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11 Best Funny Face Apps To Make Your Photos Funny

Want to see a funny version of yourself? Looking for different ways of having some fun with your photos? Right then, you can consider downloading and trying some of the best silly face apps on your phone.

There are dozens of funny face apps available on both Android and Apple Store that allow you to add a touch of humor, fun, and comedy to your otherwise normal photos.  

And if you are looking around to find the best funny face app to have some fun in your free time, this review blog is going to be handy for you.

I am helping you with a list of funny face apps that are packed with some excellent photo-editing tools and can help you to create expression-filled, hilarious, and entertaining photos. Let’s know in detail about them to find which one is the best for you.  

Best Funny Face Apps ‚Äď Our Top Pick ūüĎĆūüĎĆ

1. Reface: Face Swap Videos/ Memes

One of the most loved funky face apps is here! Reface is a very popular, advanced photo-editing app and allows you to create funny faces, memes, and photo-swap with popular celebs.

The app was nominated for the Google Play Users’ Choice Awards in 2020, and obviously, there is more than one reason for this love from the users! With Reface, you have a great source of the daily dose of funny photos, GIFs, videos, and more.

The app allows you to create the funniest of photos, and that too, simply by using your own photos! You can also swap your face very easily with celebrities, funny characters, cartoons, and more.  

How does the app works? Thanks to the powerful Faceswap technology, the funny faces app easily maps your selfie onto other funny faces, and as a result, you get really funny photos only with a few simple taps.

You can use the face-changer feature of the app to astonish your friends with some of the most mind-boggling photo-editing results. You can try all types of face swaps including gender swap, celebrity swap, and more.

And the app also allows you to share your exciting creations with your friends on different social media platforms.  

Features of Reface: Face Swap Videos/ Memes:-

  • Swap your face with your¬†favorite¬†celebrities¬†¬†
  • Create funny reface images, GIFs, and videos with a few taps¬†¬†
  • Animate the images and add a touch of¬†humor¬†¬†
  • Place your face on anything including fruit, veggie, or your¬†favorite¬†drink¬†¬†
  • Have fun with your photos and astonish your friends¬†¬†

Devices ‚Äď Android and IOS

Ratings on¬†Apple Store¬†‚Äď 4.8 / 5 | Ratings on¬†Google Play Store¬†‚Äď 4.6 / 5

Download App on Google Play Store

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2. YouCam Fun: Live Face Filters

YouCum Fun is finally going to be the perfect tool for you to convert your boring camera into a very funny and crazy photo booth.

The app offers you plenty of different filters for all your photos, fun backgrounds, real-time video effects, and a lot more! You can add wacky, silly, and spontaneous effects and filters directly to your photos and videos.

Best Funny Face Apps


You don’t even have to put a lot of effort into editing the photos. Simply capture the best moments from your phone’s camera and let the app do the magic with dozens of different stickers and effects.  

Use layouts, effects, backgrounds, texts, and themes to make your normal photos more attractive.

Upload funny photos and videos on social media or share them with your friends and start getting so many likes and comments! Select from a wide range of effects and apply them to your photos.

[YouCam Fun] Try out fun AR filters, Animated stickers, Motion stickers

There are plenty of different effects including grunge, light leak, scratch, and many more. Want to show off the wild side of your personality? Transform your photos into deer, snow leopard, cat, deer, tiger, and more with the funny faces app.

Features of YouCam Fun ‚Äď Live Face Filters:-

  • Have fun with animated funny effects and face filters¬†¬†
  • Try real-life styles and beauty looks and apply¬†them¬†directly¬†to¬†your photos¬†¬†
  • Share fun stories, photos, and videos instantly from the app¬†¬†
  • Have wildly cute selfies with various designs and animal face paint¬†¬†
  • Express different moods with fun photo scenes¬†¬†

Devices ‚Äď Android and IOS

Ratings on¬†Apple Store¬†‚Äď 4.7 / 5 | Ratings on¬†Google Play Store¬†‚Äď 4.5 / 5

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store 

3. Banuba: Funny Face Swap Filter

Banuba is another excellent funny face app with some other additional features like face swap, voice changer, emoji maker, funny face filters, and more.

If you are someone who loves creating catchy selfies or recording funny, like-worthy videos, Banuba is specially curated for you.

Banuba: Face Filters & Effects

The app is packed with dozens of on-trend photo filters and makes it really easy for you to mask your normal photos with humorous expressions, funny animal faces, hilarious emojis. Emotional amplifiers in the app are more than handy for you to express your funny side.  

The Banuba app is not only about creating funniest of the photos! You can also make them lively by adding some wacky voices to your photos.

Change your normal voice and swap it with the voice of a funny animal, space alien, robot, child, female, superhero, and more.

And what more? The app also enables you to change the faces in videos! Yes, you can enjoy using different video filters, and even record some of the most vivid videos!

With Banuba, you can easily create some of the most scintillating photos and videos without much fuss.   

Features of Banuba ‚Äď Funny Face Swap Filter:-

  • Best camera filters app in as many as 8 countries¬†¬†
  • Give your selfies a completely different look with the selfie retouch¬†¬†
  • Enjoy dozens of different face filters¬†¬†
  • Share your funniest of photos with friends¬†¬†
  • Allows you to completely change your voice¬†¬†

Devices ‚Äď Android and IOS

Ratings on¬†Apple Store¬†‚Äď 4.6 / 5 | Ratings on¬†Google Play Store¬†‚Äď 4.1 / 5¬†¬†

Download App on Google Play Store

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4. Funny Video Maker ‚ÄstJokeFaces

Funny Video Maker is another very useful, user-friendly fun faces app and funny video maker app that allows you to create so many different types of funny photos and videos simply by using your phone.

The app enables you to simply choose videos from the library and swipe the already existing faces in the video with the faces of your choice.

Best Funny Face Apps 1

You have endless opportunities to create extraordinary photos and videos with the app! You can take selfies like a boss with the Funny Video Maker app! Swap your face with the face of a celebrity, a cat, or even a joke! Transform your photos the way you want!  

If you want to create something special for different occasions, you have plenty of options thanks to a wide range of effects in the app!

The app enables you to create dedicated content for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, wedding proposals, love messages, and surprise your loved ones in a completely new and special way! 

In addition to the photos and videos, you can also make the funniest of the GIFs with the funny faces app.

Features of Funny Video Maker ‚Äď JokeFaces:-

  • Add any face into a fun photo, animation, or video¬†¬†
  • Make cool, trendy, attractive videos with powerful photo-editing and video-editing tools¬†¬†
  • Double the fun by adding taking effects to any face¬†¬†
  • Use multiple faces and create exciting group videos with simple taps¬†¬†
  • Excite your family and friends by sharing your creativity with them¬†

Devices ‚Äď Android and IOS

Ratings on¬†Apple Store¬†‚Äď 4.7 / 5 | Ratings on¬†Google Play Store¬†‚Äď 3.4 / 5

Download App on Google Play Store

Download App on Apple App Store 

5. Crazy Helium Funny Face Voice 

The app is already a home for millions of giggling, laughing,¬†and squeaking users. And I strongly believe that you can also try this excellent ‚Äúfunny faces app‚ÄĚ.

Using the app, you can instantly create insanely funny photos and videos with dozens of amazing funny face filters, a voice changer tool, and endless video effects.

You get more than 500 different funny face filters, cute characters, cosplay, scary masks, weird hairstyles, and more with the app.

Best Funny Face Apps 2

¬†If you find it difficult to add effects to your videos, you can use the ‚Äúpause recording‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúresume recording‚ÄĚ features of the app for perfect editing.¬†¬†

From accurate lip-syncing to adding different voices right from your device and changing the voice, the app has got everything you want from a funny photo editor app. Edit and convert any photo or video with speed video effects.

Select the song from your device’s library and add lip-sync or sing along! Add any type of music including birthday, festival, or Christmas music to the background to any videos. In short, a complete photo-editing app with loads of exciting features!  

Features of Crazy Helium Funny Face Voice:-

  • Dozens of live funny face filters¬†¬†
  • Hilarious funny voice changer¬†
  • Multiple crazy video effects¬†¬†
  • Sing along with lip sync¬†¬†
  • So many easy sharing options¬†¬†

Devices¬†‚Äď IOS Devices Including iPhone and IOS

Ratings on¬†Apple Store¬†‚Äď 4.5 / 5

Download App on Apple App Store 

6. Face Camera: Photo Filters, Emojis, Live Stickers

Face Camera is a powerful funny faces app and photo-filter app with some excellent camera filters and effects. With the app, you can add stunning effects on your face and convert them into the center of attraction of your social media handles.

You can snap high-quality, stunningly crazy photos directly from your camera with cute stickers, face filters, and unique effects.

11 Best Funny Face Apps To Make Your Photos Funny

There are numerous live camera filters already embedded in the app. Dog filter, cat filter, rabbit filter, and as many as 2800 cute animals faces merging with your photos.

Want to become a crazy person in your photos? Want to look like a funny monkey? Looking to add different sceneries to normal photos? Do whatever you want with the Face Camera app!

The app quickly scans your photos and applies the most suitable filters and effects, and makes them great examples of fun, hilarity, and comedy.

If you are annoyed with acne, blemishes, and other eruptions on your face, just upload your photo, and the app will remove them in a very quick time! Overall, a decent, funny photo editing tool with so many additional features.  

Features of Face Camera: Photo Filters, Emojis, Live Stickers:-

  • Live stickers and effects to completely transform your photos¬†¬†
  • Beauty camera to give a sense of attractiveness to otherwise usual photos¬†¬†
  • Dozens of different selfie filters for stunning selfies¬†¬†
  • Custom music videos with funny voices¬†¬†
  • Multiple particle effects for videos¬†¬†

Device ‚Äď Android

Ratings on¬†Google Play Store¬†‚Äď 4.5 / 5 | 50,00,000+ Downloads

Download App on Google Play Store

7. Funny Face Photo Editor Face Warp ‚Äď Face Changer

Use the Funny Face Photo Editor Face Warp app to make the funniest of photos, share them with your friends, and have so much fun!  

The app lets you create stunning pictures with face warp and other great effects, and get thousands of likes in a very quick time on different social media platforms.

You can convert your friends’ photos and make them funnier with mustaches, crazy hairstyles, eyes, and many more different effects and accessories. There are so many funny stickers in the app to give all your photos a unique touch of madness and lunacy.  

Best photo editor for Android and iOS funny face photo editor 2020

A wonderful funny faces app with dozens of photo effects, photo filters, and photo frames. Capture your moments in a completely different way with the powerful photo editor tool.

The app also enables you to convey important messages in various funny and insane ways. And guess what? You can also convert the edited photos into very attractive collages with very simple and quick steps.

Donkey faces, monkey faces, alien faces, and a lot¬†funnier¬†faces ‚Äď all in one, single app!¬†¬†

Features of Funny Face Photo Editor Face Warp ‚Äď Face Changer:-

  • Face warping with different styles and expressions¬†¬†
  • One of the funniest photo editor apps¬†¬†
  • Dozens of different animals and creatures for transforming your photos¬†¬†
  • Add various funny frames and collages¬†¬†
  • Multiple comedic effects to try and apply on photos from your device¬†¬†

Device ‚Äď Android

Ratings on¬†Google Play Store¬†‚Äď 4.4 / 5 | 10,00,000+ Downloads¬†¬†

Download App on Google Play Store 

8. Face Changer  

Change, swap, and morph selfies and faces with hundreds of different photo-editing tools and accessories to make funny, eye-catching photos. Face Changer is an excellent funny photo app loved by millions of users.

You can enjoy the powerful photo-editing tools of the app right from your phone’s camera! Simply take a selfie and start having fun with the app! Swap your otherwise normal selfies with your favorite characters, cartoons, and animal faces.

11 Best Funny Face Apps To Make Your Photos Funny

Add a bit of humor to all types of faces, add any face part, funny hats, silly glasses, and hundreds of different stickers, backgrounds, accessories, and more!  

Face Changer app also allows you to create the silliest of morphed photos with automatic morph effects including fat, skinny, alien, monster, and more.

Reshaping to smudging, and converting into funny cartoon faces, the Face Changer is packed with a lot of exciting photo-editing tools! You also get endless funny eyes, noses, hair types, crazy tattoos, terrifying tattoos, and more!

Want something more? The app also enables you to fuse your photos with a wide range of backgrounds, and accessories. In short, the Face Changer app is one of the most complete funny face, photo-editing apps.  

Features of Face Changer:-

  • Create¬†the¬†funniest of photos with your normal selfies¬†¬†
  • Swap different photos and have some astonishing results¬†¬†
  • Full of magical, hysterical, and jolly effects¬†¬†
  • Replace any part of your face with any other part¬†
  • Beam yourself to your¬†favorite¬†place¬†¬†

Device ‚Äď Android

Ratings on¬†Google Play Store¬†‚Äď 4.3 / 5 | 50,000,000+ Downloads

Download App on Google Play Store

9. Face Changer Camera  

Face Changer Camera is another very powerful photo-editing and funny faces app that offers you some exciting tools to add a touch of comedy, humor, and fun to your otherwise normal and boring photos.

The app comes with plenty of different, very useful features including face warp camera, face swap, face mask, chin face, face blend, face sticker, animal face swap, and more.

Best Funny Face Apps 5

With the app, you can create hundreds of funny images and surprise your friends almost daily. The in-built face-warp camera in the app helps you to apply funny face warp filters not only on your photos but on videos as well.  

Want to swap faces between two people? Try the ‚Äúface swap‚ÄĚ feature of the app! The face swap makes it very simple for you to swap your face with whoever or whatever you want.

Similarly, the face mask feature of the app allows you to mask your face completely with animals, skeletons, and even with your favorite celebs! Still, feeling crazy?

How about turning your face upside down with the ‚Äúchin face‚ÄĚ feature of the app? In a nutshell, the Face Changer Camera is full of exciting features, and can finally be the photo-editing tool you are looking for!¬†¬†

Features of Face Changer Camera:-

  • Enjoy the power of¬†an¬†excellent photo-editing tool¬†¬†
  • Face mask to completely change your face¬†¬†
  • Play with different facial expressions with face warp¬†¬†
  • Experiment with your photos with hundreds of different face stickers¬†¬†
  • Collage all your edited photos and upload¬†them¬†on social media¬†¬†

Device ‚Äď Android

Ratings on¬†Google Play Store¬†‚Äď 4.3 / 5 | 1,00,00,000+ Downloads

Download App on Google Play Store

10. LOL Booth  

Instantly convert your normal photos into something silly, humorous, and hilarious works of art with LOL Booth.

The app allows you to transform your photos in a lot of different ways, and also makes it very simple to quickly take funny photos directly from your phone’s camera. Add various effects of your choice to the photos and make your friends laugh.

Best Funny Face Apps 6

You get as many as 36 hilarious mutations with 34 amazing effects to give your otherwise ordinary photos a touch of joy and comedy. You can try all the different effects with your friends, pets, and the people you love to simply have some fun!  

The app also enables you to change the background from any photo, show off your buck teeth! Yes, you can’t show them in real, but you can with the amazing LOL Booth app!

Try a wide range of lighting effects and get far away or even closer, without even moving. Save the edited photos directly to your phone’s device, and share them through different apps, and have some fun with your friends and followers  

Features of LOL Booth:-

  • Import any photo from your device‚Äôs gallery and web¬†¬†
  • Transform the photos into examples of fun and hilarity¬†¬†
  • 36 hilarious mutations with 34 awesome effects¬†¬†
  • Capture humorous photos directly from your phone‚Äôs camera¬†¬†
  • Laugh till your gut hurts and make others laugh as well¬†

Devices ‚Äď IOS Devices Including iPhone and iPad

Ratings on¬†Apple Store ‚Äď 4.3 / 5

Download App on Apple App Store 

11. Funny Photo Editor ‚Äď Funny Face Maker ‚Äď Photo Effect

Last but definitely not least, Funny Photo Editor is an interesting funny faces app with some crazy features. The app allows you to make different types of hilarious photos of you, your family, or your friends with only a few simple taps.

11 Best Funny Face Apps To Make Your Photos Funny

With the photo-editing app, you can convert normal photos into something really special and funny with dozens of different stickers like mustaches, hair, eyeglasses, and a lot of other accessories.

There are plenty of real-looking fake braces you can try to give your photos a touch of fun and craziness.  

Try ugly sunglasses, fake pimples, injury, or scar marks to surprise your friends in a brand-new way! You can become the latest photo-editing sensation of your group with dozens of different exciting tools.

Share your creativity and break all your social media handles with the funniest of photos and videos! Replace your face with hilarious faces of animals, aliens, and funny cartoon characters.

Whether you want to look like a cute cat or you want to become a terribly terrifying zombie, the app has got you covered.  

Features of Funny Photo Editor ‚Äď Funny Face Maker ‚Äď Photo Effect:-

  • 1000+ funny stickers, frames, and body parts¬†
  • Replace your face with a wide range of crazy faces¬†¬†
  • Apply different types of stickers and adjust them with simple taps¬†¬†
  • Change hairstyles, add nose pins, earrings, or hairbands¬†
  • Share your creativity instantly on social media¬†¬†

Device ‚Äď Android

Ratings on¬†Google Play Store¬†‚Äď 3.9 / 5 | 5,000+ Downloads

Download App on Google Play Store

To Sum Things Up  

There is a plethora of different photo-editing apps that allow you to have some fun with crazy filters, stickers, accessories, and a lot of different features.

And if you are looking for some of the best apps, I have helped you with not one funny faces app, with eleven! Try at least a few of them if not all, and flood your social media accounts with hilarious photos and videos!