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Game Review – Twin Diamonds


If you are a person that likes to play games on his smartphone or wants to challenge his skills while having fun playing exciting arcades, then you know that with many games out there finding the right one is not very easy. Because of that, we decided to help you, we searched and discovered one challenging and fun one touch arcade game that will get you addicted to it fast – Twin Diamonds. Let’s see what this game offers you.

Why Twin Diamonds is Fun

This one hard touch arcade game is a great choice for players that want to challenge themselves with difficult games while having fun getting rewards and bettering their skills. The game is developed on IOS platform, challenging the players in many changing endless levels, offering them daily challenges and rewards. On the game there is a global leaderboard for the best players to reach the top. Players are enjoying minimalistic design with sharp visuals as a hand crafted audio every time they play. Even though the game is very challenging, it’s getting players addicted to playing fast, giving them many awards for their achievements.

Why you’ll love it

The Twin Diamonds as a highly challenging and fun arcade, offers players to get the best results if they play the game in short bursts. On the game, players must complete quests, open many rewards and unlock new avatars and background tracks for complete immersion. The players are offered endless ever-changing levels that are challenging them constantly, no matter If they are playing for the first time or the tenth. The game is offering its players minimalistic aesthetics with the option for choosing from 12 different twin characters for playing, each of them with different sound effects. All the player needs to do is to navigate two mirrored diamonds though obstacles in the endless maze. The player is accompanied by melodramatic sound effects through every high score, defeat or flurry. The player is leaded by the game down a path of risk, rhythm and reward, with the option to get on top of the global leaderboard for his gaming skills.

Download this game now on App Store for free.

App Store Download Link: Twin Diamonds



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