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9 Best Free Sites Like Ancestry To Understand Your Genealogy

You may know this, but you did not come to earth by yourself. You own your presence to your forefathers and ancestors. Most of them might be buried deep inside or perhaps migrated to some other part of this great earth of ours.

They may be on the other side of the planet, for all you know. Now tracing them can be a tedious task unless you have some kind of tool or app that can help you. 

The good news is that it is not challenging as it seems. You can make use of applications like ancestry. Using these kinds of resources makes tracing your ancestors a simple task. They can unravel many insights into your genealogy for centuries and help find who you are. 

Isn’t it exciting? Yeah, we have come a long way. When new technology keeps developing each day, you also have tools to find out more about your ancestors. Ancestry utilizes millions of historical data. 

These can be used for accessing unknown information of ancestors. It can shed a lot of light on where you came from and who were your forefathers. Sadly, ancestry is quite expensive, and you will have to pay close to $16 to $50 per month. 

Why do you have to pay so much when free and powerful tools work as well? 

Significance of using the best free sites like ancestry:-

As we read, ancestry is one of the most popular history research websites in the market. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive, coming at $30 per month or more depending on the kind of package you choose. 

Why do you want to pay such a price when you have reliable, exceptional, and affordable free sites like ancestry? Thanks to modern technology, you can now get several features like DNA testing done at home itself, and the results obtained might surprise you in the end. 

You may even have a genetic difference from your sibling, for all you know. This is something that you may not find out using ancestry. Why not try some of the best free sites like ancestry? Though you cannot design the world’s largest family tree, you can begin to find your ancestors. 

When you find it challenging to use ancestry and are tired of paying a lot for the information, you might want to read the below post and read about some excellent free sites similar to ancestry. 

Things To note when selecting the best free sites like ancestry:-

You can find several genealogy and family tree-building tools. They can help you find the ancestral information that you are searching for.

So, how do you know whether you are using a reliable genealogy website?

Relevant regional focus:-

The first aspect to look out for is the relevant regional focus of your genealogy tool. When you are from America, then you might consider using sites that focus on Europe or the UK. This way, you can find somebody who might be located there. 

The idea is always to look for sites that offer you critical information about ancestors from another continent and country. This way, you can find out where your ancestors were more likely from. 

Come with message boards:-

One of the most crucial aspects of any lineage site would be message boards. When you want to trace your family history, you will want to know about the historical information. There is no scope for wrong information printed there. 

As you communicate with people of similar interests, they can guide you immensely in finding your ancestors. These answers can bring you close to finding out details about your forefathers. So, choose a site that provides you with helpful resources and has an active community.

It has a massive database of records:-

The database is extensive and comes with several historical records that lead you to your ancestors. You may not settle for a website that comes with only a few thousand records to go through. Instead, get a site that gives plenty of information to a specific area of interest.

DNA testing or compatibility:-

When you want to take your forefather’s research deep, you can use the DNA test. You may choose a genealogy site that provides you with this service. Of course, you can get your DNA testing done anywhere, for that matter. Upload the DNA results and match them. 

Best Free Sites like Ancestry – Our Top Pick👌👌

Below we have a list of the best free sites like ancestry after scrutinizing and deliberation.

1. FamilySearch

We being our quest with FamilySearch. It has been around since 1999. You may want to know that the site is safe, considering the fact that volunteers run it. The accuracy of the information offered on the website is extremely reliable. 

You will be delighted to know the website consists of more than 6 billion records that have been gathered throughout the world. The name can search for them.

Best Free Sites like Ancestry

You can also browse using the data like marriage, birth, death, church, census, and more. Several web pages on the site offer you critical documents that are verifiable. 

The user interface is another aspect that many users have commended about the website. It is quite easy to find your way through. Once you are logged in, you can click on the options that provide you with the information you were looking for. 

Using that provides vital information about your forefathers and ancestors. The website also comes with tools that feature all the elements you can use. You also have a memory and tool for organizing data about your ancestors as and when you find details about them. 

When you are going through the site, you can add the details about your ancestors with the genealogical tree.

Sadly, finding details about your forefathers can be challenging when do not know how to start with. Though you know the location, record, or street, searching on the site can take an eternity.

Besides, the website does not provide DNA testing, which we felt could have been helpful. Apart from that, it is a magnificent tool to use to find out details about your forefathers. 


  • The website is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • The data is reliable and verifiable. 
  • It comes with more than 6 billion records.
  • It has an easy user interface for you to search effortlessly.
  • The tool provides a memory and family tree maker tool for organizing data.


  • The tool is too tangled.

FamilySearch is one of the best free sites like ancestry. The documents present on the website are mostly true and accurate. It is based on state, national, and church records. The information is reliable and correct. 

2. Genuki

Genuki is second on our list. The founders of the website want others to find out more about their ancestors. The information provided on the site is not paid. The website has been around since 1995, giving it more than two decades of free service to millions of users. 

Best Free Sites like Ancestry 1

Now, you can find thousands of pages of crucial information about your ancestors. Users have commented about the user interface of the site. It is pretty straightforward because you get what you are looking for instantly. 

The tool provides you with vital data about the UK. You can find tools on the site like the reference library, where you have gazetteers, church databases, family history, and the like. 

Using the data present on the site, you can now find burial places, family records, and other historical value data. This can lead you to your forefathers. Additionally, when you are keen on pursuing a subject like history, you can use the website to find out more about the towns and cities in Europe. 

If you are looking for somebody who was or is based in the UK, then you now know what to do and may want to go through the website. 


  • The user interface is good. 
  • The site has 110,000 pages of crucial information.
  • It comes with stunning features. 
  • It offers you reliable data in the whole of the UK. 
  • The tool offers gazetteers, how-to guides, and maps.


  • Few users felt that some slight data might not be accurate. 

Genuki could be the best free sites like ancestry because of its natural user interface and the astounding facts that it provides you with. When you are alright with the fact that data might be inaccurate, most of it is good enough to help you know more about your ancestors. 

3. AccessGenealogy

AccessGenealogy is an excellent website too. The tool offers you thousands of free resources and links that are helpful for you in finding more about your forefathers. 

This is one of the best free sites like ancestry because it has a niche with the Americans. The site specializes in research material and provides an abundance of history of the different periods related to the great country of America. 

It provides you with details like tax, marriage, court, death, and the yearbooks. You know that the information provided to you is entirely accurate. There are ethnic and cemetery records too. 

The collections can be categorized, and you can visit them as you want. Documents found on the site can be very old. It covers everything from the slave trade and shows the grocery store account. 

As you can see, you have a treasure of information about your ancestors. The site is constantly updated with new details, and old information gets verified often. There is no way that the details offered on the site are inaccurate in any way. 

Sometimes some details are preserved so that they can be found later. Unfortunately, the site comes with a subscription service that provides more information. Besides, there is no guide to know more details about your forefather. 


  • The website is free to use. 
  • The site is the largest database in the United States of America. 
  • It comes with a barrage of information. 
  • It has documents dating back to the 16th century.
  • The details like tax and census are provided. 


  • Its subscription service provides you with plenty of information. 

AccessGenealogy is an exceptional tool for genealogists. You can make use of the free information provided in the library there. You can use the subscription service when you want to find out more information like some of the other websites.

4. USGenWeb

USGenWeb could probably be the best free sites like ancestry. That is because it is a reliable website that is based in the United States of America. It was designed in 1995 and operated by volunteers who want to ensure that loved ones can communicate with them. 

9 Best Free Sites Like Ancestry To Understand Your Genealogy

The features are also quite the same for most websites. Users can make use of the colossal library that it has on spread for their family history and forefathers. Similar to the FamilySearch site, this one comes with Wikipedia. 

The wiki function enables you to find out who you want based on the location. The site also contains information on genealogy for 50 states in America. You will be delighted to know that the details are pristine and clear with each county mentioned.

It has a decent quality of information that is present on the webpage. This detail could be different for each of the counties. That is because users entirely provide the quantity based on the research that they have provided you with. 

You may not get the information from even a paid genealogy website. Unless you visit, you will not know the kind of information you want, depending on the place or location. When you want a complete source for consultation of your ancestry search, then this website proves valuable. 

It comes featured with a wide range of obituaries, old diaries, military records, census records, and newspapers. The website has an abundance of information on it. USGenWeb provides you with a detailed guide on your forefathers. 

Sadly, it does not provide you with a tool for creating a tree. Hence, if you want to design your own tree, then you will have to do it yourself. 


  • The site is one of the oldest genealogy websites in the market. 
  • The website provides you with a colossal library.
  • It comes with a wiki function.
  • It has the genealogy for 50 states in America.
  • The site is a complete source for consultation.


  • The site does not come with a family tree maker. 

USGenWeb’s website is a stunning one as it provides you with a colossal library. Besides, the site comes with a wiki function, has the genealogy for 50 states in America, and offers exhaustive consultation sources.

5. Olive Tree Genealogy

Olive Tree Genealogy was founded in 1996, and like USGenWeb, it is quite old and reliable. A key element in genealogy websites is the reliability of the market, even from paid sites. 

Created by a passionate researcher, the site provides users with accessible resources. It is currently listed as the best genealogy website in 2021 by Family Tree Magazine.

The site provides you with a genealogy database. You can also find genealogy tutorials, free records, help files, books, subscriptions, and resource guides in your research.

Besides that, you can also make use of the free genealogy research service. You can find accessible databases and links to other free records about passenger lists.

They come with details about British immigrants to America, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. You have a ton of information on the Mennonites, Palatine (German) immigration, and the history and immigration of the Dutch to New York. 

It provides you with a package that you can use for a few hours. This package can handle questions. Users felt that the interface was intimidating, and they needed some time to get used to it. 

If you are a historian or researcher, then you will find their blog ever so useful for free as it comes with the latest discussions about several important topics and information. Sadly, users felt that the links could take you around in circles. 


  • There is a wealth of information on the site. 
  • The site is rated as the best this year by Family Tree Magazine.
  • It comes with a vast genealogy database.
  • It provides you with genealogy tutorials, free records, and help files.
  • The website offers a paid research package for a few hours.


  • It does not come very organized. 

Those who have never checked out Olive Tree Genealogy do not know what you are missing out on. There is a wealth of valuable and free information in there for you.

This year’s best by Family Tree Magazine, it comes with a vast genealogy database and provides you with genealogy tutorials, free records, and help files.

6. FindAGrave

Unlike its name, FindAGrave is more than just finding a grave around you. The website comes with stunning features and helps you keen on developing your genealogy research.

Tipton likes to go on tours of famous people and take photos and videos of them. Though the website belongs to ancestry, it is worth the visit considering it offers you a barrage of photos and records. 

Best Free Sites like Ancestry 3

It has plenty of biographical information based on several hundred million graves in the world. The site is most suitable for finding plenty of information about the graves of your loved one. 

Additionally, you also know the dates and find your relatives too. Using the website is relatively easy as you need to use the location, name, death, and birth. 

You can find images and other information about the person who is dead. This data helps you understand things like where they lived, and their occupation and provides sensational information about their ancestors. 

If not, you can make use of the search tools on the site like the partner’s name, child’s name, parents, and so on. Then filter the search results using a nickname, titles, maiden name, and others. This is where the main issue lies here, which is that registered users provide the details. 

Hence, they can vary in most cases, or there can be no results during your search. Users liked the memorial where you can add notes and virtual flowers there. The website has garnered close to 170 million entries, which means it is going quite well. 


  • The website has been around for more than 2 decades. 
  • The site comes with details about graves throughout the world. 
  • It has a sublime user interface. 
  • It comes with fine images of the headstone and relevant personal details. 
  • The tool has more than 170 million entries today. 


  • Their overdependence on users for information is criticized. 

FindAGrave is the best free sites like ancestry because it has been around for more than 2 decades. The site comes with details about graves throughout the world; it has a sublime user interface and offers you images of the headstone and relevant personal information.

While exploring the Best Free Sites Like Ancestry To Understand Your Genealogy for you, I found an awesome video on “Generations X, Y, and Z: Which One Are You?” which is worth watching.

Generations X, Y, and Z: Which One Are You?

7. ACPL Genealogy Center

ACPL Genealogy Center is a research center in America. Using the website, you can enhance your knowledge of your loved ones. Several records about the ancient history of this great country are provided there. 

This is possible through school yearbooks, military records, and cemetery records. Logging into the ACPL website does not have to be complicated. You do not have to use a library card for visiting the site. 

The website provides you with several documents that have been with them since. With the surname, you can then communicate with others having similar names. Using that, you can unearth their information and do research. They also provide you with an e-magazine that provides the latest genealogy information. 

The magazine provides guides to enhance your research. This can come in handy whether you are keen on finding somebody from your past, as a hobby, or helping somebody do their research. Additionally, it provides communication with professionals who can immensely help you. 

Besides, when you are keen on knowing something, you can send emails with general questions about ACPL’s collections, records, and databases. Overall, the ACPL comes with plenty of information that can help you find what you are looking for. 


  • The user interface of the website is quite simple.
  • The data is the entire country of America, the state of Indiana, and other resources.
  • It provides native American ancestry and military history.
  • It offers you details from school yearbooks and military records.
  • The site gives a monthly e-magazine providing the latest information.


  • Becoming a member offers you great features than otherwise. 

ACPL Genealogy Center is a wonderful source for gathering a lot of information about your family. The user interface is good; it covers the entire country of America, the state of Indiana, and provides details about Native American ancestry and military history. 

8. JewishGen

JewishGen is the best free sites like ancestry if you are Jewish. When you are keen on finding your Jewish ancestors, then this perhaps might be your ideal resource. It provides exclusive data on Holocaust victims, family trees, burials, and surnames.

You will be glad to know that the database provides you with close to 6 million names in it. The site has more than 400,000 entries. The tool comes with several million victims of the Holocaust.

There is data of 50 nations and 5,000 Jewish communities. You can be sure of what you are looking for effortlessly. The website has a record of business directories, books, registries, cemeteries, and manuscripts.

9 Best Free Sites Like Ancestry To Understand Your Genealogy

In other words, when you are searching for something related to a specific past in Jewish history, this site can provide it to you. 

The site makes use of the Daitch-Mokotoff phonetic. It helps to gather accurate results when name searches. You can register yourself on the site when you want to use it. With the help of search features, you may not be able to do as you wish without a small donation. 

Having said that, it provides you with valuable links to their resources globally. There are tons of information on the UK, Israel, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Latvia, the USA, Austria, and Belarus. 

The details come with birth, census, marriage, business, and death. Many users have felt that the user interface could have been improved. The tool provides newcomers with guides that are helpful with your research. 


  • The site provides exclusive data on Holocaust victims.
  • The website has 400,000 town entries and surnames.
  • It comes with the Daitch-Mokotoff phonetic search algorithm.
  • It has helpful links for Jewish genealogy resources globally.
  • The tool offers data on the birth and census.


  • You can use better features after making a small donation. 

JewishGen is one of the best free sites like ancestry because of its valuable features. The website provides exclusive data on Holocaust victims, has 400,000 town entries and surnames, and comes with the Daitch-Mokotoff phonetic search algorithm.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are so many best free sites like ancestry available for you. Having said that, the above-listed websites are credible genealogy and family trees out there.

When you want to know more about your ancestry and where you came from, you can use these tools at your fingertips.

However, you may want to have little patience and be willing to spend some time finding the lineage of your forefathers. You never know what might surprise you. Using these sites, you will be making some fantastic discoveries about your forefathers.