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11 Of The Best Alternatives Games like Borderlands

Are you a big Borderland fan? Then you would love roaming the alien land of Pandora. Fighting against crazy enemies and upgrading your weapons of choice, perhaps these were your favorite moments was when playing Borderlands.

Not to mention, you would have completed the difficult levels too when playing the game. When you are happy with Borderlands, then what is the need for an alternative? As a gamer, you always want more fun, excitement, and action.

It is normal, human nature. We do not blame you for that. It is safe to assume that you are left wanting more action and adventure, which brought you here in the first place. Well, we have your back covered.

Perhaps you have stumbled upon some games that remind you of that hit game. Maybe you are looking for games like Borderlands. To be frank with you, the sense of humor, the action, and the Borderlands series are no joke.

It comes with its own unique thrill and excitement. You may not be able to find a simple solution or a worthy replacement. However, we have done our best. According to our research, we have seen some competent alternatives.

However, trust us; it could take months literally to discover something that everybody likes. After all, there are so many looter shooter games around. Just to remind you, the Borderlands series comes with three games and one spin-off.

You do want to give them a small peek before playing the games mentioned here. Apart from that, there are also the DLCs. Once you have exhausted the options, you might want to check out our top 10 games like Borderlands.

Best Games like Borderlands: Our Top Pick 👌


RAGE ranked first in our Alternatives Games like Borderlands list. We felt that it comes with all the characteristics of the game. However, the humor is sorely missed in RAGE. Otherwise, it is the closest. Let us read about the game now, shall we?

The best way to describe the game would be a stunning shooter game from id Software. The storyline is quite similar to the Borderlands. This first-person game is based on post-apocalyptic Earth, where you roam around killing aliens and monsters who try to harm you.

Best Games like Borderlands

Gamers felt that the selection of weapons was not up to the mark. However, you can kill your enemies in many ways. Probably the designers wanted you to spend more time combating the enemy, unlike in Borderlands.

You can also make use of the numerous vehicles at hand in RAGE. id Software has always upped its limits. One could expect that they do the same as the RAGE. In fact, several gamers were quite impressed with the shooter game.

As it is developed using the Tech 5 engine, it is safe to say that it is smooth and exciting. The shooting game comes with a blend of artistry and animation. Just the details that are present in the game itself is a good sign of the amount of work done by the designers.

You would be overwhelmed at the sights of walls and animated character models. Once you land on the wasteland, a vicious group of aliens immediately attacks you and monsters that you need to get rid of instantly.

Gamers have found the gunfire and combat levels on the video game immersive. As you enter through the doors and corridors, mutants hiding among them instantly attack you. Not to mention, bandits fire at random.

Overall, it is quite exciting, and you are on your feet at all times. Some gamers have played RAGE at a stretch for 10 hours, in their first attempt. Coming to the weaponry, they seem right, but not compelling.

When your combat levels increase, you tend to feel the pressure around you. The number of mutants and bandits increases, leaving you with little choice. If you have played Doom and Quake before, then you will appreciate RAGE.

It takes you to another level of combat power. This is more than just a shooting game because the vehicles come with their own characteristics that seem to keep you hooked on your toes.

If you have not tried games developed by id Software before, you might want to play RAGE and experience the firepower that comes with it. The game may not be revolutionary, but well developed and is a beautiful shooter game.

2. Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is the next version of Fallout 3 and it ranked second in our Alternatives Games like Borderlands list. If you were a massive fan of the Fallout games, you would love the new game.

It comes with a post-apocalyptic Earth. You can find plenty of humans, enemies, and think of ways to emulate them.

Once you are in the game, you are greeted with familiar surroundings and graphics. That is acceptable because you cannot expect another completely new storyline in a new version. Nevertheless, what got us was the post-nuclear atmosphere beautifully done.

Fallout 4 - Launch Trailer

The plot is the same as in Fallout 3, where groups are competing for complete control on the entire territory. However, the lack of being able to explore regions around you can annoy some of you.

This is not a significant flaw as such, but just a thought. They made it up for that by allowing you to explore urban areas, forests, desolate areas, as well as offer you radioactive haze. The makers have brilliantly got you hooked with the current events.

Though you have played Fallout 3, you are entirely engrossed in the happenings here. It instead gets you intrigued as to what is going to happen. Unlike some series games, you often think about the previous versions and are reminded of them.

Each of the characters offers you excellent control over it. Not to mention, it only gets better as the game progresses. You can make use of the special powers that come your way to attack and kill your rivals.

We also found some materials that are provided to you during the gameplay fascinating. They may not be instrumental, but come in handy. This was just an observation. Not to mention, your armor system is new, and you have six-piece clothing.

The main change in Fallout 4 is firepower. You do not have to continually depend on the Vault-Tec-Assisted Targeting System (VATS) button. The last thing that we wanted to tell you about Fallout 4 is to choose a companion that understands you well.

When you do that, it enables you to build a good rapport and understanding. This helps you scale levels quickly and easily. Overall, Fallout 4 is a fantastic game that comes with several notable features like an excellent crafting system, outstanding world, and story, and you have a wide range of characters.

But, several gamers pointed out that this game comes with plenty of bugs. When you are playing a game that has received numerous awards like BAFTA Games Award for Best Game, and so on, you know that you have the real deal at hand.

3. Mad Max

Mad Max is ranked third on our list of the best game like Borderlands. The game has most of the features and characteristics that remind us of Borderlands. No surprises in finding out that this game is based on the movie, Mad Max.

Best Games like Borderlands

Gamers are hit with the fact that the designers have done a tremendous job in recreating the movie’s scenario in the game. You are filled with a world full of insane enemies, knowing how to combat them, and the best part, doing it with your vehicle.

The concept of the game, Mad Max, is about hope, even during death. This game, when played, gives you a sense of glimmer and hope when going about things. You are forced to learn and find stuff during the murder and then watch them turn into ash.

Our hero Max is living in a lost world. He almost lost his life, his car, and his aims with his life. Are you up for it? Do you want to redeem his lost life to Scabrous Scrotus? Here is your chance just to do that.

Gamers are transformed into a wasteland where there is nothing but hell waiting for them. You are in a world that is beautiful, ugly, as well as striking. Your main aim is to destroy the enemies that wanted to take your life with your companion and your vehicle.

You can burn their depots, deprive them of their sources. You can think of any way you want to kill and leave them in despair. Gamers are turned into a one-person wrecking crew. The best part about this game is the vehicle combat.

You are hitting each other and sideswiping the vehicles. Gamers can even detonate the open fuel drum. We will sum up our review on Mad Max. The game comes with realistic sceneries that can literally blow your mind.

The tone is honest and brutal at times. You can find sufficient combat with the games. However, some gamers were not so impressed with the irregularities in the visuals and the repetitive objectives.

So, do you want to download and play Mad Max? Of course, you would want to do just that. This game is a juxtaposition of thrilling setup, fun, and excitement that comes as a telegram reminding of somebody’s birthday or wedding anniversary.

Some gamers are unhappy with the fact that there is no multi-player option, your trustworthy companion, Chumbucket, is there. The mechanic, of course, prefers to talk a lot, just like in the movies, unlike our dear Max, who likes to keep things close to his chest.

4. Saints Row IV

Though Saints Row was almost a remake of Grand Theft Auto, the former aspires to be a game and entertain gamers. One thought that after Saints Row III, you might not have an IV (Download Here). But, that is the beauty of gaming designers.

They like to keep you guessing, and just when you thought it was all over, they release the game the very next day. To be frank, Saints Row III was slightly a dampener. Many reviews were quite negative, and the gaming developer’s image was tarnished.

Saints Row®: The Third™ - Remastered Launch Trailer (Official)

The makers did something that most would not, and they were bang on the buck. Just as if life is all about taking calculated risks, the gaming developers have taken a rather narrow road that has paid them dividends.

Yes, you do have most of the core elements in Saints Row. However, interaction with the world has changed tremendously. In Saints Row IV, you have become a hero that is able to do what you want.

You can fling your enemies with your hands and run on the sides of buildings. The humor aspect of Borderlands comes into play here. You have the ability to take on the role of a hero or heroine with a similar voice.

The game is based in Steelport, the same city that has not changed much since Saints Row III. However, Zinyak, who is the evil mastermind, wants to keep things dark and gloomy. Gamers find the setting a bit of a drag, but when you view on your PC, it is much more clearer.

You have some superpowers clusters waiting for you as you run around the city. They give you the ability to perform your moves and stunts effortlessly. For example, there is no need for a vehicle because you can run quicker than it can.

As the game progresses, you make use of new weapons. They give you the power to kill your enemies as you wish to. The effects when you kill your enemies is something worth mentioning here.

The story writing and plot are noteworthy too. Gamers are immersed in their world. We were quite pleased playing Saints Row IV and have confidence that you would also love playing the game.

The action, excitement, and humor in it is something that is worth experiencing in real-time.

5. BioShock

BioShock (Download Here) is another game that you might want to give a try if you like shooting series Games like Borderlands. When gamers want a good story, an action-packed atmosphere, and a unique game, then BioShock is the name.

BioShock: The Collection Announcement Trailer

This is a first-person game and comes with few elements of RPG. You have some of the usual weapons to choose from when you want to slay your enemies. You can kill them with your wrench or freeze them.

Let us read all about this amazing and exciting game. This gaming series comes with a twist. Bringing the trilogy of games offers newcomers something to get started. Since the last generation, this is by far one of the most memorable first-person shooter games.

The introduction is the first thing that hits you. Some of the details in the game visuals are the highlight of the game itself.

They are awesome and haunting to say. Not to mention, there is something gleeful about the city streets and the lanes. They keep making you want to come back repeatedly. Perhaps, that is the beauty of the game that gets you hooked to it.

However, the same cannot be said about the plot of the game. That is because you at times feel that you are retreading on similar grounds again and again. In the new version, there is no multi-player option.

Gamers find it inquisitive about playing on their PS4. Therefore, if you own the play station, then you might want to give it a try—the quality of texture, resolution and the frames per second blends with the PC.

The colors and the depths of the clarity are noticeable. The beginning and end of the game are lightweight and come with no ambiguity. However, the middle part is slightly tedious and difficult to understand.

BioShock is, no doubt a pleasure to play. However, it is amazing to notice that the updates are on the decline. The game is ideal for your PS4. However, you can consider playing it on your PC too.

But, we were impressed with the ideas that were implemented in all 3 of the versions. If you played the game more than a decade ago, then you might want to give it another shot today. When you want a solid game that has shades of Borderlands in it, then BioShock is the name.

6. Dead Island

We found Dead Island (Download Here) to be the perfect fit for the best games like Borderlands. Why so? Well, when you mix zombies roaming about an island, then what is the end result.

Welcome to Dead Island, an action game where your only aim is to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Dead Island Definitive - Launch Trailer

You can uncover and explore the island to find out the exact cause of this apocalypse. There is going to be ample bloodshed and killing in here. When you love horror games or psycho-related content, then this is your best deal at the moment.

The plot is quite similar, without much difference to the previous versions. However, the game is a lot better, and the content appears robust. Gamers have commended on their looks. Though it may not be a major change, it has a significant impact on the game.

The sheer visual effects on the environmental objects that are offered here are something of a kind. For example, there are humid conditions, haze during the midday, and the moment you enter a dark area.

The characters and animations done are top-notch, giving you a realistic feel when you play the game. It was something that was missing in the earlier versions. Not to mention, you can notice a few bugs that occur when a zombie gets stuck on the sand.

When a rapper smashes the skull of a zombie with a stick or an object, the sheer visual effects are one of a kind. Likewise, when you slice the zombies, you would love to hear the sizzle around you.

However, the multi-player option is sorely missed. Games like these are more fun and exciting when you play them with several players. The combat and settings seem slightly repetitive at times.

The makers may have to work on that for better reception. Having said that, doing some simple stuff like walking down the beach or taking a stroll around the park could not be more fun. These are simple things but come with more fun and excitement.

Why play Dead Island? When you want to fiddle with tons of content, play a game that comes with plenty of graphics, and beat up enemies, then this is your ideal game.

However, some gamers felt that the missions were repetitive, and there is no appeal for veterans.

The Dead Island Definitive edition comes with plenty of content in them. You can safely say that things have never looked that good. The graphics used in them are way fun and realistic than before.

It comes with a storyline that can last for more than 30 hours. That is more than sufficient to give the best gamers a run for their money. You do not have to be somebody who loves zombie concept games to play this as it is a smash hit game.

7. Bulletstorm

Next, we come to Bulletstorm (Download here). What is so special about Bulletstorm, that we had it on our list of best games like Borderlands? Well, you will be amazed to find out that it does not look much like Borderlands, but has some elements of it.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition - Accolades Trailer

When you feel that a game deserves to be noticed, then it is this. The first version of the game was hardly welcomed. That was not surprising. With a poor storyline, lack of visuals, and of course, less combat, the Bulletstorm: Full Clip edition wants to make some noise.

They have revamped the graphics and added new content to it. This is a first-person shooter game where you have to kill and combat your enemies who are vast in number, through many methods.

There is a system in this game, where you are rewarded for using your skills. For example, instead of jumping or crawling your way through, perhaps, you can fight directly with your enemy head-on.

It is all about combat or taking your enemy by their throat. The game comes in a single-player option as well as a multi-player option. You are warmly welcomed on the planet of Stygia. In this game, you can sway your way through the corridor and path.

As simple as it may sound, more puzzles and people are lying in wait for you. The game is like no other where you just shoot and destroy everything that is in your way. You may want to fight or ward off your enemies in other ways.

Sounds fun? Of course, it is. You can throw them into a fountain or water. Perhaps, you can throw them down a car elevator and flatten them. You will be amazed to know that there are more than 100 methods to kill them.

Each method or way you kill them, you are rewarded with points. The more points, you get, the higher or powerful your weaponry. This is a unique concept, which several gamers have applauded the developers.

As a player, you get a sense of accomplishment using new skills. The skill shot menu comes with the shots that you use to throw and combat your enemies. This really transforms the entire game.

You do not have to look at your enemies as a threat, but rather a way to come up with a new shot on them. This helps you to develop new moves and shots.

You are reminded of games like Quake, where you have to change your weapons at an instant and kill the enemy instantly.

Likewise, in the game, you can shoot using a sniper gun, use a basic gun, or vaporize them. As your levels increase, so does your weaponry. With every new environment, comes a new weapon or form of skill shot that you can develop for yourself.

At times, you can encounter scripted pieces, events, and shooter sections. But, when you keep playing the game often, you kind of get bored of the same thing. But it is alright for now. On the other hand, humor levels are bearable.

All said and done; you will want to know that this experience absolutely holds up. It is one of those games that can give you thrills and excitement.

When you did not play the game during its initial stages, then this is the best time to play this cringe-worthy blockbuster.

The above seven alternatives were some serious contenders for Borderlands. However, the rest 3 games are also worth giving a try. We have discussed them briefly with our readers. You may like them.

8. Serious Sam

Serious Sam is a good option for those of wanting to play shooting games. The game is pretty basic as it comes with lots of shooting. fun, and excitement. This first-person shooting game comes with plenty of humor.

That was one of the things that struck us instantly, and hence we decided to have it on our list. The Serious Sam series comes with humor. You can find several games available on the series, and they are quite fun to play.

You can play them on the remastered version. The choice of weapons is something that will impress you too. Yes, you can play the game using the multi-player option. This game is the ideal bet for developing your social interaction skills also.

Serious Sam: The First Encounter & The Second Encounter Video Review

9. Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2 (Visit Here) is similar to those chainsaw action games. If you love that kind of game, then there is no reason why you will not like this game. Yes, the game comes with some elements of Borderlands with snarky comments and dry humor.

 Games like Borderlands

If you have played Doom before, then Shadow Warrior 2 is his younger brother. The main aspect of this game is that you can choose from a wide range of weapons. Not to mention, you can customize them, as you want.

You can see demonic enemies that you want to kill in several methods. It is a first-person played game that lets you switch your combat.

Do you want to play this game? Yes, you do not want to miss out on hordes of demons waiting to get you, some dry sense of humor, and a barrage of weaponry.

10. STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl

STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl (Download Here) is one of those games that is based on the true-life incident but in a very different way. The story is based on the popular Chernobyl disaster. This first-person shooter game comes with plenty of combat and action.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl PC Games Review -

There are a few similarities with Borderlands. Yes, there is no humor in it thanks to the serious plot that the game is based on. However, the landscape and the horror around it makes up. You can find ample elements of stealth, RPG, and survival.

The multi-player version can support more than 30 players at a single time. So, you can play the game with several like-minded players. Those of you who prefer games like these would definitely want to consider playing STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl.


We hope that you enjoyed reading this Games like Borderlands list and perhaps found your chosen one. The beauty of this list is that all 10 alternatives can be your ultimate favorites. You never know until you try them out and get accustomed to them.

Each of the games that are listed above comes with its own set of features that can excite and thrill you to the bones. When you are a looter shooter gamer, then you can bet on that. Do you have any favorites?

Well, the above list makes it extremely difficult to pick out one. However, we found that Rage and Mad Max are slightly better than the rest. They will have you immersed in play. But our tastes and preferences might be different from yours.

The best would be for you to play each of them and decide for yourself. You never know what you might miss out on. So, what do you think of them? Please do let us know. Of course, you are also welcome to share your list of favorites.

Do tell us about them too. We would be delighted to know more about Borderland alternatives. You can rest assured that the above-listed games like Borderlands will leave you looting and shooting from sunrise to sunset.

So, what are you waiting for?