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Free data recovery software that will help you retrieve lost and deleted files


There are many situations in which we can lose important files from our computer and other devices. It may seem like a scenario with low chances of happening, but a simple malfunction of the hard drive can make it part of your reality.

In spite of the fact that losing files is frustrating, there’s nothing to panic about, as there is free data recovery software that can retrieve all the files you’ve lost or deleted. But, will a free software solution do its job right? Well, let us take a look at EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, which is currently one of the best available solutions when it comes to data retrieval.

Free data recovery software that will help you retrieve lost and deleted files

When EaseUS was created, those of us that never used this kind of software was in the mind of the developers. Many people that have nothing to do with the IT domain end up in situations when they need to get back files that appear to be gone from their devices.

While you can always call a specialist to take care of this matter, why spend money and be tied to his schedule when you can solve this matter on your own, fast and simple?

EaseUS provides a convenient and comfortable solution for hard drive recovery that anyone can use. How come it is so simple? Believe it or not, the software provides guidance every step of the way. Once you downloaded and installed EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you will know what to do.

The user interface is straightforward, so there are absolutely no chances of doing it wrong.

If you ever had the chance to install any kind of software on your computer, then you will have no problems when it comes to installing EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Most certainly you will love using this free data recovery software, as there isn’t other that is simpler than this one. What about when it is needed to retrieve lost files? Again, everything is simplified so you can have your data back in no time.

How to Track and Restore unsaved Excel files

You just need to select the location on your computer from where the files have gone missing, choose between Quick Scan and Deep Scan options, and hit the scan button.


Then, sit back and relax, allowing the software to do its thing. You will see a list appearing gradually, with the files the software found during the scanning process. In order to retrieve the desired files or all of them, you need to wait until EaseUS finishes scanning the chosen partition of your computer.

Once the scanning process is completed, tick the boxes next to the name of each file you want to recover. If you tick the box next to the “Name” field, then all files will be automatically selected without you doing this operation manually, so this is the option to use when you want to retrieve all found files.

After finishing the selection of files, just press the Recover button that can be found in the bottom-right corner of EaseUS window. That’s it. Enjoy your recovered file.


With The Help Of Data Recovery Software You Can Recovery Most Of The Lost Files Which Is Deleted Or Erased By Some Cause Or By Mistakely.But There Are 1000 Of Software For Data Recovery Software In Market And Its Very Hard To Choose Which One Is Best Well We Recommend Ease Us Data Recovery Software You Have Already Seen Its Features Above Hence If You Want To Download This Software For Free You Can Click Here To Download Free.


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