in your picture. In addition, the AI feature helps the user to dignify their normal looks!

With BeautyPlus, the user gets a makeup look, glowing skin, better and intensified lightening, sweet smile, perfect jawline for their pictures and selfies.

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Final Verdict

You can be short on time, busy, lazy, or engaged in your schedule and still look flawless by using any of these apps and bringing the best in you!

Just a matter of one click, and you can simply be faultless! From taking innumerable beautiful pictures, doing virtual make-ups, and creating real-time videos, you can always put your best face forward!

The virtual makeup and real-time editing features save you a lot of time and effort, which you can simply invest somewhere else, maybe in something more productive.

For those who are antisocial, these face filter apps can serve as the best way to pass their time. They can also learn some good editing ways and techniques which might even help them.

For those who are social and extroverts, the use of some apps can help them to connect easily with their near and dear ones by sharing their pictures, videos, and even memes.

AI and AR technology using apps make them look like a professional photographer. With such apps, the user can always edit images up to their best potential!

So, worrying about “looking good” is no longer your job. Simply enjoy using these face filter apps and look picture-perfect, more enhanced, modified, and flawless!