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7 Best Ways To Find a Mentor To Find a Long-Term Mentor


Since we were babies, we have always had people to help us. Be it our parents, grandparents, or other family members; there was always someone who taught us to talk, to walk, and to eat as well! As we grew up, the circle of our guides became bigger by including our teachers from school and professors from college.

But as time progresses and we become adults, we realize that there are a whole lot of things to learn. Be it in the field of career, personal development, finances, or all of them together.

We often find ourselves at a juncture where we might know the destination but not the route that will lead us to that destination. Or we might not know much about either.

Society has always passed on the notion of being independent adults and having things figured out quickly and on their own. Confusion in relation to how we are supposed to have it all together becomes extremely stressful when we have to resolve all our issues and fulfill our responsibilities of becoming an ideal adult.

So is there a way to deal with this confusion? There sure is!

The solution that you are looking for isn’t any software but a human.

Mentors are people with credible experience in the field of your interest. They are the people who have established themselves in the industry. They guide you on problems related to career, entrepreneurship, personal growth, and so on.

How exactly does mentoring help?💁

  • As stated above, the first and the most important advantage of becoming a mentee is that you get to learn from the leaders of your chosen field. 
  • You get a chance to gain a different perspective of looking at your problems.
  • The right mindset can help you reach heights that you only desire. Mentors assist you in building that mindset.
  • Mentors define a pathway by setting tiny yet SMART goals to keep you focused and on track.

Now that we have become aware of the pros of mentoring let us look at some of the best platforms for the same.

Best Ways to Find a Mentor – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. MentorCruise

People with tech and design backgrounds have to constantly upskill themselves. They have to be aware of recent trends and developments.

Mentorcruise allows you to connect with experts from these backgrounds who can assist you to have a proper career flow. Apart from technical specialization, the website also has mentors from various business disciplines. They have in-depth knowledge regarding startups, building a business, and expanding it.

The enrollment process for becoming a mentee is quick and does not require much effort. The design of the website is such that it is easier for the user to navigate through it.

Best Ways to Find a Mentor 1

Mentor cruise allows you to get in touch with a number of mentors. The decision of who should be your mentor is totally in your hands. You can talk with the mentors whose profiles align with your needs and make the right choice accordingly.

Best Ways to Find a Mentor

The pricing system on the website is flexible. The mentors usually provide a range between $150-$200. The subscription plans are tailored to the needs of various consumer segments. They offer a free 7-day trial.

Three different plans are made for the users. 

Introductory call This is for the newbies. If you intend to understand how mentoring works and your role, this session is perfect for you. It is an informal get-to-know call wherein the mentor will introduce themselves.
Study Plan The internet is filled with academic content, and at times it becomes difficult to differentiate between good and bad content. Under this plan, mentors assist you by giving you a gist of credible resources to gain knowledge.
Interview Preparation As the name suggests, this session is solely made with the purpose of helping people to deliver their best performance in interviews.


The mentors at Mentor Cruise perform various functions. Apart from answering the questions you have, they guide you for your projects and provide practical insights for completing your goals.

Mentors are supportive of your decisions and wouldn’t back out if you choose to change your primary goal. If you need assistance for job interviews or the preparation of your CV, then you should try this platform.

Motivation is a fleeting emotion. Mentors try to keep the motivation level high by giving challenges and projects to the mentees. They understand the status of the mentee and suitably formulate a plan for achieving all the goals. You build the confidence and belief of leaving your comfort zone by seeing yourself grow with the mentors’ suggestions.

If you are stuck on a problem and can’t see a way out of it, then a different perspective can be of a lot of value. Mentors provide guidelines from their experience. They assist you in seeing things through a new lens. They make it easier for you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

They conduct one-on-one video sessions so that they can understand you and your needs in a more refined way. You can get in touch with them about anything with their unlimited messaging plans. Another advantage is that you can talk to these mentors from your comfort place. Talking to them face-to-face builds awareness about body language as well.

We have romantic partners, travel partners, gym partners but mentors are accountability partners. They hold you accountable for your progress and efforts. You get a clear picture of your reality and the amount of work you have to put into it. Mentor Cruise focuses on building long-term relationships.

However, one should not forget that the mentors are humans too. They are people with proper jobs and are trying to help people on the same journey as them. They will provide individual assistance, but mentors will be in touch in accordance with their schedules.

2. Growth Mentor

The Growth Mentor website targets people who are planning to expand their enterprises. It is suitable for people at the designation of founders, marketers, or product managers.

You can schedule as many sessions with several mentors through Zoom or Skype at $50 monthly. There is also an option of instant messaging in case of urgent queries.

Mentors deliver guidance on plenty of topics like content marketing, team building, data analytics, and many more. Apart from paid subscription plans, they also have a library of free resources. They make videos on different subject matters like funding, UI/UX, Growth design, etc.

The procedure to select a mentor is hassle-free. You can check the website and filter out profiles that match your requirements. The mentors can be segmented on the basis of job titles, experience level, and even skillset.

Best Ways to Find a Mentor 2

There is another way to select a mentor, you can publish your requirements on the website, and multiple mentors will revert to it. You can then choose the profile that best fits your demands.

The process of becoming a mentor at Growth Mentor involves a thorough screening of the profiles. This ensures credibility and fair working of the people working with the organization.

The mentors who have just begun their mentoring journey cannot charge a fee unless they attain three good reviews. If you are someone who lucks favors, then try this website; who knows, you might end up getting a free session with an expert!

They offer two kinds of plans: 

On-Demand Calls Monthly Coaching
Join the community: Enroll yourself and become a part of the Growth Mentor group. Find a mentor: Post a query about your requirements
Find a mentor: Filter through various mentor profiles. Request coaching: After finding the perfect person, schedule a session
Request a call: After finding the right mentor, set up a virtual session. Express your needs and goals
Have a one-to-one session Make a monthly plan


The pricing of the packages depends from mentor to mentor.

How GrowthMentor Works

3. Pelion

Pelion is another platform that focuses on guiding people from technical specialization, especially developers, to reach their best potential. This website allows you to network with people from all over the globe.

The differentiating factor of this website is that it provides services to companies who want to train their employees. However, there is no doubt that it will be helpful for an individual too.

If you are new to this journey of finding a mentor, then Pelion is the right start. The ease with which it allows you to find a mentor is like no other. The process involves specifying the requirements that should be present in the mentor.

7 Best Ways To Find a Mentor To Find a Long-Term Mentor

The suggestions are then made according to that by the website’s software. Just in case if you don’t feel satisfied with the recommendation of the software, you can ask the Pelion team to look for the ideal mentor for you.

The website connects you with senior-level experts in the field of your choice. These mentors, along with providing the necessary know-how, also support the mentees emotionally.

They understand what you are going through and try to help you with their insights in the best possible manner. These mentors are founders, vice presidents, top marketers from high-profile tech companies like Apple, Snapchat, Dropbox, Amazon, and so on.

The mentors create plans according to your level of understanding. They could choose long video call sessions that occur monthly or regular email checks depending on the kind of help you need.

The pricing begins from $300, and the mentors usually adjust this. Along with that, Pelion charges a 6% fee on the transactions.

Pelion also offers the chance for people to become mentors. The method of becoming a mentor isn’t complicated. If you have good experience in any field and have communication skills, then there is no reason not to become a mentor.

4. Clarity

In most cases, mentors are the best option to turn to for advice for fulfilling long-term goals. But what if you are in a fix that requires urgent action? Clarity is your answer, of course, the website!

7 Best Ways To Find a Mentor To Find a Long-Term Mentor

The primary motive behind this website is to assist people who need urgent advice over an issue. Clarity enables you to connect with leaders from various domains. It encourages people who have considerable expertise in startups, finances, and Saas to share their knowledge and earn money by doing it. 

The unique way of working is what differentiates Clarity from other websites. The mentees are charged a fee per minute. They get in touch with the mentors on call for crucial help. The chances of getting in touch personally with such esteemed experts are rare, but clarity makes it possible.

The user has to go through a systematic process for getting access to mentors.

  • Look for your ideal mentor: Be clear with what you are looking for in a mentor.
  • Set up a call with them: You will be charged a certain amount set by the mentor per minute rate. After the call, this amount will be adjusted against the final amount.

Clarity also helps businesses connect with their audience and build strong relationships. If you are a new business owner, this website can help you get in touch with top-level professionals, like lawyers, managers, and more.

They provide free content on their website ranging from different topics like business, sales, email marketing, public speaking, leadership, and so on.

5. Socializing at Networking events

If you don’t fret by thinking of meeting hundreds of people, then this might be the way for you. All year-long conferences, trade fairs, and business events take place, which huge organizations conduct. 

Experts from all around the globe come to be a part of these events. These experts have the necessary knowledge and network that can be beneficial for you.

Networking not only helps you to find a mentor but also enables you to connect with right-minded people. It is a great way to build yourself as a brand before people who might need your advice.

7 Best Ways To Find a Mentor To Find a Long-Term Mentor

Communicating with people, dressing up for events, being prepared for interactions help overall personality development. It is by far the best way to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

To get the best out of these events, try to filter the events that match your necessities. Make a list of the events that are related to the field of your interest. Make a list of people who are leaders in your industry. Follow the list and keep attending these events regularly.

Once you are regular at these events, you will start getting recognition. Gaining attention is only possible when you interact with people in a sophisticated manner at the events. If you find people who might be the mentor you are looking for, ask them politely.

Respect their responses and acknowledge their efforts. If they don’t agree for some reason, then try to become a part of their network. Connecting with such people will often lead you to more people with similar mindsets.

One key point to remember is to not come off as someone desperate or clingy to have a mentor. Value the people you interact with and portray yourself as a genuine personal brand. Give them enough space and time to think and respond to you.

6. Look within your Network

Networking helps you exchange ideas with people who have a similar interest and mindset as yours. It also allows you to gain insights into recent industry-related developments.

Let’s say that you are in favor of interacting with people. You don’t feel nervous while talking to people, but only if you know them. A very effective way of finding a mentor is to look within your existing connections.

Finding a mentor in this manner will not be time-consuming, as compared to the method stated above. You will not be dealing with a stranger. You already do have some relationships established with the person. Now, you will have to focus on strengthening that relationship.

The person with whom you are interacting is also aware of your abilities; hence they will easily be able to come to a decision if or not they might be the right mentor for you.

Apart from this, you won’t have to filter through profiles to find the right person. If you are aware of someone from your work-life or college life who might be in the field of your choice, you can directly get in touch with them.

You should remember to be appreciative of what the other person does. An excellent platform to get in touch with your network is LinkedIn. Follow these people and genuinely engage with their posts. Make sure to not seem greedy for just some work-related query. Keep a note of the type of content these people are sharing. 

To get the best out of this method, make a list of all the people who have the level of accomplishments you desire. Then filter people as you think might be suitable for the role of being a mentor. Approach them formally and ask them politely if you could be their mentee.

People like to feel helpful. Ask them for guidance and listen to their advice with full attention. There are chances that if you ask for their valued opinion when facing a challenge, they will think of you when they face a challenge.

Why is NETWORKING so important?

7. Power of DMs

The one thing that will never go out of date is social media. People have connected themselves to it for personal as well as professional purposes. Social media allows its users to get instant updates about their network.

With the help of social media, businesses have grown at tremendous rates. Marketers have gained the ability to get in touch with the target audience present, even in the most remote areas of the world.

But have you ever thought that social media could also be used to find a mentor? 

The answer is, Yes.

Different strategies have to be used on various platforms. But direct messaging is the one strategy that is most effective and common for all the platforms.

Hashtags act as a powerful tool on Twitter. They can help you get a list of all the influencers that rank highest in your field of interest. You can message them and ask to be their mentee as per your requirements.

On Instagram, you can take advantage of stories and tagging to get recommendations from people. Once you find the right profile, get into their DMs and introduce yourself with the motive of the conversation.

Facebook allows you to join many different groups. Research and find out which groups are created by top experts from your field. Request to join the group and, once in, engage with the content regularly.

Not only can you connect with people to have them as your mentor, but you can also get connected with people who have the same level of experience as you. Increasing your reach among similar thinking peers will always be fruitful.


There isn’t a doubt that discipline, self-belief, and consistency play a pivotal role in accomplishing goals, but without a clear path, all the efforts might go down the drain. It is always better to ask when advice is available.

No matter at what age, we always feel that some proper guidance can lead us to better ways of achieving our goals. While we understand learning is a lifelong process, we should also try to help others learn from our experiences. If your experience can brighten someone else’s career as well, then try to spread that brightness as much as you can.

At the rate at which technology advances and becomes a crucial part of life, it is nearly impossible not to indulge in it. For this very reason, people have to keep themselves updated.

All these digital platforms allow you to better understand your field of interest from the comfort of your home by connecting you with accomplished role models.

Choose the platform to find a mentor that best suits your needs. Remember to strike a balance between the quality of the service, its long-term benefits, and its cost structure. 

If you are looking for instant one-time solutions then, Clarity is the right fit for you. However, if you don’t plan to spend a penny to find a mentor, then traditional networking and social media are suitable options to go for.