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Fitness And Wellness App Development Solution

Health is one of the essential components of living a happy life. A person needs to be fit physically, mentally, and psychologically if he wants to make the most out of his limited life in this world. And thankfully the technological advancements we have today, ensuring that our fitness is up-to-date has become a lot easier. We have the facilities of gyms and gym equipment for ensuring our physical health. At the same time, therapy sessions and counseling from the experts allow us to stay healthy, both mentally and psychologically.

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But in this journey of health and fitness, it is necessary to stay aware of the progress. Because if you won’t be mindful of your progression, then it is likely for your motivation levels to plunge, leading you to abort this journey in between. However, the technological advancements of the 21st century have made it possible for us to keep track of our progress in this journey.

In this regard, various solutions can be found in different health tracker software and applications. These software programs and applications are designed to keep their users updated about their progress and shortcomings regarding their fitness. Other platforms and entities are participating in the preparation and launch of these apps. However, not every solution they provide is reliable and legit.

Fitness And Health App Development

The health and wellness industry dynamics have changed quite a lot, especially in the last six years. The particular reason for this was the trend of using wearables (such as smartwatches) and electronic devices (such as smartphones). These objects made things more accessible, and people became reliant on them. Thanks to these devices, you can now set up your gym inside your own homes. This especially stands true after the Covid-19 pandemic. People have been avoiding going to the gyms because gyms are one of the many hotspots of the infection spread.

Also, there is no need for a gym trainer for the people setting up their gyms in their homes. But in that case, who will teach and guide them through their fitness journey? As we all know, the presence of a qualified and professional trainer is highly crucial in these settings, or else the chances of injuries and other insults rise exponentially. Fortunately for such people, the presence of fitness and health app development solutions has made things simple.

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Types of Fitness and Health Devices

Fitness and health devices can be classified in three healthcare classes. These are:

  • Workout and exercise apps
  • Nutrition apps, and
  • Activity tracking apps

Although these apps can belong to any of the single healthcare categories mentioned above, they can also be a combination of two (or even three) of these categories. Now, let us explore each of these types one-by-one

Workout and Exercise Apps

These apps can be installed on your mobile or on your wearable devices. They allow tracking your health and fitness progress and inform you regarding performing your exercise correctly. They contain a detailed list of various activities and explain how to perform each exercise in detail.

Nutrition Apps

These mobile applications allow you to take care of your health by allowing you to keep an eye on your weight. They ensure your fitness by counting the calories you consume throughout the day. They also contain a tracker for determining and controlling the water balance in your body and encourage you to eat more healthily.

Activity Tracking Apps

These apps are also designed to be installed in mobile and wearables. These apps are specially designed for people who feel they do not need to go to any gym or consult any trainer. Instead, these people want to make sure that they remain active just by moving enough. Thus, the tracker in these apps counts the number of steps and tracks the distance covered.

What are the Components of a Fitness App?

While developing a fitness app or healthcare software, the three most important components a developer must keep in mind are adding the following

  • Tracking goals
  • Monitoring of health problems, and
  • Adding features to help people remain motivated throughout
  • Corporate wellness app development

The corporate culture is known to provide people with vast opportunities for growth and grooming. However, being part of a corporate agency or firm also takes a toll on its adherents and employees. It affects their physical and mental well-being negatively. Therefore, at BeKey, we also take pride in developing safety and wellness software programs and applications for the people belonging to the corporate sector.

Our main aim in developing such programs and apps is to offer these businesses and their employees’ different benefits. Through our apps and other initiatives, it is now possible for offices and business places to create opportunities regarding fitness centers and yoga studios for their employees. Our different apps offer different features. Some of the most notable among them are: 

  • Health risk surveys
  • Incentives
  • Recommendations
  • Daily challenges, and
  • Tips and guidance regarding physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing

What wellness and fitness solutions we can develop?

We have all the necessary expertise in developing the following health and fitness apps and programs:

Lifecycle Apps

As the tracker technologies see surge again, we felt that it would be better for us to develop lifecycle apps. These apps include food habits, sleep cycles, physical activity records, mood trackers, fertility cycles, etc. The analytics present in these apps constantly review the data and help the users adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Nutrition Apps

Nearly everyone is witnessing the unprecedented rise in the cost of our unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, we develop those apps and programs that contain meal trackers and planners so that users can change their unhealthy eating habits. Like algorithms in our lifecycle apps, the algorithms of our nutrition apps also analyze the users’ eating behavior and help develop a meal plan accordingly.  

Workout Apps

Our workout apps for mobile allow you to train in the best way. Our apps contain bodybuilding features that will help you reach your muscle-building goals much quicker. This is because our apps help you understand the working of different muscle groups and how you can strengthen them. If you are a trainer, you can also use an app to conduct online sessions.

Mental Wellness Apps

Mental wellness is as necessary as physical wellbeing. Our innovative solutions are there for your help in meditation and dealing with different issues, such as anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. These apps are also full of educational and interactive material to help you with battling disturbing thoughts.