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11 Best Games For Sudoku Players To Test Cognitive Skills

It is simply not possible for any person to not know what the Sudoku puzzle is. And that is mainly because other than the fact that this game is incredibly popular, it is also an extremely old and traditional one which is why you can easily find a lot of other games for Sudoku players in the market.

This classic puzzle game has evolved over time as well. Along with the traditionally 9×9 puzzle grid, it has been available in multitudes of other grids and shapes as well, and with an increase in complexity of the puzzle grid, the difficulty of the game also increases.

But the puzzle grids are not the only aspect of this game that has evolved over time. It is a tradition or habit for hundreds of people to solve the Sudoku puzzle that comes in the newspaper first thing in the morning itself.

This is actually one of the ways that this game earned such popularity among the masses. Today though, Sudoku is not limited to only newspapers.

One can find books that are dedicated to Sudoku puzzles only. A lot of magazines also print their own puzzles. And of course, the countless applications and websites available on the internet that offer hundreds and thousands of Sudoku puzzles to solve to their players. Each of them has different difficulty levels as well as grid shapes. And the players love them all.

Sudoku is one of the most intellectually stimulating and logic-based puzzle games available out there. It also helps to improve the logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities of the players.

But as interesting and engaging as this game might be, there will be times when an individual is bound to get bored of this puzzle game and play some other interesting games. Now, these other games could either be similar to Sudoku or have some other themes entirely.

Best Games For Sudoku Players – Our Pick👌

1. Calculator: The Game

Calculator: The Game is one of the best games for Sudoku Players who love manipulating and playing with numbers.

It is a puzzle game that requires the player to produce the solution to every given problem in the form of numbers through the means of the calculator. This calculator also happens to be the default background setting of this game.

This game is perfect for all the players who prefer a stable and calm game setting to a more engaging and active game setting. Calculator: The Game provides a number of different problems and levels to be solved by the players.

Best Games For Sudoku Players

All those who give this game a try are bound to get interested in and attached to it. It is a pretty great solution for all the players who are tired of playing and dealing with the same monotonous settings that are offered by quite a lot of games.

The basic look of this game is that of a calculator. The player is supposed to use additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions, and other calculative concepts to get the result desired by each and every level.

There is no time limit for solving the level so each and every player can take their time to solve each and every level. The graphics of this game are not extremely advanced. They are quite satisfactory and do not leave much room for complaints.

The colors, buttons, and objects on the screen are attractive, simple, and elegant, and most importantly, do not distract the player from the game itself. The background music is also quite soothing.

Calculator: The Game Trailer

This game is available on both Android as well as iOS platforms.

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2. The Room

The Room is a mystery puzzle game intended for all people who are looking for an engaging and exciting thriller game. The player gets to play the game in the form of the point of view of a thief or burglar.

The burglar has broken into a house and is trying to steal the expensive objects from the house but some of those objects are locked in boxes. As the burglar, it is up to the player to open all the boxes that are presented to them and take the objects inside them.

Best Games For Sudoku Players 1

The boxes are provided to the player in different rounds. Each round has different boxes and there is a unique way to open each and every one of those boxes.

The locks on the boxes are visible in the form of jigsaw puzzles.. The player is supposed to solve these jigsaw puzzles to unlock the boxes. The jigsaw puzzles require a lot of attention and concentration to be solved.

Such games for sudoku players have some of the most amazing graphics available on the internet. It has a gothic feel and looks to it. The sound effects and music are also incredibly impressive and happen to be quite suitable for the situations that the player is presently facing.

The game starts with easy and simple-to-solve levels and they increase in difficulty with every level. Some of them might be very hard to solve. But there is the option of getting hints as well.

The Room: Epilogue Teaser

This game is compatible with both iOS as well as Android devices.

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3. Stupidness 2

Stupidness 2 is a pretty amazing and interesting puzzle game that requires its players to use their creativity, imagination, logical reasoning, and quick thinking to solve the problems presented before them.

This game provides a large number of problems for all of its players to solve and each of them is completely unique and different in its own way.

11 Best Games For Sudoku Players To Test Cognitive Skills

The game is presented in the form of a number of problems that need to be solved, puzzles that need to be completed, tasks that have to be fulfilled, and so on.

Some of them might require the player to think critically, some of them might have solutions that require the players to use their creativity, some of these tasks might have ingenious answers or methods and some problems are simply just what one might call silly or illogical.

The point is that it is a pretty fun game to play. It is also quite a good choice for those who do not want to focus their attention too much on the game or only need something to chill their minds.

All of them are unique and completely different from every other previous level. The levels have their own time limits. There is the option of asking for hints as well.

Hints do not require coins, but rather take off some seconds from the time limit of that particular level.

This game is compatible with iOS devices only.

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4. Clockwork Brain Training – Memory & Attention Game

Clockwork Brain Training is another highly and incredibly intellectually stimulating and challenging puzzle game.

It is perfect for all the Sudoku players who want to continue to engage in quizzes and puzzles but are sick and tired of having to look at and concentrate on numbers and digits continuously and are looking forward to dealing with something more visually stimulating.

11 Best Games For Sudoku Players To Test Cognitive Skills

These games for Sudoku Players come in the form of a number of levels that have been arranged in the form of miniseries. All of these levels are time-bound and each has its own time limit, most likely based on the difficulty level of that particular level.

This game helps the player in engaging and developing all aspects of their mind, including but not limited to logical reasoning, memory retention, time and speed required for problem-solving, attention to detail, and many more.

Another amazing thing about this game is that each and every level is unique and different in what it offers to its players.

There are absolutely no repetitions in the principles and practices behind the solution of every level of this game. Since each level is different from the previous ones, it will most probably take a long time before the player gets bored of the game.

A Clockwork Brain 2.0 - Official Trailer

Clockwork Brain Training also has a visually appealing look and design. All the graphics of this game are completely hand-drawn and are definitely fun and pretty to look at.

Not to mention, the player will have an adorable and smart robot guide who will help the player in navigating through the game.

This game is available on iOS as well as Android operating systems.

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5. 2048

2048 is an enormously popular game and most people have either played this game before or if not, would have at least heard of it before.

There are an endless number of games that are either solely created for this game only or come with a suite of games that involve 2048 as their separate games.

The game is quite simple and easy to understand. But playing the game and, not to mention, making a record in it is a pretty huge deal. The design, layout, and look of the game are pretty minimalistic and basic to look at.

11 Best Games For Sudoku Players To Test Cognitive Skills

There are a lot of games for Sudoku players that will come up if one searches for 2048. Almost all of these games have the same rules and way of planning.

The only visible difference would be in their fonts, color schemes, backgrounds, and designs. Therefore, it is simply up to the player to choose the one that is aesthetically pleasing to them.

The rules of the game are pretty simple. There is a 4×4 grid with different numbers. The objective of the game is to match all the same numbers to get the square of that particular number and continue to do this till the player reaches their target, which as the name of this game suggests is 2048.

While it may seem easy, in actual application, it is anything but. This game requires the players to plan their moves in advance so as to last as long as possible.

The main objective for the player here generally is to beat their own high scores, or if the player uses any particular version of this game that comes with a leaderboard, it is to beat their competitors. Level difficulty increases with each level and some particular levels are almost impossible to solve.

This game is also available on both Android as well as iOS platforms.

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6. 1024: The Game

1024 is virtually identical to 2048. The only difference between these two games is that while the former game requires the players to teach the target of 2048, this one comes with a target of 1024.

While the reduced target may make people feel that this one would be the easier of the two games, it is definitely not true. Both of these games are equally difficult, just as much as they are interesting.

11 Best Games For Sudoku Players To Test Cognitive Skills

Just like 2048, 1024 is also available in the form of a number of different applications. Each of those applications has its unique looks, designs, layouts, color schemes, fonts, grid styles, and every other visually engaging element, their rules and principles remain the same. They might also vary in terms of the difficulty levels of their levels and puzzles.

There is a grid containing 16 cells in this game. Each cell has a number. Each number is supposed to be matched with its counterparts so as to get the result of the square of that particular number. This is to be continued till the player gets the desired number, which happens to be 1024, in a single cell.

Most of the designs and color schemes in such a game are pleasant, soothing, eye-catching, and attractive. Designs and other display features are minimal at best since the grid generally covers most of the area of the screen.

Music too is kept calm and soft, most probably to ensure that the player is not disturbed or agitated by it.

This game is provided on both Android and iOS operating systems.

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7. 4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics 1 Word is another extremely interesting and exciting game that seeks to check and challenge the deductive reasoning abilities of all of its players.

This is yet another one of the best games for Sudoku Players and is most suitable and fun for those who love crossword puzzles or crosswords. As such, this game is not only a good substitute for Sudoku but also for Crossword puzzles.

As the name of this game obviously indicates, 4 Pics 1 Word displays four different images to its players and requires them to guess a single word that is common to all of them. In this manner, it is quite similar to crossword puzzles.

Best Games For Sudoku Players 6

While in crosswords, the player has to deduce the word by using a single hint along with the number of letters in the word, 4 Pics 1 Word provides the character length of a word along with four visual hints that allow the player to guess the word.

The player also has on their screen a bunch of alphabet from which they have to guess, find and solve the level. While the initial levels are pretty simple and easy to solve, the difficulty levels increase with each level.

There are times when the players would be stuck at particular levels for a couple of days. But not to worry, this game also has the option of asking for hints. Solving each level earns the player some points and these points can then be used to get hints.

This game is also compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

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8. Move the Box

Move the Box is quite an interesting yet relaxing game. This puzzle game is one that will keep the player’s mind and attention engaged and invested.

While simple and easy to play, it is no less fun. The principle of this game is quite simple and well known, one might have played quite a few games that follow the same rules and principles.

In Move the Box, the players are supposed to move the boxes to make groups of three. Once the boxes are lined up, they will automatically disappear. Only the boxes of the same colors can be lined up.

11 Best Games For Sudoku Players To Test Cognitive Skills

This is the primary goal of each level of this game – making the boxes disappear and emptying the dock. As such, this game is quite like the extremely popular Tetris and other similar games.

The lining up can be done either vertically or horizontally. The rules of the game make it sound pretty easy. But it actually is not that easy.

The players have a limited number of moves for each and every level. And just like every other game, Move the Box also starts from simple and easy levels, and then slowly but surely, the difficulty level of every level increases. 

There are over 600 levels in this game and these are distributed under the names of different continents, countries, and cities. All those levels are bound to keep all the players of this game engaged, interested as well as busy.

This game is available on both Android as well as iOS platforms.

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While exploring the Best Games For Sudoku Players for you, I found an awesome video on “Can You Really Solve the 1×1 Rubik’s Cube?” which is really interesting.

How a 1x1 Rubik's Cube Works

9. 100 Doors 2013

100 Doors 2013 is another intellectually invigorating game. It is best suited for people who love puzzles and mystery-related games. In this game, the player is supposed to find a way of unlocking the door at each level.

There are quite a lot of objects and materials visible on the screen and the player is supposed to go through them and look for things, objects, or ideas that will help in unlocking the door as soon as possible.

While this game is pretty old – as the name of this game suggests, it was released in 2013 – it still manages to be exciting and challenging to all of its players, whether they are completely new to the game or have experience with it.

Best Games For Sudoku Players 8

Today, there are numerous other games that follow the same principle or a similar one. But the fact remains that all of those other games got the idea for their games from 100 Doors 2013 only. It is the original game and not to mention, the first of its kind as well.

Just like all other games available on the internet, it starts with pretty easy-to-solve levels and gradually leads the way to levels that are virtually impossible to solve and will stump the players for days to come.

There are a total of 100 levels to solve so the prospective players can expect to stay and remain busy and engaged for quite a lot of time.

100 Doors 2013 is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

10. What’s My IQ?

What’s My IQ? happens to be a family-friendly and tricky puzzle game that can be played by individuals of almost any age group, if they are interested enough to play it of course.

As the name of the game suggests, this game seeks to test the common sense and general reasoning abilities of its players. Therefore, it is best to keep in mind that despite its themes and name, this game is definitely not a formal or proper way of measuring one’s IQ. It is only a fun and enjoyable puzzle game.

Best Games For Sudoku Players 9

This game is presented in the form of several puzzles. Each of these puzzles is actually extremely simple and have their solutions dangling in front of the player, but it requires the player to pay attention to details and think of the most obvious and visible solutions, instead of overthinking and complicating the problems.

For this reason, it has been observed that children were able to solve these problems much sooner than adults, only because they went for the most obvious course of action.

The graphics and illustrations of this game are actually quite cartoonish and childish but definitely not enough to look irritating or stupid.

If the players do not have any problems with the graphics, they will be able to observe that while some levels tend to look stupid or not interesting, there are some creative and innovative aspects behind their solutions.

The difficulty level of the problems varies accordingly but the answers are always obvious. While definitely not as intellectually inclined as some of the other games on this list, it is definitely a fun and delightful game to check out. What’s My IQ? is only available on iOS platforms.

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Does being good at Sudoku indicate high IQ?

Being good at Sudoku does not necessarily indicate a high IQ. However, you might have a higher general IQ than many people around you since Sudoku is not something everyone can solve easily and the ones doing so are considered intelligent.

Is Sudoku a brain exercise?

Yes, it can be considered a brain exercise. This game requires you to think of all your moves 3-4 steps ahead in order to win the game or solve it. It is considered similar activity to Chess that requires critical thinking that only helps your brain to always be ahead of your opponent or simply anything in life.

What happens if you play Sudoku every day?

Well, Sudoku is a game of practice. In order to excel in it, you need to play as much as you can. Hence, playing every day will help you see patterns and numbers that you might not have noticed when you first started playing. The numbers will make more sense, and you can solve them faster.

What is the trick to doing Sudoku?

The best trick to solve Sudoku that everyone mostly follows is analyzing the rows and columns within the box area. After which, you can start eliminating the numbers that are already present and ultimately finding the number that fits perfectly in that box. Some guesses might be wrong at times, but you can always correct them once you are sure of other answers.

Are there any Sudoku games available Online?

Yes, you can find multiple websites where you can play Sudoku all by yourself or even compete with other players. Moreover, there are certain Sudoku apps as well you can download on your smartphone and play every day.

Some Final Thoughts

Each individual is different. Their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and ideas of fun and adventure are also completely different. While one person can find joy in one activity, another person might despise the same thing.

As such, every person is bound to have their own choices of which game they would find the most delightful and engaging.

All the above-mentioned games, in one way or the other, have some similarities with Sudoku, whether it is in the numerical perspective, the puzzle one, the planning one or the logical reasoning one. The players who enjoy Sudoku will definitely find at least one of these games to be worth their time.