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17 Of The Best File Sharing Apps To Share Your File

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Creating productive tools for file transfers between two different devices has always been a nightmare for software developers and designers. Wi-fi has changed the way files are transferred wirelessly. It has developed gradually by utilizing an IR beam to hi-tech, yet sophisticated apps.

Of course, Bluetooth can be used for sharing files, despite the fact that Bluetooth is no match when compared with the data speed of Wi-fi. It takes many hours for Bluetooth to accomplish the process of file sharing if the provided file size isnt small.

If there is a need to transfer large files, usage of Wi-fi could be a real time-saver as such apps execute efficient programs that are best to prevent the files from getting corrupted.

In this whole new era, many of us consider file-sharing as an obvious process. We remember that these services existed in the form of CD, large diskette disks and floppy disks at earlier times.

Surprisingly the emergence of cloud sharing has changed the scenario in the right way. There are a number of apps that let you convert files from one to another using net connection.

Let us go through some of those apps that are doing extremely well to get the maximum benefit of the Android device. Amazingly most of them are free to use, but some apps need a subscription fee to unlock its features and modules.

Probably, you might know a few of them which are highly rated in the marketplace and are common once, but considering the fact that you must get wider alternatives to choose from we have also listed many different which may be useful for you.

So lets dive into the list of best apps for file sharing without any further delay. It shall be noted that the list is not following any specif preference order.

Best File Sharing Apps: Our Top Pick

1. Files Go by Google

Any app that comes from Google production house easily makes a quick download for anyone. If both the parties use the same app then the transfer of contents between the two takes place without a hitch and the entire process goes hassle-free.

Best File Sharing Apps

It does not depend or need an internet connection to conduct a file transfer process since it sets up its own secured connection for data transfer which is best of all.

As mentioned by Google, the max speed that can brush up is to 125 Mbps, which is certainly, Wow. Obviously, this may not be the first app in this field, even though Google realized the need for such a specific application is admirable.

This app is highly recommended for users who dont rely easily on apps developed by third parties.

Besides the transfer of files, this app also lets you look for stuff, within your device in an efficient manner, where you can manage the devices internal storage area by moving some of the stuff straight away to the SD card.

This app will also guide us about what data to delete in order to save space. Who doesnt want a help out in clearing the redundant data on phone storage? In addition, adding files to Google Drive clears data in a proficient way.

This app uses filters to organize files, so as to ensure that no stuff is lost amongst folders. This app is free to download and doesnt contain any ads to distract the attention from the main task. The Files Go by Google app ranked number 1st in our Best File Sharing Apps list that you should download.

Download on Google Play Store

2. Amazon Drive

Here comes another handy app, despite that it allows users to transfer files in a bit different manner. This app uses the cloud service which allows you to go through your online storage, locate, and edit files from anywhere you want.

Best File Sharing Apps

Previews that are available for documents are quite useful when you are browsing through a heap of files. Moreover, one can create folders, relocate and erase files.

A shareable link needs to be generated to circularize via emails and other online platforms. Files can be sent directly via an instant messaging application, while internet connection speed determines the time it will take for the process.

On the contrary, Amazon Drive clings to the traditional method of file transfer and does not send files via a secure connection like Files Go. Though its operability differs, still it provides comparable characteristics that are at times might not be convenient.

Even though the app is free, the user can post unlimited photos on Amazon Drive, a feature that is simply great, and that too without and in-app ads. The Amazon Drive app ranked number 2nd in our Best File Sharing Apps list that you should download.

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3. Send Anywhere

This app offers all the basic characteristics provided with Files Go along with a few more additional features which makes it currently incredible.

The app is developed with the latest 256-bit encryption technology for the transfer of data, assuring your files are safeguarded from vicious sources in its journey towards the destination.

The receivers phone has to manually enter or scan a code that has been shared by this app, by establishing a reliable Wi-Fi connection over itself. Most files go through it without any issue at a good pace.

[Send Anywhere] Intro for the Google Play (English)

As assured by the developer, any file residing on the device will reach the destination without any content modification or corruption. Even if your phone isnt that close to the receiver you can execute the task by sharing the secure code.

The UI is very normal and the controls to are easy to use from the first installation itself. Presently, Send anywhere can be downloaded free from Play Store but comes with paid offers too which can be removed by paying a subscription fee. The Send Anywhere app ranked number 3rd in our Best File Sharing Apps list that you should download.

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4. SHAREit

ShareIt is presently one of the finest apps available in the store for the time being. As Lenovo is the main developing company of this app, one can rest assured of the quality and features it has to offer.

SHAREit, procuring with a download count of over 500 million, is presumably one of the best Wi-fi-based data transfer apps. It is capable to share various formats of files including jpg, mp4, gif, doc, xls, and many more.

It displays the files to be transferred as soon as two devices handshake. So, the receiver has the option to select the files they prefer without any further approval from the sender.

New Feature | How to send Full PUBG by SHAREit | Exclusive feature | Official Video

The good part about this app is that it does not need a net connection to work on major processes. It is capable to transfer at 20Mbps speed.

With Googles app as its strong competitor, developers of ShareIT are working day and night to provide better and more security features. SHAREit comes bundled with a media player of the finest quality.

Further, you can share files with your PC by installing PC-side software. SHAREit contains ads on board but anyway it is free to download. It is not possible to get rid of these ads as there are no in-app purchases. The SHAREit app ranked number 4th in our Best File Sharing Apps list that you should download.

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5. FileCloud

Filecloud app has got multiple benefits for entrepreneurs as this goes beyond taking notes and transferring links on the cloud system.

You will get 1TB online space for data storage, unlimited accounts, and also an additional 100 GB of storage space for every new user. All this is accessible for just a monthly fee of $10.

Best File Sharing Apps

Filecloud was made deliberately for large data files. By using FileClouds own home-developed search engine, files can be found easily, and also cloud can be customized with your own features.

Think of a client when he is asked to send files at a server space registered as a personal domain rather than any Google or ShareIt server space. It surely wins the clients heart and the deal of course.

Literally, FileCloud comprises a huge number of features, yet these mentioned are users most loved one including folder collaboration. Integration of outlook and MS office, inbuilt search engine, easy to read analysis along with few others. The FileCloud app ranked 5th in our Best File Sharing Apps list that you should download.

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6. Dropbox

Most of those who are familiar with file storage services on a cloud system would definitely know this app. Dropbox can be truly called an industry leader as it has successfully survived the influx of Google Drive, iCloud, and other such service providers.

As expected, Dropbox offers a reasonably good set of features where files are shareable with the help of links. Unlike other apps, Dropbox is free for storage space of 2GB of files only, beyond which extra space can be bought with additional subscription fees.

Everything You Need to Know: The NEW Dropbox

This app contains an exceptional feature, doc scanner that allows you to turn any document on your table into shareable PDF files on this app, which is the best and extremely useful in certain situations.

There is no charge for this app, but additional space can be purchased by paying an extra sum of subscription. The Dropbox app ranked number 6th in our Best File Sharing Apps list that you should download.

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7. Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud is the most popular and the finest choice for file transfer who lives within the shell of the apple world. For them, there is no good alternative apart from this app. Only a few clicks are sufficient to back up and organize your entire file storage in a split second. It is that simple.

There is no need to go through hoops like downloading apps, learning a new app or so if you are already an Apple product user. iCloud fixes most of the queries, as it is already on your Mac, working on photos segregation, documents, and videos, all in preset robotic format.

Organising Files in Apple's iCloud - The Basic Edition

Unlike other file-sharing apps, Apple iCloud provides daily backups which keep you up to date and excellent security features like seamless restoration of data. Another feature called Find my iPhone prevents loss or theft of data.

If you are a Mac or iOS user, you are surely going to like the Automatic file organization facility with an option for regular data backups, Find My iPhone loss-prevention, and others with a nominal charge of $0.99 for 50GB monthly fee.

8. Portal WiFi File Transfers

Portal is not any simple file sharing app. It has the capability to transfer the entire folder in one go along with standalone files and multiple files. The receiver and the sender, two of them need not be on the same LAN as this app uses Wi-Fi Direct for sharing files.

Transferring any file to PC is not an easy task and generally is not accomplished in the absence of PC-side software. But Portal emerges as a winner here as it can work seamlessly even without any specific software installation.

Introducing Portal, WiFi file transfers made easy

The PC side is monitored with the help of a web interface and can be sent modification using QR code. Android system with Lollipop and above is capable of sending and sharing files to and from the SD card. The Portal WiFi File Transfers app ranked number 8th in our Best File Sharing Apps list that you should download.

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9. SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share

Here comes the next app Superbeam that uses Wi-fi Direct in order to share files across devices. Of course, it is a fast file-sharing app that comes with stunning visual effects where we can choose from AMOLED, dark and light modes.

Sharing of files can take place over here, in either of these ways; provide a unique key, connect with NFC or connect with the help of scanning inbuilt QR code scanner.

Superbeam transfers files over Wi-Fi, only if both devices are residing on the same Wi-Fi network. Meanwhile, in the absence of a Wi-Fi router, this is where Wi-Fi Direct springs come into action. In any case, if the connection gets lost there is always a provision to resume the transfer process.

Quickly Share Large Files Without Wi-Fi Between a Galaxy Note 3 & Other Devices [How-To]

Superbeam makes it all easy to share files with your PC with a website as a mediator. Files can be sent to multiple devices in the Pro version. Superbeam supports ads, but the free version is also available. The SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share app ranked number 9th in our Best File Sharing Apps list that you should download.

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10. Xender Share Music&Video, Transfer Photo, File

Xender in 2019 emerged as one of the most extensively used apps for sharing files. This app is able to exchange files at a whopping pace.

The simple feature of dragging and dropping aids in the easy and quick transfer of several contents from your device. On the other hand, this app also allows you to collaborate files and info between multiple devices concurrently.

Xender -Smart & Speedy File Transfer

Very few apps like Xender have the ability to transfer files in a cross-platform including to-and-fro of files. Transferring between Windows, iOS, Android, etc. can take place and you can share files to the PC as well. It does not need any client-side installation.

This app with simple to use, easy to understand, and free to download while it boasts a user-friendly interface. The Xender app ranked number 10th in our Best File Sharing Apps list that you should download.

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11. SugarSync

Introducing you to the next app SugarSync that may not be as sweet as the name suggests. It has the right dosage of advanced and standard features at a credible price.

SugarSync allows people who fiddle, dig deep into their files and figure out which ones sync with the list of available devices.

Best File Sharing Apps

It can save a lot of hassle as an organization is the only key but still, this may be annoying to some folks. Users can easily associate on a desktop or on its mobile app. Other than that, the basic package provides us a great restoration feature.

Download SugarSync and enjoy these candy elements including restoration of data, a collaboration of files, integration with Gmail, syncing and auto-upload along with support for multiple devices. The SugarSync app ranked number 11th in our Best File Sharing Apps list that you should download.

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12. AirDroid

AirDroid offers you the opportunity to access Android-based devices wirelessly from a laptop. Users can transfer files between the two devices with the help of this app at great speed. This app enables you to communicate with messages with apps like Wechat, and through the huge screen of your gadget and laptop.

17 Of The Best File Sharing Apps To Share Your File

However, images and motion files too can be backed up to the computer hard disk from the phone. Amazingly one can also locate the lost phone with a special feature of this app.

Most of the basic features of any file sharing app come packed with this free version. Anyhow, for an even better experience it also has provision for the removal of in-app ads and other purchases. The AirDroid app ranked number 12th in our Best File Sharing Apps list that you should download.

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13. Zapya File Transfer, Sharing Music Playlist

Undoubtedly Zapya is an excellent file sharing application meant for usage on the Android platform that comes with ultrafast sharing capabilities. It supports cross-platform transform including iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android.

No Internet? No Problem! File Sharing at its Finest

Zapya, simultaneously allows users to connect with 4 devices where they can share multiple files of different formats. QR codes can also be put into use, to share content.

This even permits chatting and share streaming videos, audios with nearby buddies without an internet connection. Zapya is open-source software and does not promote any ads. The Zapya File Transfer, app ranked number 13th in our Best File Sharing Apps list that you should download.

Download on Google Play Store

14. Slack

This app is not exactly a cloud storage system but more of a communication platform. This app is not meant for larger transfers but for small documents and files for instant transfer.

While working on a project with multiple teammates, and you are looking for common storage space for all files, documents, charts, worksheets, and other related data, Slack can be a useful app.

Slack for Android Trailer

This app is best known for its diversity as it allows for extensive user control and respecting hierarchy levels. One need not have to worry about permission and security features. Slack comes with 5GB free storage per login id and more the user, more space.

In case if your organization needs more space without adding new members, extra space can be purchased. However, each additional new paid id provides you with an additional 10GB.

Download on Google Play Store

15. ShareMe (MiDrop) Transfer files without internet

Very recently, Xiaomi has changed the app name of MiDrop to ShareMe. This becomes a wise choice for those who are looking for a simple app meant for data transfer on Android without getting annoyed with any ads.

17 Of The Best File Sharing Apps To Share Your File

Surely it can give a good completion to other such file sharing apps available on Playstore. This app is lighter, quick and endorses all sorts of devices running the Android version.

As usual, without any internet connection, one can share all files. The app has all the basic features that one is looking for and these modules are categorized into different sections. AN interrupted transfer can again be resumed from any given point.

ShareMe is solely designed for Android and presently it doesnt support multi-user neither it is compatible with other devices. Even with such minimalistic features, one can try this free app to know how seamlessly this app works. The ShareMe (MiDrop) app ranked number 15th in our Best File Sharing Apps list that you should download.

Download on Google Play Store

16. Firefox Send

Here comes another alternative for entrepreneurs, Firefox Send has the best solutions for a nominal price. Presenting you the brand new file transfer app in the store which is called Firefox Send.

17 Of The Best File Sharing Apps To Share Your File

This app is developed by the Firefox team and it does its job in a quite decent manner although it is still in the beta stage right now.

Even a huge file of approx 1 GB could be transferred after the immediate installation of this app on your gadgets or mobile device. With the help of your Mozilla account, the limit of file sharing increases up to 2.5GB.

Moreover, the saddest part is that it strictly requires an internet connection until the data gets completely transferred from its source to the destination.

Shared content undergoes the process of generating a downloadable link that is encrypted end-to-end for enhanced security.

One can also password-protect the file for an additional measure, and specify the download count so as not to permit more downloads than the number specified, and finally transfer the data to the person you want.

Firefox Send is freely available and doesnt support any ads, however, extra features can be utilized in its premium version. The Firefox Send app ranked number 16th in our Best File Sharing Apps list that you should download.

Download on Google Play Store

17. Collect: Save and share ideas

As the name suggests, this app needs the email id of the recipient in order to send files. It is also called the WeTransfer app that doesnt need one for any compulsive signup process.

The only effort needed from your end is to provide the recipient email address and select the file that needs to get transferred and your task is done.

An email will be sent to the recipient with a clickable link that will lead to the download of the mentioned file. Pausing and resuming of file due to internet connectivity issues is a good feature.

Collect by WeTransfer

This app permits file transfer for sizes up to 10GB. In order to enjoy this lightweight app, you are not required to impart with your hard-earned money as it comes without any cost. The Collect: Save and share ideas app ranked number 17th in our Best File Sharing Apps list that you should download.

Download on Google Play Store

Share files without using email or cloud uploads

O&O FileDirect is a free, lightweight program that lets you share large files with others. Its quick, secure, and uses a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Although you have to download and install the software to use it, theres no need for the recipient to do this because file transfers are controlled from your PC and can be received in most popular browsers.

Download O&O FileDirect and follow the instructions on the screen to install the program. Run the software, then drag and drop the files (or folders) you want to share to the cut-out area. A sharing link appears.

Click Copy to copy the sharing link to your clipboard or use the buttons to share it via email, Facebook or Twitter.

When you share this link with recipients, they can download the files directly to their PC. Your computer needs to be switched on for them to do this.

Recipients dont need to install O&O FileDirect, but they must open the link in Firefox or Chrome or another Chrome-based browser such as Opera. To share more files, simply drag them to the app to create a new, unique link.

Clicking the More settings button lets you set a maximum amount of time or number of downloads that your files are available for. To add an extra layer of security, simply enter a password in the appropriate box and click Save

You can review all your shared files by clicking the Shared files tab. This shows the file shares name, how long ago it was created, how many times its been downloaded
and its total size. Clicking the drop-down menu lets you sort the list of shared files by newest, name or type.

Hover your cursor over a file to bring up buttons for copying and deleting the link (which stops it being shared). Alternatively, to locate a file on your PC, click the
icon that looks like a magnifying glass on a sheet of paper.


These were just a few of the finest apps for file sharing that you can use for your need, be it personal or commercial. It is recommended to try a few apps before narrowing down on any specific for regular usage. Since most of the apps are free, there is no harm in giving a try before buying any premium app.