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Fun Educational Toys and Apps To Teach Your Kids Coding


We live in a digital age and you might have a child who takes an interest in computer and other technologies.

To spur their future, there are various toys and apps available to help them develop computer programming skills at very young age.

Programming is a skill which is not only bound to a career in Computer, Learning and practicing programming can develop logical and perilous thinking, so programming will boost developing brain of your child, no matter what he wants to pursue in future.

Kids of all ages can start programming without any study or book. There are a plethora of educational toys available which can teach basics of programming to your kids while having some fun.

These toys and apps can lay the foundation of conventional programming which can be of great help in their later life.

Here is our pick of some educational toys and apps for your kids which can help your kids to dive into programming skills and develop their brain.

Fun Educational Toys and Apps To Teach Your Kids Coding


Fun Educational Toys and Apps To Teach Your Kids Coding

Cubetto rolls itself as the essential coding kit for your kid. It is a wooden robot that is intended to help kids ages 3 and up to learn basics of programming without a computer or a screen.

It has taken its inspiration from the original LOGO turtle, Cubetto uses a primary programming language to familiarize kids with coding.

The Cubetto idea is simple; it thrust kids to use the Board and create a program with given Blocks. Cubetto than start moving on a map or your room, according to the given program.

It also has an advanced function to run a loop of given blocks. You can also add some additional maps or storybooks to keep it fun. Your kid will learn relevant skills seamlessly and in a fun way.

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Dash Robot

Fun Educational Toys and Apps To Teach Your Kids Coding

Dash is a real robot which is charged and ready to play out of the box. Dash can respond to voice and it can navigate objects, It can dance, and sing as well.

Dash is a very desirable kind of toy. Using a smartphone, your Kids can use Wonder, Blockly, and other mobile apps to explore and create new activities for Dash.

It is kind of a pet robot which can teach your children about variables, conditions, events, and logic while playing with them.

It’s developers are also rolling out some fun accessories for Dash to enhance its potential and fun. With an extra accessory, it can be transformed into a projectile firing machine or a xylophone or even a rabbit.

It’s for your kid, but the way Dash is, You will also want one for you.

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Fun Educational Toys and Apps To Teach Your Kids Coding

Tynker is an online learning system for kids that teaches them coding in a very fun way. It is aimed at kids age 7 or above.

Initially, it allows children to experiment with visual blocks and then it seamlessly make its way forward to teach them basics of JavaScript and Python. Tynker is a progressive community of more than 60 million kids.

It offers plenty of programs from such as programming a robot, building apps or games and even they offer Minecraft.

Being a parent, you will definitely know how much kids love Minecraft. Tynker is tapping and turning this love into knowledge.

Tynker is a subscription-based program, and you can get a yearly subscription for 96$ or a lifetime subscription for 200$.

This subscription includes various courses on programming, Minecraft modding, game design, JavaScript and Python etc to build skills of your kid in a very fun and engaging way.

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Fun Educational Toys and Apps To Teach Your Kids Coding

Microduino is inspired of the joy of Lego building blocks and given it a neat modern touch. Doesn’t is sound tempting?. In a nutshell, Microduino is a collection of stackable modules, each of them can connect to other modules to create specific objects.

It is compatible with Scratch, as well as with Arduino, it is also compatible with Lego brick which means your child can construct things with their current Legos.

Microduino works on the modular basis, it can enhance its level according to increasing level of your kid’s knowledge.

Looking at the age of your child, you can start with core kit and leave sensors and advanced modules for later.

Microduino offers a broad range of sensors such as light sensor and moisture sensors etc. It also provides DIY kits like Quadcopter kit etc.

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Fun Educational Toys and Apps To Teach Your Kids Coding

Hopscotch is another fun place for your kid to learn coding and it is very economical. It incorporates amazingly simple interface and it uses a straightforward approach to build your child logic skills.

For example, your kid can create a game by using simple statements such as “Run, When x button is pressed”. They also use video tutorials to teach your kid about the platform and programming.

Your kids can create various stuff and can share it with other kids on the platform.

If you’re not entirely sure about your child interest in coding, Hopscotch is a great place to check, it offers a 7 day free trial and a monthly subscription at 8$ which is very economical.


Fun Educational Toys and Apps To Teach Your Kids Coding

Raspberry Pi is very powerful and versatile board to do a lot of techy and fun stuff. Kano‘s computer kit packages provide teaching your kids the basics of assembling a Raspberry Pi, along with also giving plenty of coding projects too.

It is just like a jigsaw puzzle, and Kids can simply combine various bits, buttons and cables to create their own computer. Due to colorful pieces and simple instruction, it is just using Lego. After

The basic $150 package includes a Raspberry Pi 3 micro processing board, programmable light ring, and various software packages you need.  As a form of all in one service, Kano is pretty great for kids 8 and above.

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Nothing can be more helpful than coding if you want to prepare your kids for their future. Coding is not just about programming for the computer. It can also help kids in developing academic skills, logical thinking, reasoning,  perseverance and organization.

Coding is also a treasurable 21st-century skill that your kid can even pursue as a career. It can be of great help in their academics.

It can enhance their math skills and allows them to visualize abstract concepts, enables them to apply math to real-world situations, and makes it fun and creative!

Coding can also help kids to understand the value of conciseness and planning, which can result in improved writing skills.

Through coding, Kids can experiment and strengthen their brains, allowing them to enhance their creativity.

As coding is problem-solving skill, You can notice that your kids’ confidence builds up when they learn to solve problems through coding.

This was our pick on top apps and toys which can teach your kids about basic programming, you can choose one, according to the age of your child, interest of him/her and your budget.