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9 Best Game Review Sites You Should Consider Checking

Nowadays, gaming is becoming polarised by reviews and critical opinions. Over the years, with the proliferation of the internet, consumers have been far more critical of games and even people within the games industry.

Game reviewers themselves have come under fire due to the toxic nature of online. Likewise, video game outlets like IGN and Gamespot have also been criticized due to what some might call biased coverage.

As a result, nowadays, everyone is a critic of something, and the internet has made criticism even worse for news outlets. Such examples include the classic criticism of IGN’s coverage of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, whereby the reviewer stated the games had “Too much water.”

For such a comment, the internet hounded the reviewer and the outlet for months, and it is still a running joke to this day. Thus, in short, the internet gives no mercy and is unfairly critical of reviewers and the outlets they work for.

Therefore, this article will shed some positivity on gaming news outlets, outlining the 9 best game review sites on the internet.

Best Game Review Sites – Our Top Pick👌👌

  • Ign
  • Kinda Funny Games
  • Metacritic
  • Gamespot
  • Youtube
  • TechRadar
  • Kotaku
  • Destructoid
  • Eurogamer

1. IGN – Video Game News, Reviews, and Walkthroughs

Of course, the biggest gaming news outlet, IGN, has to be on this game review sites list. IGN or otherwise known as Imagine Games Network was founded in 1996 by Chris Anderson.

IGN predominantly covers video games and focuses on films, TV, Comics, technology, and other media. Currently, IGN is run by co-founder and editor-in-chief Peer Schneider, a video game veteran, and gaming personality.

Peer, alongside other notable IGN employees, was responsible for turning IGN into one of the world’s biggest entertainment outlets. IGN is considered the biggest news outlet in gaming, seeing thousands of views every day across its forums and main channel.

IGN covers everything from Xbox and PlayStation to PC gaming, with experts like Ryan McCaffery leading their Xbox coverage. Over the years, IGN has seen talent enter its doors, such as Greg Miller, the former PlayStation editor at IGN, and Up at Noon host.

Best Game Review Sites

Likewise, other notable personalities include PlayStation expert Colin Moriarty and Nintendo specialist Jose Otero. Over the years, IGN has helped to revolutionize the gaming news space with its multimedia ventures.

Examples include the introduction of podcasts such as Beyond and Games Scoop, which assisted in making podcasting mainstream within the gaming space.

Likewise, IGN changed the game in terms of video game coverage, focusing on video production, introducing talk shows such as Up at Noon, and professional-looking coverage of gaming events like E3 and Gamescom.

Thus, IGN was a market leader in gaming coverage and still is today. IGN helped inspire smaller news outlets and companies like Kinda Funny and podcasters across the globe to pick up the mic and start talking about the games they love.

Similarly, IGN is considered the gold standard of game coverage, with many writers desiring to get their foot on the organization’s door. Thus, many aspire to work for IGN, as it is the best of the best. 

Alongside its gaming news coverage, IGN also consists of game guides, having a huge selection of guides available for its readers.

IGN has an extensive database of guides, covering games such as the Grand Theft Auto series and even RPGs like Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic. The IGN team works tirelessly to cover all of the latest and greatest games. 

Likewise, alongside its gaming guides, IGN has an extensive library of video game reviews dating back to the website’s conception. The website has covered all of the games you hold closest to you, with experts giving fair and unbiased reviews.

Although the website has come under criticism due to its coverage of Call of Duty, with many calling IGN’s coverage heavily biased, its thoughts are impartial.

Overall, IGN is one of the best video game reviews sites on the internet. It has not only lasted the test of time (over twenty years) but has done so in a professional, impartial and inspirational way.

It has inspired countless professional writers, producers, gamers, and others to fulfill their dreams in the industry. Thus, it deserves to be on this list as one of the all-time great.

Under the leadership of Peer Schnieder, IGN will continue to grow and develop as an organization as we enter new gaming realms.

2. Kinda Funny Games

Kinda Funny Games is the brainchild of ex-IGN employees Greg Miller, Tim Gettys, Colin Moriarty, and Nick Scarpino.

In 2013, Kinda Funny was founded as an alternative to mainstream publications, funded prominently by Patreon, a platform allowing individuals to support creators.

Best Game Review Sites 1

In 2015, Greg Miller, alongside his co-founders, left IGN to work full-time at Kinda Funny. After the launch of Kinda Funny, the crew later introduced Kinda Funny Games, the polar opposite of the main Kinda Funny channel, focusing on games rather than entertainment.

Kinda Funny Games consists of weekly shows such as its PlayStation show, PS I Love You, and Xbox-focused show, The Kinda Funny Xcast. Likewise, the channel also features a daily show named, Kinda Funny Games Daily, a program covering all of the news in gaming daily.

Furthermore, Kinda Funny Games also has the Kinda Funny Gamescast, a more in-depth program hosted by Tim Gettys. The show provides reviews of all the latest games and offers in-depth discussions on all the latest gaming news and topics.

In terms of reviews, the show provides expert analysis and in-depth reviews of the latest games, with a panel of experts such as Greg Miller and other rotating guests like Imran Khan.

Although Kinda Funny Games offers a different approach to reviewing games, the Kinda Funny Gamescast is only available in podcast and video form; Kinda Funny’s expert critique of games is second to none, offering the best analysis on the internet.

Thus, although not a traditional media outlet, it should not be overlooked as a way to get all of your latest game reviews.

3. Metacritic – Well Know Game Review Sites

Although not a Game Review Site, Metacritic is well known for gathering gaming reviews, making it easy for gamers to find all their favorite outlet’s reviews in one place.

Best Game Review Sites 2

In short, Metacritic accumulates the reviews from most outlets across the internet and aggregates them to provide a solid picture of how good a game is. It gives an average of all reviews for each game, ranking games from one to one hundred.

For example, when GTA 5 was released in 2013, the game scored 97 from critics. The higher the score, the better the game is. Thus, Metacritic prides itself as a non-stop shop for game reviews.

Furthermore, Metacritic lets fans score games on a scale of one to ten. The site then aggregates the reviews, providing an average user score for a game.

In terms of Metacritic aggregation of critic scores, it effectively allows users to see an average score across the board without diving into the nitty-gritty of each gaming review.

On the other hand, its user review section is less effective. Many gamers and non-gamers review bomb games, giving purposely low scores for games they dislike, even if they haven’t played them.

Thus, the user scores on Metacritic are often biased and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Likewise, Metacritic has offered limited solutions to this problem, with many games such as those within the Call of Duty franchise getting reviewed poorly.

On the flip side, the website does let users vote democratically with limited rules and full transparency.

Nevertheless, more rules must be implemented to limit biased reviews on its user section. Despite this, Metacritic is still a great website for reviews. It aggregates professional video game reviews and is the best place to look if you want a general perspective on a certain game.

Furthermore, Metacritic is still highly popular amongst gamers, with the site seeing huge numbers every month, not just in their gaming section but also in their movies and TV show sections.

4. Gamespot

Gamespot is another premium news outlet and one of the oldest, founded in 1996 around the same time as IGN. The site was founded by Jon Epstein, Pete Deemer, and Vince Broady.

Gamespot has won multiple awards as an outlet, winning several Webby awards alongside other accolades. Likewise, it is estimated that, on average, the site has seen around sixty million visitors annually.

Gamespot predominantly covers video games such as gaming news, reviews, and other coverage, as highlighted by its name.

9 Best Game Review Sites You Should Consider Checking

Gamespot expanded from the US into other territories such as the UK in 1997 and Japan in 2007. Since the late ’90s, Gamespot has been in tough competition with IGN as the hegemon of gaming journalism.

Over the years, Gamespot has seen well-known personalities work for them, including Jeff Gerstmann, who founded Giant Bomb after executives fired him from Gamespot in 2007, and Greg Kasavin, a creative director at Supergiant games.

Like IGN, Gamespot helped to revolutionize game journalism with the introduction of video production and podcasts. Likewise, like IGN, Gamestop features forums, with millions of users using the forums every month, chatting about games and other aspects of the gaming industry.

Gamespot is known for its excellent forums and professional games journalism, with high-quality reviews from the best journalists in the industry.

Like IGN, Gamespot uses a ten-point scale when reviewing games and offers a summary of the good and bad bits of each game, offering quality analysis in a digestible way, and making it easy for readers to understand.

Overall, Gamespot is one of the best Game Review Sites on the internet and is highly regarded by fans.

5. Youtube 

You might ask, why Youtube is part of this popular game review sites list. Well, Youtube is one of the biggest online resources in the world for game reviews.

Large sites such as IGN and Gamespot use Youtube to promote their reviews. Likewise, smaller sites are also promoted on Youtube due to the site’s enormous reach.

Similarly, famous Youtubers themselves also offer unbiased reviews, and even lesser-known individuals and smaller Youtubers offer expert reviews.

Yes, it is true that on Youtube, there is a ton of bad content with poor production standards, but amongst a lot of the poor content, there are millions of decent reviews about games.

Over the last decade, Youtube has exploded as an online platform for video; gaming has also found its audience with users looking for gaming-related video content on the platform.

Thus, there has been a gradual decline in engagement with written-based reviews and increased engagement with video-based reviews. As a result, gamers are increasingly getting their reviews from Youtube.

Youtube, therefore, deserves to be on this Game Review Sites list. Without Youtube, sites such as IGN would not have been as big as they are. Youtube has helped generate millions of views to their website, generating large amounts of traffic.

Similarly, companies like Kinda Funny would not have expanded their way without Youtube. The platform is an essential component of their content strategy, proving that Youtube is critical in highlighting and promoting video game reviews across the globe.

Thus, although the platform is not technically a reviews website, it acts like Metacritic, aggregating reviews in a video format.

6. TechRadar

TechRadar is one of the most popular tech websites on the internet. TechRadar (hence its name) covers technology, including phones, TVs, car technology, and of course gaming, to name a few.

The website not only provides reviews for technology but also outlines all of the latest news in tech. Despite much of the website being dedicated to mobile phone and TV technology, TechRadar also has a substantial gaming section, reviewing the latest games and featuring them in articles.

The website covers anything from the latest News with PlayStation to the newest Halo game and everything in between. TechRadar reviews its games on a five-star scale—the higher the star, the better the game.

9 Best Game Review Sites You Should Consider Checking

Likewise, TechRadar also reviews hardware on this list, such as the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, and gaming equipment such as SSDs. Thus, TechRadar covers it all, making it a great game review site.

Similarly, like IGN, TechRadar features game guides featuring in-game guides like how to get the latest Halo armor and in-depth hardware guides, like how to upgrade your game console hard drive.

The team at TechRadar are experts in their field, with dedicated technical experts and gaming specialists.

Its perfect mix of gaming and technology has made the website a leading authority in gaming hardware, putting the website heads and shoulders above the rest of the competition regarding gaming hardware reviews, features, and guides.

Thus, on this alone, TechRadar is one of the best sites that review games as it covers gaming from all angles, not just from a software perspective. 

7. Kotaku

Kotaku is a unique gaming news outlet founded in 2004 by Matthew Gallant. The site has expanded to many regions beyond the US, including Japan, the UK, Australia, and Brazil.

Over the years, Kotaku has been under several large organizations such as G/O media. In 2020, G/O media acquired Kotaku, leading to many departures from the site, such as Jason Schreier, the famed investigative journalist covering the working conditions of the games industry.

9 Best Game Review Sites You Should Consider Checking

Likewise, other gaming writers departed the site, with multiple editors in chief leaving the website. In general, Kotaku focuses primarily on games, with the website covering the latest news and providing reviews and features of the latest games.

The site offers an untraditional approach to reviewing games, with the site using no points-based scale to review games. Instead, the site focuses purely on the editorial content, with no score.

Likewise, the site also reviews controllers, gaming hardware, headsets, and board games. Thus, Kotaku is one of the best video game sites on the internet due to the sheer variety of gaming software, hardware, and other item reviews.

Over the years, there have been notable contributors to the website, including Luke Smith of Bungie and Jason Schreier, who now works for Bloomberg news.

8. Destructoid

Destructoid was founded in 2006 by Yanier Gonzalez and found fame after Gonzalez started to write and draw cartoons on his website after being rejected from entering E3.

Over the years, the website has grown to have a large team of contributors and has been at the forefront of cutting-edge video game journalism, including being the first to break stories like Halo 3’s release date. Thus, over time, the website has grown hugely popular amongst the video game community.

The Destructoid website is unique in that it is split into six individual sections, consisting of news and reviews, community blogs, skits, forums, a fight area where you can battle friends and trading areas where you can trade games.

Thus, the website is unique in its layout, combining editorial and community-led experiences on a single website. Thus, it is no surprise why Destructoid is so popular amongst gamers.

Like large publishers such as IGN and Gamespot, Destructoid uses a point-based scale to review its games and is one of the most trusted reviewers in the industry.

If you love being part of a dedicated community and love video games, this is the website for you. It is built by gamers and therefore is for gamers.

9. Eurogamer 

Eurogamer is a UK-based games journalism website founded in 1999 by Patrick Stokes and John Bye. The site quickly rose to fame due to its hands-on approach to video game journalism and professionalism, offering an alternative to the US-based Gamespot and IGN in the ’90s.

Eurogamer quickly expanded outwards across Europe, founding several sites across the continent, such as Eurogamer Spain and Eurogamer Italy.

Like most gaming journalism outlets, Eurogamer offers gaming news, reviews, and features about video games. Likewise, the site also provides guides like IGN, with an expansive database on various games.

9 Best Game Review Sites You Should Consider Checking

However, unlike IGN, Eurogamer does not use a points-based scale to review games, instead opting for a recommendation system, classifying games as essential, recommended, or games you should avoid.

Thus, it takes an alternative take to review games, highlighting that the points-based system might indeed be outdated. Over the years, sites such as IGN have changed their points-based system to make it fairer.

Eurogamer has removed its points-based system entirely, pointing toward the gradual shift from a points-based scale review to a recommendation system.

All in all, Eurogamer is one of the best game sites on the internet and an example of running a successful online publication.


Where can I find game reviews?

Several independent writers and gamers conduct game reviews. If you are looking for an avenue of articles related to game reviews, you can look at Metacritic. It contains video game reviews, blogs, articles, and trailers of all new launches.

Who is the best video game reviewer?

You can find video game reviewers on Metacritic and YouTube. Some of the top reviewers are Angry Joe Show, Angry Video Game Nerd, Totalbiscuit, Zero Punctuation, and JontronShow on YouTube. You can also look for top articles on Metacritic for a detailed analysis.

Do game reviewers get paid?

Yes. Reviewers employed at gaming companies and Metacritic get paid a handsome salary. The average salary of a game reviewer is around $60,987. If you are qualified and experienced for a game reviewer job, you can apply to these companies.

Is Metacritic safe?

Although Metacritic has received its fair share of mixed reviews from website critics and columnists, it won two annual Webby awards for Excellence in Ratings and Reviews category. If you wish to use Metacritic, you must be careful about the biases and unreliability.

Is IGN a reliable source?

No. IGN is not a reliable source for any video game reviews or other gaming information. You can opt for Metacritic, YouTube, or Reddit for news related to competitions, forums, and new launches.

How do game reviews make money?

Game reviewing is similar to blogging. The money depends on your website traffic and content views. You can also become a game reviewer through YouTube or other similar sites.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, this article has outlined the 9 best game review sites on the internet. As highlighted by the article, many great sites review video games.

Larger sites such as IGN and Gamespot have reviewed games for years, from the biggest titles to the smallest indie games. Likewise, lesser-known sites like Kotaku and Destructoid are also some of the best publications in games Journalism.

Similarly, even websites like Metacritic and platforms such as Youtube offer great ways to get gaming reviews.

Furthermore, this article has shed some light on how online publications review games; although the industry’s gold standard seems to be a points-based system in reviewing games, it seems the gaming industry is moving away from this.

As shown by large publications such as Eurogamer and Kotaku, a points-based system is starting to look archaic in the eyes of the modern gamer. Thus, it seems the industry is due for a shakeup in reviewing games.

As the world becomes more interconnected due to the internet, it will be important for big websites like Gamespot to meet consumer demands. Thus they may remove their points-based system in the future.