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Five PS3 Features without Gaming


If you are bored of playing games and wants to use your PS3 for a different purpose then you can use it for following purposes.

1.Play Music

Five PS3 Features without Gaming

PS3 gaming consoles can likewise play music CDs and MP3 documents. These records can be copied onto CDs or other optical media, they can be foreign made from an iTunes or another music record, or they can be put away specifically on the PlayStation’s hard drive.

Extra approaches to get to music documents is by putting away the music on an outer USB hard drive that is associated with one of the PlayStation’s USB ports or by setting up a DLNA server and getting to music records on an arranged PC. At the point when a client picks to play music through his or her PS3, the music will be diverted to the TV and the sound will leave the TV’s speakers or sound speakers for the individuals who have a home theater setup.

When tuning in to music by means of a PS3 console, the console will scan online for tuning and collection data and show it alongside cover workmanship for the melody at whatever point conceivable. You can significantly exchange and offer music records.

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2.Use it as a Blu-Ray movie player

A more notable use of the Sony PS3, notwithstanding gaming, obviously, is as the Blu-ray movie player. Since the console underpins games to put away on the Blu-ray. It will likewise play motion pictures and programming put away on the Blu-ray plates.

This implies nobody who claims a PS3 needs to spend extra cash to redesign his home theater framework to the most recent innovation.

The PS3 likewise includes a high-speed HDMI port; therefore, clients can interface it to TVs with an HDMI link so they are exploiting the better picture and video quality the Blu-ray disc has than the offer.

Clients seeing Blu-ray on a standard-definition TVs will not see the better quality video because TVs are not fit for supporting HD content. Notwithstanding playing the more current, high-quality discs, the PS3 likewise underpins DVDs, so clients do not need to buy their whole motion picture library on the Blu-ray.

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3.Free Videoconference

Including a webcam and a PS Eye to of PS3 enables clients to video talk or video gathering with other PS3 clients. The video talk includes permits six individuals to participate in the video visit at a time, so it is the ideal answer for gatherings of companions or relatives, who get a kick out of the chance to interface all the time despite the fact that they are great.

Anybody with a PS3 can interface with another PS3 proprietor by means of video visit, gave the two clients have a webcam and offer PS Network (PSN) data.

It might likewise be conceivable to video visit with PC clients; however, clients would need to utilize an online image or video talk supplier to fulfill this because the PS3 does not enable this usefulness.

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4.Stream TV Shows and the Movie

Because of the price of link and satellite TV administrations soaring, numerous buyers are taking a gander at elective TV seeing strategies.

One well-known alternative is spilling TV programs and motion pictures through the Internet.


Many destinations enable clients to stream legitimate substance either completely free or a monthly charge.

To utilize these administrations, buyers just need a high-speed connection and a gadget that can interface with the Internet connection, either remotely or by means of an Ethernet link, and convey the substance to the TV.

Cases of gadgets that would interface be able to with a TV and the net incorporate Roku, Apple TV, and other gaming consoles, which offers Internet network, including the PS3.

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5.Surf Web easily

Anybody with a PS3 and Internet association can browse the Web utilizing the game console and one TV. Clients can interface with the Internet through Wi-Fi facility or utilize an Ethernet link and can explore the Internet utilizing the PS3 remote control.

Clients who incline toward a customary console and the mouse can associate these gadgets to the PS3 to make the surfing considerably less demanding. Purchasers can pick between the USB or the Bluetooth consoles and mouse.

Another alternative for any individual who possesses both a PS3 and the Sony Vaio tablet is to utilize the portable workstation as the console.