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9 Best Fiverr Alternatives To kickstart Your Freelancing Journey

Are you a freelancer or looking to start your journey as one? If the answer to both questions is yes, well, you must be aware of one of the most popular freelancing sites, Fiverr.

It is one of the best platforms for anyone looking to start their journey in this domain and hoping to make a career after that. In this article, we will be looking at the best Fiverr alternatives.

However, no matter how good a platform is, everything has disadvantages that you simply cannot ignore. Similarly, suppose you are not satisfied with the clients you are getting on Fiverr or cannot make the best use of it. In that case, you can easily find loads of Fiverr Alternatives on the internet with better opportunities and a lot more to give.

We have made a list here so that it becomes easy for you to try these freelancing sites and earn good money.

Let us have a look at the best Fiverr Alternatives for Freelancers.

Best Fiverr Alternatives – Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Upwork – Best alternatives to Fiverr

To start with, you can simply head over to one of our personal favorites. Upwork is a very popular platform and has been on top of the charts for years.

As a freelancer, you can showcase your skills, capabilities, rates, and much more to reach you better. There are millions of users on the platform, including both clients and freelancers. 

Best Fiverr Alternatives

Whether you are someone who needs a website developed or a freelancer in need of projects, you can use this platform to connect either directly or through bidding. Now, we chose this to be a Fiverr alternative since it is a much larger platform and highly trusted, where you can get much larger projects than usual. 

On Fiverr, the competition is way too high since multiple freelancers have the same pay rate, and it sometimes becomes to land on projects that might be a perfect fit for you.

Similarly, on Upwork, you can find high-quality projects with a massive budget, and with a proper cover letter, you can easily land good projects. It does take time, but you will learn likewise. It has a great design and is highly intuitive overall.

You will hardly need minutes to set up your profile where you have to mention your skills, pay rate, number of hours you can work, and other info. After this, you can start bidding on projects and make your way through them.


  • Genuine freelancers and clients network
  • Over 14 million users present on the platform
  • Secure payment process
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • User-friendly and easy to use


  • Processing cost is higher
  • A little difficult to get projects as a beginner freelancer
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2. People Per Hour

Here we have another brilliant platform that might be perfect if you want to switch from Fiverr to something much better.

People Per Hour is one of the most underrated freelancing platforms but does have loads of opportunities for freelancers all around the world. We loved the site’s design and how easy it was to create a profile. It does take a little time to get the profile approved, but it eventually goes through.

Best Fiverr Alternatives 1

As compared to Fiverr, this platform is more of a general freelance platform that also has a similar feature as you might have on the former.

You can create your gig or service in the name of hourlies, where any client can hire you based on your service. The app, however, is not as good as Fiverr, but we do love the website and the entire navigation.

Our experience with PPH has been great overall. The payment system is secure, and you can easily connect with the client on the platform.

Moving on, these freelancing sites have lesser competition than the others, so if you have not started bidding on them yet, this is the best chance to try them out before it gets too crowded. Furthermore, it is highly reliable, and the customer support is pretty quick.


  • Best design and highly intuitive
  • Multiple opportunities for both Clients and Freelancers
  • Secure Transaction of funds
  • Buying and Selling from the same account are available


  • High commission fees
  • The interface can be a little chunky at times

3. Freelancer 

Like Upwork, Freelancer is another massive and highly popular Fiverr Alternatives site that you might have used, at least in search of good projects. It has a huge marketplace with tons of projects with verified profiles so that you can gain trust on the platforms as well as on the clients too.

9 Best Fiverr Alternatives To kickstart Your Freelancing Journey

You will find over 40 million users on the platform from countries all around the world. For freelancers, it is an excellent opportunity since it has over 17 million projects in different categories to suit your skills.

You will get only a limited number of bids for free that will be renewed each month, and you can work likewise. There are options for professionals where you can get the premium plan and get a lot more bids every month.

Not only can you earn money through projects, but there are multiple contests on the site as well where you can showcase your skill and be a part of the competition.

Moving on, with the help of a time tracker as well as the mobile application, you can be in constant connection with the client as well as the freelancer and get the job done in time.

Above all, Freelancer does charge fees similar to all other freelancing platforms. However, they have the least fees as compared to others, whether it be based on fixed projects or hourly based.

You can simply check on their official site to know about the fees charged on multiple occasions to not only the freelancers but also all the clients for posting a project or a contest likewise.


  • Hundreds of categories are available.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Excellent mobile application
  • Any type of project, either with a big budget or a small one, is accounted for.


  • The number of bids is pretty less for a free plan
  • Massive competition

4. 99Designs – Fiverr alternatives For World-class design work

If you are specifically looking for premium designs such as logos, art, books, magazines, web, apps, etc., the best platform for this is 99designs. The selection process here is unique for both the clients and the freelancers.

Best Fiverr Alternatives 3

As a client, you must create a project brief with everything you need in your design. The freelance designers will now submit their ideas and you can choose from among them that best suits you.

Often the price is fixed, and thereby everyone has been complying with it for fair pricing. To add more to this, you get the complete copyright of the design once the payment is made.

Also, you can choose to directly find a designer and contact them directly based on their past work. There are thousands of professional designers from around the world that provide a quick turnaround time and give you the work as quickly as needed.

While if you are struggling to get decent, good-paying clients on Fiverr, here on 99Desigsn, you can get a massive pool of users who are ready to spend thousands of dollars in return for something worth something.

If you feel you have the skill, this might be the best opportunity to try the platform and grab some high-paying projects. There are multiple prices of different packages based on the category that you will have to discover for yourself.


  • A massive network of premium clients
  • Highly secure payment system
  • Multiple packages are provided for you to choose your rate.
  • Easy to navigate and understand the platform
  • Perfect for professionals


  • Freelancers have to pay a high commission on each project
  • A little difficult for freelancers to begin with.
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5. Guru

Guru is yet another freelancing platform that is free of cost to operate and place bids. It is among the largest platforms for clients and freelancers, too, and falls next to the biggest names in the freelancing world.

If you are looking for the best Fiverr alternatives, this platform is a decent one you can choose to check out. The UI of the website isn’t the best, but pretty decent and also very easy to navigate.

9 Best Fiverr Alternatives To kickstart Your Freelancing Journey

It hardly takes minutes to create your account, and you can set up your specific skills are a freelancer and upload it. As we speak of the membership plan, you can start with the free plan, where you will get 10 bids each month, and the freelancing fee is 9%.

Moving on, there are loads of packages with different numbers of bids, and the commission charged is also reduced. To start with, you can simply begin with the free bids, and once you get a good start, upgrade your plan and begin your professional journey.

Having a good profile is the key to attracting more clients to you. Similarly, the same goes from the client’s side as well. You can post your job requirements and might expect hundreds of applicants on the same project.

It might get a little difficult to check out since the platform is pretty crowded, but eventually, you will get through. Also, the payment system is secure, so you can make it work.


  • You can access multiple aspects such as hourlies, milestones, project basis, etc.
  • A highly intuitive website and easy to navigate
  • Multiple plans and packages are available for membership
  • Provides a network of millions of freelancers and clients
  • Commissions are lower than on other platforms.


  • Website UI is not that impressive.
  • It takes time for beginners to gain trust in clients.

6. Truelancer

We have one such platform where you can find every single category you can hope to. If you are good at writing, website development, designing, marketing, or simply any skills you have, Truelancer is the platform you cannot miss out on.

9 Best Fiverr Alternatives To kickstart Your Freelancing Journey

To make it a lot easier for you, it has an option where you can find freelancers based on the city you live in. This is one of the unique features that set it apart from any other platform you might have come across.

It helps you to gain more confidence in the client as well as the freelancer. You can communicate in a much more safe space, knowing that you can always connect in a much better manner.

Another aspect that you might love is that you can handle everything from the dashboard itself. You can keep track of your earnings, profile views, online presence, and many other similar aspects.

On Truelancer, you will get 20 bids each month with a commission of 10%, which we did see in most of the other freelancing sites too. Other than this, the platform gives a chance to all beginners, where you can upgrade the membership plan for more bids if needed.

Well, Truelancer allows you to have a single account through which not only can you bid on projects but also post projects as a client. It might sound too much to handle, but eventually, it is much more convenient.

This platform has options to post contests or participate in one to show off your skills and earn money. You can directly find a freelancer by listing down the type you need and then simply going for it.


  • Excellent app to manage all your projects
  • Thousands of job opportunities every says for all the freelancers
  • Hundreds of categories to look into.
  • Good support team


  • The website is managed poorly due to multiple spam job posts.

7. FlexJobs

To end up on the Fiverr Alternatives list, we have another platform that is simply the greatest and has been featured multiple times on media outlets that you might have heard about.


The reason they are so popular is that they have the main focus on work-from-home jobs, freelancing, part-time work, etc.

When we said that Truelancer is amongst the sites with the highest number of categories for work, however, once you check out the pool of work FlexJobs provide, your opinion might change.

To start with, the sign-up or login is pretty easy, and there is nothing extra you need to do. You need to pay for even starting up looking for a job for yourself.

But based on what we have experienced and the popularity of this platform, the money spent is worth every penny. Whether looking for a work-from-home job or simply projects as a freelancer. Another brilliant aspect of this site is that they claim to be scam-free, and everything you go through is genuine.

If you have not yet created your resume, this platform helps you create one within itself and save it for future use.

There are over 50 different skill sets that you can take up for free to know more about the skills you have and showcase them to the clients for better reach.

To help you out every step of the way, there are multiple blogs that you can check out. They will help you learn more about the platform, projects, purpose, etc.


  • Project and other opportunities are hand-screened to gain more trust
  • A massive pool of categories is provided
  • No ads on the sites
  • Allows money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied
  • Take skill set tests for free to reach more clients.


  • Mandatory to pay the membership fee
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8. Toptal

Toptal is one of the best freelancing platforms currently, with a genuine number of freelancers.

Well, we say genuine here because there are hardly any chances of any scam or unprofessionalism since the platform has multiple levels of screening before you can be a part of thousands of other professionals.

Total freelancing site

Only 3% of the freelancers applying on the platform are accepted, and the other 97% are rejected if they are not found genuine enough.

If you find yourself good enough, this might be the best platform for you to get the best of the projects and high-paying clients too. You do not have to worry about late payments or any issues regarding any projects since they’re carefully curated for your benefit.

Moreover, there is no fee charged to any freelancer to be a part of the platform, and thus, success is guaranteed with much less competition.

This platform covers some of the major categories in the industry that you can apply for as a freelancer, such as Designing, website development, Finance experts, project managers, and product managers.

If you want to hire freelancers, be ready to have the best experience. For clients looking to post jobs, you need to deposit $500 initially to submit.


  • Premium quality and professional freelancers
  • No initial registration fees need to be paid
  • Get access to highly profitable startups such as Airbnb.
  • High commission and high-paying jobs are available


  • The freelancer screening process is highly competitive.
  • Only 3% of freelancers are selected.

9. DesignHill

Designhill is yet another brilliant freelancing site that specializes specifically in providing professional designs to businesses and individuals of premium quality.

Some of the major categories that it covers on its platform are graphic design, website design, logo design, social media, art, books, etc.

Designhill fiverr alternative

This platform may not be similar to Fiverr; however, when choosing a professional and skilled freelancer, you can surely find it here. Also, as a freelancer, you can get high-paying jobs through multiple service options.

Such as you can enter a design contest, create your service that any clients can hire based on your skills mentioned, and much more. There are over 152,334 designers on board with 5M+ designs created for hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide.

All you need to do is simply create a design contest, and designers from all around the world will submit their ideas. Once you have gone through them, you can pick one that you find the best for your work.

Choose the package and get started in no time. Designhill also gives a money-back guarantee if the client is unsatisfied with the designs. Above all, the platform is pretty amazing if you genuinely are skilled enough and looking to get on board with high-end clients.


  • Thousands of genuine freelancers are available for hire.
  • Customer support is excellent.
  • Multi-device support such as Mobile, Desktop, and tablet versions.
  • You can provide real-time feedback to the designers
  • Any client will get full ownership and copyright of the design.


  • Only for design purposes.


What’s better, Upwork or Fiverr? 

Fiverr and Upwork are excellent and two of the largest platforms for freelancers, businesses, companies, brands, etc., to get the best-suited freelance work. And, of course, to hire the best talents from across the world in multiple niches.  

If we look at the differences, Fiverr is a preferred destination for short-term hiring, and Upwork is more suitable for longer-term projects. Fiverr is More suitable for experienced workers who have already spent some time doing different types of freelance projects.

On the other hand, Upwork is designed especially for beginners and newcomers looking to start their careers as freelancers.  

Is Guru better than Fiverr? 

Fiverr is usually a better and more reliable option for freelance sellers. It offers a very simple setup and allows you to take on multiple orders at a time, and there isn’t any membership fee or complicated process either.

On the other hand, you can only bid on 10 jobs per month using the free version, and you may have to pay a lot of money if you want to get sufficient work. That’s why Fiverr has become a better option. 

Which is better, PeoplePerHour or Fiverr? 

PeoplePerHour is undeniably a very solid freelancing platform with many options at highly affordable rates. Still, it is not the best freelancing platform despite its unique features.

It loses the battle, especially when we compare it with freelancing giants like Fiverr or Upwork. Fiverr is to offer simpler processes, affordable rates, unlimited waiting for work, and a lot of other great features, and it is a great destination for freelancers. 

Which platform is best for freelancers? 

Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, 99Designs, Truelancer, Outsourcely, WriterAccess, etc., are among the best platforms for freelancers, depending on your specialty, requirement, and preferences.  

Which freelancing site is best for beginners? 

Upwork, Toptal, Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, PeoplePerHour, etc. are among the best websites for beginners and open a door of multiple opportunities, and offer almost everything for every type of person who wants to make their career in freelancing.  

Which freelance work is best for beginners? 

Social media management, English teaching, bookkeeping, photography/videography, content writing, copywriting, graphic designing, website development, etc., are some of the best and most highly paid freelance options for beginners.  

Who is the highest-paid freelancer? 

Web designers, web developers, teachers, virtual assistants, freelance writers, graphic designers, editors, accountants, social media specialists, etc., are among the highest-paid freelancers worldwide and enjoy extraordinary freedom even when working for different clients, websites, businesses, and startups. 

What is the highest-paid freelance job? 

Copywriting, software engineering, digital marketing consultancy, social media management, SEO specialization, photography, videography, web designing, media management, etc., are among the highest-paid freelance jobs you can look at based on your specialty, interest, qualification, and other preferences.  

Which skill is best for freelancing? 

Website designing, content writing, copywriting, content management, graphic designing, search engine optimization, social media management, virtual assistance, report writing, etc., are some of the hottest and in-demand skills for freelancing.

What is the highest-paying skill? 

Coding and software enhancement, algorithms designing, content writing, networking development, cloud computing, user interface designing, software computing, online framework designing, etc., are among the highest-paying skills in this modern era dominated by the Internet and technology.

Which skill is most in-demand in 2022? 

Creativity, data analysis and statistics, project management, proactivity, IT automation, content writing, and management, etc., are the most in-demand skills in 2022 and are waiting for individuals who want to make their careers in a completely different and unique way. 

Is Fiverr good for beginners?

Well, yes, you can start your journey with Fiverr as a beginner and learn the most by creating your portfolio. It allows you to grow into a professional and help you learn more about the freelancing world.

Once you start getting clients, you can step over and choose your pricing, added services, and a lot more. This will further help you to switch to better Fiverr alternatives with high-end projects and gain recognition.

Is Upwork or Freelancer better?

A lot of freelancers have been finding it difficult on which platform to choose if you are switching from Fiverr. Ideally, anyone would ask you to go for Upwork since there are many higher-level clients with big-budget projects.

However, the only issue is that the work does take time in accepting applications of new freelancers, whereas Freelancer is a bit more flexible in such situations.


Here we are with the list of the best Fiverr alternatives. We have intentionally kept the list shorter than many so that you can try all of the best options and not be confused between so many of them.

Also, after all the sites, you can surely expect to see the best results. If you are a beginner, it might take a little time to settle on it and its clients. So, make sure you have created a good profile with all your skills and keep on bidding.

As more and more projects will be posted on this platform, there will be hundreds of such projects, and you need to keep sending the potential client so that at least one of them might give you the needed work.

Above all, the bottom line is Fiverr is an excellent platform, but it does miss out on many other important aspects, which is why this list is important.