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Final Fantasy IX Game Review


Final Fantasy IX Game Review

Final Fantasy IX is a story of love, discovery, life and death. Love can come in several forms, whether its platonic love or romantic love. This is can be seen between the characters, and especially in Vivi, the Black Mage of the ragtag group. Character progression can be seen in most of the characters as well. With life and death, the story involves devastation throughout the world of Gaia – which is divided into four continents. While playing, you will notice the devastation throughout the game with torn and burning cities.

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It plays like your typical Final Fantasy RPG (pre-FFXII that is) with its turn based battles. And unlike Final Fantasy VIII, it reverts to its original style and gameplay. Instead of realistic characters, the designers of this game decided to go back to its root with funky looking ones. Characters are then shoved back into their roles: For example, Vivi the Black Mage is capable of dealing devastating magical attacks, or he can combine his skills with another character. You can give him equipment that increases his attack, but it would still not deal as much damage as the other guys.

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In this game, Guardian Forces/ Summons/Espers are called Eidolons, and can only be summoned by Dagger and Eiko. Eidolons make up a bulk of the story in this game as well. Equipment wise, most of them are character specific aside from Accessories. Characters in the game learn abilities from equipment, and require AP from battles to learn the abilities, which remain with your character even when the equipment is swapped. Limit Burst from
previous games are known as Trance, which enables character to use certain abilities that deal extra damage or to boost Eidolon damage. Audio wise, the soundtrack is led by Nobuo Uematsu who created some memorable tracks and one of them being Melodies of Life.

Final Fantasy IX Game Review

Throughout the game, variations of the song are played. The game rounds off with a great ending that was changed several times according to an interview with the team.

There were roughly 160 soundtracks created for the game too, with 20 omitted in the
final release. In an interview, the producer of Final Fantasy IX, Hironobu Sakaguchi mentioned that his favourite Final Fantasy is Final Fantasy IX, ending the debate that spanned more than a decade of which the best Final Fantasy game is.

Final Fantasy IX Game Review

To truly experience a Final Fantasy game, this would be a great game to start off with if you have never played one. Final Fantasy IX also marks the last Final Fantasy game in the
PlayStation 1 era, ending on a high note for the series.

Technical Ustad Rating:-

Game Play :- 4 Star out of 5

Sound :- 4 Star out of 5

Replay ability :- 3 Star out of 5

Hope my article “Final Fantasy IX Game Review” helps you to understand the Final Fantasy IX Game in the best way. If you have any query, feel free to comment.



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