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How to Fix the Most Common Appliance Problems


Are you tired of your appliances breaking when you need them the most? Find out how in this guide!

Every time you use your appliance, chances are they lose their effectiveness over time. After a while, they will stop working and eventually break. At this moment you have two choices: repair them or pay for a replacement.

And in this guide, our goal is to help you fix the most common appliances. So get next to your air conditioner and get ready to learn!

Electric Range

If your electric stove isn’t creating heat, try to turn off the burner and take it out from its socket. Then replug it and wiggle it around. If it’s lost, take out the burner and make sure that the burner prongs are bent slightly outward. This helps create a tighter connection. But don’t apply too much force, you might accidentally take the socket out of the bracket.


Barrie appliance repair experts respond to multiple “dryer not working calls” only to realize that their machine has been set to “fluff air” which is a non heat setting. Always check the settings before asking for repairs.

Another common reason for poor drying is a congested lint filter. While the filter might be clean, it might be actually covered by an invisible film that’s caused by dryer sheets. As a result, it stops the airflow and forces your thermostat to turn off the heat before the clothes begin to dry.

You can test your filter by pouring water on it. If it holds water, then you must clean it. Take out the filter and clean it with a hot water and laundry detergent and a hard kitchen brush.

Also, you should check your dryer vent for the lint that might have been built up there. The lint covers tend to get buildup, which can trap heat and turns it off in the dryer. Take the cover off to get to the clogs.

Air Conditioner

If you have your central air conditioner on and off quickly, you might accidentally blow a fuse or turn off a circuit breaker or have an unresponsive air conditioner. This could be a result because the compressor might have stopped its high compression mode settings. It will be hard to start the air conditioner until the compressor releases.

To determine if the fuse is blown, locate the fuse block that’s near the outside unit. Take out the block and take it to the nearest hardware store. The salesperson will test the quality of the cartridge fuse and tell you if its time to replace them.

Another reason why your AC might shut on is that of your electric company. You might have signed a discounted contract that gives you a discount in exchange for having your air conditioner turned off at certain periods. If you don’t know, then ask your electric company.


Barrier appliance repair offers a solution to your appliance problems. But, you need to know how to solve these problems beforehand before you contact a professional. Ultimately, fixing your common appliance problems will help you.

Do you have any questions about fixing your appliances?

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