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19 Best Feedly Alternatives To Track Insights Across The Web

Feedly is one of the most popular RSS readers, which gathers information from worldwide into one place. Once the information is collected, users can customize and share it with others.

It comes with many features like watching YouTube videos, reading full-text articles, curating and aggregating the content, etc. But it has some limitations, and the premium subscription of this platform is relatively high.

Also, many people have been using this platform for a long time. And some of them are searching for a replacement. If you are also looking for the best Feedly Alternatives, this article will help you out.

In this article, we have listed the best Feedly alternatives that are pretty similar to this platform. Also, some of them are the same and some are better than Feedly in terms of features. So quickly go and have a look at the list.

Best Feedly Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Old Reader

Old Reader is a web-based RSS feed reader which delivers website, blog, and other internet content to a website-based inbox. Also, it enables you to add your sources, including blogs, keywords, and many other things.

Best Feedly Alternatives

It allows you to like content and find friends via social media platforms. The best thing about Old Reader is that it can combine social reading and sharing.

Moreover, if you and your friends like to read the same content, Old Reader can share your recommendations. It comes with a service that helps you to read content faster.

If the website does not support the RSS syndication, Old Reader will create a feed from direct URLs. Plus, if you are already using any RSS reader, you can quickly shift all your feed subscription using the OMPL file extension.

It is an excellent way for finding new blogs, YouTube channels, and news sites to subscribe to.

How to use The Old Reader


  • It offers an option to assemble your collected content.
  • It gives you an opportunity to connect with your friends and share your feed with them.
  • Old Reader notifies you when an article gets published so you can later read the article.
  • Ii will enable you to organize your feed with various tags and folders.

2. NewsBlur: personal news reader

NewsBlur is an excellent choice for those who want to have a personalized news reading experience. It allows you to save your stories for later reading.

Also, you can share your stories on various social networks like Twitter, Tumblr, Instapaper, etc. It allows you to customize the feed layout.

Best Feedly Alternatives 1

Moreover, it has an intelligence trainer feature that can filter your feed with selected stories based on parameters like author names and categories.

You can subscribe to up to 64 different feeds on NewsBlur. Also, you can read the complete content of those feeds in its web reader with a free account.

Apart from that, it has sophisticated filtering features that automatically highlight or hide stories based on specific criteria. Also, it offers various types of viewing options for news content.


  • It enables you to read news from all your subscriptions.
  • It integrates with their server to keep the texture of your stories and any status.
  • Also, it offers a dark mode for reading at night.
  • It has portable folders, and support for multiple devices running on Web, Android, or iOS.

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3. Inoreader: Take back control of your newsfeed

Inoreader is next on my list of best Feedly alternatives due to its amazing features. The user interface of the Inoreader is quite unconventional from other RSS readers as it shows articles in a card style.

Best Feedly Alternatives 2

Another thing is that you can click the eye cursor to change the visual. Plus, it comes with many different themes and view styles to tailor the reading experience according to your taste. It comes with keyboard shortcuts to change views, subscribes to feeds, and adjust preferences.

The best part is that it offers a feature-rich community of content creators to users for smooth curation. Moreover, it enables the users to quickly discover their favorite piece of content with Inoreader’s discovery mode.

Apart from all this, Inoreader has a neat and tidy appearance with no annoying advertisements for distractions.


  • It enables you to access multiple modes in one go.
  • It provides you an option to add or delete columns for view.
  • The Inoreader streamlines the user interface for easier usage.
  • It categorizes headlines based on date, source, or tags.
  • Also, it offers a unique view called the river of news.

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4. CommaFeed: Open-Source Feedly Alternatives

Comma Feed is open-source software and a pretty basic interface puts the feed stories front and center without showing you many options. It enables you to share stories and articles easily across various social networks.

19 Best Feedly Alternatives To Track Insights Across The Web

Plus, it allows you to reach via email and comes with an option to tag articles for better management. Moreover, the search function makes it easy to look up the content in the feed by article titles and more.

Comma Feed focuses on the reading experience and it has a clean and simple-to-use interface in comparison to other RSS readers.

Apart from all this, it allows you to use a web-hosted RSS aggregator or download the platform. Thus all of these features make it one of the best Feedly alternatives out there.


  • It enables you to look for similar news content.
  • Comma Feed manages the popular feeds and searches for new feeds by marking all content in the news feed as read.
  • Open source reader gives you the ability to customize the software accordingly.
  • It gives you the option to view only the unopened news content in your feed.

5. Feedbin

Feedbin is a paid feed reader platform but it is cheaper than Feedly and worth spending. It is far better than Feedly in terms of both design and features.

You can add references varying from websites to email newsletters, and you can even add Twitter handles, generating a single feed of all the information.

Best Feedly Alternatives 4

Moreover, Feedbin comes with a dark theme and various fonts. Also, it also comes with full-screen mode so that you can give full attention while reading.

Apart from all this, it can sync the feeds so you can continue reading even after shifting to a new device. It comes with really unique features. Therefore, it can give tough competition to Feedly.


  • It comes with newsletter support.
  • It comes with a bookmark feature called Faves.
  • Another best quality is that it saves your search.
  • Feedbin comes with a text-only reading feature.
  • The podcast is a unique addition to an RSS reader.
  • It allows you to share across many apps seamlessly.

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6. Flipboard

This one is free, and it does not come with many features, but it is handy and straightforward. Its design makes it easy for you to find articles, photos, videos, etc.

Flipboard is not all about news recommendations, but it is a lot more than that. It comes with an option to add news sources which makes it very much similar to Feedly.

Moreover, you can add your favorite news channels, medium channels, blogs under the Magazine section. You can find the latest news and customize how your feed looks.

It does not offer many features like mark read, feed grouping, etc. But if you are looking for a personalized news service with a decent RSS reader, this one can be a good alternative.


  • It comes with the read later and bookmarks feature.
  • Once you add your favorite stuff under Magazine, it will automatically get managed and categorized.
  • It enables you to add your news sources.

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7. Feedreader No ads or promoted content within

Feedreader reads and manages the news gathered from your most visited websites in one place. It provides you an option to keep yourself updated while on the move.

Moreover, it comes with an advanced new filtering option that transforms your regular feed into an intelligent feed. It also changes the feeds again to the standard feed by showing which articles should be filtered out.

Moreover, it has a user-friendly and straightforward interface that does not require any previous technical experience. The design and layout of the Feedreader are pretty minimal and optimized, which makes it easier to understand.

It can use keyboard shortcuts and can run from a USB flash drive. This RSS reader is free, and it does not lack in the feature department.


  • It comes with an IntelliJ update function that can manage vast volumes of feeds effortlessly.
  • This RSS reader supports all major feed formats, plus it is compatible with systems running on Windows 2000 or above.
  • Feedreader is entirely free from spyware and ads.
  • It takes less than 4 MB of space of your computer.
  • It comes with an auto-discovery feature to find and subscribe to the RSS feeds on any web page automatically.
  • The advanced filtering feature enables you to find the content of your choice and get maximum feed capacity.

8. Liferea: Feedly Alternatives For Linux Desktop

Liferea can be one of the best Feedly alternatives, and it is free to use. It brings together all the content from your chosen subscriptions into a simple UI.

Best Feedly Alternatives 5

Liferea makes it easy to organize and browse feeds on the go without any hassle. Also, it lets you read articles even when you are offline, so it will be a better option if you want to enjoy reading without the Internet.

The GUI of this RSS reader is similar to desktop mail or news client with an inbuilt web browser. Moreover, it allows you to create search folders.

Also, It comes with a script manager feature in which users can add custom scripts that run when a particular action occurs.


  • You can read articles even when you are online.
  • It can force fetch full article text with the help of HTML5 extraction.
  • You can subscribe to HTML5 websites that don’t even have a feed.
  • Plus, it enables you to save headlines permanently in new bins.
  • Moreover, you can match items using search folders.
  • Also, you can play podcasts in Liferea.
  • It supports significant feed formats like RSS/RDF and Atom.

9. Tiny Tiny RSS

Tiny Tiny RSS is a free and open-source web-based news feed reader licensed under GNU GPLv3. The best thing is to control your data and protect your privacy without depending on third-party services.

Moreover, while serving news anywhere through the browser, it delivers a desktop-like application experience. You can customize the platform according to your requirement.

Tiny Tiny RSS enables you to follow your favorite sites, bloggers and personalities, etc. It needs a little patience to set up Tiny Tiny RSS, but it is effortless to use.

19 Best Feedly Alternatives To Track Insights Across The Web

The viewers appreciated the versatility of this RSS reader but criticized it for its performance and installation process. It offers multiple ways to share stuff, and you can export RSS feeds, a plugin for various social sites, etc.


  • It supports feed aggregation and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Moreover, it allows flexible article filtering.
  • Plus, it helps OMPL import or export.
  • It filters the article flexibly.
  • This RSS reader comes with new features like daily digests.
  • Also, it enables you to create multiple users.

10. Feedspot

Feedspot is another web-based RSS feed reader that lets you follow Websites, Blogs, YouTube channels, Podcasts, and more. It is effortless to add youtube channels and websites.

But adding your podcast is not easy because you have to find RSS feeds to add a podcast. You can easily manage all your content after you have set up your Feedspot account.

You can also add email alerts so that you will be notified of all the new posts without opening the app. Moreover, the user interface of this app looks a bit outdated, but it has all the features that you need.

Feedspot RSS Combiner

Also, you can make it better by changing the theme of the app. It enables you to curate and rank websites, youtube channels, etc., into thousand of niche industries.

Also, it makes life easier by automating the workflow. It keeps track of what you have read so that you get to see unread items even when you log in from a different device.


  • It enables content readers to get all the news sources at a place.
  • The media monitoring tools help you by tracking the competitors.
  • It helps bloggers to outreach their marketing campaigns.
  • The scheduler feature helps to discover and schedule content, plus manages social accounts from one place.
  • It comes with keyword alert features, a potent tool for competitive intelligence, brand monitoring, etc.

11. NetNewsWire: Open-Source Feedly Alternatives For Mac

It is another free and open-source RSS reader and news aggregator available for Mac and iOS. You can easily subscribe to your favorite channels, tech news portals, blogs, websites, etc.

It supports a modern user interface and comes with night as well as light mode options. Moreover, it offers a safari extension to add feed easily.

Best Feedly Alternatives 7

Also, it allows sharing to mail, notes, messages, etc. Its newly launched version 6 comes with new features like iCloud synchronization and much more.

If you are looking for an open-source RSS reader that can match the paid apps’ user interface, then this one is for you.


  • It comes with direct feed downloading.
  • Plus, it supports multiple accounts.
  • Comes in both light and dark modes.
  • It supports keyboard shortcuts.
  • It has a customizable toolbar.

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12. Netvibes

Netvibes is an excellent RSS reader to monitor your brand and keep track of social media KPIs. It allows you to create a dashboard of everything that you love online.

Moreover, it enables you to connect and control your IoT devices from the Dashboard. It works great as a Feedly replacement. The built-in automation feature allows you to share articles, and you can even automatically reply to tweets.

Also, you can create custom searches for followed topics, get social analytics, and much more with the premium version. Netvibes has more features than Feedly.


  • It has personalized dashboards for better and faster decision-making.
  • This RSS reader captures a variety of information from across the Internet.
  • It enables you to read content on the topics of your interest.

13. Google Play Newsstand (Now Google News)

It is a news aggregator and digital newsstand service by Google. It enables the users to subscribe to magazines and topical news feeds.

19 Best Feedly Alternatives To Track Insights Across The Web

So that you receive new issues as well as updates automatically. Moreover, it supports offline download and reading on mobile apps. Google offers a variety of tools to publishers for customization and optimization of their content.

Also, it gives the publishers the option to include ads. It allows publishers to restrict geographic access to their published content. It manages to gather all the news in one place.

You can read more about your favorite content, and it gives you a wonderful reading experience. It almost provides you real-life experience of reading a newspaper when you are reading it on your smartphone.


  • It offers you fully personalized news and magazine reader
  • You get access to a wide range of free and exclusive publications.

Download App on Google Play Store

14. QuiteRSS

QuiteRSS is an open-source, cross-platform news aggregator for RSS and Atom news feed. It is free software, available for Microsoft, Windows, Mac Os, and Linux.

Moreover, it comes with two layout modes one is classic, and the other is newspaper. It is a fantastic RSS reader for those who love to share the news with family or team members.

Best Feedly Alternatives 9

The traditional model has a three-panel view for feed list, post, and browser. It uses a Webkit browsing engine for its in the built browser. It is easy to use, and it has excellent features.


  • It offers offline reading, which is good to read without the Internet.
  • It allows you to download your favorite articles with a click.
  • Enables you to import feed lists in OMPL file format.
  • You can customize the fonts and colors.
  • It comes with system tray icon support.
  • Also, it comes with a quick news filter and search feature.
  • The ability to switch themes is a beautiful feature.
  • It gives you a great reading experience.

15. Reeder 4

Reeder 4 is the next RSS Reader on our list of best Feedly alternatives. It is powerful and feature-rich like Feedly with native apps for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. You can read the individual articles or save them for reading it later.

The bionic reading feature highlights each word so you can quickly read the article. It shows thumbnails of the article, which is a great thing. You won’t be required to open the image of any article to see the thumbnail.

Moreover, it comes with a dark mode and does not work on a subscription-based model. It comes with a time fee. This RSS reader is a good choice for Apple users.


  • It comes with the bionic reading feature that enhances the reading experience.
  • It offers comprehensive customization.
  • You can save your favorite content and read it later.
  • It comes with more than one layout option.
  • Plus, it comes with an exciting feature, and that is improved reader mode.
  • The dark mode feature gives you a strain-free reading experience.

16. FeedBro

FeedBro RSS reader is free to use and provides a personalized news feed experience. Available as Chrome Extensions, it allows you to read and browse news feeds.

It comes with 12 different visual styles like a pinboard, blog blocks, etc. With the help of Good News, you can search for the latest news and share it along with your friends on Social Media.

Moreover, it enables you to gather all the information from your preferred websites in one place. You can also integrate it smoothly with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, etc. Also, it comes with a lot more features to be a perfect alternative for Feedly.


  • It enables you to save your favorite content for reading it later.
  • The reading mode enhances your reading experience.
  • The most likely feature is that it comes with a lot of different visual styles.
  • It comes with sharing feature, which is a great thing.

17. Selfoss

Selfoss gives an easier curation to experts who want a faster way to handle online content. Plus, you can add your Facebook, Twitter feeds that help you to remain in the industry news trend.

Best Feedly Alternatives 10

Also, one can share the news with friends and comment on them, save news content, and get acquainted with people having the same thoughts.

Moreover, you can add your news and blogs feed. It enables you to stay up to date with the new information. It comes with an email digest service that helps you keep up with the latest updates from your favorite sites.


  • It provides excellent news aggregation and curation features.
  • Free to use, and it is free from ads.
  • Add an unlimited number of feeds.
  • You can add your favorite articles by swipe.
  • It supports Safari reader mode.
  • Also, you can store news locally on your device.
  • Pull refresh to update the list of news.
  • It enables you to share links on social networks.

18. Flym News Reader

Flym is an open-source simple, modern, and totally free-of-cost newsreader. It has easy to use interface that makes you feel as if you are reading paper offline and not online. You can use the star system to save your favorite articles for later reading.

Moreover, it allows you to search articles by title or keyword and browse your feed list of RSS or Atom feeds with ease.

It is a straightforward application for those people who want to read the news only. The only disappointing thing about it is that it doesn’t allow synchronization with other readers.


  • It allows you to read offline with images.
  • Plus you can export and import the feed list from OMPL.
  • You can retrieve the full text of the feed when the content is trimmed.
  • Displays news in a mobile-optimized way.

Download App on Google Play Store

19. Feeder

The Feeder is an ordinary feed reader and news aggregator that lets you view and subscribe to popular feeds with ease. With its advanced filtering option, push notifications, and mobile optimization, it makes it easier to read the news more than ever.

19 Best Feedly Alternatives To Track Insights Across The Web

Moreover, it comes with a browser extension which makes it faster access to the post headlines. The Feeder app is also available on Android & iOS platforms for mobile users.

It comes with a free plan but it contains ads that may disappoint you. The Paid plan costs $60, which is absolutely free of ads.  


  • It supports all standard feed formats, including JSONFeed.
  • Comes with Push notifications, advanced filtering features. 
  • Also, comes from Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome Extensions. 
  • Mobile apps are also available for Android & iOS devices.

Download App on Google Play Store

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It becomes difficult to manage the information flow as there are lots of content published on the Internet. But with the alternatives mentioned above, nothing to worry about as it will keep you updated in one place.

The list of best Feedly alternatives we have shared makes it easier to browse the feeds with less hassle. Also, which is your favorite Feedly alternative, don’t forget to share with us in the comments section.