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11 Best Filezilla Alternatives For Windows and Mac

File transfer has a vital role to play in our daily lives. From personal to professional life, file transfer has become the fastest way of communicating information between individuals.

We download and upload millions of files regularly over the internet, and the only way that’s possible is through the File Transfer Protocol or FTP. File Transfer Protocol is the procedure through which tons of files and data are exchanged between computers and other devices using the internet.  

However, the file transfer process is solely dependent on the client and server networking systems provided by the FTP software.

Many applications on the internet offer FTP solutions to users. But, not all applications are trustworthy, and only a few help you with the process.  

Filezilla is one such FTP client application that offers clients genuine FTP services. However, the platform has now been registered on SourceForge, which has a bad reputation for wrapping unwanted software with the main application. To tackle the problem, people are now searching for alternatives to Filezilla.  

If you, too, are searching for alternatives to Filezilla, you are at the right place. Here in this article, we have provided a list of some excellent Filezilla alternatives that you might find helpful.  

Best Filezilla Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

In today’s advanced and rapidly changing world, file transfer plays a crucial part in the development of organizations and individuals.

With the help of file transfer, we can transmit tons of data from one location to another with the use of the internet. However, for the file transfer process to work smoothly, FTP solutions are a must. 

As discussed earlier, numerous platforms over the internet offer FTP solutions to clients, and Filezilla is one of them. Filezilla is one of the most popular FTP client applications that offer real and top-class file transfer protocol solutions.

It is a free and open-source platform that covers both clients and server aspects of the file transfer. The platform offers clients for various operating systems, including Windows and Mac but provides servers for only Windows, which is a drawback.  

The software has now collaborated with the SourceForge platform to enable easy downloading for users.

However, people don’t prefer downloading apps from SourceForge because the website wraps the apps with bloatware or unwanted apps, which consumes a lot of space on the device.  

Thankfully, many other FTP apps on the internet offer free FTP solutions and are free of bloatware. As mentioned earlier, in this article, we have compiled the names of the best Filezilla alternatives for your convenience.

Without further delay, check out the complete article and choose the best FTP software per your needs. 

1. Cyberduck – Open Source Filezilla Alternatives

If you are a web developer searching for an ideal FTP software, Cyberduck would be the best choice for you. Cyberduck is one of the most appreciated FTP solution provider software and is among the list of best Filezilla alternatives that work well on Windows and Mac too.

The platform is well organized and offers a user-friendly and straightforward interface coupled with interactive features.  

Best Filezilla Alternatives

The platform allows smooth transmission of files and is free from bugs and glitches, making it popular among users. The best part of the app is that it is free of all kinds of bloatware and does not charge any service charge, which is pretty impressive.  

If you are a beginner and don’t know much about FTP clients, Cyberduck is the best software you can opt for; it offers pretty easy to use and does not require much technical knowledge.

Along with FTP solutions, the app also works well with other protocols including, SFTP, S3, Google Cloud networks, and much more. The application is packed with all the tools to assist young and talented web developers.  

Cyberduck undoubtedly offers plenty of features, but the most notable one is that it allows the users to access the files over the FTP using third-party editing software of the user’s choice, which we find pretty impressive. In short, with Cyberduck, you can remotely edit your files using your preferred editor.  

You can also bookmark files using Cyberduck, and it even allows you to organize those bookmarks in a structured manner.

The quick view feature on the Cyberduck software allows you to get a brief overview of the file, which is very helpful. The quick view option works smoothly with the user’s device and allows viewing files without downloading them.

The platform implements various character encodings, enabling the users to view files in different languages, including Chinese and Japanese.  

With all the great features, the app is a must-have for every web developer out there, and it can be regarded as one of the superb Filezilla alternatives.

How to FTP on Windows and Mac with Cyberduck (an FTP client)

2. Transmit: Best Filezilla Alternatives For Mac

If you are a Mac user searching for the best Filezilla alternatives, Transmit is the answer. As the name suggests, Transmit is one of the most recommended File Transfer Protocol Applications for Mac devices.

The software is a futuristic FTP client, packed with tons of advanced features to allow smooth file transmission. The app integrates well with Mac devices and offers a pretty straightforward user interface.

Best Filezilla Alternatives 1

Along with File Transfer Protocol, the platform also works well with various other protocols, including WebDAV and SFTP. 

With the Transmit software, you can easily add local folders to the list of your favorite files in the application.

The application allows a single-click access feature that allows the user to view their favorite or required folders at once, which is pretty impressive. The Single Click feature helps you to increase your work efficiency and saves a lot of your time.  

With Transmit, you can quickly locate and trace the parent directory of your files and folders with one click, which is very helpful.

If you find it difficult looking for files, Transmit makes it easier with its advanced labels option. The “add Label” feature lets you pin labels on different files, thereby making it easier for you to categorize them.  

Introducing Transmit 5 for macOS

Unlike Filezilla and Cyberduck, the platform is not free and charges subscription fees from the users, which is a significant drawback. However, with all the innovative features, it is a pretty good FTP application.  

3. CuteFTP Pro – Filezilla alternatives To Secure Your File Transfers

Adding to the list is another excellent FTP client application – The CuteFTP Pro. The CuteFTP Pro (Download Here) is a fabulous FTP client designed especially for the Windows OS.

However, it also has a counterpart for the Mac OS, but it’s a bit expensive for which most people don’t prefer using on Mac. The application offers excellent File transfer services to its users on the Windows OS, and that too for free. 

Like other FTP client applications, CuteFTP Pro also supports other file protocols, including the S3, WebDAV, and SFTP.

Best Filezilla Alternatives 2

The application is well-organized and offers users to add and save server details in the app to help them save time. Now, you can log in to any of the servers without entering the details again and again. 

CuteFTP Pro undoubtedly offers some of the exciting features, among which an outstanding is the Scripting feature of the application. Under the Scripting feature, the app allows the users to add scripts to ease the file transfer process.

The Scripting feature reduces the manual work, thereby saving you plenty of time. With CuteFTP Pro, you can develop scripts for a variety of work, including creating file backup and supervising the entire file management system.  

As discussed earlier, CuteFTP Pro is a bit expensive compared to other FTP client applications. The application costs approximately $40-45, but it also provides a thirty days free trial to new users, which is a good initiative.

With all the fantastic features the software offers, it can be regarded as one of the satisfactory Filezilla alternatives. 

You can download the application and check more details by visiting the official website of CuteFTP Pro.

4. WinSCP – Popular Filezilla Alternatives For Windows

WinSCP is one of the most popular Filezilla alternatives designed to suit the Windows OS; the application works amazingly with Windows OS, as Transmit works with Mac OS.

The application is specifically designed to suit the needs of web developers around the world. WinSCP is packed with advanced features to allow smooth file transmission between devices connected to a local network.  

Best Filezilla Alternatives 3

Like other FTP client applications, WinSCP also works with several other protocols, including WebDAV and SCP.

The best part of the application is that it lets you review and edit files directly on the server without downloading them, which is a pretty fantastic feature.

The app creates a temporary copy of the file on your system, allowing you to edit it on the server itself. It saves a lot of time, and you don’t have to go through the pain of copying the file to the server. 

Where FTP applications like Cyberduck and Transmit enable third-party applications for file editing, WinSCP has its own built-in editing application and allows live editing options on the server. The application also allows you to secure your file information with a password, which is very helpful.  

The WinSCP is only available for Windows but provides the best FTP services, and that too is free of cost. Visit WinSCP’s official website to know more details about the services and the features of the platform.    

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5. FireFTP 

Are you Searching for an FTP client that integrates well with your web browser? FireFTP is the best you can opt for. FireFTP cannot be called an application; instead, it is an add-on supported on the Firefox web browser.

Best Filezilla Alternatives 4

Even though it is not an application, it still provides the best FTP solutions to the users. Moreover, you get a free FTP client that integrates and works well with your web browser, which is fantastic.  

If you want to surf on a more secure and safe connection, FireFTP is the ideal add-on you can use. The add-on is pretty straightforward in its operations and offers an easy-to-use UI, coupled with some excellent features.

With FireFTP, you can easily exchange files between your device and the local server, which requires less or no technical knowledge. 

If you are a beginner, FireFTP is the best FTP application to get started with. For FireFTP to work, all you need is to install Firefox and enable the FireFTP add-on.

The platform uses UTF-8 encoding and promises to support all other encoding types, which is very helpful for web developers.  

On FireFTP, you don’t have to download the file to start editing, and you can easily edit the files on the server itself, which is an excellent feature. With all the fantastic features, the add-on can be considered one of the best Filezilla alternatives.  

6. BitKinex 

Bitkinex is another FTP client application supported only on the Windows operating system and offers excellent trustable File transfer services.

The platform offers free service and supports different types of protocols, including WebDAV and Telnet. Though the app is an excellent FTP client, it is only supported on devices having Operating Systems up to Windows 7, which is a significant drawback.  

The application offers an understandable and easy-to-use user interface coupled with some remarkable features. With BitKinex, you can quickly connect with various data sources and start the file transfer with ease.  

The best part about BitKinex is that it lets you have complete control of all the in-app user requests. You get to control all the user requests including, deleting, copying, and creating files and folders, which we find excellent. 

BitKinex is a one-stop solution for all the FTP problems you face; You get complete control of the user request. It also facilitates multi-channel transfers and parallel request processing.

With all the superb features, BitKinex is a must-have FTP client application and one of the best Filezilla alternatives.  

7. CrossFTP Pro – FileZilla alternatives with Amazon S3 Support

CrossFTP Pro is regarded as the best Cross-Platform File Transfer Protocol app available on the internet. The app is supported on multiple platforms including, Windows, Mac, Linux, and many others.

The interface provided by the app is very interactive and user-friendly, giving it a competitive edge over the other FTP applications. Furthermore, the application is stuffed with great features to allow hassle-free file transmission.  

11 Best Filezilla Alternatives For Windows and Mac

Like all the other FTP client apps mention above, CrossFTP Pro also supports and implements various other protocols, including SFTP, WebDAV, Telnet, FTPS, and a lot more.

The app also offers an on-spot editing feature, which means you can directly edit your file on the server without downloading it, which is impressive.  

With CrossFTP Pro, you can establish connections between multiple servers at one go, which is a unique feature. The platform facilitates extracting, compressing, and browsing archives coupled with multiple character encodings.  

You can even transfer files in batch using the CrossFTP Pro application, which saves plenty of time. It also facilitates batch preview of files along with history viewing and favorites lists feature. With all the advanced features, the app can be listed as one of the excellent Filezilla alternatives.   

8. CoreFTP Pro 

If you are looking for a low-cost and premium FTP client application –  CoreFTP Pro would surely be helpful. Core FTP Pro is regarded as one of the best and most inexpensive Filezilla alternatives that offers premium features.

With CoreFTP Pro, you get an interactive and easy-to-use user interface and file transfer options.  

Best Filezilla Alternatives 6

The most unique and notable feature of the app is that it allows automatic file encoding and compression. The file is converted into Zip format, consuming less space on the FTP server, allowing lighting speed transmission.  

The platform also allows scheduling file transfer through automated scripting, which is very helpful to the users. The app has a free counterpart that many users find helpful, but it is only compatible with the Windows OS.

Like other FTP applications mentioned in the article, CoreFTP supports multiple protocols, including TLS, FTPS, SFTP, and many others.  

The app also allows auto-restart for failed file transmission, which is unique. It also facilitates the drag and drops feature for uploading files on the server. With all the innovative features, CoreFTP Pro is one of the best FTP client applications.    

9. Forklift: Advance Filezilla Alternatives FTP Client For Mac

Are you a web developer searching for a feature-packed FTP client application for your Mac operating system? The forklift (Download on Apple App Store) is the best you can opt for.

The forklift is an advanced FTP client application that helps you establish connections with multiple servers. The application offers a dual-pane interface to start with, which is easy to use; You can simply drag and drop the file onto the server, which is terrific.  

ForkLift 3 - most advanced file manager and FTP client for macOS

With Forklift, you can easily adjust or set the user interface that suits your needs the best, which is impressive. You will love to work with Forklift’s quick view feature, and it even facilitates the creation of multiple directories and folders.  

If you are dealing with foreign clients, Forklift makes it easier for you with its multi-language feature, which is impressive.

The app even supports a variety of protocols, which will help you to increase your work efficiency. Go check out the official website of Forklift for more information. 

10. WS FTP – Premium FTP Client filezilla alternatives

WS_FTP is another famous and premium FTP client application available on the internet. It is one of the oldest FTP clients operating in the market since the ’90s and stands as a measuring standard for other FTP clients.  

With WS_FTP, you run FTP and FTPS protocols smoothly; it even facilitates SSH key generation to establish a passwordless connection, which is impressive.

You get state-of-the-art encoding coupled with integrated file encryption and cryptography on the WS FTP application.  

With WS_FTP, you can easily connect to numerous servers and also schedule automated file transmission and backup.

The FTP client facilitates automated file compression, which saves plenty of space on the server and allows faster transmission of the files.

MOVEit Client Demo

With all the fantastic features, the WS FTP offers a relatively straightforward and customizable user interface, which is unique. Being a web developer, what more could you wish for from an FTP client application?  

11. Coffee Cup’s Free FTP 

Are you looking for an FTP client with a simple interface and fast uploads? You must try out Coffee Cup’s Free FTP. It is a no-cost or free FTP client software with standard features and a user interface.

Best Filezilla Alternatives 7

However, the platform promises to deliver fast and secure file transfers over a closed network, for which many web designers rely on the app for their daily requirements. 

The software allows you to manage files with ease through its easy-to-use drag and drops feature. With the help of Coffee Cup’s Free FTP, you can easily control file transfer operations, including pause and re-transfer file operations.

The platform provides attractive views, where you can directly monitor the file transfer list from the main window, which is impressive. You also get a history column on the app that registers all the recent activities of the file transfer. 

You can visit Coffee Cup’s official website and check more details and download the application from there.  

✅FAQ on Filezilla Alternatives

Apart from the Filezilla alternatives, here are some questions that people are looking for.

Which is better FileZilla or WinSCP?

Both applications have easy to use GUI and easy to Setup interface but FileZilla provides Better encryption, Authentication and Access Control then Winscp and Filezilla also supports MacOS where winscp is completely lacking.

Is FileZilla still good?

Yes Filezilla is still better then competitors clients softwares in terms of reliablity, Security and Easy to use Interface.

Is WinSCP and FileZilla same?

In terms of functionality (SFTP client) both are same but both are deveopled by different developers.

Is WinSCP free?

Yes WinSCP is a free software: you can use it, redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License ( GPL )


With the advent of computers and the internet, File Transfer Protocol is a must for all individuals and businesses. File Transfer Protocol or FTP serves as a medium to transfer files from one location to the other.

For the File Transfer Protocol to work, we need an FTP client application. Thanks to the internet that offers numerous FTP client applications. However, not all the applications on the internet are trustworthy, and only a few offer genuine services.  

As discussed earlier, FileZilla is one of the most trusted FTP client applications operating on the web. FileZilla offers innovative features and covers almost every aspect of file transfer.

It is an ideal FTP client application that one can opt for. However, the platform’s service charge is expensive, so most companies and individuals do not prefer using it.   

Thankfully, there are other FTP client applications you can opt for. We hope your search has ended with this article if you were looking for the best Filezilla alternatives.

Above, we have listed some of the most innovative alternatives to Filezilla, offering low or no-cost service to the users. We hope you enjoyed the article and found the best FTP application that suits your needs.