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19 Of The Best Facerig Alternatives To Try Out

Making fascinating characters was never easy but with Facerig it’s just a matter of seconds to create characters with a simple webcam. It is meant to be a platform accessible to anyone to digitally embody bewitching characters.

It is free, easy, and has a ton of interesting features that can create real-looking characters. Normals chats are so boring to make online chatting more enjoyable and somewhat interesting to continue the chat, you can easily use your webcam and make eye-catching animations.

The software can be an asset to your business as you can make digital ads without wasting a single penny and if not for commercial purposes, they can be for fun.

The software claims to be a cheap, low-cost animation, and character creating tool as you only need to spend the amount you spend on a basic sandwich. 

But for some reason or other many are looking for Facerig alternatives so we have collected some of the best Facerig alternatives that can be fun to use and will be an assistant helping you to create jaw-dropping characters and animations.

Best Facerig Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

Let’s get starting with our first Facerig alternative. 

1. Cartoon Animator

Previously known as CrazyTalk Animator, Cartoon Animator (Download Here) is our first and foremost Facerig alternatives that you should check if you are looking for an alternative with the same features as Facerig.

If what you are looking for is minimal 2d conversion photo to anime conversion software then Cartoon Animator is the way to go.

Why After Effects users makes Character Animation with Cartoon Animator - CTA x AE Intro

It let you transform your images from simple boring pixels to animation, characters, and a whole lot of optimizing features such as characters’ expressions, overall look, and many more exclusive features.

The prime one being that you can add audio in your animation to make it more personal, it has a great audio synchronization tool along with 3D parallel digital screening. It let you insert 2D visual effects to give you the best customization experiences.

Apart from this, Cartoon Animator, one of the best Facerig Alternative, has a lot to offer, and the list contains a long list of features including 360 head creation and performance system, flexy and curvy editings, accurate motion tracker, and last but not least Motion capture for your face, hands, Body.

It guides you in making a puppet that resembles you and all the characters. All the features made Cartoon Animator the first Facerig Alternative on our list.

2. Muvizu Play

The visual representation can be the fastest means to attract customers’ attention and that’s where Muvizu Play comes into your use. It is a tool that lets users and tale-tellers make their representation more fun and easy.

What is Muvizu? Awesome free animation software!

It has an array of tools that an animator and cartoonists must have in their armory. Its 3D projection makes cartoon inspection easy for you to refine to perfection. Making the best creation but later get to know that you cant add your voice would be frustrating so Muvizu Play has a lip-synching feature.

Therefore, you can sync your voice with the cartoon with no hassle at all. The 3D software has two billing options: free aka no cost and paid services. If you are handling ads for commercial purposes then you can go for its premium version as it unlocks features that you can not get in the free version.

Personalized characteristic tools, character attachments, special effects, Auto lip-synching are some common features that Muzivu Play offers in both versions but Paid version unlocks you rendering layers, handheld attachments, free watermark, post-process effects, and a lot more features than the free version.

Undoubtedly, Muvizu Play can be a healthy competitor among Facerig alternatives. The paid version may be costly so keep that in mind before selecting the right Muvizu Play version.

3. Snap Camera

Snap Camera is a perfect mix of Facerig and Snapchat. It is a median device that lets you experience both software together. Same faces, same content leads to followers loss and it is not fun to interact with minimum followers.

Best Facerig Alternatives

Snap Camera is a mini Snapchat as you can use the same filters you used to do in Snapchat. It is easy has a user-friendly interface, and matches the demand of people asking for minimal software that provides face lenses for making Livestream more amusing and enjoyable so that you can have more followers on your social sites.

4. F-Clone

Well a piece of good news for Windows users, if you wanted Facerig alternatives then F-Clone is the deal to catch without wasting any more time. Making 3D cartoons just using a webcam seems too good to be true but it is possible with F-Clone.

It uses cutting-edge technology so that you can capture facial expressions in real-time and add them to your creations. Animation with sound sounds more appealing than a normal animation so keeping this in mind, F-Clone lets you record audio to add it to the cartoons.

It is one of the compatible software as it allows you to export your cartoons in pz2, CSV, and fbx formats. It is one of the software and Facerif alternatives that let you easily create animated cartoons as per your choice.

5. YouCam

Again, Windows users are lucky as apart from F-Clone, they can take YouCam into account if they are not satisfied with Facreig as well as F-Clone. 

It comes fully packed with editing tools and cartoon-creating features. With its 365  directing suite, editing and giving new shapes to images, videos, and audios are pretty much seconds task in this software.

Best Facerig Alternatives 1

If you want a plethora of color palettes then YouCam is the deal to never let go. It supports integration with Skype, Zoom, and Umeating so that you won’t have to shuffle between different software.

F-Clone works somewhat differently than other apps on our list. In order to match facial characteristics to facial images, it releases on the redesigned library. Once you get accustomed to this Facerig alternative, you can fit its premium budget in your investment.

6. FaceFX

If you want exact replica of the auto lip-synching feature that Facerig is famous for then FaceFX is the way to go. FaceFX can be identified as a Facerig carbon copy with a high range price to buy it.

19 Of The Best Facerig Alternatives To Try Out

The best feature of  FaceFX is its slider setup that makes the cartoon more professional and perfect. It has a lot of customizing features that you can use when creating cartoons of your choice. 

The software is one of the leading audio specialized solutions and a known brand among the video game industry. Creating realistic animation is simple if you have an audio file, that is the rule FacFX is following. It thrives to make animating easier for content creators, editors, and cartoonists. 

Why wasting time when you can use that to check out one of the best Facerig alternatives. FaceFX is a little bit costlier Facerig alternative, as to unleash the premium version, users have to give out an $899 bill.

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7. ManyCom

ManyCom is one of the finest in the profession mostly because of the features bearing resemblance to that of Facerig. If you could not believe my words just look out how many active users the alternative has.

What’s new on ManyCam 7.8?

Free passes are available to use ManyCom’s 3D masks, effects, and graphics, to make live videos better and faster. With 12 plus languages, and 15K plus effects, ManyCom is trying to provide only the best.

Well, no popularity has no hand in making us consider ManyCom on the list, there is a never-ending list of features, conjoined with its integration support. So without a doubt, Manycom is the package to go for.

8. CrazyTalk 8

CrazyTalk 8 is a fine contender of Cartoon Animator when we talk about Facerig alternatives. The app’s main focus was on characters’ facial features and has fluent lip-sync tools that do not make the voice look bad on the audio.

It is unarguably one of the best Facerig alternatives with awesome 3D creating animations tools. It captures motion pretty well so it would not be difficult to make realistic cartoons and animations.

Best Facerig Alternatives 3

The best thing about CrazyTalk 8 is that it does not ask a single penny for all these features. Nothing is free so to get your hand on its premium version you have to pay up.

This multi-tasking 3D software can be used for creating content, making classic and realistic animations, ads for business purposes, as well as creating your own comics full of interesting characters.

9. Split Cam

Split Cam is a webcam software and one of the effective ones. It has a multimedia splitting feature deeming the Facerig alternative more realistic.

Finding software that will enable its users to work with two different apps at the same time. It always seems impossible but Split Cam makes it possible for its users. This makes editing simpler and easier.

If you are looking for an app that’s not expensive but has more to offer in a small amount then no one can beat Split Cam with its low prices. It has no problem working with audio files so you won’t be having any hindrance while adding audio to your animations.

It is one of the Facerig alternatives that is capable to easily work with different editing programs.

10. CamTwist

CamTwist is a high video quality alternative to Facerig. It is a future-packed webcam software and has all the dazzling features that you see in Facerig.

CamTwist enables you to work with 720P as well as 1080P if you have the gadget with the said pixels. Discussing its prime features, useability, all the features are pretty easy to use and add it to the animations. 

With over 50 graphics, the best animation is guaranteed so that you can make your live streams and calls better and entertaining. We can’t forget about its capability to use HDMI sounds cards so that not only high-quality video is guaranteed but also high-quality audio.

11. ScreenFaceCam

A dedicated webcam software, ScreenFaceCam (Download Here) is a must-have alternative to Facerig. It is a package full of accessories that you can use while live streaming.

The software excels in not only video quality with its 1080P but also in the audio department as it allows users to add audio to the animations. The software is available for windows and sharing screen have never been easier than before.

All in all, ScreenFaceCam can be your assistant providing the best components for Live Stream and Screen sharing.

12. Webcam Studio

Webcam studio (Download Here) is a software fully packed with live stream components and creative tools. It is one of the webcam systems that let you extract clips from multiple sources without putting restrictions on your accessibility.

The software is all about providing a platform that will make live broadcasts simpler. Whether it’s live broadcasts, online debates, or just online conversations. Webcam studio has a lot to offer to its customers and the features list is long.

Some of the most important are live conversing, RSS Feeds, IRC platform, Converting images, and so on. 

13. YawCam

If streaming lives videos and conversing online is your profession or it is what you are passionate about then check out YawCam. It is webcam software that lets you know what the hype about Snapchat and snapshots is all about.

It supports the FTP posting system as well as allocates you a web server. It means you have a pass to access every feature available that can increase the popularity of your live sessions and in general your business.

YawCam is a good choice to select as Facerig alternatives.

14. SparkoCam

It is an ideal software for those who have a Canton-based camera system. If not then no one it works fine with other cameras as well. SparkoCam adds aesthetic to the already charming camera system.

19 Of The Best Facerig Alternatives To Try Out

The feature-packed software offers all the features one may need to make it’s aesthetic more appealing, supports live videos and broadcasts, and has a super easy-to-handle interface that any non-professional users can use.

The software is waiting for you to check out their editing suite.

15. VUP

VUP (Download Here) is software that lets you create characters of your dreams and if you want to see your face on the digital character then who is stopping you. VUP helps users to capture their faces, facial expression and convert them to digital characters.

19 Of The Best Facerig Alternatives To Try Out

It has one of the advanced and accurate motion and facial sensors so if any changes are required then it can be easily done. The software has customizable features to make the character as per the choices.

VUP is considered among the best facial expression detectors one software can have.  Henceforth, it is a must to check out.

16. Blender

You may already know what Blender is as it has established a strong user base in the market. It is a platform where a lot of content and animation creators make their own realistic art.

It is a feature-rich standalone software, therefore, is accessible all around the globe. Unarguably, Blender is a software that no one should skip checking out as it has a long list of features to offer.

Some dominant characters include special VFX, simulation, rigging, and a whole lot more to check by yourself. It is accessible on almost all of the major operating systems like Mac, Windows, and Linux.

The software is one of the best bet when you are looking for Facerig alternatives, with its load of features and accessibility to almost all the operating systems.

17. AlterCam

AlterCam is a two in one webcam software that has both real and virtual cameras with a set of features to assist you in using the full potential of both cameras. You can use a camera to pull in more customers to your business or followers to your social sites.

The alternative is all set to enhance your live sessions and live interactions with your audiences, by its set of features.

18. Sweet Selfie Camera

Admired and a known name in Facerig alternatives, Sweet Selfie Camera (Download Here) is a fully packed beauty camera.

Best Facerig Alternatives 7

It is a known app among selfie lovers who love to post with different filters at each of the shots. It has stunning filters adding beauty and grace to the already beautiful girl in the image. It is easy to use and users easily get hooked to the software.

A well-known video and image editing apps can be like your best friend who gives good remarks to your images worth posting on Social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and many others. And the list does not end here as it also lets you record boomerang videos, a special feature of Instagram.

It is a hub for people who are on social media demanding software with multiple lenses, helping them in winning the hustle and bustle of social media. It has photo tags and makes users’ aesthetics more attractive.

It will be a waste of this resource if you are not going to check it out.

19. Mocapx: Best Facerig Alternatives For iOS

Good news for a person using the operating system iOS as Mocapx, a graphics and editing software packed with features is at their service.


It let you connect your camera with your PC so that it will be easy for you to create high-tech graphics. It let graphics enthusiasts explore more in the field with its set of graphics. The app has a great motion detector to make sure graphics facial look more realistic.

The best and most important key factor of this Facerig’s alternative is that not having internet will not stop you from creating eye-catching graphics as the app is dependent on your camera roll and not on the internet.

Without the network, you will still be able to work fluently on your creation. And you do not have to worry about apps functioning as their rudimentary files have already been installed.

With no critical downsides, Mocap is one of the best Facerig Alternatives that should be checked once.

These were some of the best Facerig alternatives for you to try.