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9 Of The Best Games like Diablo To Play Out

You will probably not be able to get your hands on Diablo 4 for some time now. Hence, it is good to play alternatives until the 4 one is released in the market. Are there worthy games like Diablo for you to play during weekends? 

That is what we are here to find out through this review. The need to wait forever for your next dose of ARPG looting is not required, which you have some fabulous alternatives. Yes, sometimes, it is just playing games that remind you of Diablo. 

You will be surprised at how good some of these other games are and what happens when you play something new. It means that you can hit stuff, level up when you want, and wear oversized shoulder pauldrons.

Damn, you are so lucky indeed. 

What is so special about Diablo that gamers world over gasping for breath to lay their hands on the alternative. The game comes with a 3D engine that offers you some fantastic graphics. 

You have wet areas of land, houses made from bricks, lights that flicker, and flesh that even rots, yes you can find them in this game. Hence, the third version of Diablo is simplified. The fact that you want more of it coming back to you keeps your curiosity high. 

Like other popular games, this one too comes with voice acting. Some popular actors represent the characters in the game. Well, in this game, you have some of the best in the movie industry, and they have done a tremendous job. 

There are famous names like Carl lumbly, Dorian Harewood, Robin Atkin-Downes, Dominic Keating, Crispin Freeman, to name a few. If you watch science fiction movies and series, then you will recognize most of these actors. 

We got dragged into it, thanks to the articulate voices. Before we delve into Diablo, you will want to play some games that are worthy enough of it. For now, let us forget about the release of Diablo 4 and concentrate on this review that we have prepared just for you. 

Best Games like Diablo: Our Top Pick 👌

1. Path of Exile 

Path of Exile is a popular game and that is why we have brought it up, right at the top in our Games like Diablo list. Like Diablo, the game comes with its own deep experience for you. Not to mention, the game is free to play. 

Best Games like Diablo

You may not be able to find a better deal to play with. The first part of the game is where you are alone on the beach. The game is all about clicking on the monsters at the right time. Many gamers have found the game to be familiar with Diablo 3. 

The storyline and the features are quite similar to them. Don’t get surprised when you read comments like, we found it like Diablo series and so on. Because they are all over the internet, you are given comfort until you are able to handle weapons of your choice. 

Only when you know how to deal with those monsters, you are made to deal with them. You are then flooded with banners and religious temples. As a gamer, you feel transformed into your world that comes with its characters. 

When you play, you notice that unwanted time on the narration is saved. Some gamers prefer it that way. You do not want the narration to drown your enthusiasm. We found some features like drinking for a flask was quite interesting. 

Your powers are given back to you. Wraeclast is definitely a witch by all means. Her eyes, nose, and other bodily features can give any expert gamer the shivers. The slots and gems are color-coded, and you need only to insert the gem that matches your slot. 

You are surrounded by loot in the game. If you love to shoot and loot, then this is your game, period. As you go higher, you are given more gems. We liked the gem that enabled us to resuscitate corpses. 

However, some glitches can ruin the fun and excitement in the game. The range of possibilities in the game gives you a feeling of empowerment. You do get that feeling; the competitive play is poorly laid. 

You are, at times, forced to reside in villages. Apart from that, the leagues reshape things around you that can make your life difficult to play smoothly. The path of Exile comes with some compelling yet complex options for you to play. 

Several gamers have complimented the designers for enabling them to do so. There is a foreboding atmosphere, which animates the game deeper as you play. The graphics are stunning and could be slightly better than Diablo, according to us. 

They come with extreme action. The environment keeps continuously evolving, and the designs of the creature provide a rewarding exploration. The features of the players are, at times, half-implemented. This can be annoying to play. 

What do we feel about this game? The Path of Exile requires a quick internet connection, and apart from that, you need hunger to kill some monsters and loot them. Yes, the game is addictive, and at times, you find yourself very committed to playing it. 

You will find several mysteries that await you in the savage regions you have charted in the game.

Path of Exile: Harvest Official Trailer and Developer Commentary

2. Victor Vran ARPG

Victor Vran offers you a game that comes with your usual wiping out the bad and saving the good. There is a good level of customization to use your skills and weapons, directions, in the demon-hunting get-up.

Games like Diablo

If you have played classic RPG games, then playing this game must not come with any issue. Yes, the game might not light a fire within you like the ones you usually expect. Even we were quite skeptical about playing it at first. 

The game comes with its set of surprises once in a way. It does lift your morale high and make you play more. There are some excellent visuals during combat that are noteworthy too. 

You are, you guessed it right, Victor Vran, a demon hunter by trade. Your good friend, you travel to a city that is not very friendly for the apparent purpose of hunting demons. We liked the character initially. 

As you have reached the city, you are given a welcome by the demons who roam around. The demons come in various shapes and sizes, all ready to kill you. It is a dark vision that is supported by archetypal enemies. 

You are traveling on the same path as The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. However, we were not pleased with the fact that you have only a single character and story about choosing from. 

The character is given weapons, outfits, destiny cards, which coalesce your design. There are weapons of 2 kinds that blend with your clothing beautifully. But, it goes gets tiresome after a while. 

Not to mention, they have provided you with demon powers that allow you to go on the defensive when you want. You can bring down a pillar or scorch flames. Most of the clothing and accessories you are offered come with their own capabilities. 

You have destiny cards that can enable you to gain health. Supposing you are losing out on your health, then you can take these. Apart from that, they can protect you with their ability to cause critical damage by an icy explosion.

The game comes with customization with a caveat. Of course, you always have the option of moving ahead and searching for more loot and other demons. You have the Bottomless Pit arena that is unlockable. 

This gives you waves of enemies that show up for you to destroy and loot them. An interesting infuse of excitement. We would tell you to watch out for enemies for powerful and rare weapons. 

The fast-paced nature of the game is one of the best qualities. When you are fighting, there is an infuse of energy coming out of nowhere. It gives you that resurgence that you badly need when fighting enemies. 

The lights, colors, and fire present on the monitor comes with intensity. It is immensely satisfying to play and is hard-hitting. You are given a maelstrom of intense energy.

When you progress on the levels, the difficulty increases, enabling you to activate up to 5 hexes that can improve your reward and challenges.

Having said that, when fighting some of your enemies, their moves become predictable, which becomes a chore as you play often. The lack of variety is dearly missed here. Of course, you can jump around and move instantly, making combat livened. 

The second part of the game is looting. This part we particularly enjoyed. Who does not like to loot your victims, especially bad ones? As long as you keep moving forward with your goods and facing your next enemies, you do not feel like stopping. 

The world of Victor Vran is quite detailed, with several features that offer you plenty of visuals to ponder on.

Even those minor ones like leaves falling from the trees as you walk, formations of crystals with a soft light in caves, and green mists moving over the cemetery give you a sense of living it in reality. There are buildings, tall structures that are mostly in a broken structure as you look inside them. 

There is the voice that keeps talking to you. His mysterious dialogues might sometimes be helpful and sometimes may not. You do not know the purpose of the voice in this game. You would want to know that this is not a game similar to that of Diablo. 

It may even come close to Path of Exile. That is because the length of the game, the diversity, and the story are obviously limited. At times, these accessible games and light to play, bring out the best in you. 

However, they have updated it several times, using DLC that gives you the use of more weapons, attacks, and new maps. 

Victor Vran Review

3. Borderlands Series

Borderlands series is ranked third on our Games like Diablo list. We can say that it is an excellent choice, something which can scratch your head along the terms of Diablo. You can find a barrage of features present in Diablo here. 

The minions, classes, the tiers, and so on. Yes, it is a brash, colorful storyline, but it does come with its own set of storylines. The game was released in 2009 and since then has seen a wide range of shooters in the game, all over the world. 

Borderlands 3 – Mayhem is Coming to Steam

Gearbox has this massive trend of being able to produce games that can tingle your nerves, and they have done the same with Borderlands. When you are one of those MMO looter-shooters, then you would love to play this game. 

You would be amazed to know that it was able to sell more than 38 million copies. The storyline is quite familiar, where you have to chase Tyreen and Troy. So, what is unique about this game, you ask?

The fact that you can use new guns and new features in combat. This definitely makes it quite interesting. The game is about guns and combat. If you are somebody who enjoys only these 2, then you might as well check it out now. 

The weaponry is smooth and responsive. You can shoot and kill your enemies at will and need. Few of the guns come with intense accuracy where you can shoot them without a plan or having no ammunition. 

We loved using the SMG as it can fire both bullets and you can poison your foes. There is also the rocket launcher, which is hit with a bang and onto small missiles. You also have submachine guns that can hit better than your SMGs.

They come with lasers, and you can stick to the ground or on other surfaces. Gamers loved to use this weapon because it makes them smile. We particularly enjoyed playing Pandora, where you have to save Vic.

The other favorite weapon of choice was the grenade launcher. You can easily take out tanks and villains with disdain. Yes, there is a multiplayer game option for those of you who enjoy it. 

This is a game that you might like playing single-player. You can easily conquer the main quest and fight with the bad guys—some gamers like some missions in this game where you take your own time after clearing out enemies. 

The narration is incredible, and we could not find any fault in it. Perhaps, it is the reason that many gamers want to give it a go and carry on playing. There are several tones that give the game a nice feeling when you play.

The game comes with usual flaws that are noticeable. When playing, you do find better-looking guns and weapons. However, you have done it before in the game. Probably, you have played too many shooting and looting games, and then this happens to you. 

Is it a game that you would want to download and play? Well, we would highly recommend this game. Perhaps gamers expect plenty of changes in it since the updated version has come out after 10 years. 

Yes, you can find some newer, deeper, and progression made in the Borderlands 3. Today’s gamers seem to be on par with the Gearbox franchise of shooting and looting gaming. Their expectations are more practical, one can say. 

However, you must be warned that you will not like some jokes and be fatigued once in a while. 

4. Book of Demons

Book of Demons comes with the best possible aesthetic in this Games like Diablo list. The game reminds me of a book that you used to do when younger. It comes with all the bells and whistles and is one of a kind. 

9 Of The Best Games like Diablo To Play Out

We found it addictive, to say the least. You will love to use the combat, and as you move in the game, you feel its complexity. Gamers have mentioned a special feature known as the Flexiscope technology, where you can destroy demons and zombies. 

You run your way through hell, dungeons, and catacombs in the game. You need to defeat primordial evils which are killing the people in your village. The game was written such that people of all ages would have ample fun and excitement playing it. 

The plot is simple. You come back to your town after mastering how to use the sword and fight. Sadly, you notice that demons have unleashed hell in your beautiful city. They are killing your friends, older people, and others ruthlessly. 

You have to control the hero of the game using the right kind of methods. You can make use of the mouse as well as the keyboard to make an impact on your enemies. Apart from that, you must know how to handle your cards aptly. 

The Cauldron contains all your rewards and points. The more points, the higher the health you have. However, you need to keep in mind that you will not be able to pay for it when you make use of it several times. 

The initial levels are fun and easy. As you go higher up, there are some levels where you cannot make a proper move. You must learn how to restrict the movement of missiles. That is because enemies begin to block your path.

The music was just awesome, giving you the feeling that you are really present somewhere. Most of the characters too are suitable for the game. The animators have given the game plenty of touches that make it elegant. 

We liked the voice narration in this game. The developers have taken immense pain to ensure that the audio is good. You have to beat more than 10 levels to advance to the next mission. 

The music is good too and comes with its own set of perfect ambiance. You can feel the music rising as it brings fire and life to the animals you come across in the game. This was something that got us going. 

The game is easy to play and comes with a simple user interface. The Flexiscope is good. There is good replay value in this game. However, we felt that the soundtrack could have been improved. 

We can say that the Book of Demons is a game that is suitable for all kinds of gamers. It has something in it for everybody. When you have the urge to play a game that is not too long but is able to give you the vibes. 

5. Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 is ranked fifth on our list of games like Diablo. The game has a slightly better and colorful take on Diablo. Yes, it is an ARPG game having the same elements as the game. However, you can perform some special things that make you feel pampered in the game. 

Torchlight II | Official Console Announce Trailer

For example, you can send your pet to the market to sell your stuff. Interesting isn’t it? The game also comes with its nice touches here and there that make playing a breeze.

Some of the features like getting invited to visit Plunder Cove to deal with sailors were good. 

These games have the ability to send you where you want to. Hence, the makers spend hours in research to make them immersive. The updated version comes with new skills, classes, and multiplayer features. 

You also have pets who appear out of nowhere, just when you need them to save you or do a boring chore. The dungeons are full of coal-driven robots that are filled with tentacles, also and skeletons who seem to come alive. 

The randomization comes with an organic feel to it. The game is lively and fun to play. You have the side-quests threaded in the narrative when you complete the campaign. The missions also come with skill trees that help you plot a plan. 

The visuals are fantastic. You get goosebumps with all the action happening around you. There is lighting, fire, and ice all together infused in one go. It also comes in with casting and guns with projectile skills.

You are free to unlock those skills that you need during the levels to attack your enemies. Similar to the skills that you can find in Diablo. You will love the armor that you are using in this game. 

You can quickly go into attacks without having to worry about the results. At times, you can come back to your inventory after a few minutes looking for something you want. There are rares, uniques, and sockets. 

We loved the manner in which the enemy attack came with its charm. You can find the world creating itself around you, and critters get in. The difficulty levels are right there from the start, and you can go around as you prefer. 

Before you want something, you need to arrange them through people. In this game, modding is encouraged. You can select the strength of the loot system and unlock the difficulty levels when you want. 

On the whole, it is a fantastic game that comes with its ups and downs. While you may love some features, you may be petrified with some. That does not mean it is a game that you do not want to download and play. 

Torchlight 3 is heartfelt, colorful, and comes with an excellent spin on it. Go ahead and play it today.  

6. Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor – Martyr

Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor – Martyr, is the perfect duplicate of Diablo. You have the option to choose from an armor-clad warrior, psychic, and assassin. You have to fight against them in the 40k universe.

9 Of The Best Games like Diablo To Play Out

The narration of the game is pretty good and comes with the flow. You can also find ample monolithic gothic architecture in the game. It means that you have face blades, bullets, and blazes to make a path for yourself.

There is some lack of character as you progress in the game. It gives you a stale feeling when you play the game in long sessions. However, it comes with several twists and turns in the form of Uther’s Tarot.

The system allows you to customize the galaxy map using the objectives and the levels of difficulty to the loot you prefer. You can even choose your adventure cards, which will enable some more freedom.

7. Warhammer: Chaosbane

Next, we have Warhammer: Chaos Bane for you on our list of games like Diablo. The game is quite unusual in itself because it comes with its style of play. The progressions of the classes, the level of design, the gameplay, and the bosses’ battles are excellent. 

9 Of The Best Games like Diablo To Play Out

There is some lack of itemization, but the gameplay is sharp. You will love the fact that the game goes on continuously for 15 hours. There are a few sections in the game that can outstay their needs. 

8. Grim Dawn 

Lastly, we bring you to Grim Dawn on our list of games like Diablo. When you want something that rekindles the fire of obsession in you, then it has got to be this game. The game is able to provide you with a deep and complex ARPG experience.

 Games like Diablo

Once you are logged in to the game, you can instantly see why there are tons of gamers vying with each other for this game. The visuals, the options, the characters, and the plot are excellent. Not to mention, the apocalyptic setting, along with the dual-class system, makes the game fantastic.

Grim Dawn is one of those games that has the ability to knock off Diablo from the throne. Unlike other games, you are hooked on this game. In most ARGPs, you have to shoot and loot. 

That is about it. The features and the options are limited at a particular point in time. You may even feel disconnected from it. Here, the sheer artistry comes into play. You are genuinely honing the atmosphere and cherishing the moment. 

Each of the stat points, the kill, sound effects, and even the splatter live up to the expectations. There are touches of the environment everywhere, making it lively and exciting. 

Throughout your path, you are surrounded by combat engagements and dungeons. Rummaging through the game is a fantastic experience. As you take those long walks and treks, you are going through the enemy territory without fear. 

However, you are spellbound with the number of visuals that are provided for you actually to get a real taste of where you are going. It may sound hilarious, but we complain here that you tend to gather too much loot. 

Yes, this is a game based on loot, but at times, you are carrying too much on your shoulders. You get a sense of progression as your enemies scale you around. Gamers are surrounded by a screen full of pyrotechnics and explosions.

You will appreciate the fact that you make changes as and when you want to. For example, you can repair bridges or homes when you have the required resources to do that. The dialogues, at times, can put you off, such that you may want to skip those sessions. 

Some of the acts are a bit too long. When you are fighting with the boss of the dungeon, you think that he is talking more blows than anybody else. The drama and weight are useful throughout the game. 

It seems well-balanced. We were astounded by the visuals of the game. It was amazing and brought out the best in you. Not to mention, the combat was excellent, with stunning features in there too. 

The world in the game is dense and massive. Gamers felt that they were not able to get hold of the plot. At times, you think that doing the same thing over and over again gets tiring. It is safe to say that Grim Dawn is one of the ultimate RPGs in the market today. 

The visuals and the options offered in the game make it worth fighting through. With hours of combat, you can face several good times. Many gamers have confessed that they like the game. 

Is it better than Diablo? Well, that is going to be challenging to answer because few elements don’t come up there. Yes, this game is a single-player that makes you play within your flexibility and find out things leisurely. 

Not to mention, it is less polished on par with Diablo.

Summing up

We have come to the end of our review of a game like Diablo. We hope that you found this guide on the alternatives useful. Perhaps, you have found your competition by now.

If you haven’t, then, we suggest that most of the games mentioned above are severe contenders for Diablo. 

Most of the games listed are worth their salt and money. The makers have done a fabulous job. They come with fantastic visuals, options, and give you a sense of ARGPs. We would mention a few names like Path of Exile, Victor Vran, and Grim Dawn. 

They take the icing of the cake. Their visuals and characters could not give you a more realistic feeling. You would love to play those games with yourself, your family, or just about anybody. 

Did you feel that these games were up to their mark? Perhaps, you have played other games that come with better visuals. If that is the case, then please do let us know. We would love to read your suggestions and thoughts on games like Diablo. 

Happy gaming with your family!