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How do You find a missing folder in Windows 10


If you lost a folder of important photos on your Windows 10 PC.and you opened all the other folders on the computer to look for it, but You can’t remember what you named it.
These photos are from my 25th birthday, so the only other information that you now is that they date from August 2010.

Here is the Easiest Process to find a missing folder in windows 10

Right-click the Start button, then click File Explorer and,
in the ‘Search this PC’ field, enter:

datemodified: 2010 kind:=picture

Above command will search for Date Modified date as the year 2010, enter your Year as per your date and in the Kind, you need to enter your file type.

As you see in below image, after entering above command now you have one nice GUI prompt to enter your date range, here you have the option to select Today, This Week etc.

 find missing folder windows 10

Lots of files should appear, and your PC may take a while
to show them all. Scroll down to see if you recognise any from your birthday. If you see one, right-click it and look for ‘Open file location’. Click that and, hopefully, you will have found the
missing folder and its location.

If the files have been deleted by mistake, try using Piriform’s file recovery tool Recuva (www.piriform.com/recuva). This lightweight program

 find missing folder windows 10

This lightweight program is available as a portable version, so
you can download it to a USB drive, then run it from that to avoid
overwriting any of the files.

Finally, have you created any backups since 2010? Even if your
backup is just a disk image of your PC’s hard drive, you may still be able to access the files within it and make a copy of your lost photos.

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