Home Digital Marketing Enjoy a Smooth Stress-Free Video Editing Experience with Power-Packed Filmora9

Enjoy a Smooth Stress-Free Video Editing Experience with Power-Packed Filmora9


Are you looking for a powerfully functional and feature-loaded video editor? As per my experience goes, there’s no better software than Filmora9 when we think of video editing. The intuitive interface and a great range of advanced video editing features are now more powerful and enhanced with several other new features in the Filmora9 video editing tool. I have always been a part of the Filmora family and presently, loving each and every feature of the newly launched Filmora9.

If you are looking for simple, easy, yet, powerful solutions for video editing, you may blindly trust the Filmora9 software. I am completely in awe of this software and highly recommend it to all the users, irrespective of whether you are a newbie or a pro. Yes, it is the easiest to use film editor as well as great free video editing software which makes it an amazing tool for the beginners as well as the professionals.

Steps to Achieving a Professional Quality Video with Filmora9

Download and Install – The first step is to download the Wondershare Filmora9 software, install it, and run the program. You may click on the link to download the tool. It took just a few seconds for me to download and install Filmora9 so; it is quite fast and easy.

Create New or Check Recent Projects – Once you run the software and the installation of the Filmora9 is complete, you are taken to a screen that allows you to choose from the two options create a new project or you may check your recently done past projects.

Get to the Full Featured Editor Screen – When you have clicked on the New Project, you are taken to another screen that is your fully featured editor screen which you use to edit your videos.

Import Videos Files to Edit – Bring the video you wish to edit on the fully featured editor screen by importing the video from your computer or laptop. It will show up on the screen in the middle box, under the import and record options.

Add Video to the Project – In order to make edits to your video, it must be connected to the Project. So, take the cursor to the video and click on the + Add button. You can see the video appears on the right side of the screen which means the video to be edited is connected to the project.

Get Access to Filmora9 Editing Dashboard – From adding filters, overlays, music, transition or texts to increasing or decreasing effects duration, Filmora9 is amazing software that makes your editing experience thoroughly pleasurable.   There is a range of options to choose from. With Filmora9, you also get access to the Effect Store to download it and give the best touch to the video.

Export and Create Video – Finally, when you are completely happy and satisfied with the video edits, click on the top left corner Export button and hit the Create video option. Once done, you can burn the video on to a DVD or directly you may upload on Vimeo or YouTube. You can also save the project to work on later from the top left corner.


With the launch of the Filmora9, my work has become easier and in just a matter of 30 minutes. I feel everyone must try Filmora9 at least once and can bet you will never regret it. Filmora9 is garnering great reviews and feedbacks from all its users. Apart from the minor ultra-wide aspect ratio 21:9 feature, you will not face any other inconveniences white editing your videos on this software. For me, Wondershare  Filmora9 is the best video editing software in recent times.


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