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25 Free Audiobooks Online Where Listening Can Be Endless


Audiobooks are fun to have especially when you want to pass time in the most productive way or when you are bored of a chore. As pleasant as this sounds, you may have to spend a fortune compared to the normal paper and text kind of book you get whenever you want to read something. 

An average audiobook ranges from about $20 to $40 and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to spend your data looking for a book that would cost less if you just go to a roadside bookstore to get it. 

Well, you do not have to worry so much as there are websites where you can find and access free audiobooks online. You can even go as far as downloading the book as long as it is categorized as a free download and not pirated. 

In this article, I will walk you through my favorite resources for free audiobooks, and tell you why I like each of these websites. 

Let’s get right into it!

Top Recommendations – Free Audiobooks Online

1. OverDrive

The OverDrive website gives you all the access you need to view, listen to or download a wild collection of audiobooks with best-sellers included.

Free Audiobooks Online

To get this amazing unlimited access to audiobooks, you will have to sign in with your local library card then, every audiobook that is available is at your disposal.

OverDrive was established by Steve Potash in 1986. Throughout the 1990s, as the internet’s and digital books’ capabilities grew, the platform refocused its purpose.

OverDrive began offering a content delivery service in 2000, and its reach has grown significantly since then.

OverDrive currently claims to have the world’s biggest audiobook content library, serving over 65,000 schools and libraries in 84 countries, as well as the highest-rated applications designed to make reading enjoyable.

2. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg website is popular for its huge number of classical, free audiobooks online. One of its standout perks is that a computer can read you its book but it is believed that the experience is not that great.

You also have the option of choosing a human to read any book of your choice to you. How great is that?

3. MindWebs

This has over 150 science fiction and fantasy short stories that are given to its users for free. They are mainly heard as radio dramas and have titles of some of the great stories like the famous Ursula K., H. G. Wells, and a lot more others.

4. LibriVox

The website LibriVox offers you unlimited access to audiobooks of your choice. It has a non-profit initiative with goals to help turn public kinds of books into free audiobooks online. 

Free Audiobooks Online 1

LibriVox describes itself as an audiobook library. T his platform offers free audiobooks online to the public domain, but users and listeners should be warned that many of these books are very old and may include language or convey ideas that are out of date at best, and offensive at worst. It is however a good place if you need very old classics.

Volunteers from LibriVox record books in the public domain and then make the audio recordings available for free on the internet.

It’s simple to volunteer with LibriVox, and you don’t need any prior expertise with audio engineering, recording, public speaking, or acting. A mic, computer, a voice, and some free recording software are all that is required of the volunteer.

The platform accepts volunteers who speak a variety of languages and have a variety of accents. You are welcome to offer to read in any language as long as you can communicate well in it. And they will be made freely accessible to everyone.

5. Spotify

Mostly, people see Spotify as a place where you get music and videos. Just know that it offers you more than just music, it gives you unlimited access to many of your favorite novels.

Yes, free audiobooks online! You can read as many as you want. It has novels like ‘The Great Gatsby’ by Sean Astin. Hurry now to listen to or read any novel of your choice.

This feature only recently was included in spotify services as it has launched a new collaboration with audiobooks provider Storytel, allowing current Storytel customers to link their accounts with Spotify and access their audiobooks via the Spotify app.

The collaboration is the first prominent example of what can be done using Spotify’s newly launched (OAP) Open Access Platform, which seeks to offer artists and publishers a means to expand their reach.

6. AllYouCanBook.com

Here you can get free audiobooks online for 30 days and then you would be asked to sign up and subscribe. The subscription gives you unlimited access to varieties of audiobooks.

The good thing about having a free 30 days trial is that you can always cancel if you do not want to get charged. AllYouCanBook.Com offers you over 40,000 books to choose from.

7. Audiobooks.com

When you go to Audiobooks.com you may have to subscribe before you can have access to unlimited audiobooks but to get their free audiobooks online, you will have to sign up for a 30-day free trial. Afterward, you may then decide to do a monthly subscription of $15.

Audiobooks.com Makes Listening Easy

Audiobooks and podcasts may be downloaded or streamed on a smartphone or tablet using the free Android and iOS applications. This platform developed patent-pending tech that enables its users to listen in new ways.

Users may now begin listening to a book on their smartphones, continue where they stopped on a laptop, and then, even sleep off while listening on a tablet without losing their place. Having more than a million downloads and growing, it is a certain fan favorite.

8. Scribl

This is an online marketplace where you can buy a lot of audiobooks. You can also find almost half of its library books free of charge with unlimited access for your enjoyment.

The downside of this is that you may not be able to sort by price, and the website can be frustratingly slow to navigate properly.

Scribd has been likened to a book version of Netflix. Users pay $8.99 a month and get full access to the Scribd collection. The platform offers ebooks, audiobooks, and even periodicals.

Scribd is available on all common devices. The app is simple to navigate and download audiobooks. Users may prefer to listen to audiobooks when walking or driving, so having one downloaded to the phone makes it easy to listen on the move.

Scribd resembles Audible in look. Users may browse Audiobooks by category or by titles that have been suggested to them. It’s simple to save the ones you’re interested in so you can locate them again later.

I’d add that the audiobook library is on par with Audible’s. Almost every book I’ve searched for, including the majority of the hottest new titles, has been found on Scribd.

9. Storynory

Storynory is a go-to website to get children’s audiobooks. It gives you access to a whole lot of original stories.

You can choose to view the free audiobooks online by finding the content of your choice on YouTube, downloading the stories through the iOS app available, or just listen to the stories directly from the website. It is totally your call to make!

This British website offers a large number of free audiobooks for download. The tales are told in a lighthearted manner, and the quality is outstanding, with some including music.

It’s not immediately obvious how to get tales from storynory.com, but it’s really very simple once you figure it out. First, click the story’s download link, then the three dots to the right of the volume indicator, where you may click download once more.

Katie, the Ordinary Witch, Zoo Stories, Jack and the Pirate School, Astropup, and Tick Tock Turkey are just a few of the unique stories available, many of which are appropriate for younger children.

A Christmas Carol, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Alice in Wonderland, The Secret Garden, Sherlock Holmes, The Elephant Child, The Wizard of Oz, and Pinocchio are among the tales of famous writers such as Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, L. Frank Baum, and Rudyard Kipling.

You can also discover myths, folklore, Bible stories, and stories from across the globe, and I’ve just scraped the surface of what this site has to offer; it’s definitely worth a look and offers something for kids of all ages.

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10. Light Up Your Brain

This website houses clearly read short, free audiobooks online that are gathered specifically for kids.  You may choose to stream them online or download them on your streaming devices to listen to later. 

If you want to read alongside the audio voice, a transcription of the audio is provided for you, which just makes reading more educational especially if you have kids who struggle with reading. 

It also provides learners with free online games that are created to challenge their minds and keep them active.

11. Open Culture

Open Culture has a centralized collection of book titles which makes it the perfect website to visit whenever you want to find an obsolete book you can’t find anywhere else.

Open Culture has a repertoire of free audiobooks available on its website. They may be downloaded to MP3 devices or PCs. They have a diverse selection of works, including poetry, fiction, and nonfiction audiobooks.

Free Audiobooks Online 2

Tolstoy, Twain, Hemingway, Vonnegut, Orwell, Shakespeare, Nietzsche, Asimov, Susten, and others are among the authors represented.

The platform offers more than just audiobooks. It has Seven Hundred free eBooks. The site provides free language courses in Chinese, Arabic, French, English, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and many more languages.

More interestingly, learning is not limited to eBooks, audiobooks, and language; Open Culture offers much more to its users. Over a thousand free online courses, 200 free textbooks, 700 free movies, and 150 free business courses are all available.

Yale, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, Harvard, Oxford, and more universities provide free online courses. These audio and video courses may be downloaded directly to your PC or MP3 device.

(MOOCs) Massive Open Online Courses are offered by prestigious institutions. The majority of them even provide “certificates” or “statements of accomplishment.”

The textbooks are authored by experts in their fields. Their textbooks include a broad variety of topics, so you may study anything you choose.

12. Audiobook Sync

This offers kids from age 13 and older free summer reading program. It is not totally restricted to kids alone, anyone interested party can access its free audiobooks online. This marathon reading for young people is hosted every year by AudioFile Magazine.

Every summer, it gives away at least two free audiobooks giving users the perfect option to keep their comprehension skills sharp before schooling or during their leisure. 

To get a two-themed audiobook each week during summer, all you need to do is sign up and your audiobook is ready for you to listen to. This site helps teens get more age-appropriate titles that will keep them busy all summer and even after. You can use the books through the Sora app.

13. Hoopla Digital

Many individuals are unaware that their local library exists. However, one streaming service keeps urging people to re-appreciate their local libraries.

Hoopla or Hoopla Digital is a library software accessible only to individuals with a library card in Canada and the United States.

Users may view movies and TV programs, listen to audiobooks and music, and read ebooks and comic books on the platform. The greatest thing is that it’s sponsored by libraries, so you can use it on your phone, TV, or computer for free.

Hundreds of thousands of more titles are waiting to be discovered on Hoopla, with more being uploaded every day. Since its inception in 2013, the platform has expanded to over 6,000 sites. If your library isn’t on the list, just inform the staff that you’re interested.)

If you do not have a library card, you can also sign up from within the app following the steps below.

  • Go to  https://hoopladigital.com and choose the ‘Get Started Today’ option or you can just download the app on your streaming device and click the ‘Sign up’ option
  • You will be taken to a page where you have to enter your email and password twice
  • Afterward, you will be asked to choose a library, choose Clifton Public Library
  • Then enter your names (first and last) and click on ‘Sign Me Up

14. Lit2Go

This site is trusted for its audiobooks online. You can download books of your choice as either an audio file or as a PDF file.

The audiobooks on this site are mainly in the public domain sector so you may witness an overlap title or titles and various public domain databases. It is a great place to visit to access free audiobooks online.

This is a free online library of Mp3 (audiobook) tales and poetry. Each section includes a citation, an abstract, word count, and playing time.

Many of the texts have a reading technique associated with them. Each text passage may be printed or saved as a PDF for read-along purposes or supplementary reading material in the classroom.

15. Learn Out Loud

Here you can find free audiobooks online on a lot of topics you desire to read about. Learn Out Loud is a richly filled database of educational learning resources.

Free Audiobooks Online 3

It does not totally give 100% free audiobooks online but you should check out the audiobooks that are available for your perusal free of charge. You can either choose to listen to the book online or download it for your future.

16. Audible

This is an Amazon section where you can find and buy audiobooks. It is regarded as one of the best sites to get audiobooks even though it is quite expensive to purchase. It costs about $15 for a monthly subscription to listen to audiobooks online. 

You can sign up for a free 30-day free trial to get access to their free audiobooks option and you may receive a free book or even two if you are an Amazon Prime member.

You can keep this free book for as long as you want to even when you unsubscribe, you will still have access to the book given to you.

The app allows users to listen to audiobooks online, download them, and monitor their progress across several devices.

If you’re a regular listener of audiobooks, Audible Premium Plus will offer you store credits to go toward books that would be more costly to buy with cash, as well as a Thirty percent discount on “premium” titles in its library.

Audible sets the bar for audiobook applications as an Amazon company with one of the biggest collections accessible.

For new users of audiobooks in general, it’s not always obvious how to get the most out of your time and money. This platform has an easy learning curve.

17. ThoughtAudio

If you want to broaden your understanding or increase intellectually, ThoughtAudio should be your go-to site for audiobooks. It has a collection of impressive, educational, and philosophical titles that will help expand your horizon.

This tool is an excellent place to start if you’re searching for downloaded audiobooks. It has a large number of free complete audiobooks.

The collection contains popular titles such as Sidhartha, The Call of the Wild,  Metamorphosis, and others from classic literature, history, and philosophy. Users may look through books, download mp3 files, or listen to them online.

One setback this site faces is that it does not get regular updates as often as possible. The last time it was updated was in September of 2020.

18. Digitalbook

This is another section of free audiobook that is powered by Amazon. It offers its users a large collection of genres and titles. Its features are smooth, with a clean and simple site design, unlike some other free audiobooks sites.

Lots of the audiobooks offered can be listened to, making accessing it from your streaming easy.

25 Free Audiobooks Online Where Listening Can Be Endless

It has an up to date trending charts of books where recommendations can be given from co audiobook listeners. 

19. Loyal Books

Loyal Books gives free audiobooks online to its users. The audiobooks titles are gotten from the public domain. You will be able to access free audiobooks like ‘The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Author Conan Doyle, among many others.

It also supports the submission of reviews so you can read what others have had to say about every audiobook title.

The greatest part regarding Loyal Books is that everything is available for free. The site offers a large number of ebooks to select from, as well as over 7,000 audiobooks to listen to. Despite the fact that they are a tiny business with a limited range, they seem to have invested a significant amount of time on both iOS and Android apps.

The iOS application, in particular, has received 4.5 ratings. Many people enjoy the application since it allows them to listen and read books all at once. The app’s sleep timer feature is very popular. The iOS app allows you to watch or download books.

Loyal Books offers audiobooks accessible in Twenty-Eight different languages, which is a fantastic feature. This is beneficial to users listening to books in their local languages across the globe, as well as those learning a new language.

Their iOS app, which has a 4.5-star user rating, allows users to download or watch books. Listeners may store books on their phones to avoid wasting data, or they can utilize the data to preserve space on their devices for other purposes.

20. Free Classic Audio Books

The Free Classic AudioBooks specializes in classics like the names says and fiction audiobooks. You can view the book by recently added, most popular, or by the author’s name. 

Example of some of the book you can stream is ‘Romeo and Juliet, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, and a lot more. 

All of its free audiobooks online can be download as an MP3 file and some as an M4B for iOS devices. 

21. Archive

The ‘Archive’ is a registered nonprofit that gathers a collection of libraries that are already listed in this article and a lot more others. Coupled with accommodating audiobooks from other sources, Archive gives its users access to Maria Letrix, Naropa Poetics Audio Archive, and Internet Archive. 

So if you want to search for an audiobook, you do not necessarily have to visit every one of the catalogs that it houses. You can just head to Archive and do a master search.

This website handles not just audiobooks alone but web pages, images, and various software programs with free listening access to more than 200,000 live concerts.

You can choose to stream directly online from the site or download it. 

22. YouTube

YouTube audiobooks are quite similar to Spotify. It is not a primary source for audiobooks due to its videos and music content. 

YouTube offers great and free audiobooks online if you know how to navigate your way around to find them. 

To search for an audiobook on YouTube, Type the title of the book followed by ‘audiobook’, if you are unable to find the book, try using the audiobooks on the youtube section of Reddit. It is created just for sharing videos on YouTube that are regarded as audiobooks. 

When you have finally found the audiobook you are searching for, you can download it using the download direction that will show or just listen to it online.

There are also a few very good YouTube channels focused on audiobooks, you may want to search for some of these and subscribe. They are mainly free, but some may offer Patreon which is exclusive, monetized content that YouTube allows.

Final Thoughts on Free Audiobooks Online

I have run you through a choice selection of audiobooks, but you must note that this list is in no particular order. These are all great resources, and most users would find themselves experimenting with a few especially since no platform has every single book available.

My advice is to try the different platforms and stick to those that have the biggest repertoire of your favorites.

These are probably just a few of what exists in the free audiobooks online domain. I would like to know what platforms you love that I have not included in this article.