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How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Raspberry Pi

The Pi supports a wide range of USB flash drives and other devices, and it’s usually a matter of simply plugging and playing. If however, nothing happens when you first insert the device, try to hone down on the actual issue.

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Your first step should be to try the device with another nonPi computer such as a desktop PC to check whether it’s simply faulty. If it is, contact the seller or manufacturer about a replacement under warranty.

If it’s not faulty, open Terminal on your Pi and run the following command:

sudo dmesg -C

Next, insert your USB device and run the command


If your USB device has been detected, then it will be listed here. You should also see any error messages relating to it.

If the USB device is not listed then there’s either a hardware fault or it possibly requires more power than the Pi’s USB ports are able to supply. Consider buying a powered USB hub from a Pi reseller.

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If the device is detected but still is not working, it’s possible that the Pi doesn’t have the
software drivers necessary to interface with your USB device.

To begin with, use Terminal to run the following commands to ensure you have the most recent version of Raspbian:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

If updating your system fails to resolve the issue, contact the device manufacturer in the first instance to ask if there is a suitable Linux driver. If the manufacturer says there isn’t or you cannot contact them, don’t despair.

There may be a community-maintained driver developed independently of the
manufacturer or the driver for a similar device may work.

With the USB device still inserted run the following command in the Pi Terminal to list all attached USB devices:


How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Raspberry Pi

Note down the device’s ID, e.g. 1307:0163, and enter it into your favorite search engine with the words “Linux driver”.

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