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13 Best FL Studio Alternatives For Sound Production

Music is loved by many and chosen as a profession too. It brings out the best in you and lets you experience your emotions with a musical sound. Some musicians love to produce music with the help of software.

There are many sound production software that helps to achieve the best end result. If you have been in the music production field, you must have heard about FL Studio. 

There are tons of digital audio workstations (DAW) in the market, but FL Studio has marked its place with its user-friendly interface, high efficiency, endless programmable beats and loop sounds, etc. 

Even though this application is well-known, everyone should look for other FL Studio alternatives to give different features a chance. Every DAW has its own abilities of sound production. Some are built for newcomers, while some are entirely made for professionals. 

Why look for alternatives?

FL Studio was simply called “Fruity Loops” until 2003 and was a go-to workstation for many producers and beatmakers. It is known for its performance and flexibility. But, with advantages come some main downfalls to this application-

  • Firstly, it needs a high configuration computer. A lot of laptops struggle to work seamlessly with FL Studio. 
  • Users complain that its interface is very complicated and complex to work with. Newcomers especially find it challenging to study the ropes. 
  • It is not free. The cost starts from $99 and comes up to $899. This does not let everyone enjoy its features as not many can afford it.

Although this application might seem to attract attention for years now, there are numerous alternatives of FL Studio that will wow you. In addition, you will be amazed by how better some other sound production software can be. 

Best FL Studio Alternatives For Sound Production

These digital audio workstations (DAW) will support your music production dream plentiful with their features and productivity level than FL Studio. 

1. Ardour

Ardour might not be cheaper but is undoubtedly one of the better user-friendly FL Studio alternatives. Despite its heaviness in pockets, it gives out a seamless experience.

Best FL Studio Alternatives For Sound Production

It is specially designed for the ones who want to master their techniques in music production and creation. The interface is straightforward, and you learn the features quickly. 

The editing contains various tools for purposes like cutting, moving, pasting, stretching, and deleting. You will notice relish in mixing and matching for the creation of really fantastic music.

Moreover, there is a roster of hundreds of plugins in it. The whole music production process on Ardour is simplified because of the floating-point fidelity and external control surfaces. Hence, This software is a versatile choice to enhance your music production game. 


  • Handy floating-point fidelity
  • A flexible mixer architecture
  • External control surfaces
  • Amazing plugins
  • Inexpensive
  • Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux


  • Builds and even minor upgrades are paid

2. Audacity

Audacity is a super handy audio composing and editing sound software. It is perfect for creating fantastic music without grave investment.

Although it lacks an elegant interface, the tools make it a suitable choice to be included as one of the FL Studio alternatives for music industry newbies. 

Best FL Studio Alternatives For Sound Production 1

Audio editing in this open-source audio software is more effortless. All the tools are simple to handle, even for someone who is a novice at music creation.

Live audio recording can happen with a microphone or mixer, and even recordings from other media can be digitized. It may not have bells and whistles like other high-end costly production software but certainly holds its own charm as a budding composer.

Audacity supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit systems. Sample rates and format conversion are as proficient as FL Studio and provide top-quality dithering and resampling.

The supported plugins include LADSPA, LV2, VST, Nyquist, and Audio Unit effect. This sound software, Audacity, is free and an excellent alternative to FL Studio. 


  • Free application
  • Supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit
  • Convenient to use
  • Works with numerous plugins
  • Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux


  • The user interface is less impressive
  • It lacks advanced music editing tools
🔊 How to use Audacity to Record & Edit Audio | Beginners Tutorial

3. Avid Pro Tools

This is a total package of powerful tools because of its ability to edit and compose audio. Avid Pro Tools is an upgrade and one of the better FL Studio alternatives to be used in professional studios.

You receive a better digital audio workstation with excellent features for more productivity. This application has various tools for recording, editing, and mixing audio and offers flexibility to the composer. 

Avid — Powering Greater Creators

Avid Pro Tools is furnished with a 64-bit design and sturdy audio/video engines. It is designed for professionals. The interface is user-friendly and is similar to that of FL Studio.

The beginners need to go through a learning phase to master this music software. One of the most attractive features of Avid Pro Tools is the direct HD video workflows. It provides seamless working with brilliant editing.

Apart from these features, it supports multiple collaboration tools for working with music producers all around the world. So you get to work seamlessly with anyone you want and create a masterpiece.

Although it comes with a steep learning curve, it offers numerous tutorials available online for you to be acquainted with it and learn. 

It is available online in three editions- Pro Tools First, Pro Tools, and lastly Pro Tools Ultimate, for each of the professionalism stages. If you are not a professional producer yet, you should work on Pro Tools First for composing music for large projects like films. And you can upgrade to the next edition with an additional price starting at $299 per year. 

If you are committed to producing music in a full-fledged way and know that your composed art will provide you returns, an upgrade will surely suit you. This will prove to be a good upgrade as an alternative to FL Studio.


  • The user interface is highly intuitive
  • Unmatched collaboration tools
  • Top-notch project collaboration tools
  • High-speed 64-bit recording and mixing engine
  • The free version is reasonably amazing
  • Available for Windows and macOS


  • Paid versions are expensive
  • Involves a lot of learning
  • Precipitous learning curve

4. LMMS – Free fl studio alternatives

LMMS is one of the alternatives which is totally free and suitable for beginners. It does not need much of a professional mind to work with; instead, basic knowledge works fine.

LMMS 1.1 | Official Promo Video

It might seem a little uncomfortable to some initially, but soon, it will become one of the most incredible experiences in sound production. It has VST support, and its free version works really well as open-source software making it the right choice for newbies under a budget. 

It requires minimal effort and proves itself to be user-friendly software. A lot of producers choose LMMS to learn about the field before they jump to costly high-end applications. Compared to FL Studio, it is elementary and does not have clusters of tools altogether at one place like the former. It also has many online tutorials available to help out beginners for free. 

When it comes to synthesizing and mixing sounds, creating melodies and beats, or arranging samples, this application helps you to conveniently make a masterpiece.

It has playback instruments, samples, and great plugins for experimentation. The MIDI keyboard is elegantly set. VST and SoundFont support has got users fully covered. 


  • Great asset for beginners
  • MIDI keyboard
  • VST and SoundFont support
  • Completely Free  
  • Available on Windows, macOS, and Linux


  • Pitch bending does not work efficiently
  • Lacks versatility
  • The Windows version seems to face some bugs

5. Traverso DAW

Some composers require a very straightforward interface to work with without any complexity. That is why Traverso DAW makes one of a few simple and free alternatives of FL Studio. It has a welcoming layout. No professional tools will be crowding the screen and distracting you from your work. 

13 Best FL Studio Alternatives For Sound Production

It is highly scalable and is fully customized. The moment you start working on it, you’ll be acquainted with its features. It can be used to record tunes into a CD easily. The optimized audio engine is like FL Studio but completely free.


  • Completely free
  • Records tunes into a CD
  • Super handy album mixer
  • Very simple layout
  • Optimized audio engine
  • Available for all three- Windows, macOS, and Linux


  • Editing is not face-paced 
  • Doesn’t contain many pro editing tools

6. Ableton Live

Ableton Live is made for you if you are looking for an excellent package with a vast library of modern tools.

This software ensures that you are free to compose and edit music however you desire. Moreover, the interface is simple, which makes it easier to get acquainted with the features. 

Ableton Live 11: What’s new?

Its info-view window is quite handy and contains brief descriptions of the entire workspace and its components. This helps to memorize the icons and make the composing fast without any confusion. In addition, it has an appealing set of plugins, including the drum and synth, proven best in all DAWs. 

This software has fewer audio and MIDI tracks compared to FL Studio. Unfortunately, it can only record up to four sources simultaneously. But, it is better for composing EDM and hip-hop genre tracks. Ableton costs lesser than FL Studio, with the highest package pricing of $749.


  • Has info-view window
  • Great drum and synth plugins
  • Huge library of modern tools
  • Customizable interface
  • Available for Windows and macOS


  • Records only four sources together
  • Less audio and MIDI tracks

7. Garageband

This software is only for iOS users. But certainly the most fun, creative, intuitive, and easy to work with. If you are an iOS user and a music lover, Garageband (Download Here) will be your friend.

Formally this is designed for beginners and is built as a handy go-to software. You can be anywhere with your iMac or iPad and can be producing music. 

Best FL Studio Alternatives For Sound Production 3

It is easy to record and move around with. You will be able to cut and paste tracks and also create beats and loops with high productivity. It does not hold any high-end tools for professional audio production but admittedly acts as a powerful application that keeps getting better. 

It is entirely free of cost and provides a fun experience. However, as it is just made for minimal workload, the included sounds are not of excellent quality and might disappoint some users. 


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Has an intuitive user interface


  • Not available for Windows and Linux
  • Some sounds are of poor quality

8. Logic Pro X

This is another software only available for macOS users, thus limiting the user group. Apple lovers boast about Logic Pro X (Download Here) being their savior. This DAW can handle many audio tracks without flinching. The workflow on it is like a breeze. If you have used Garageband, this application will be an upgrade to it. 

Logic Pro X is a good software and outshines FL Studio without any doubt concerning efficiency and high-end features. Moreover, you will be able to create a jewel with its growing array of tools.

Best FL Studio Alternatives For Sound Production 4

The interface is quite similar to the latter but sets itself apart from other applications on this list because of its speed in editing. 

Some software struggles to carry out heavy functions with multiple audio files, Logic Pro X is not bothered. It has high-quality audio effects to enhance the quality of your composed music.

The name itself is one of the best FL Studio alternatives. The professionally recorded instrument loops present in this application add that extra trick to your compositions. 

Even though Logic Pro X is a music production software that is lying on the expensive side, it has three times more to offer with its tools than any other paid software, including FL Studio. In addition, it is efficient and lets you enjoy music.


  • Top Features
  • Professionally recorded instrument loops
  • Highly efficient in composing and producing music
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Not available for Windows and Linux

9. Cubase

If you are looking for good functionality, Cubase (Download Here) is a perfect choice. It is incorporated with a vast collection of tools designed to edit and compose professional music.

Introducing Cubase 11 | Advanced Music Production System

It is filled with features, and the tools are excellent in terms of flexibility. The interface is neatly designed but is somewhat ranged at a similar pricing area to FL Studio.

As one of the alternatives, it undoubtedly stands to its name with the experience it offers. There is a library of effects, virtual instruments, and thousands of sounds to work with.

Hence, it is better than the former, with regular updates on features and enhancements. You are always on trend with the latest features. The application becomes new and delivers a better output with every update. 

Because of a strikingly similar layout and interface to FL Studio, the learning curve is not too much of an issue. FL Studio’s users who have basic knowledge of the same find it easy to work with Cubase. This DAW is everything you require for making a professional-quality recording. 


  • Advanced editing features
  • Easy to crossover to and from FL Studio
  • Similar interface
  • Vast instrument library
  • Regular updates
  • Intuitive MIDI engine
  • Best-in-class stick plugins
  • Available for Windows and macOS


  • Complex workflow
  • Costly like FL Studio

10. Reaper

Compared to other paid FL Studio alternatives, this software (Download Here) is light on the pocket without any downfall to its quality. Designed by the developers of WinAMP, Reaper stands for Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording.

It is an apt choice and a good asset for recording MIDI and audio bits from multiple inputs collectively on a small budget. It does not lack audio quality or power.

13 Best FL Studio Alternatives For Sound Production

It permits you to slice your recordings better than most software and gives you the liberty to experiment with effects. Additionally, the features like fade, volume, knobs for snap points, partake FX, and more make it smooth to work with without messing with various tools for an essential purpose. 

Some of its best features are seamless branching, undo system, firewalling, and native plugins, making it a better option than FL Studio.

You will have easy handling of audio and editing. Reaper offers a reasonable price for producing music at home. It starts at $60, and you can even buy a pro commercial license which comes with a 60 days trial period. 


  • Native plugin and firewalling
  • Can record MIDI and audio bits from multiple inputs together
  • Extensive library of MIDI and audio-processing effects
  • Massive hardware
  • Multitrack audio
  • Third-party VST
  • Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux


  • Lacks consistency during track rendering
  • Long drop-down menu
  • Expensive commercial license

11. Goldwave

Goldwave (Download Here) is not rich in features like many other FL Studio alternatives and big names but is renowned for providing dependable editing.

With over 25 years of expertise in the music production industry, it focuses on simplicity. Recording, editing, audio processing, conversion, and other tools are notably simple to work with, especially for beginners. 

13 Best FL Studio Alternatives For Sound Production

The interface of Goldwave has a decent UI and UX design. However, if you are an artist habituated with a high-class intuitive interface like FL Studio’s, this application might not be for you. The tools are not as versatile and proficient as the latter, but they perform specific tasks perfectly.

It contains over 40 audio effects that are professionally crafted and augments the quality of your music. It analyzes audio much better than FL Studio. The real-time visuals make it more convenient for having better insights. Goldwave costs just $45. 


  • Better audio analyzation
  • Over 40 audio effects
  • Cost-effective
  • Available for Windows, Android, iOS


  • Less productive interface
  • A bit slow in converting audio

12. Adobe Audition

This software is the new kid on the DAWs block. This particular application enters the elite section of alternatives for people who don’t stop at something more petite.

Adobe Audition (Download Here) is one of Adobe’s famous applications and grants a compelling toolset including multitrack, editing, waveform, mixing, and spectral display to create and restore audio content. 

It becomes a competitor to FL Studio in terms of more prominent tools. The interface is more intuitive compared to the latter. It is made for both newbies and professionals.

Both category users find Adobe Audition to be easy to work with. It can fasten up video production and audio finishing process because of the optimized interface. 

The precision editing tools make it a safer bet for sound effect designing and podcasting purposes. The sound panel is super handy, making it easier to create pro-grade audio without any confusion. While the FL Studio’s sound panel needs time to learn. 

Adobe Audition is also optimized for video editing. This is why it is ideal for crossover audio enthusiasts. It increases one’s capability of working with audio workstations for various music genres. So, if video editing is a large part of your work, this application is worth every penny. 

The automatic rearranging of a song to fit a required duration is one of its best features. This plays a crucial function in elevating your music editing process.

When it comes to fixing audios, this software is very efficient. It also restores and repairs audio files without resulting in distortion of audio quality. Adobe Audition costs 420.99 per month on an annual plan.


  • Better for podcasting and sound effect design
  • Intuitive video optimization
  • Professional audio capability
  • Better optimized interface
  • Automatic rearranging of songs
  • Repairs and restores audio 
  • Available for Windows and macOS


  • Subscription pricing is somewhat expensive
Getting Started with Adobe Audition - Complete Beginner Tutorial

13. Sound Forge

Sound Forge is also known as Sonic Foundry in the market and is designed by Magix Software GmbH. It has 20 years of experience in the music industry and is a high-ranked and well-known digital audio editing suite.

It caters to both professional and semi-professional users. Sound Forge is available in two variants named Sound Forge Pro and Sound Forge Audio Studio. These DAWs perform adequately for audio editing, processing audio, and audio mastering, recording.

This software gives a high competition to other software, including FL Studio, in audio editing efficiency. It is widely known for its rapid audio processing without decreasing the quality of your composed music. Unfortunately, FL Studio lags or stutters while processing audio files, but you won’t find this problem with Sound Forge. 

There is an enormous library of professional effects available in this software, making it a viable choice to provide a professional touch to your composition. No matter which vibes you want to give in your produced music, it works fine.

If you’re going to make your music sound retro, comprise cult classics, or try fast emerging trends like EDM, this application has an enormous collection to help you out. 

Unlike FL Studio, one downfall lies in the fact that Magix Software GmbH lacks various plugins. But, if you need an excellent digital audio workspace that takes care of your basic needs, Sound Forge is one of the best FL Studio alternatives to try out.

You can purchase the Sound Forge Audio Studio for $59.99 and the Sound Forge Pro for a price of $399. 


  • Pretty neat user-interface
  • Fast audio processing
  • Wide range of professional effects
  • Available for macOS and Windows


  • Does not offer an extensive library of plugins 
The Verdict

All of the options of sound production software listed above provide you the best in class music production. After exploring a wide assortment of DAWs comparable to FL Studio, you can go ahead and choose which software will work best for your vision of music. 

If you are already a professional, you should totally consider using the high-end brand names in the market. Although, if you are new and want to look for an easy start, choose the ones which are cheaper or completely free.

This will let you explore yourself and gain enough experience to move on to professional software that you can utilize for every penny. 

Keep your list of needs handy, and do not jump to expensive software thinking it will be better. Some make this mistake and later regret it. Always try learning step by step. Your chosen digital audio workstation should suit you and the music you create- this is very important.

There are plenty of FL Studio alternatives in the online market for you. But what matters is that you find your ideal one. Your demands should meet the right option of the sound production application, and your music should inspire the ears that hear it. 

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