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17 Best Sites For Free Blender Textures To Download and Use

Blender textures are important to get a 3D effect in your art. With the help of 3D textures, artists can easily convert their art having a 2D effect into art having a 3D effect.

They help you provide volume to the already-made textures. Hence, we have listed some of the best sites to give you free blender textures to choose from to make your life easier.

Process of Blender Texture Paintings:-

To apply blender texture to your art, you first need to prepare the model to which you want to apply the blender texture. Then next, you need to do is search for various blender textures that you apply to your model.

After searching for several blender textures, you need to select the texture you want to apply to your model. If you have unlocked all the textures, following certain steps, you can apply the blender texture easily.

There are also several other tools that the texture provides that you can apply to your 3D models to enhance their volume and look.

The several tools available in the texture allow the users to soften, clone, smear and fill the textures so they can improvise their art using these tools.

For the convenience of the users, the texture also provides several tricks and tips to the users for their art. The tips that the texture provides are that the users can save the original and the edited image, as sometimes there are cases where the blender does not save the edited image.

The next tip is that the users can set and change the blender settings according to their choice by remembering the shortcut keys. Using the shortcut keys, they will not have to follow the long procedure to change the blender settings.

The users can also change the view settings of the blender according to their art and convenience.  

Free Blender Textures – Our Top Pick👌

Several websites on the internet provide free blender textures to users to improvise their art just by adding the additional features of the blender. These textures have several unique features that the users use to add 3D effects to their art.

The websites that provide free blender textures to users are as follows:

1. Pixar One Twenty Eight

It consists of more than 130 free blender textures that users can use for their projects. These textures have different features and use; there are textures available for everything that you can think of.

Free Blender Textures 1

Although Pixar One Twenty Eight was created in 1993 since there have been regular upgrades and advancements in the textures that make the users’ experience better every time they use this website for getting blender textures. 

2. 3DXO

The website is simple and user-friendly, making it easy for the users to understand the working of the website. Due to its user-friendly nature, users have no difficulty searching and downloading textures according to their needs and choices.

Free Blender Textures
Indoor Wood 44

3DXO has a huge range of textures for its users that account for more than 700 different designs and types. The users can download and use these textures free of cost.

Along with textures for 2D models, the users can get an amazing collection of 3D model textures that they can download without paying any subscription charges. 

3. 3D Textures – free 3d textures for blender

The different categories of textures available for use on this website are glass textures, fabric textures, sky textures, car textures, and cloth textures.

Along with being an amazing website for the availability of textures, the website also has an amazing collection of background libraries.

Free Blender Textures 2
Rock 045

According to reports and reviews provided by the people, the advantage of using 3D Textures for getting textures is that the makers make regular upgrades and advancements in the range of textures available on this website, due to which the website always has the latest and trendy texture for its users.

The availability of the latest and trendy textures is one of the major reasons why people all around the world use this website to get free blender textures.

4. Textures.com

Textures were launched in 2005 and since then it has been providing free amazing PBR texture to its users. The website has a huge range and variety of textures that conclude more than 14000 textures.

Free Blender Textures 3
Old Planks Wood 5

Graphic professionals and digital artists prefer using this website because, along with providing free PBR textures, the website provides the option where they can purchase several other textures after paying the subscription charges.

The free PBR textures are usually 1024 pixels, but they unlock textures with resolutions of 32k after paying the subscription charges.

The users mostly provide positive results after using this website’s texture as the range and quality meet their expectations.

5. Wildtextures.com

Along with having categories and sub-divisions of the huge range of free blender textures available, Wild Textures also allows users to search textures using several color options available on the website.

Free Blender Textures 4
Green Forest Vector Camouflage Pattern

Also, when you open or download any specific textures, the website will start recommending textures that match your previous search and downloaded results. Therefore, users searching textures using this website get customized results that make it easy to search for textures according to their needs.

The users can check and download this web site’s amazing range of textures without paying any charges. But there are several subscription options available for the users; after paying the subscription charges, the users can unlock the additional features that the users who do not pay the charges are deprived of.

These unique features of this website make it different from other websites. It is also a widely used website for searching and downloading textures for various purposes by users.

6. Environment-textures.com

Environment Textures has a limited range of free blender textures available for its users.

The texture available includes animal skins and a huge range of textures for doors, windows, glass, floors, ink, interior, landscape, buildings, concrete, and marble.  

Free Blender Textures 5

If the users are ready to pay the subscription charges, they get a huge range of textures available with amazing features, designs, and quality.

People, in most cases, agree to pay for the subscription charges because they are quite affordable, and also, there are different discount schemes available for the users throughout the year.

Also, after paying the charge, they can use the additional features of the website that the users who do not pay the charges are deprived of.

7. TurboSquid

Turbo Squid is famous and widely used all around the globe. According to sources, this website provides its users with the highest range of textures that completely meet their requirements and expectations.

Also, along with using the free textures, the users can create their textures using the designs and features available on the website.

Creating their textures will have a dual advantage as they can make customized textures for their use and sell the textures made by them to other users; this can become an additional source of earning for them.

Free Blender Textures 6

For the users’ convenience, the website has several search parameter options that the users can use and search textures according to their choices quickly and without facing many difficulties.

The search parameter options are divided into 2D and 3D search models; these models help the users narrow down the search results according to the searches made by the users. 

Because of all such amazing and unique features, this website is known to be a pro website among users.

8. Poliigon

The textures on Poliigon are divided into separate categories so that the users can find the textures easily according to their needs and requirements.

A few categories include wood, fabric, metals, and grass. This website is created by Andrew Price, also known as the Blender Guru, because of the amazing textures he has created for the users.

Free Blender Textures 7

This website has more than 3000 textures for its users. It also consists of several types of materials that digital artists can use in their 3D art.

Along with a huge range of textures, the website also provides options where the users can create their textures using the designs and features available on the website. 

There is a range of free textures available on this website, but if you want to use the advanced textures, you need to pay the subscription charges.

These advanced textures have better quality, designs, and features than the users, free of cost. Most of the users of this website prefer to use paid textures because they get really good quality textures at affordable prices.

9. Texturer

It is one of those websites that digital artists and graphic designers mostly prefer because it has a huge range of textures, as well as the textures, are high quality which makes it superior to the textures of other websites.

Users can get textures of everything on Texturer, including doors, windows, floors, grass, and glass.

Free Blender Textures 8

For the users’ convenience, the makers of the website have divided the huge range of textures into different categories and subcategories so that the users can easily fund textures according to their needs and choices and do not take much time just searching for the textures only.

Digital artists, graphic designers, and animators, along with using the textures of this website, can also provide textures created by themselves to other users.

10. Poly Haven

People who are Patreon supporters mostly use this Poly Haven website as they can get a huge library of textures of their choice. The resolutions of the textures available on this website are 8000 and 16000.

Free Blender Textures 9
River Small Rocks

One of the co-founders of this website is Rob Tuytel, a Dutch environment designer. This website has one of the top collection libraries with almost all the latest and trendy textures that completely fulfill the expectations and needs of the users.

A mandatory requirement to use the textures from this website is that the users need to have the CCO License with them both for commercial and personal use; if they use these textures without the license, then it will be considered illegal and will have to pay the penalty charges.

11. Texturelib.com

Texturelib is one of the users of the website who prefer downloading textures as it has all the features that users look at while using a website.

Free Blender Textures 10
Rough Old Wood

The interface of the website is quite simple and user-friendly, which makes it easy for the users to understand its working; the website has a huge range of textures available for its users, the collection of textures is divided into several categories, and there are subdivisions of the categories also so that the users can find textures of their choice quickly and without making many efforts.

Also, the users need not pay any kind of charge to download and use the textures of this website, all they need to do is open the website, search and download the textures as per their needs.  

12. Freestocktextures.com

The feature that distinguishes Free stock Textures from others is that when users search kinds of textures, the website customizes and it shows the results according to the previous searches of the users; in this way the users do not need to make more efforts and spend more time in searching textures of their needs and choices.

Free Blender Textures 11
Colors Of Ukraine Texture

Also, as the name of the website suggests, the users need to pay any subscription charges or log in to the website; all they need to do is open the website, search for textures according to their requirements and then download the selected textures.

13. Texture Haven

The textures provided on this website are 100% free for use. The various types of maps available along with the texture include displacement, normal, roughness, AO, and diffuse. The textures on this website are 8000 pixels.

Free Blender Textures 12

Texture Haven also offers PBR textures to the users, and the users need to have the Creative Commons CCO license to purchase and use these textures for commercial purposes. 

Rob Tuytel is a Dutch environment designer who has designed this website. He focused on creating a professional website that provides professional textures to users.

14. CG Bookcase

CG Bookcase provides free PBR blender textures to users. The feature that distinguishes this website from other websites is that it provides free blender textures; it also focuses on teaching the users how to use these textures and how to create their textures using the several available features on their website.

Free Blender Textures 13

The blender textures on this website are divided into various categories as well. These categories include wood, sand, metal, fabric, rock, and many more.

These categories include more than 500 textures. The website makers also make upgrades in the categories and the texture available to the users for use.

The users using textures from this website need not have to have any license or give any credit to the users; they can use it whenever they want according to their needs and requirements, as these textures are also completely free.

Most of the textures available on this website are 4000 pixels, which is quite low compared to textures available on other websites.

15. CC0 Textures

The website provides almost every type of textures artists need making it one of the most used websites by artists for their art. The website mainly aims to satisfy the needs of users who need PBR textures.

Although the website was launched in 2018 only due to its amazing quality and the variety of textures, people have downloaded more than 2 million textures annually from the website. 

Free Blender Textures 14

People who use these CC0 textures for commercial purposes need to have the Creative Commons CC0 license to download and use them without paying any charges.

There are several ranges of pixels available for the users to download, and the maximum limit of the available pixels is 8000. Also, the website provides mapping and displacement maps for the uses that they can use, along with several textures.

16. 3D Jungle

For users’ convenience, 3D Jungle has divided its textures into several categories. The categories are concrete, water, stone, sand, asphalt, bark, fabric, wood, and grass.

The website makers make regular advancements in the website and regularly add more textures in these categories.

Free Blender Textures 15

All these categories include more than 5000 textures that the users can use. Several categories provide reptile skins and animal furs textures, making the website worth it for both 2D and 3D artists.


Is CC0 texture free? 

Textures can be downloaded under the Creative Commons CCO License and used completely free of charge, even for commercial applications.

They are available in sizes up to 8,000 pixels and include displacement, normal, and roughness maps. 

Where do I find textures in Blender? 

Select the Texture tab in the Properties editor to display the Texture panel. The textured panel. The texture data type, or the type of texture being changed, is chosen using the radio button. 

Where can I download material textures? 

The best websites for artists and designers to download 3D textures are Texture Haven, Poliigon, 3DXO, Desso, and Turbosquid, among others. 

Where do I get 3D modeling textures? 

TurboSquid, SketchUp, All3dfree, 3DXO, Poliigon etc., are some of the best destinations you can rely on to find some of the best 3D modeling textures with utmost ease.  

What are the 4 types of texture? 

Visual, tactile, actual, and inferred textures are the four categories of textures used traditionally in art. The viewer may be affected differently by various textures.

For example, the surface appearance of the piece is its visual texture. It may be smooth or rough, regular or erratic. 

What are the types of textures? 

It is possible to categorize different textures as “lumpy,” “rough,” “smooth,” “rubbery,” or “soft.” The sensation or feel of various textures can be expressed using different words. 

What is visual texture in art? 

The physical texture is simulated or represented by visual texture. It is produced by faking the appearance of real texture by manipulating light and shadow. 


Therefore, these are the several websites that provide free blender textures to users. The users can download these blenders from these websites according to their requirements. These blenders have amazing and unique features that users can use for their art.