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19 Best Fastest Browser For Android in 2022 -Reviewed

Don’t be afraid to use a third-party browser, as they can provide a better experience for a lower price. A smartphone browser can save you a lot of time by becoming an independent product that is more compact and thus faster.

In addition, many developers produce browsers that have enhanced security features and protect your privacy during browsing.  

Fast Internet connection is important for a precise and smooth browsing experience. The stronger the signal, the faster the page loads.

All of our picks for this year’s best browsers boast fast download speeds and excellent download management features such as automatic reconnection, downloads alarms, and split file support. 

Just like there are multiple browsers for PC, Android users can choose from a variety of browsers tailored to their needs. From privacy-focused browsers to speed demons, each app provides a different browsing experience.

In this guide, we’ll be going over the best and fastest browser for android for a fast experience while downloading files.  

Android users love their devices, but the truth is that they need to take a lot of steps before they can do what they want. So without further wait, let’s take a look at the best browsers for downloading files on your Android device. 

Fastest Browser For Android: Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Brave 

Brave (Download Here) is a fast, efficient browser that’s perfectly optimized for android. With Brave, you get the exact same browsing experience you’re used to without sacrificing speed or security. Brave even remembers your tabs for you so that you can jump back into your browsing with ease.  

Brave is built without any additional extensions or internal settings, which minimizes the size of the app and improves efficiency.

Brave comes with a built-in ad blocker that stops ads from taking over your mobile browsing experience.

With Brave, you’ll have a more pleasant internet browsing experience with fewer distractions from ads and pop-ups, thanks to its built-in pop-up blocker.

Brave is the only web browser that blocks ads by default so that you can browse faster and safer on any site.

It’s hard to find a browser that includes native ad and tracker blocking — but Brave is one of few. It lets you browse the web easily and with peace of mind since it automatically blocks trackers.  

Brave’s built-in rewarded channel lets you earn BAT tokens for every minute that you spend browsing the web. And though it’s technically a browser, Brave is more accurately described as a browser and a blockchain-based digital advertising platform rolled into one.

There are so many Android browsers out there – but Brave is one of a kind and the fastest browser for android.

It helps you through your busy day with a speedier, smoother, and more secure browsing experience. You can even earn money while doing what you normally do – browse the web! 

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2. Opera Browser: Fast & Private

One of the best browsers and the fastest browser for android available on the Play Store is the Opera Browser.

With its wide array of features, it can act as your portal to an array of social media platforms, news outlets, and other entertainment websites.

It offers one of the best download speeds in the business, with an intuitive interface that looks good even with minimalistic interfaces.  

Fastest Browser For Android

Opera is the only browser that lets users download large files. With multi-part downloads, which lets you directly download individual pieces of a file, Opera is the only browser that can handle any size and type of file — and process it with ease.

So whether you’re downloading an app for your phone or a video game, Opera’s support of multi-part downloads will help you get it done — saving you time and effort in the process. 

Download App on Google Play Store 

3. Google Chrome: Fast & Secure

Chrome is a globally used, well-known browser that brings speed, security, and elegance to its mobile version.

With Chrome for Android, you can connect all your devices under one account and be able to sync information and data between them — Chrome for Android has a sleek design and high-speed browsing power.  

Fastest Browser For Android 1

Chrome for Android is a fork of the Chrome browser with a wide array of extensions and a well-designed bookmarking system that allows you to customize it towards your needs.

Whether you want to download images from a site or to add notes to articles, Chrome lets you do that and much more. Chrome is fast, convenient, and allows you to browse the web with less of a strain on your data.

Chrome for Android offers hundreds of thousands of sites that are optimized for desktop browsing, so you can get the same user experience you’re used to on the desktop right in the palm of your hand. It also features built-in Google Search, making it easy to search for anything on the go.  

The Chrome browser comes with many useful features, including Google Translate, Safe Browsing, and Google Voice Search.

You can use your voice to find out information, the latest news, the weather, or even some jokes. By asking questions, you can get answers quickly without having to type any words.  

And if you get lost while browsing or want to know more about the place where you are staying, you can translate text into over 80 languages.

Downloading Chrome lets you take advantage of the internet, whether it’s available to you or not. Offline mode allows you to store web pages and videos on your phone so you can access them later when you don’t have an Internet connection.  

Download App on Google Play Store 

4. Vivaldi: Private Browser for Android

Vivaldi is a fast, easy-to-use browser with a beautiful design, hundreds of add-ons, and myriad customization options. Whether you’re surfing the web from home or on the go, Vivaldi helps you make the most out of your browsing experience.

Vivaldi – Your browser matters.

It’s my browser of choice when using my Android device. Vivaldi has announced that its latest version of the browser is now available as a free download on the Google Play Store.  

In addition, they confirmed that their new mobile product offers a private browsing experience without compromising on performance.

Unique features include a built-in ad blocker and tracking protection and a private translation tool that allows you to switch between languages on the fly easily.  

Fastest Browser For Android 2

Vivaldi offers a suite of customization options, so you can personalize your browser to suit your needs. You can change the interface so that tabs are on the side, the address bar is bottom, or even change the color scheme.

A new Tab Switcher lets you navigate more easily between open tabs. With a single click in Vivaldi, one can jump to their favorite sites. It is one of the features of Speed Dial.  

And with Vivaldi’s intelligent “start typing” search engine recommendations, it’s easier to find what you need. It includes a Speed Dial to enter the most visited pages and favorite websites. With this, you can easily access your preferred sites and web pages just by clicking on them.  

Vivaldi provides several exciting tools to enhance your browser’s functionality. While there are many other browsers on the market, Vivaldi offers something different: an attentive, innovative company with a finely-tuned tool that allows you to browse the web exactly as you like.  

Download App on Google Play Store

5. Dolphin Browser – Fast, Private & Adblock🐬

Dolphin is the world’s most popular Android web browser; with its lightning-fast performance and support for plugins, users save hours of time every day by browsing the web from their phones.

Not only does it work seamlessly with other Android apps, but it also helps you get things done more quickly — just tap the Flash Player to bring up a pop-up video or a photo gallery, or swipe down to book a hotel reservation.  

Dolphin’s Video, one of the latest features to be added to Dolphin Browser, allows you to watch videos directly in the browser seamlessly.

Unlike third-party applications that open videos on their own, Dolphin Video can be accessed right from within the browser window.

The user experience is similar to browsing online using a computer, allowing easy access to multiple tabs, websites, and search engines. The browser you’re looking at isn’t just a browser — it’s an entire platform.  

Dolphin’s innovative features and easy-to-use tools give just about anyone the ability to create and share content and focus on what really matters: their hobbies and passions.

Dolphin is just as good for the more technically-minded — with its ability to integrate plugins and extensions; it can be transformed into a full-fledged web development environment.  

Dolphin offers feature-rich browsing right on your Android phone and is also the fastest browser for android. With its download manager, you can browse websites with ease on your Android phone without having to switch between apps constantly.

And with its gestures system, Dolphin is even easier to use. You can set up specific keywords that will automatically open the app and navigate you to a website you specify.  

Dolphin Browser brims with loads of useful features that make browsing the web a breeze. Its cutting-edge core functions, including lightning-quick web page rendering, built-in ad blocker, gesture shortcuts, and voice search function, help users find what they want to see on the internet quicker than ever before. 

Download App on Google Play Store 

6. Tor Browser: Official, Private, & Secure

Tor Browser is known as the fastest browser for android and also the best browser because it simultaneously offers speed and efficiency while also protecting your privacy. Built for Android, Tor Browser uses blockchain technology to keep you safe during every web transaction.  

Tor Browser is the best browser for android because it simultaneously offers speed and efficiency while also protecting your privacy.

How Tor Browser Protects Your Privacy and Identity Online

Tor for android is an easy-to-use privacy app, which ensures that you are safe while browsing the web. With tracker blockers to hide your identity from prying eyes, Tor for Android will keep you safe while you surf the web.  

Tor helps to browse the internet, through onion routing,  without being tracked or blocked. It encrypts the data in each step of its journey through a network of servers known as onion routers.

Tor can protect users from a wide range of threats to their online security, including scripts that fingerprint the user’s browser or device.  

The Tor Browser blocks third-party cookies and can protect users from a variety of risks, from malicious site attacks to tracking by advertising networks.

With Tor Browser on your mobile device, you will be able to stay hidden on the internet. It is perfect for students, activists, reporters, and anyone else who needs to protect their identities when on the web.  

Unlike most other browsers on the market, Tor only allows access to the internet through its unique anonymous network. Though it is free to download, it is worth $200,000 per year to keep its servers running. 

Download App on Google Play Store 

7. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

When it comes to privacy, you can’t beat DuckDuckGo. It doesn’t track users, so your searches are always anonymous. Even when you’re using the regular search mode, your queries aren’t logged.

This creates a much better search experience for users because you’ll never again be forced to deal with targeted ads or crawlers learning more about you than they should.  

DuckDuckGo is a mobile browser that puts elegance and speed into one product. With cutting-edge technology and features that ensure privacy, DuckDuckGo makes the fastest browser for android with a browsing experience simple and secure.

Fastest Browser For Android 3

The browser’s encryption and decryption functions, combined with its ability to delete web traces and signal your privacy preferences directly to websites, offer mobile users a powerful set of tools to protect their security and privacy.  

DuckDuckGo has become an essential tool for all internet users looking to keep their online activity private. What started as a joke in the 90s by its founder Gabriel Weinberg has now become one of the leading search engines on the internet.

With over 6 billion searches per year, DuckDuckGo is helping people find what they’re looking for while respecting their privacy at all times.  

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8. Kiwi Browser – Fast & Quiet

Kiwi is an Android browser that provides peace of mind while browsing. This browser offers the capability to keep your browsing speed, data usage, and data protection in check while also guaranteeing your privacy.

Kiwi is based on the Chromium code, which powers browsers like Google’s Chrome; its clean interface makes it one of the best browsers for Android users.  

19 Best Fastest Browser For Android in 2022 -Reviewed

Kiwi’s rendering engine is lightning-fast, and its support for WebKit means that it can handle just about every website on the internet. Kiwi is also packed with useful features, including ad-blocking capabilities, cross-device syncing, and integrated VPN services.

These are available even on non-root devices, making it easy to surf the web anonymously. Protecting users from ad trackers and malware is an important part of building a secure web browser.  

An innovative idea that helps protect your users’ privacy, Kiwi, is an extension for Google Chrome that lets you quickly access chat features in Facebook Messenger without having to use the Messenger app.

It’s great to see the company embracing tokenization so early in its product cycle, and we’re excited to see what this partnership brings in the future.  

A feature of Kiwi Browser is its ability to save you time by moving the address bar to the bottom of the screen. This means that it’s not in your way when you are browsing, making it easier for you to focus on what you are reading.

And when you need to use it, just tap on the button or use a slide gesture to bring it up instantly. Kiwi is available with Night Mode for even better browsing at night, which can be customized independently.  

The Kiwi browser supports 60 languages and is always adding more. It’s a niche skill that many people in the industry haven’t yet mastered — but it’s an essential feature for most customers around the world.

In order to download it from Google Play, simply search for ‘Kiwi’ and see what it can do for you! 

Download App on Google Play Store 

9. Firefox Browser: fast, private & safe web browser

The Firefox browser has long been one of the most popular browsers for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. That’s why Mozilla created Firefox for Android smartphones.

With its lightning-fast speed, power to block tracking by keeping you anonymous online, and ability to sync up with your other devices, the Firefox browser is the best way to search for what you need while on the go. 

With Firefox, you can blaze through your tabs with the latest hardware. Its fast page loading and intuitive new tab page will amaze you — and it’s still one of the most secure browsers around.

Fastest Browser For Android 5

Plus, unlike mobile web browsers on comparable smartphones, Firefox has tracking protection and a built-in ad blocker to speed up your mobile browsing experience. 

You can start developing your mobile app without worrying about desktops or mobile devices. Because Firefox for mobile is built on the same code as the desktop version, you can go ahead and test both versions of your application at once.

It’s easy to use Firefox’s built-in Real-Time Web Connector to sync any changes made in one app to the other so you can stay focused on getting your work done instead of sorting out the details.

Firefox is at the forefront of browser privacy and the fastest browser for android. Their private browsing tabs are excellent for banking, shopping, and other fine-tuned activities.  

Rather than leaving your activity on your device, you can make all your tracks disappear. If you want to store something locally, however, you can also do that.

Firefox also offers a customizable address bar that places your favorite sites and search engines only a tap away. If you’re trying to get work done, the picture-in-picture mode in Firefox can help.

This feature lets you continue streaming videos while browsing the rest of the page, so you can get things done without constantly watching a video or checking Facebook.

If you’re already a Firefox user, then you’re in luck. The Android browser syncs with your desktop version flawlessly, so all your preferences will be automatically imported after the first time you log into your account on your new phone or tablet.

It’s already installed on your computer, so downloading it from the Google Play store is easy as pie. 

Download App on Google Play Store 

10. Samsung Internet Browser 

Samsung built the best and the fastest browser for android. But it doesn’t stop there — they made it convenient for anyone with an Android smartphone. Even if you’re already loyal to another browser, it’s worth trying out to see if you like its speed and intuitive design.  

Samsung Internet Browser is a great option for users looking to improve their web browsing experience. It features integrated content blockers that block ads and trackers, keeping your browsing safe and ad-free.

Fastest Browser For Android 6

The Samsung Internet Browser is extremely adept at blocking unwanted cookies. Whether you’re looking to avoid targeted ads or just want to browse the web safely and privately, you’ll never be bothered by pop-ups and ads while using this browser. 

The newest feature in the Samsung Internet Browser is a bookmark tab. The tab allows you to save all of your favorite pages in one convenient location — similar to what you might find in a desktop browser.

Samsung’s web browser is stacked with great features that can improve your online experience. Video Assistant turns videos into a personalized video experience, allowing you to save later to watch offline videos.  

Dark Mode changes the browsing screen from a bright white to a lighter black for more comfortable browsing at night.

Extensions such as a Translator, Secret Mode, Smart Anti-Tracking, and Smart Protection add useful features that can save you time while browsing.

Samsung Internet Browser is the product of collaboration between Samsung and Google. It’s crafted out of the popular WebView tool, which allows for a streamlined Javascript performance.

However, the browser is also uniquely powered by Samsung services for a reliable browsing experience on top of top-notch security, privacy, and speed. 

Download App on Google Play Store 

11. UC Browser – Fast Indian Browser, Videos, News

Download speed is always an important factor when it comes to installing apps, especially on Android devices. While there are plenty of browsers out there, UC Browser is the fastest browser for android that helps in speedy downloads.

Its built-in features like Webpage Capture and Download Accelerator ensure that your downloads are always fast and easy.  

19 Best Fastest Browser For Android in 2022 -Reviewed

UC Browser comes with a variety of features that make surfing the web a great experience. If you’re worried about slow download speeds or even if your connection drops out, UC Browser is here for you.

This browser will carry on downloading the page from where it left off, meaning that you never have to worry about losing your place again.  

UC Browser has a terrific feature called Background Downloading (available on the UC Browser Mini).

Your favorite YouTube videos, SoundCloud songs, and anything else can be downloaded automatically for you, so you can enjoy them without an Internet connection. But even if you leave the app, your file gets to keep downloading until it’s 100% ready to play. It’s totally awesome.  

The UC Browser app will ask for way too much permission when you first download it. Furthermore, the suggested articles will flood your home screen, but don’t worry — you can remove them later.

However, its biggest USP is that the UC Browser app is still the fastest browser for android, even faster than Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser. It’s no surprise that it makes downloading videos or photos faster than ever before. 

Download App on Google Play Store 

12. Puffin Web Browser 

The Puffin Browser is one of the most efficient browsers out there. Not only can it handle flash content, but it also loads up web pages extremely quickly.

The browser is incredibly popular for its ability to render pages at lightning speeds, which has contributed to its large user base of more than 100 million users worldwide.  

Puffin’s claim to fame comes from the efficiency with which it plays flash games because that’s what people are using it for.

Puffin Browser - Wicked Fast, Data Savings, Virtual Gamepad

Puffin is one of the most popular mobile browsers used to play flash games. When you download your Puffin browser app, you’ll be able to check out parts of your web pages in advance.  

The technology will let you see how your favorite websites look in different types of layouts, colors, and fonts. You can then change the appearance of the page before downloading it to your device.

With its compact size, Puffin also lets you view all your media in one place without any additional software installed on your computer. 

Download App on Google Play Store 

13. Microsoft Edge 

Microsoft Edge is another browser known to be the fastest browser for android, and this one’s a winner. It’s not just the Chromium code that makes this app stand out.

We love how Microsoft Edge lets you take notes, set reminders, and view files as well as books you’ve saved from the web. Topping the list is Microsoft Edge, a browser that’s downloaded alongside Windows 10.  

The Microsoft Edge browser also appears first on a number of different lists for its ease of use, including the one from Laptopmag, which notes that it gets to sites faster than other browsers and includes a clean user interface.

Microsoft Edge browser is an all-in-one solution for your web needs. It’s speedy and lightweight, with robust security features.  

19 Best Fastest Browser For Android in 2022 -Reviewed

The importable bookmarks, favorites, and settings will let you pick up right where you left off. With full integration with the Windows 10 operating system, you’ll never have to worry about your browser lagging behind.  

Everything about this browser is designed with you in mind, from the way your reading list syncs seamlessly with Windows 10 to the simple interface that lets you save web pages for offline reading.

With strong integration into Cortana, it’s easy to save articles for later or create reminders on the go.  

Download App on Google Play Store 

14. Puma Browser 

Since the Edward Snowden leaks of 2013, it’s no secret that our data is being collected without our consent by various governments and corporations. No matter where we turn on the web, we’re being watched.

With Puma Browser, you can browse freely without a trace of your activity being left behind. It comes with a default search engine, DuckDuckGo, which doesn’t track your personal searches — making your internet presence more private.

Fastest Browser For Android 9 Puma Browser, the fastest browser for android and a perfect mobile web browser that doesn’t track you, just got better.

Puma Browser is now available for Android users with support for the new Coil.com premium content network that pays you for your attention.

Browse the mobile web at a blazing-fast pace without sacrificing your privacy or giving up on quality content. 

The Coil app retrofits any website with a smart, hands-off monetization module that pays you on every page you visit — so you can support sites you actually care about without being distracted by ads or data collection.  

If you’re a content creator looking for a solid browser without the clutter, Puma Browser is a great choice.

It’s made specifically for online publishing and reading — with features like auto-load pages and a Night Mode toggle; it’s easy to immerse yourself in writing or browsing the web. 

Download App on Google Play Store  

15. Lightning Browser 

Lightning Browser is back in action, and it has brought along a lightweight experience that will never let you suffer from constant crashes.

With a simple design that makes every function easily accessible, it’s your best choice when you’re looking for fast web browsing.

With the ability to switch from desktop mode to mobile mode in a matter of seconds, Lightning Browser is also able to sync your tabs and bookmarks across all your devices — saving you the frustration of lost tabs and important information when switching between devices.  

Additionally, the Lightning Browser comes with a wide array of features that enhance your web experience and is the fastest browser for android.

Its ad-blocking functionality lets you browse the web without having to deal with a single advertisement, a useful feature for anyone who wants to use an ad-blocker on their phone. It also supports Orbot, a Tor proxy. Lightning is a more efficient browser with a handy drawer to store your most-used sites.  

The drawer organizes your bookmarks and tabs in a way that’s easy to access while you’re browsing, so you can get more done faster. Lightning also has themes that match your mood or taste. If you like it dark, there’s a dark theme. If you like it light, there’s a light theme.  

Lightning’s Incognito Mode prevents websites from tracking your browsing habits and stops search engines from logging your searches — it even prevents your ISP from knowing which sites you’re visiting.

And if you want to take extra precautions, that’s fine — we recommend downloading Orbot and enabling its TOR proxy; that way, nobody will be able to track your online activity.  

Download App on Google Play Store 

16. Snap Search: Incognito Browser & Secure Search

Snap Search is a free incognito browser for android that gives you the best of both worlds: easy browsing and secure browsing.

By default, each time you exit the browser, everything you’ve done in the app will be erased from the app to keep your activity safe from prying eyes. You can also switch into private browsing mode when you need to do something just a bit more discreet.  

19 Best Fastest Browser For Android in 2022 -Reviewed

Snap is the perfect app for people who like using browsers like Opera, Dolphin, or UC Browser. With Snap, you can pop in and out of the best features of the web without needing to download bulky apps.

A new update has made it smoother than ever before — so now you can snap more, browse better, and enjoy your digital life.  

One can search web pages and save them for later use — they’ll be easy to find in your library. Apart from that, Snap Search has a built-in ad blocker that helps block annoying ads and keep your browsing experience free and super fast.

Snap is available on iOS and android and is completely free —, and the premium features will only cost you a dollar or so. 

Download App on Google Play Store 

17. Ecosia 

If you’re looking for a faster browser, Ecosia is your best choice. It’s not just a browser — it’s an extension of your eco-conscious lifestyle.

As you search the web, Ecosia plants trees in areas that need foresting, so you can feel good about using the internet because it’s the smart way to search!  

Ecosia is a mobile browser that lets you contribute to important causes like planting trees. As you browse the internet, you can use Ecosia’s built-in tools to make your browsing more environmentally friendly.

For example, it can help you with the download of YouTube videos, reducing the carbon footprint of one of the most common daily activities.  

Each day, Ecosia plants a new tree where the user comes from. Ecosia Isn’t the most feature-rich browser on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fast.

5 Reasons to Switch from Google to Ecosia

The mobile version of the browser is especially speedy, with tabs loading almost instantly. The lack of ad-tracking or other privacy protection features means you have to take steps yourself to ensure that your data is kept safe.  

All searches on Ecosia are 100% private. Even though we believe in an open web, we also believe in your right to privacy. The search engine does not collect personal information from its search users, and it does not sell information about your personal searches to any third parties.

Ecosia can be downloaded from Google Play Store, but it won’t cost you a penny. In fact, every second you spend browsing the web on this app, you’re actually helping plant trees. 

Download App on Google Play Store 

18. APUS Browser – Fast & Private

The Apus Launcher is downloaded and used by millions of people on a daily basis for its fast and seamless web browsing experience.

The Apus Browser offers a wide variety of features such as add-ons, pop-up blockers, and more to make your browsing experience memorable and smooth.  

19 Best Fastest Browser For Android in 2022 -Reviewed

The Apus app is a great choice for Android users looking for a secure and simple-to-use private messaging app. Its easy access to private storage, messaging, and search makes it a valuable tool for users with a heavy e-mail load.

If you’re looking for an easy way to manage your emails, the Apus app will be your new best friend. 

Download App on Google Play Store 

19. Lynket Browser (previously Chromer)

Lynket is a modern browser that lets you do more with less. It’s a one-two punch of Chrome custom tabs and webheads, helping you to open up multiple sites without any hassles. 

Lynket comes with an intuitive UI that makes browsing the web even easier than before. Lynket is the oldest and the most popular browser for Android.  

Lynket Browser - Promo

With a multi-tasking menu and an easy-to-use interface, Lynket is perfect for power users who want to run multiple tabs at once.

While an e-commerce site will often have a description of the item and its price, a product description in a catalog or on a store’s website should be much more detailed. 

Download App on Google Play Store 

20. Flynx – Read the web smartly

Flynx is the best solution for mobile multitasking. With this app, you can enjoy split-screen functionality without any hiccups — with a floating browser and a small video player, you can browse the web and watch videos on YouTube or Vimeo at the same time — no more switching between applications.  

Flynx makes it easy to open a webpage in a window that can be floated anywhere on your screen. It removes the burden of having to manually find the website you want to take a look at and then opens it in a new tab.

This way, you can browse through other tabs while maintaining an active connection with your research. 

Download App on Google Play Store 


If you want to start using a third-party browser on your mobile device, go ahead! There are so many options out there for users who need speed and efficiency above all else.

And since each browser has its own integrated features that help protect your privacy while browsing at breakneck speeds, you’ll never have to worry about internet security again.

With that, you have all the knowledge you need to find the fastest browser for android. However, it doesn’t mean that all browsers are equally created.

Their individual speeds will vary, and not all brands are equally invested in providing their users with a top-quality service. There are also some other notable mentions, like the Puma browser, tor browser, Kiwi, etc.