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How to Fix Windows Update keep failing in Windows 10?


For the past three months, I have repeatedly tried to run Windows Update but every time it reaches 100%, a message appears saying “We couldn’t complete the update…undoing changes… don’t turn off computer”. Is there any simple thing I can do to get all the
updates installed? This question is asked by my one friend and personally i also faced the same problem with Windows 10 update on my one laptop.

Fix Windows Update keep failing in Windows 10

It’s possible that your antivirus software is responsible. Try disabling it momentarily when you run Windows Update.

Most of the antivirus comes with an option to disable their antivirus program by right-clicking in the taskbar menu, currently, i am using 360 Total security on my one laptop and Symantec Endpoint Protection on another laptop, which comes with an easy option to disable it.

How to Fix Windows Update keep failing in Windows 10

In most of the case, Windows update wizard is informing about a program that’s causing an issue in windows update, like in my case “Symantec Endpoint protection” is causing issue which also provide option to Uninstall program from here.

An error code, if one is reported, could help to determine the cause, so try searching for Event Viewer and Reliability History from the Start menu to see if there are any clues there.

Reliability History will provide you critical event Source along with their solution. Just click on the Action in front of the related event.

Manually updating may resolve the problem.  I’d, therefore, try installing the standalone version from the Microsoft Update Catalog, which you can find at http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/ (Note:- You can access this website through Internet Explorer only).

Like in my case I want to install “KB4019472” , just enter your update code in a search box and it will show you related update for download, just download it and install it.

Still, if an issue is not solved try windows update troubleshooter, which you can find in Control panel by searching Troubleshooting.

Click on the ‘Fix problems with Windows Update” in System and Security. Click on the next, it will prompt you to run as administrator. Run with administrator right, in most of the situation, it will fix your issue.

My below Youtube Video will help you to way to open control panel in windows 10

If you can update to latest version of win 10 and Which easily bypasses the updates

Go to this page and click the top link, it will download the upgrade assistant. run it and it will upgrade win 10 to the latest version.

 Fix Windows Update keep failing in Windows 10

If still your issue is not fixed, i will recommand you to run sfc/scannow command,

right click start button, choose command prompt (admin)

type SFC /scannow and press enter

once its completed, copy/paste this command into same window:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and press enter

SFC fixes system files, DISM cleans image files, re run SFC if it failed to fix all files and restart PC.

My below Youtube Video will help you to run SFC command.

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