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19 Of The Best Freshdesk Alternatives To Try Out

Are you looking for some top-notch and industry’s best help desk software like Freshdesk? There’s no need to look any further. All the legwork is now accomplished to ensure that you don’t have to waste time looking for information.

This article contains the best Freshdesk alternatives for your consideration based on the database of best and leading help desk solutions and product reviews.

While Freshdesk is one of the most extensive and capable customer service platforms available, it may not be right for you as not everything is meant for everyone!

If your CRM is based on a different platform, having a help desk from the same company allows for a more fluid sales-service synergy. If you want more Facebook and Twitter integration, several of the apps on this list do it better than Freshdesk.

If you want your help desk to be fully integrated into your website, there are a few options below that you must have a look at.

Importance of help desk:-

Your customer support staff or help desk is among the company’s critical customer-facing groups, along with your sales and marketing teams.

It’s critical that service, sales, and marketing be all on the same page, working together and sharing the same customer data. You’ll be able to attract new consumers, better serve existing ones, and increase revenue.

Each of your three customer-facing units has a vested interest in providing the best possible experience for customers, from targeted promotions to VIP treatment at the point of sale to having concerns fixed fast when they contact you afterward.

KPIs are used to measure the productivity of your help desk, and one of the most important customer service indicators is average initial response time (AFRT).

As per the latest industrial standards, whenever any of your clients contact you using social media, you must answer within an hour; if contacted via email, you have to reply within a 24 hours time limit; and instantly reply if contacted via phone.

Regarding AFRT, the faster the response time, the better the popularity. Again, it all comes down to creating a positive client experience, which can have disastrous effects if done incorrectly.

More on Freshdesk:-

AI-based lead scoring, smart automation, self-service portals, integrated game dynamics, numerous SLA policies, and multichannel capacity are all key Freshdesk features.

You may rely on the solution for basic tools like a knowledge base, community platform, and quick help desk ticketing in addition to the unique features.

The best feature is that you can easily transform your support communications into tickets and track them so you can respond accurately and quickly.

You may also link forum queries to tickets and vice versa, making it easier to produce efficient responses to common problems and requests. Here is what else the Freshdesk software offers and what all you must look for in the best Freshdesk alternatives.

  • Agents can interact via email to guarantee that no queries get unanswered.
  • You can quickly and precisely classify tickets and send them to the appropriate agent for timely resolution.
  • You can automate every step of your customer service process, from ticket dispatch to resolution.
  • You may monitor client comments on your goods on social media and respond to problems there.
  • As per the queries received from the consumers, the app suggests accurate answers intuitively from its knowledge base.
  • The entire community of Freshdesk also lets your customers share tips, advice, ideas, and other essential practices with one another.

Now that you understand the value of a help desk and customer care solution, it’s time to investigate the most popular platforms.

If you’re not satisfied with what Freshdesk offers and want more options, keep reading to learn about the top Freshdesk alternatives that each have their own set of amazing features.

Best Freshdesk Alternatives – Our Top Pick 

1. Zendesk

Zendesk is a high-end cloud help desk system with enterprise-level capabilities. It’s designed to give you and your employees a complete set of tools for help desk, customer support, call center, knowledge base, and chat, allowing for a unified customer experience.

These enable you to provide full support across all channels at every point of the client experience from a single platform.

Zendesk streamlines the help desk and supports procedures with smart and user-friendly features like task automation and notifications.

Using the predefined and contextual histories of customer search, responses on tickets, and web widgets, it may also aggregate and manage all the customer queries and interactions instantly from any channel.

You’ll also get statistics, analytics, dashboards, and customer satisfaction ratings, to help you better understand how well your customer service is performing.

2. Freshservice – Freshdesk alternatives To Efficiently Track Tickets

Freshservice is based on cloud service and it is a fully Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-compliant solution to serve all your help desk-related needs.

It is one of the best Freshdesk alternatives that ensure complete control over your IT department and its assets for you while aligning your IT infrastructure to ensure the best customer assistance. This is a must-try help desk solution.

Best Freshdesk Alternatives

With the solution’s superior SLA management, incident management, and knowledge management solutions, your firm stands to benefit a lot.

Freshservice is simple to set up and administer, and the inclusion of gamification capabilities will help your agents deal with the stress of daily duties by making them more enjoyable and engaging.

Enterprise Service Management(ESM) in Freshservice | Unified IT management solution Freshservice

3. Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials is a cloud-based help desk that also functions as a CRM and sales tool. This program, designed specifically for small teams, is ideal for improving customer service operations and increasing conversions.

Case auto-assignment, inquiry routing, automation of work, and excellent and intelligent self-service tools are some of its best features.


It also includes contact management features and pipeline tracking functions to provide you with a 360-degree picture of all clients who contact you, making it one of the best Freshdesk alternatives available globally.

While Salesforce Essentials has a lot of capabilities, it’s best for individuals that desire a simple user interface. It just provides the tools you need — nothing more, nothing less — making it simple to use even for newcomers.

4. LiveAgent – Freshdesk alternatives To Answer more tickets

LiveAgent is a popular help desk software that combines many channels into a single, compact package. Email assistance, live chat, along with Twitter and Facebook integration are all included. File sharing, gamification, contact forms, POP3 accounts, and statuses, are among the key features of LiveAgent.

Best Freshdesk Alternatives 1
Connect with your
customers on all channels

What is it about LiveAgent that makes it so popular? The key reason is that the solution’s interface is straightforward and basic, making it simple to learn and use.

All components of the user interface are well-planned and approachable, allowing users to grasp the program in a short amount of time. Your agents will be able to answer a high number of support requests in a short amount of time due to the convenience of use.

5. JitBit HelpDesk

Jitbit is a helpdesk that is based on the cloud-ticketing system and is utilized by numerous enterprises. It has many useful features including email processing, help desk automation, and Zapier connection with over 500 apps.

You can use the software to track and handle incoming support request emails, along with the tickets that go with them. It has an automation engine that can assign agents to tickets, send auto-replies, and establish due dates.

Best Freshdesk Alternatives 2

JitBit provides you with a comprehensive picture of your clients and tickets. It allows you to arrange tickets using tags and categories and allows you to search for individual tickets using filters.

It also allows you to define route tickets, and priorities, and activate specific actions. There are a variety of SMB and enterprise price levels available. The software is available as a one-time purchase perpetual license or as a monthly subscription starting at 29 USD/month.

6. Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk is a multi-channel help desk platform that allows you to manage emails, calls, web forms, chat, Twitter, and Facebook, all in one place. It is one of the best Freshdesk alternatives to try out due to the wider portfolio of services that it offers.

The ITIL Vision helpdesk also follows the IT Infrastructure Library’s IT service management (ITSM) discipline.

Satellite / Multi Company Help Desk Software by Vision Helpdesk

Management of assets, problems, incidents, changes, releases, knowledge, and CMDB are all included services in this service help desk. This platform is available in both a cloud and a download version.

7. TeamSupport

TeamSupport is a comprehensive customer service tool that allows organizations to collaborate and communicate more efficiently across their divisions and with customers, resulting in a faster and more accurate response.

Your technical, finance, and sales teams, in addition to your support team, can communicate and use the app to improve customer happiness.

You may also enhance the system’s functionality by integrating it with popular business tools like Zoho Reports, Dropbox, MailChimp, and others.

TeamSupport has a wider range of scalable features and cloud-hosted plans which can benefit the bigger and smaller businesses equally. Ticket automation and management, screen records, live chat, reporting functionality, and enhanced customer self-service portals, are among the main features.

Your customer service staff can use the internal chat tool for real-time collaboration talks. Finally, the mobile version for major platforms such as Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS allows you to be productive while on the road.

8. Zoho Desk

By utilizing features that increase agent productivity, businesses may use Zoho Desk to provide high-quality customer service.

Managers may use reporting and analytics tools to identify growth opportunities, assess agent performance, and make informed business decisions. Customers will benefit from the app as well, as they can swiftly and easily find rapid and dependable assistance.

What is Zoho Desk? - An Overview

Zoho Desk also stands out from the entire crowd because it provides numerous support channels, automation of work, and other essential tools for all sorts of businesses to ensure quicker and more responsive customer service.

This help desk software also lets employees from multiple departments easily collaborate and share client feedback while also providing the customers with a superior support experience.

9. Atera

Atera refers to a web-based remote management and monitoring (RMM) tool for IT professionals managed service providers (MSP).

It provides a consolidated platform that puts IT monitoring and management procedures, as well as help desk, reporting, billing, and other business tasks, together in one place.

19 Of The Best Freshdesk Alternatives To Try Out

MSPs can manage and fix customer IT issues anywhere and anytime thanks to the software’s remote assistance and monitoring capabilities. It is one of the best Freshdesk alternatives available in the global market.

Atera may be accessed via a mobile device, a tablet, or a desktop computer, and it can monitor an unlimited number of workstations and servers.

It is the first solution of its kind that combines professional services automation, RMM, and remote control functionalities in a single package.

Patch management, real-time notifications, scripting, and strong integrations are just a few of the additional capabilities. Atera’s pricing depends on technicians and starts at 89 USD per month.

10. RingCentral Engage

Previously known as Dimelo, RingCentral Engage is a cloud-hosted digital platform developed by RingCentral that is designed to consolidate and manage all client contact, regardless of where it originates — chat, social media, email, forums, mobile, and website.

Having a single platform allows your agents to respond to customer inquiries faster, consolidate resources and agent allocation, and ensure a smooth communication flow and connection even when traffic is heavy.

RingCentral Engage is a built-in CRM solution that allows you to track all of your customer interactions and identify their digital identity. It can link customer profiles with ticket information to make response times easier and faster.

Machine learning is also included in the program, which supports over 70 different languages and can interpret their content. It is also easily available via configurable pricing and UI with numerous applications and services.

11. ProProfs Help Desk

ProProfs Help Desk is a customer support software that helps close problems faster and more efficiently, resulting in happy customers. The straightforward, email-like architecture of this cloud-based solution makes ticket handling simple for agents.

ProProfs is a single tool that can handle all of a company’s help desk needs. You can find a ProProfs plan that suits your needs, whether you’re a one-person shop or a company with more than 40 employees.

How to Set up Your Help Desk in Under 5 Minutes

Customers who use ProProfs Help Desk and its in-house live chat and knowledge base can reduce tickets by 80%. They can also use a single platform to track KPIs, gauge client happiness, and give agent training.

It also has a primary feature of a shared inbox that contains all the tickets. This guarantees that no queries are overlooked. The tool’s familiar Gmail-like user interface helps new agents get up to speed quickly.

Canned responses, SLA rules, and ticket prioritization are all features that help you reply to inquiries quickly. Meanwhile, the option to add labels and notes, as well as build parent/child tickets, helps teams collaborate more effectively. If you are looking for the best Freshdesk alternatives, then you must try this out.

12. ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control, a customer care platform, is a remote access platform that enables technicians to fix client concerns more quickly.

Technical support personnel may simply connect with clients and receive safe access to their devices using the program, allowing for more efficient troubleshooting and faster issue resolution. Organizations will be able to create a tailored interface for guest sessions to boost customer confidence and brand memory.

ConnectWise Control also easily integrates with ConnectWise Manage, establishing the Ad hoc remote support sessions using the service tickets. Further, for the internal notes, all details from these remote sessions are recorded.

All this combines a well-rounded and efficient support system to ensure the greatest customer service levels.

Deep dive product training for ConnectWise users at IT Nation Explore 2021

13. Wix Answers

Wix Answers is a free help desk software that is based on cloud service and can be utilized by any sort of business or organization.

Fundamentally, the system enables organizations to provide excellent customer service and maintain long-term customer connections. The platform assures an extended knowledge base, a multi-channel ticketing system, an in-built call center, and a live chatting service, along with other features for businesses.

Best Freshdesk Alternatives 4

Wix Answers is a scalable solution that allows you to pick and choose from a variety of solutions based on your specific customer service requirements.

Wix Answers is configurable, which is the cherry on top. As a result, the software may be tailored to provide the great customer service that your clients expect. Even better, the system consolidates all client communications into a single, easily manageable thread.

You have access to viewing or replying to all the questions coming via phone, social media, emails, or online chatting on the console.

Wix Answers can also let you provide support in multiple languages to your customers. Moreover, you may try the free trial version of this helpdesk to get a brief idea about all its services.

14. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub is the perfect free live-chatting software for small and medium-sized enterprises. The platform enables organizations to create self-service solutions that delight clients while also assisting in corporate growth.

19 Of The Best Freshdesk Alternatives To Try Out

It allows people to answer real-time inquiries from customers and prospects, allowing for rapid connection. Ticketing, live chatting, shared inbox, conversational bots, scheduling of meetings, HubSpot CRM capabilities, and NPS survey, are a few of the highlight features of HubSpot.

In addition, HubSpot Service Hub makes tracking contacts, deals, requests, and scheduling appointments a breeze.

It makes the tracking of the progress of each engagement and sales funnel activity much easier and seamless by centralizing all the details and the client interactions. Agents will be able to convert leads more easily, close more sales, and provide individualized solutions to all customer inquiries in this manner.

The provider provides a thoroughly free trial to familiarise you with the features, making it one of the best Freshdesk alternatives.

15. SysAid

Software for IT help desks, SysAid, is a dependable service that assists IT companies in managing and resolving technology-related difficulties.

IT asset management, a self-service portal, ticket management, a knowledge base, remote control, and reporting tools are all included in the platform. Using automation and intelligent service arrangements, SysAid helps the ITSM teams to perform and run efficiently.

Best Freshdesk Alternatives 6

Therefore, the IT support agents are relieved of a few of the harder responsibilities, letting them handle the other issues, problems, and crises with ease.

Moreover, users can utilize the service on the cloud or on their premises, by choosing the desired option. SysAid also ensures a single entry point for all the IT support tickets, regardless of their implementations.

Managers can then assign tickets to the nearest available IT technician or change the priority to speed up resolution. The vendor offers a tempting free trial that allows you to play around with the features without spending any money.

In addition, the software has effective tracking and notification capabilities. Consequently, you’ll be able to keep track of each ticket and guarantee that it’s dealt with swiftly.

This ensures that no problem tickets are overlooked, regardless of the volume of them arriving. Even better, you can organize and make essential information available to your technicians and end-users with the knowledge base.

As a result, experts will be able to handle technological issues more effectively, while clients will have a taste of outstanding self-service.

16. Paldesk

Paldesk, an omnichannel communication platform, includes a robust help desk and ticketing system designed specifically for sales and customer care teams.

It compiles the requests and questions coming from social media channels, live chatting, email, and mobile applications into a single and unique dashboard. This streamlines ticket administration increases response times and the delivery of individualized solutions and boosts customer satisfaction.


The best thing is that Paldesk offers a customizable widget that you can embed on your website to provide consumers with instant, online service.

The widget’s fundamental elements, such as color and typography, can be customized to match your company’s branding. Paldesk also has intelligent routing capabilities.

This means it sends customer requests automatically depending on parameters such as the agent’s specialties and skills, the type of request, the communication channel, and the contact history. The Paldesk free trial allows you to have a thorough look at all of the software’s capabilities at no cost.

Even better, the platform offers customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It enables users to set up basic prepared messages to react to requests during non-business hours.

Furthermore, complex issues raised by clients outside of business hours are immediately kept as tickets. These tickets are then forwarded to the appropriate department/agent, who will work on them during business hours.

17. Hiver: The only helpdesk built for G Suite

Hiver is the first helpdesk platform that is specifically designed for Google Workspace. It adds features like workload distribution, workflow automation, activity timelines, collision alarms, and a host of collaboration possibilities to your Gmail inbox.

Best Freshdesk Alternatives 7

Using this fascinating helpdesk software, you may convert your existing inboxes quickly and seamlessly into a fully functional help desk without having to learn anything extra.

It also has native integrations with prominent business communication platforms like Slack and other prominent third-party systems. In this manner, you may expand the platform’s capabilities and make data import/export more efficient.

Hiver may also be accessible from both a desktop and a mobile device, giving you maximum flexibility. The Hiver free trial allows you to have a thorough look at all of the software’s capabilities.

Last but not least, Hiver is a Google partner and uses the EU-US privacy shield architecture to protect each user’s data. It is compliant with SOC 2 Type II and is certified ISO 27001, so can always be assured that the important papers of your company are secure.

18. ManageEngine Service Desk

ManageEngine ServiceDesk is a help desk and asset management system for firms that are just getting started with ITSM-compliant operations.

It has code-free configuration and integration, making it simple for non-technical managers to integrate it into their operations.

It works with a variety of communication channels and all major operating systems. It also supports mobile access and third-party connection, allowing it to integrate with other critical business systems such as CRM, help desk, project management, and business intelligence. Its free trial lets you have a thorough look at all of the capabilities of this software. 

Best Freshdesk Alternatives 8
Built to supercharge your IT help desk

ManageEngine ServiceDesk is also one of the few companies that offer a hybrid configuration. The system may be used on-premises or in the cloud, and it can migrate your processes in either direction gradually for a smooth transition. It is one of the best Freshdesk alternatives that you must try.


What is similar to Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is an excellent customer service platform. However, some top alternatives are Help Scout, Keeping, Zoho Desk, ProProfs, Intercom, Zendesk, Front, Hubspot Service Hub, etc.

Which is better, Zendesk or Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is an all-in-one, wholesome solution for customer service. It is easier and offers live chat features. It is the third-part integrations that sometimes keep Zendesk a step ahead.

Is Zendesk the same as Freshdesk?

Freshdesk lets the user take advantage of the services and the other products of Freshworks. Zendesk has begun its journey and lacks on the marketing front. There is a large community of Zendesk users and avails customization.

Can I use Freshdesk for free?

Freshdesk offers a forever free plan powered by its excellent customer-support features. You can streamline customer communication, automate routine tasks, get performance insights, get instant assistance, etc., with the help of the product.

What is the Zendesk support suite?

Zendesk Support suite allows one to create an omnichannel solution with Zendesk products and features collection. It is a ticketing system that helps integrate multiple communication channels used for communicating with customers.

How many employees does Freshworks have?

There are around 4000 Freshworks employees. The numbers are growing in multiple offices across the US, India, Australia, and Europe.

Who are Zendesk’s competitors?

Some popular competitors or alternatives to Zendesk are Freshdesk Omnichannel, Zoho Desk, Sugar Serve, Salesforce Service Cloud, Oracle Service, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, ServiceNow Customer Service Management, etc.

Why is Zendesk so popular?

Zendesk offers flexibility and gives its users the freedom to work on their unique ideas. The reporting lets the team get accurate information and helps in better work environments. From customer metrics to data visualization, there is much.

Does HubSpot integrate with Freshdesk?

Freshdesk offers you two-way integration with HubSpot. One can expect an accessible data flow between the two tools regarding companies, contacts, etc.

Is Freshworks better than Salesforce?

Salesforce is a worldwide CRM leader with a good market share. But if you are interested in relationship management, Freshworks is a better deal. It has a uniform customer support solution and affordable pricing.


If you’ve been paying attention to this list of Freshdesk alternatives, you’ll see that some of them, such as Zendesk, are perfect for scaling to any size business, from small enterprises with simple setups to huge corporations with more sophisticated needs.

In contrast, some of them, such as Wix Answers, excel at ensuring excellent help for your e-commerce business. Others, such as SysAid and ManageEngine ServiceDesk, excel in incorporating extra features such as IT asset management and project management.

As a result, the application you choose is mostly determined by your company’s specific requirements. When you’ve worked out which features you want, take advantage of the free trials given by these apps before making a purchase.