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Best Games for 2 Year olds Toddlers for Fun Playing and Learning


In Our previous article, we covered Best Apps for Toddlers and we found it’s really important to know games for 2 year olds, which will enable them to grasp the main development tasks in their lives.

If you want fun activities that will help your 2-year old turn into a disciplined and organized child, games are part of the solution.

After their second birthday, you should expect a rapid change in their intellectual, physical, social, and emotional being.

games for 2 year olds
Grow a mini-garden

At this stage, the child is exploring and trying to make sense of the world around them. It is at this point in their lives that parents should take a keen interest in helping them navigate the transitions.

The Games should be focused on helping them understand their actions, behavior, thoughts, and feelings.

According to Dr Robert Myers, who is also an adolescent psychologist and experienced child development expert, children begin to develop their language skills at this age.

They are also easily enthused by everything around them as most things attract their attention and seem new. They need proper support and access to activities, which will enable them to grasp the main development tasks in their lives.

Parents should focus on aligning most of their activities with lots of language and interactions. Imaginative play is one of the biggest tools you can use, according to Dr. Myers.

Their development at this stage is greatly determined by a caregiver and parental relationships. Here are some of the recommendable development activities that proved useful to 2-year olds.

Here is a collection of the games for 2 year olds

Crayon Work

Collect the relevant material such as pompoms, glue stick, and a Ziploc bag along with crayons. To complete the activity, cover a table with newspaper then set the supplies in front of them.

Let them stick on the colorful pompoms. When the bag dries, let them fill it with crayons. You should use this bag to make them proud of their creation by showing it off or using it in public.

This will help your child develop confidence in their work while learning motor planning and creativity.

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games for 2 year olds
A Little Boy Playing Hide and Sick

Yes, you can play hide-n-seek with your 2-year-old. Choose one of their toys and hide it away somewhere in the house.

Explore with the child to find where its hidden by making cues. You may use ‘warmer/cooler’ to guide them. You may also use flashlights to make the search more active and advance the game by hiding several objects at a time.

This way, you will cultivate listening skills, problem-solving skills, and memory enhancement in them.

Simon Says

Simon Says is a simple instruction game to encourage your child to obey instructions. You should advance to more complex routines when they grasp the basic instructions. They can include; “touch your left ear, then your right ear”.

Other variations include; encouraging them to jump, skip, or catch something and more activities as they progress.

You will be able to instill gross motor skills, following directions, and receptive language.

All Aboard

games for 2 year olds

You need a towel or blanket to complete this activity. Let the child sit on the surface and gently tug them around the room.

You should pretend that the moving surface is a train or boat. Stop at different places such as a zoo or whatever creative imaginations allow.

This game will help improve imaginations, pretending, and balance.

Read More in Details http://allaboardforkids.com/

Body Tracing

For Body Tracing, you need a large piece of paper and crayons. Have them lie down on a large piece of paper and trace the outline of their body. The child has to lay down still without moving and this will instill self-control in them.

games for 2 year olds

According to Dr. Leiderman, Body Tracing is a good activity to help your children learn participative work by waiting for their turn.

Show them the outline and work together on the eyes, nose, and mouth. You should not force any idea about the details. Instead, let them have fun and can even color it.

You may have a problem because they cannot lay still. When you experience this restlessness in them, do not force them, start with a small portion such as the hand and later you will be advancing to the rest of the body.

Apart from self-control, other skills acquired here are identifying body parts and improvement of language skills.

Dress-Up time

You need old clothes and costumes for this activity.

Find a pile of old clothes and let your child participate in dressing up. Ensure that it is a group activity involving you, or other children of the same age.

This will keep them active yet learning about the interaction that comes with roles, shapes, and colors.

According to experts, dress-up time sharpens skills such as language and imaginative skills. They also become more creative and socially stable.

Read more in details https://www.pinterest.com/FunADay7/pretend-play-dress-up/

Stop! Go!

Stop! Go! is a game that involves your active participation. It is about starting and stopping at commands.

Portrait of a young boy crossing guard standing on the road holding a stop sign — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

It is similar to ‘red light/green light’ practical way of daily lives. This activity will help them to develop self-control, which will be necessary in negotiating, compromising, waiting their turn, and working out conflicts both in physical and mental activities.

They will grow up with the ability to avoid losing their temper while engaging in these activities, which are common to everyone.

Express Yourself

To play this game, you need facial features cut out of magazines, paper, and a glue stick. Find features such as noses, eyes, hair, and other features from old magazines and newspapers.

games for 2 year olds

Let the children glue them together on a blank paper circle. Allow them to make funny faces with the pieces. Engage them in talk about how to complete the pieces and enjoy.


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