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21 Of The Best Floor Plan Apps For Everyone To Use


Are you planning to construct a new home? Are you an interior designer? Do you want to give a picturesque view of your home? Are you looking for the best way to design your dream home? Well, the Floor plan apps are the right option.

At present, there are large ranges of floor planning applications available on the Play store. You can select the best floor plan app and create the digital model of the floor plan easily. 

Creating floor design can be a difficult task. If you are an interior designer and need to design the floor design then you can use the floor plan app.

The best floor plan apps have the latest design that allows you to design the virtual floor plan without hassle. You can install the floor designing app on your android mobile device and create the digital model of the floor plan from anywhere around the world. 

Planning the floor design helps you to complete the project within your budget. The floor designing application allows people to design the kitchen, bedroom, and living area properly. It is available in both the free and premium version so you can select the app which suits your needs.

It will help the user to create the home design and share them with their friends without trouble.  By tapping the Smartphone screen, you can create your dream design of the floor plan. 

Benefits of using Floor Plan Apps:-

Whether you are planning your dream home or office you can use the floor plan app. It should provide functions and visual appeal. By using this app you can create attractive floor design quickly.

The floor plan is basically a scaled diagram that shows the particular look of the entire home, one room, and others. You can select the wall color, window, door, and others according to your needs. You can gain huge benefits by using the floor plan app. 

The users can draw a digital floor plan with the scalable dimensions for the entire home or single room including electrical symbol, wall structure, and others.

You can communicate the floor idea from the top architect and interior designer. This app allows you to complete the floor planning task faster and hassle-free. 

With the help of the floor design app, you can create a good floor plan within a very short time. The interior design and physical layout of the home should be functional.

This app brings people together in a comfortable manner. You can create the beautiful design of the home and construct your dream home within your budget. The floor plan designing app is simple to use and also free of cost. 

One more benefit of using the floor plan design app is increasing productivity. This app makes it simple to differentiate between the doors, windows, walls, and others.

You can create the home floor design in 3D and 2D by using the latest floor design app. It helps the users with and without drawing knowledge create professional plans. you can also find the floor plan application for free in the Google Play Store. 

Best Floor Plan Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌👌

People have a high range of floor plan apps online. You might choose the best floor plan apps that support to your android device. The floor planning app helps people to create construction with a unique plan.

These apps offer new ideas to people and build a dream home on amazing design. It allows you to check designs and interior design inspirations. It assists you to remodel your home with modern amenities based on the layout.

You can visualize your floor plan on your smartphone. You might save time on designing the floor plan of the project. Here, you might explore popular floor plan apps for android

1. Planner 5D

Planner 5D is the most popular floor planning app for android & Ios users. It helps people make home design and create a wonderful indoor and outdoor design in 3D and 2D format. It allows you to design landscaping and pool plans based on your needs.

It helps you perform difficult architectural changes in your construction. It contains unique features that assist you design stairs, windows, walls, and floor plans. The app assists you explore everything on designing construction.

You might edit layout and observe home design in virtual modes.  It provides a chance to explore your floor plan on a large screen. It is a simple install and uses on the android device. 

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

2. Floor Plan Creator

When designing the floor plan, people have an array of choices to design an exact plan. The floor plan creator app helps people to decide and build the right floor plans. It is the best floor plan app used by numerous people.

Best Floor Plan Apps

It allows you to design floor plans anywhere anytime. This app offers features such as level area, automatic perimeter calculation, rooms, and others. It is a free app that assists android users considers important things in designing plans.

It offers a predefined room shape that helps you create perfect plans.  You might gain new experience in designing floor plans online. It meets certain needs of users and let them design the floor plan based on the dimension. 

Download on Google Play Store

3. Home Design 3D

There is an array of floor planning apps available online. Home Design 3D is an effective app and compatible with android devices. This floor planning tool lets you design and recreates your construction in an intuitive and attractive design.

It helps you draw the layout of your room and floor on your required design. By using the app, you can add windows and doors to your home. You might modify the thickness and height of the walls. This app is operated by more than millions of users around the globe.

It assists you to build and design your construction on your required design.  You make floor plans by considering color, textures, size, angles, and others. 

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

4. Grapholite Floor Plans

This app is operated to design flooring plans for the next project. It is user-friendly and minimal to access on your mobile phone. It is used to remodeling the structure of your home. The application assists you to design and modify construction easily and quickly.

Best Floor Plan Apps

It is a perfect tool that assists you to make 3D plans and floor plans in a traditional manner. This app provides a guide to people to design floor plans based on the space.

This tool provides a chance to create plans to store furniture and office table accessories. It offers a guide for the people to design the exact architectural plan. 

Download Here

5. Roomle 3D & AR room planner

Now, most of the people are using the smartphone in the world. They are looking for a special app to create a floor plan for their dream home. Roomle is the best app to design the floor plan based on your choice.

The users can realize all ideas and see what the home will look like after the construction. You can also select the object color, material, window and door in the app. In the app, all pieces are viewed in the augmented reality. You can assemble their picks in the furniture shop. 

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

6. magicplan – 2D/3D floor plans & AR measurement

If you are searching for a floor plan tool, MagicPlan is a great option for you. This app helps you build a plan by considering images. It allows people to change existing residents with attractive designs.

It assists you to integrate grade application on your construction. In addition, the app describes perfect dimensions and enhance the look of the wall and floor.

It supports android devices and access all features. It is very simple to use on the device without issues. This floor plan tool assists consider important facts on making room layout based on your needs. 

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

7. Floorplanner

Do you search for the best tool to create a floor plan for your construction? Floor planner is an excellent app that helps you design residential space with beautiful design. It let you consider kitchen, garden, warehouses, living room, bedroom, and another area on designing construction layout.

It provides a chance to arrange furniture and other accessories in a safe place. It helps you operate items in various categories.

It assists people those who create resident based on their unique design. It let you preset floor plans in different modes. To access the app, you have to choose this app from the play store. 

Download on Google Play Store

8. AR Plan 3D Ruler – Camera to Plan, Floorplanner

This tool is specially created to make proper floor planning. It comes with an augmented reality technology design room depend on your needs. It assists you to share flooring plan images on social networks.

It is a well-known floor planner which accessed by people. It comes with additional features to design the floor plan that suits your home.

This app helps you decorate home with beautiful designs. Also, you might calculate the height and perimeter of the construction. You can save time on making a plan for your property. It offers effective results in imperial or metric units. 

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

9. Kitchen Planner 3D

Kitchen Planner 3D is a free floor planning tool accessed by lots of people. It is a simple app to design your kitchen with modern design. Many people are choosing this app to decorate their kitchen with a new design.

You might operate all features on the app and design your kitchen. It assists you to change the format of your kitchen based on your choice. It is mostly recommended by many android users.

The majority of homeowners are creating the home without proper planning.  When designing construction, you must have to consider floor design which allows decorating kitchen on your own design. 

Download on Google Play Store

10. Home Design Outdoor/Garden 

If you are searching the app for redesigning the house then Home Design 3D is the best choice for you. This app allows the users to create your floor plans without spending more time and money.

By using this app you can remodel the room in 3D. The users can adjust the wall thickness when creating the 3D floor plan. This app includes lots of furniture, accessories, and others to design the home.

Nowadays, more than millions of people are using this floor design app all over the world. You can easily change the wall height and thickness according to your needs within the app. 

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

11. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Houzz Interior Design Ideas is the best floor planning app. It offers great ideas to create floor plans and interior designs. There are lots of high-resolution plans as well as photos to design the house as you require.

Best Floor Plan Apps

The users can also share the photo or floor plan easily with your loved one, friends and others. If anyone comes across an appealing floor plan then you can utilize the visual match feature to find out the same items that they wish. 

This app is not a floor plan designing tool that the users can find a large range of floor design ideas. Houzz is completely free to use. You can instant this app on your Smartphone and choose the best floor plan. The Houzz Interior Design Ideas app ranked number 11 in our Best Floor Plan Apps list that you should download.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

12. Room Planner: Home Interior & Floorplan Design 3D

Need a simple floor planning app? Then Room Planner is the right option. It is an easy and convenient room planning application in the market. It is used to plan both the home and individual rooms.

This application is available for different platforms so you can install this app as per your needs. This app provides advanced features including predesigned layout for bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and others. 

It is very simple to use this app on your mobile phone. This floor designing app works on both the online as well as offline. You can design the home whenever you need it and wherever around the world.

The users can design the floor plan, change the furniture layout, change wall color, and others. The Room Planner app ranked number 12 in our Best Floor Plan Apps list that you should download.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

13. Homestyler

Are you remolding your home? Then you can use this floor plan app to decorate your home virtually. It is the best apps on the best home designing apps for Android mobile phones.

You can take a snap of the home you want to design and place three-dimension models of the furniture in the residential place. You can design with lots of home furniture, decoration, lighting fixtures and others from the furniture store. 

It allows the users to design the home easily and share the design. The 3D feature of the app allows the users to gauge how well that the furniture will look in the bedroom and living room. You can check the latest interior designs and choose the home design as per your choice. The Homestyler app ranked number 13 in our Best Floor Plan Apps list that you should download.

Download on Google Play Store

14. Madrees

Madrees is a wonderful app for creating the floor plan. This application will allow the users to create the home design and also décor in the 3D as well as 2D. You can handle this app without technical skills.

Best Floor Plan Apps

Madrees has attractive features like data export, output image, data export, add floor, furniture, wall, window and save data. You can install the app on your mobile device and create a floor plan.

You can draw beautiful exterior and interior design in 2D as well as 3D modes by using this app. It offers the people gallery feature that allows them to see images of designs and created in this floor design app. This app is the perfect choice for a room makeover. 

The Madrees app ranked number 14 in our Best Floor Plan Apps list that you should download.

Download on Google Play Store

15. Saral Floor Planner

Searching for a home improvement app? Then Saral Floor Planner is an ideal option that perfectly suits for android devices. This application lets the users design the plan easily.

It will make the remodeling and designing the home in three-dimension. By using this app, you can capture the home layout easily. The interior designer will use this application to create an attractive design of the home. It will identify the cosmic energy in the home.

The Saral Floor Planner is designed with a simple interface that allows you to handle it easily without technical knowledge. Within a few clicks, you can download and install the app on your Smartphone and start creating the floor design. The Saral Floor Planner app ranked number 15 in our Best Floor Plan Apps list that you should download.

Download APK Here

16. RoomSketcher

Creating the floor plan is simple in the modern days. There are lots of floor designing app on the internet. RoomSketcher is the best floor designing app that comes with modern features.

It is designed with a simple interface that allows you to create floor design easily. The people can use this app to draw walls, floor plans, and others with additional measurements. It allows people to add stairs, doors, and windows based on your choice.

You can also select the finishes and materials which you wish to use in the design. The users can finish the interior with several layouts. In this app, all floor designs can be viewable in the 3D. The RoomSketcher app ranked number 16 in our Best Floor Plan Apps list that you should download.

Download on Google Play Store

17. Homify

Homify is the most popular interior design app which connects the users and professionals. By using this app, you can design the home floor design within a short time. You can get lots of ideas for the garden, kitchen and other areas in the home.

More than one million people are using this home floor design app. It allows the users to find the right architect to plan your home. You can get simple tips to upgrade your residential place in this app.

The property owner can find the best professionals near your home and get in touch with them and remodel your kitchen or bedroom. You can install the Homify app and stay on the latest trends of interior design. The Homify app ranked number 17 in our Best Floor Plan Apps list that you should download.

Download on Google Play Store

18. Room Creator Interior Design

When you are thinking to create the room then you can use the room creator app. It is a free floor plan designing app for android devices. You can install this app on your mobile phone without spending single money from your pocket.

You can design the room interior from the scratches quickly. The users can choose the objects they need and tap on the floor to place the design to the object.

With this app, you can design the interior in the 3D easily. You can choose the wall color, design floor pattern and add in décor from this floor designing app. The Room Creator Interior Design app ranked number 18 in our Best Floor Plan Apps list that you should download.

Download on Google Play Store

19. Home Maker

Home Maker is the best floor plan app on the internet. This app offers you customization options to renovate the house, decorate the room, select home décor, and design your dream home. It offers you a simple way to realize home design.

The users will enhance the design skill by customizing the different parts of the home. By using this app, you can design the kid’s room, gym, living room, terrace, pool, library, bathroom, garden, and others.

The users can also save stuff for future reference. You can download the homemaker floor design app on your mobile phone from the Google play store directly. The Home Maker app ranked number 19 in our Best Floor Plan Apps list that you should download.

Download on Google Play Store

20. 3D Home Design Free

3D home design is a popular free android application that allows the users to plan the exterior and interior home design. It is simple to handle with the single swipe right or left.

The list of the designs at the left covering design like wall decoration, bedroom design, living room design, kids room idea, modern home elevation, and others. You can get more than 1000 designs on the home floor design app.

The users can enjoy the fast loading of home floor design in this app. Without the technical knowledge, you can use this app on your mobile phone. It has cool features that allow you to take ideas of newly created rooms for room layout and design.

The 3D Home Design Free app ranked number 20 in our Best Floor Plan Apps list that you should download.

Download on Google Play Store

21. CubiCasa | Professional 2D Floor Plans

This app is easy-to-use, with a fast indoor scanning process. With only 5 minutes of work, you can create a professional floor plan with room dimensions.

By using the floor plan app you will receive a beautiful floor plan in high resolution in JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG file formats that can be branded with your own logo and color of choice for wall and floor.

The room labels on CubiCasa floor plans are available in multiple languages:  English, Portuguese, Spanish. French, German, Norwegian, Finnish, and Swedish.

Besides a professional 2D floor plan, users will receive an automatically generated home report that highlights the property features. The best part about using CubiCasa is that you won’t need any other hardware except your mobile, thus no DIY actions are needed like drawing, measuring, or tapping on corners.

CubiCasa app is available both on iOS and Android devices.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store


Choosing the best floor plan application for an android device is a challenging task. There is lots of floor design app available on the internet. It confuses you on selecting the right one for your floor designing project.

Here you can get the list of 20 top floor plan applications for android devices. You can download a free floor plan app and start creating your floor plan. 


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