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17 Of The Best FireRTC Alternatives To Try Out

With all the technological advancements globally, the whole world has come together on a common platform for communication. All the futuristic technology and applications have successfully bridged the gap between people living in different corners of the globe.

Communication nowadays has become convenient, and one can connect with their friends or relatives or family members leaving far off with the click of a button, isn’t it amazing? 

Numerous websites and applications on the internet offer both voice call and video call facilities over the net. Some websites even allow calling facilities to landlines for free.

One such website is FireRTC, which allows users to make calls to cell phones and landlines in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

FireRTC is a website that offers free international calling services, and it even has collaborations with Google Apps, Pushbullet, and Click-to-Call, which enhances the quality of the calls.

But, a major drawback of the FireRTC website is that its services are only limited to a few countries, including the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. 

In this article, we have listed 17 Best FireRTC Alternatives using which you can make free international calls. Give the article a read and explore the alternatives to FireRTC.

Best FireRTC Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

Communication forms the base on which relationships are built, be it formal relation or informal relation, every relationship requires good communication to be strong.

In today’s world, communication through calls and video conferencing has become a new trend. People can connect with their colleagues, friends, and family with the help of cell phones and the internet. 

Many websites promise to deliver free calls to cellphones and landlines, and FireRTC is one such website. FireRTC provides its users with a free international calling facility to cell phones and even landlines. Besides the calling facility, the website even enables its users to record and arrange call history.

As stated earlier, the FireRTC services are only available in a few countries, which is a major drawback of the website. In addition to its limited presence, it is also not accepting new registrations for the time being. 

So, we have listed below the 17 best FireRTC Alternatives for your conveniencescroll down and choose the app or website that best suits your needs.

1. Skype

Skype is one of the most commonly used online communication platforms and has a traffic of approximately 40-50 million active users regularly. The Skype platform enables users to make free calls over the internet.

It facilitates two methods to make a call: a user can make voice calls using a PC from one Skype account to another, and another where the user can place calls to non-users of Skype. 

Best FireRTC Alternatives

A major advantage of using Skype over FireRTC is that it is not bounded to a few countries; instead, it has a presence in almost every country worldwide.

By using skype, a user can make free calls to cell phones and even to landlines. Skype even allows its users to make video calls from one Skype account to another Skype account.

The best feature of skype is that it displays subtitles during calls, making it easier for both the caller and the receiver to communicate. It even facilitates the translation of calls, and the voice translation feature of skype can convert voice calls into different languages. Isn’t it amazing?

Skype as a communication platform has got numerous features, and one such unique feature is file sharing. Yes, you read that right. Skype allows its users to share files during calls. 

Where on the one hand, skype to skype voice and video calls are free. On the other hand, a user has to purchase skype’s credit to make calls to cellphones and landlines that do not use skype. It is a major drawback of the platform. 

To make calls to people who do not use skype, a user can choose from different plans available on the platform. A user can either opt for monthly subscription plans or Skype’s quick-go policies. 

Another fantastic feature of the platform is that it enables the users to make calls using skype’s number and masking the original cell phone number of the user. Go and check out skype and make international calls over the internet. 

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2. PopTox

PopTox is another name in the list of FireRTC Alternatives and is widely popular for its free VoIP calls. PopTox is another communication platform that uses VoIP technology to enable calling facilities for its users. PopTox is one of the easy-to-use platforms available on the internet.

A user can place calls easily and quickly by opening the PopTox website from any standard web browser. It is convenient to use as the webpage of PopTox can be accessed from a PC or even a smartphone.

PopTox uses the internet or WiFi to place calls to a dialed phone number. A user can even make calls to landline numbers without downloading any app or plug-ins. 

One disadvantage of the platform is that it allows only a limited number of VoIP calls per day, whereas FireRTC allows a free calling facility.

But a user can make unlimited calls over the PopTox platform by buying its affordable monthly subscription plans. So, it can be considered a better alternative to FireRTC. 


LINE is not only an alternative to the FireRTC, but it also serves as one of the social media platforms. LINE is a unique app that lets you make free international voice and video calls.

Best FireRTC Alternatives 1

The LINE application features are not only bound to calls, but the app even lets us chat with our friends, and one can even share media files using the LINE application. 

The LINE app allows its users to make international calls for up to 5 mins on any number, and the receiver need not necessarily have the LINE app.

Using the LINE app is quite simple. All the user needs is to install the LINE app and signup to create a LINE profile. The LINE app is available for both IOS and Android devices which makes it even more popular. 

Features you get with LINE:-

  • Send messages, and make voice or video calls with LINE users.
  • You can even make calls to non-user of the app for up to 5mins.
  • You can send media files to your friends.
  • You can share stickers, emojis, and themes with your friends to express your emotions. 
  • LINE even has a timeline on which you can share your thoughts with your LINE friends.

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4. Google Voice

Moving on with the list of FireRTC Alternatives, we have another fantastic platform designed by Google. Google voice is an application that lets you make voice calls over the internet.

It helps you create a phone number and make calls anywhere in the world. Google voice is simple to use; all you need is to create an account on google to have access to its features. 

Best FireRTC Alternatives 2

For every internet voice call placed over the platform, users will be charged from their internet data. Whereas for every phone call you make using google voice in the United States and Canada, you won’t be charged. It is just like FireRTC but falls short of one location, which is Puerto Rico. 

To make calls to any other location excluding the United States and Canada, you will be charged according to Google’s call plans. Moreover, the calling rates differ from location to location, and you have to add money to your google account to place international calls. 

Another major advantage that Google voice has over FireRTC is that it is web-based and has a mobile application. Furthermore, the google voice application is available for both IOS and Android devices. 

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5. Voxofon

Voxofon is another free calling application that’s been in the industry for a long time. Voxofon was launched in 2008 and has been active since then; therefore, it is considered the oldest alternative to FireRTC. Voxofon allows free voice calls for app users.

With free domestic and international calls, the users also get to exchange messages and media files with other voxofon users. Voxofon guarantees high-quality voice calls over the internet, which makes it even popular among users.

Voxofon even works well on desktop, and its application is available for both IOS and Android devices. Go checkout Voxofon and enjoy free international voice calls.

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6. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp needs no introduction as a social media platform and is one of the most appreciated and used messaging apps on the internet.

In 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp, and since then, it has grown with its full potential and has an active user base of 2 billion worldwide. 

WhatsApp messenger only supports voice calls placed over the application, and unlike FireRTC, it does not support calls to landline numbers and cell phones. But, WhatsApp can be a worthy alternative to FireRTC as almost everyone uses it. 

Best FireRTC Alternatives 3

With the free calling facility, WhatsApp even facilitates sharing of messages and media files on the application. It even has a built-in call tab on the app, which lets you view the call records, including dialed numbers and missed calls.

WhatsApp even facilitates video calls, and more importantly, its voice calls can be quickly switched to video calls, which is a unique feature. 

WhatsApp facilitates chats with unique and fun emojis and stickers, and it has recently launched a payments option using which a user can send or receive money on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is primarily designed for mobile phones, but you can access WhatsApp on desktop using the WhatsApp Web service. With all the fantastic features, WhatsApp stands as one of the best FireRTC ALternatives.

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7. Rebtel

Rebtel is the most recommended and the ideal alternative to FireRTC. It enables the users to make free international calls without the use of an internet connection. The best thing about Rebtel is that it is present in 53 countries worldwide. 

Best FireRTC Alternatives 4

Rebtel allows its users to place international calls without internet or WiFi in 53 registered countries. If you want to make calls to any other country other than the 53 listed countries, you would require an internet connection.

With Rebtel, you can enjoy quick and hassle-free international calls and can download the Rebtel app for IOS and Android devices from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, respectively. One can even place calls on a desktop by visiting the Rebtel website.

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8. Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing platform introduced in the year 2011 and increased rapidly within a few years of its establishment.

With almost 300 million active users, Zoom stands out as the best FireRTC Alternatives. You can place phone calls on the Zoom App using a desktop or smartphone, making it more user-friendly. 

17 Of The Best FireRTC Alternatives To Try Out

Zoom as a communication platform has every feature similar to a standard cell phone calling system; it includes call transition, voice mail, call recording, blocking, call hold, conferencing, etc. 

According to the area of operation, zoom beats FireRTC, as it is present in almost every corner of the world. Furthermore, the quality of the voice calls and video calls is outstanding, which provides the users with utmost satisfaction.

The only drawback of the platform is that it isn’t free; unlike FireRTC, to make zoom calls, a user has to buy its plans or use the mobile carrier network.

Zoom’s unique features enable its users to keep a record of their call history. Zoom collaborates with other platforms or apps, including office 365, Microsoft Azure, etc., to provide its users with top-edge communication. 

You can access Zoom App on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store – Download the app and enjoy international calls. 

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9. Telegram

Moving on with the list, we have another alternative to FireRTC – Telegram. It is a cloud-based communication platform launched in 2013 and has features similar to a messenger application.

Telegram uses Voice over Internet Protocol technique to place voice and video calls on its application and website. It even facilitates instant messaging for its users, which makes it more user-friendly.

17 Of The Best FireRTC Alternatives To Try Out

For the people worried about security, Telegram is the answer, as it establishes a secure and safe international voice call connection for its users.

Telegram uses the internet or WiFi to place calls, and it allows a quick calling facility. To place a call over the telegram, both the sender and receiver must be connected to the internet or WiFi. 

Telegram uses secure encryption methods to encrypt every call made through its platform. Users access their call history using a PC or smartphone, which is another amazing feature of the app.

The Telegram application is available for PC, Mac, and even IOS and Android devices, making it more convenient for the users. Go download and explore the high-quality and secure free international calls.

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10. Zoiper

Speaking of FireRTC Alternatives, Zoiper deserves to be on the list. It is another communication platform just like FireRTC that offers free VoIP calls to its users.

17 Of The Best FireRTC Alternatives To Try Out

Zoiper is a safe and secure platform to make calls on the internet. It even facilitates sharing of text messages and media files for its users – isn’t it amazing? 

Zoiper uses encryption methods to provide a secure environment for its users. It secures every media, voice call, video call, and text shared using the platform. It is cross-platform and allows easy syncing of contacts on your PC, Mac, or smartphone, making it more accessible and easy to use.

You can get access to the Zoiper app on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, or you can even download and use it on Windows and Mac devices.

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11. Signal

The Signal is one of the most popular and well-designed communication platforms that lets users make free international voice calls worldwide.

It is on the list of most recommended FireRTC Alternatives because it enables free domestic calls and facilitates free international calls anywhere in the world.

17 Of The Best FireRTC Alternatives To Try Out

It is a safe and secure platform for the users, as it uses encryption methods similar to Telegram to establish a secure connection. 

Unlike FireRTC, to make voice calls on Signal, both the caller and the receiver must have the signal app installed and have a proper internet connection. But, the good thing is that the signal app is available for all devices, including Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android, making it more accessible. 

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12. Wire

The wire is a communication platform developed by Wire Swiss, and it assures secure and efficient voice calls to its users. Wire enables instant message and media sharing accompanied with international voice calls for users to enhance communication services. 

17 Of The Best FireRTC Alternatives To Try Out

Wire calls are encrypted using secure encryption methods, which makes them secure and safe for the users. Wire is similar to Skype in terms of working and provides both one-to-one voice calls and conference calls. The wire is used worldwide and is used by companies to stay connected with their co-workers.

The wire is supported on almost every device, including Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows. You just need to download the Wire Application and use it.

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13. Viber

Viber is another communication platform similar to other platforms and facilitates voice calls and message sharing.

As a communication platform, Viber allows you to connect to every nuke and corner of the world. Viber is a popular platform, and a large number of people avail of its services across the world. 

17 Of The Best FireRTC Alternatives To Try Out

Viber allows you to make free international calls to the users of the platform, and it even allows you to make regular calls by using Viber credit. It has various subscription plans for users, which are pretty cheap compared to other platforms.  

Viber is a platform that enables users to track their call records on various devices, including Android, IOS, PC, and Linux. A unique feature of Viber that makes it stand out from other platforms is that it enables call transfer from one device to another without disconnecting the call.

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14. Globfone

Globfone is another communication platform similar to FireRTC, but it has a better reach than FireRTC. With Globfone, one can easily communicate with any person around the globe without any hassle. Globfone enables users to make phone calls to cellphones and landlines, and it also facilitates text message services. 

The unique feature that distinguishes Globfone from other platforms is that a person does not have to make or create an account to use Globfone. Isn’t that a fantastic feature? 

In addition to all the other features, Globfone works as a regular calling phone which makes it easy and convenient for the users.

The users can access Globfone using a regular smartphone or desktop. All the user needs to do is visit Globfone’s official website using a regular web browser and dial a mobile or landline number to place the call. 

Globfone being a free service has set a specific time limit on the number of calls to a single IP address. Once the limit is reached, the users have to wait for 20-24 hours to place another call, which is a drawback. 

As Globfone is available in almost every country globally, it stands a better chance against FireRTC. Furthermore, Globfone is easily accessible on almost every device and even facilitates file sharing and video calling. 

15. Microsoft Teams

Adding to the list is another incredible communication platform – Microsoft Teams, which can also replace FireRTC. Microsoft Teams, designed by Microsoft, is an ultimate video and voice conferencing platform.

17 Of The Best FireRTC Alternatives To Try Out

Unlike FireRTC, Microsoft Teams has across the globe coverage, making it one of the must-have FireRTC Alternatives

Microsoft Teams facilitates calls to both users and non-users of the platform. However, to make calls to the non-users, one has to pay for the calls as per the Microsoft calling plans. The calling charges differ of Microsoft differ from region to region. 

Microsoft Teams is an easy-to-use and user-friendly platform which can be accessed on every device out there. You can access it from the desktop and smartphones and communicate with friends, family, and colleagues with ease. 

Download the App on Google Play Store

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16. ViopStunt

VoipStunt is another technically advanced communication platform that enables you to place international calls for free.

To place calls over the platform, you need to download the application of VoipStunt on your smartphone or desktop. Unlike FireRTC, the application facilitates only app-to-app calls which is a significant drawback. 

VoipStunt is popular among users for its top-edge quality services and high-definition voice calls. Download the ViopStunt now, and enjoy free international calls worldwide. 

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17. iEvaphone

iEvaphone is another communication platform similar to the FireRTC, and it facilitates international free calls to a limited number of countries. It is a cloud-based network application that enables users to make calls over the internet.  

To make free calls, the users need no plug-ins or app downloads. All the users need is to visit the iEvaphone website using a standard web browser and enjoy the free international calls.


As discussed above, FireRTC is a unique communication platform that allows users to make free international calls to cellphones and landlines. However, the platform is limited to only three Countries, namely The US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, which is a major drawback for the platform.

Furthermore, there are numerous alternatives available to FireRTC that allow users to make international free calls and enable various other features, including messaging and media sharing.

If you plan on switching, we have listed the 17 best FireRTC Alternatives above, which you can explore and choose the best one that suits you. You can use Skype as it is considered the best among all the other platforms.

You can even choose between Telegram, Zoiper, Signal, and Wire which facilitate secure encryption methods for calls to provide free and secure calling services.

Moreover, all the communication platforms mentioned above have a global presence, unlike FireRTC, making them more accessible and user-friendly.

Some apps even allow you to keep a record of your call records, and more importantly, these apps are available for numerous devices, including IOS, Android, PC, and even Linux. Lastly, we recommend using these apps as an alternative to FireRTC and enjoying free international voice calls.