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Filming Tips on How to Shoot Amazing Video Footages with Your Drone


Drone videography and photography are all the rage right now. But if you have tinkered with drone filming, then you know the struggle of obtaining amazing video footages. Perhaps you find your drone videos a little dull and uninspiring. Wondering how to give your drone filming a kick?

Getting great drone video doesn’t have to be hard. Consider the following five tips to take your drone filming skills to the next level and shoot footages that truly stand out.

#1. It’s All About Getting the Lighting Right

Shooting killer drone films often boils down to paying attention to the lighting. The truth is that most drones are equipped with cameras that can’t deal well with a high degree of contrast. As such, it pays to be extra careful when filming while facing the sun. In any case, you shouldn’t, unless you are trying to capture the dazzle of sun rays. The bottom line is to ensure that the image doesn’t appear too washed out before you capture your drone footage.

#2. Make Sure Your Gimbal is Well-Calibrated

There’s nothing that ruins a drone videography/photography than shooting when the horizontal line is off. Before you fly your drone, ensure that the horizontal line is perfectly straight. And one of the best ways to do this is to make sure your gimbal is calibrated correctly. If not, calibrate it before you take off.

#3. Slow is Gold

Sure, your drone is built to rev and fly fast, but that doesn’t mean you should while filming. It’s a pretty common mistake most amateur pilots make. At UAS Flight Ops drone filming company, we fly our birds at reasonably slow speeds to capture cinematic-class footages.

Another reason to fly slow is that it can enable you to get that fantastic slow-motion feel without the need for editing. Besides, too much speed can put your equipment at a higher crash risk.

#4. Shoot in 4K

Filming in 4K has its fair share of challenges, but it’s eventually worth your while. It’s can be quite handy when it comes to tweaking the footage. You’ll have room to crop, zoom, and whatnot without compromising video quality.

#5. Go Beyond Cliché Moves

Use a blend of varying axis movements. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Fly sideways, up and forward, up and backward, down and forward, etc. It’ll help add depth to your footages.

Why go through all the trouble when you can let pros do it? At UAS Flight Ops drone filming company, we pride ourselves on being the leader in drone photography and videography.



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