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Final Fantasy VII Game Review


Final Fantasy VII Game Review

Final Fantasy 7 is a game beloved by many all over the world and is hailed as the game that propelled the Final Fantasy series worldwide. There are many that rank it as their favourite game, despite being the 7th in the series.

You play as Cloud Strife, a broody male who is just trying to get the job done. But throughout the game, he discovers that there is more to life than just a job and he
learns to have more compassion for the world and fights to protect it from harm.

The story then revolves around him and the gang of ruffians who are fighting to save the
world as well. The gameplay of FF7 plays similarly to other, older games in the series, where you and your enemies take turns, depending on your ATB (Active Time Battle) bar. Once the bar fills, your characters can take action.

Final Fantasy VII Game Review

However, a new feature with the game is with its Materia system. Normal actions such as Attack, Magic, Item, Summon and Defend make a reappearance. But with Materia, your characters can equip Command Materia that changes the way they act. A material can also be combined to do different things. Besides that, Limit makes an appearance again, but it is based on a gauge, rather than low HP. Your characters grow via EXP and your Materia can be levelled up via AP.

Final Fantasy VII Game Review

As for the graphics, when the game was released, it was the first project in the series to use 3D computer graphics and it combined the use of real-time cutscenes with polygon character models. In one of the earlier scenes where Cloud saves Jessie from getting stuck, the player will notice some clouds blowing in the background. It was very impressive for its time. FF7 also had one of the most memorable soundtracks for the series, with Nobuo Uematsu responsible for the soundtrack back then. Tracks such as ”One-Winged Angel” used a Latin Choral track that can be heard throughout the song playing.  The prelude or the main theme was also loved by many.

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Overall, FF7 is a game that needs to be experienced by yourself and shouldn’t be spoiled. Despite it being 20-years-old and can order its own drink in a bar (not in the States), it still holds up with an amazing story, great cast and amazing soundtrack.
Good news is that a Final Fantasy 7 remake is in the works and it would be episodic.
But sadly, the release date for that is not revealed yet.

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Hope my article “Final Fantasy VII Game Review” helps to understand the Final Fantasy VII Game. if you have any query, feel free to comment.


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