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9 Of The Best Alternatives Games like Fable

Are you searching for the Best Alternatives Games like Fable? 🤔 There are many out there? Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of best 9 ones in this review post.

Without any further delay, Let’s explore this guide. 🐱‍🐉

It is safe to say that Fable is quite old, but one of those games that you want to cherish life long. We can also assume that you are a huge fan of Fable. Yes, the game has left an indelible ink on most of us.

The story, the characters, and the features of the game come with a tremendous and profound effect. The game has something mystical that just happens to remain with you.

When you are in the quest to find something familiar, then we can assure you, it will take months, if not years, to do so.

The gaming series comes with the ability to be played on several modern gaming devices. Yes, we can feel your impatience, so were we. The soft corner for the Fable gaming series comes with a lot of desire to lay your hands on something familiar.

Though we have been on that quest before, we have never felt this overwhelmed by the games that we came across on the internet. We have compiled this list based on the games that reminded us of Fable.

They even helped us to create new voids that should be filled with other games. So, why in search of games like Fable. Well, there comes a time in a gamers life, where you need to make a difficult choice.

Continue playing the same game or go for something familiar that comes with the same amount of flair and enthusiasm. When you keep playing the same thing over and over again, you tend to get bored of playing it.

Perhaps, your interest in games may leave you altogether. Hence, it makes perfect sense to go for games that are quite similar if not identical to the one that is closest to your heart. In this case, Fable.

These games can be played on most of the consoles, including the PS4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iPhone, Android, and the like.

Let us take a look at some of the best games like Fable.

Best Alternatives Games like Fable: Our Pick 👌

1. The Witcher

We are going in straight for the kill with probably the best game of all time, The Witcher. Having more than 100,000 reviews on a website like Steam, and a full score, you do not need anybody to tell you that this is a fabulous game.

Games like Fable

The game is based on novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski. You would be delighted to know that this game is on Netflix too. This RPG game comes with top-notch graphics and comes with an excellent storyline.

Gamers have to hunt and kill witches and other bad people. Some gamers have claimed that the game is designed so well that they get afraid. It comes with combat that is innovative and replaces the conventional methods of the same fire-power.

It takes you around the grim medieval world that is presented to you in a very realistic manner. You can make strong decisions and, of course, face the consequences. There is also the powerful mechanics that give you scrapping and the usual D&D rip-off.

You can say that the game is a crossover of action RPGs and Neverwinter Nights. Gamers are presented with characters of both sides. While you have Geralt, who is grey-haired, you also have Temeria, which is a fantasy world.

Anyways, you have an evil group known as the Salamanders. The bad guys hate children and women. They kidnap them and are bar wenches who will do anything for a glass of wine. Yes, they are programmed to be that bad.

Basically, they hate nonhumans and even kill dwarves. Your request for help is often turned down, and hence your quest for being the hero is quite difficult. Just about everything seems to be murky in this game.

You have to track the bad guy who has raided your region and killed your best friend. Unfortunately, you find yourself in a fight against a witch. There is a guard who is an abuser; you have a merchant who is a murderer, and so on.

Not to mention, the village priest you take help is a lunatic. The witch with whom you have to fight is no good either. All in all, you have the choice of choosing between murderers, rapists, and bad demons.

We found that the characters seem realistic and as if real people are present there. Apart from that, the dialogue seems slightly truncated. That is because of the Polish translation. As a gamer, you become aware that something has happened.

But, you do not know what exactly took place. At times, the scenes are so bleak and eerie, that you feel you are transformed into a horror movie. The choices of words are sometimes quite bizarre.

Some gamers found that quite amusing because you are cruising along and hearing the usual conversations, suddenly out of nowhere, you hear the F-word. The Aurora Engine is fantastic, and all this goes back to 2002.

The characters are distinctive, and the landscapes are beautiful. You can see the villages with their distinctive broken huts and the stone buildings, most of which are lying in ruins. We were highly impressed with the sound and visuals effects.

For example, at night, when you are walking, you can hear the soundtrack that sounds more like graveyard music. There are some offbeat notes, too, when women are talking to their lovers.

Should you download The Witcher? Why not, if you want an immersive story, memorable plot, characters that can remind you of Fable, then it is the game. The game may not be your best classic RPG, but it definitely has the zing and flavor to attract gamers.

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2. Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls

The next game on our list of games like Fable is Skyrim. It is part of the Elder Scrolls series, which has several shades of Fable. Apart from the visuals and storyline, you could get a feeling that you are playing the same thing.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Official Trailer

However, both games are different from each other in several ways. They both are fantastic, and you can enjoy them. What is Skyrim about? This game comes with an epic plot and has an amazing customization feature.

The moment you play Skyrim, you are taken into a different world where you are doing small chores like arranging your shelf or walking inside your house immersed in deep thought. It is these kinds of features that make any game fully realized and tremendously interesting.

You have plenty of options to choose from and have a wide blend of magic and weapon combat that allows you to socialize too. However, you can only go out and explore the world, only when you are ready after you are done reading the manual.

There are tons of things to do as a player. For example, you can snatch torch bugs, kill a dragon, go on a quest, or simply sit engrossed in your own world. We would like to make a mention here of the soundtrack.

It is one of the best until a recent date. The landscape in the game comes with ample curiosities and content to make you wonder at times, what are you doing in there. That is because each step you take comes with its own risk and excitement.

Dragons sometimes surround you in the game out of nowhere. They flap their wide wings and scream through their throats at night. Each of the weaponry comes with its own abilities.

You can make use of a sword or heavy armor to do something. As a gamer, you have seeped into a rich fictional legacy. Yes, you may not be in the Lord of the Rings, but something definitely close to it.

Gamers have shared their surprise that this complex game comes with its own UI that is extremely friendly. As you kill a character, your skills level up. This is much better than gaining points that most gamers don’t use.

You can choose them depending on the kind of level or quest you are in. Some influence from games like Fallout and Bethesda seems at times. Not to mention, bonuses are provided each time you unlock a process.

There are slow-motion effects that come up each time; you are able to block your enemy’s attack during close-range fighting. Before we forget, you are not alone. The sceneries in this game are just unique and breathtaking.

We were quite impressed. For example, a walk amongst the mountains with the forest and marshland is one of a kind. Does the game come with any downside? Unfortunately, it does where the controls are sort of inefficient when you use them on a PC.

Though they are a breeze on the play station and other devices, the PC playing session can ruin your gaming experience. If you are alright with that, then it is fine. But, then again, you can always go for a PS4 or other gaming console.

Not to mention, you get a feeling that there are few bugs along the way. But, that is normal when you are gaming using an overwhelming number of things.

As a player, you often don’t feel satisfied with a single playing session in some games. This one fits the bill. You are pressed to go for more and get closer to the game. Such is the intensity that it comes with.

The developers have done an excellent job ensuring the gamers are focused immensely due to the effects of each decision happening there. Its music and effects have a personal bond and come with a gratifying personal touch.

On the whole, Skyrim is a game that you should consider playing because it allows you to play as you want. You may not have the RPG mechanics, but at times, too many weapons can actually break you.

Remember, you are going to play an 18 rating game. So, parents might want to ensure that your kids who are younger than 18 years of age are away from this game. Though there is violence, there are some characters that deal with drugs and sex.

Hence the 18+ rating from PEGi. When you want an immersive game, then these things come along with it. Definitely, you want to play the game today. Gamers have enjoyed the visuals as well as the story; we don’t see why you won’t too.

Are we the only ones who want to play the Skyrim game? Well, you too would be saying the same if you played it at least once. Go ahead and download this game like Fable. We are sure that you would thanks us later.

3. Dragon Age

Dragon Age was bound to be next on the list of best games like Fable. Dragon Age and Skyrim have lots in common. But, it comes with a more dark fantasy that is not visible in it. However, you are intensely reminded of Fable.

Best Alternatives Games like Fable

Unlike other games, this one comes with multiple endings. The story is addictive and remains so till today. The developers, BioWare are into the niche of single-player games. Dragon Age: Inquisition comes with a huge credit that takes close to 90 hours to view.

In the latest version, you are not some leader of a gang that has to save the world from the bad guys. Instead, your main purpose is to bring about changes in the land that you are based on. Your land is ripped apart due to political strife.

No matter how you feel about discovering and finding out more about the land, you feel a sense of lacking in some of them. This is one of the best parts of this game. You can grow in this highly influential political acquisition.

Each step comes with its own set of enemies attacking you from each side. The sound and audio too were good. The delivery of the dialogues and the quest are smartly written and delivered.

We noted an excellent feature in this game where you can pause the game and give or take instructions. The combat feels direct and punchy when the sound is played. However, on the PC, we noted that sound could hang at times.

It can be slightly annoying. Not to mention, you wonder what you are doing at times. That is because, in the war room, where you have to discuss on important aspects of the game, you are left in the lurch.

The game comes in a massive world that is exceptionally beautiful. There are tons of content that you can fiddle around with. There is depth in the RPG, which comes with robust combat. However, many gamers felt the same thing as we felt; it comes with a weak plot.

One gamer said that he slayed a single dragon in several hours. That is when he realized that he had to kill more. That is the beauty of the game. There are many levels to set foot in. Though the plot is not gripping, you do want to go back and explore until all the dragons are slayed.

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4. Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma is next on our Games like Fable list. This could be one of the best games, like most of the games on our list. It comes with plenty of action, plot, and characters to complete the game. There is cutting people, magic powers, and monsters.

9 Of The Best Alternatives Games like Fable

You are transformed into a world of quests and have control over what you want to do. Gamers were expecting the release of the latest version and were excited about this game. There is a huge scene where you are in a perilous world of characters.

As you play the game, you are reminded of other games like Skyrim and Dark Souls. Not to mention, the game comes with lots of innovative ideas and is rough-edged sometimes. You are taking the rebirth of a dragon.

The model of the character customizes your avatar to the smallest of details. When you try to kill the dragon with a not-so-powerful sword, it takes your heart. This is when you are reborn as Arisen and want to get your heart from the dragon.

This is the start. Sadly, the middle section of the game is not that thrilling to play. For the next 30 hours or so, you are doing the same thing of trying to extract your heart. You also have a romantic plot that revolves around a beautiful woman.

We did not find the game to be gripping here. You need to improve on your combat skills as a fighter to be able to kill the dragon. You can join the class that helps you to teach combat. Not to mention, you need to keep track of your companion.

You can make use of anybody you want. Choosing pawns is a good idea. Apart from that, you need to purchase and use the right kind of weaponry.

Unless you do so, you may not be able to slay dragons. Gamers feel that the game plays well on the PS3. If you play the game on your PC, then you may not be too thrilled. Yes, Dragon’s Dogma is a strange game that somehow manages to get players hooked to it.

The game comes with its share of interesting concepts. However, you feel that it remains unfinished, thanks to some technical bugs. When it comes to combat, there is no second to it.

The game comes with an absorbing fantasy blended with a thick plot and characters. The game has the potential for becoming a great action RPG, but sadly, the storyline gives up on it.

5. Fallout

Fallout is next on our Games like Fable list. If you are yet to play the game, then you missing out on something. The game transfers you to a completely different universe. The first look, you may think that this may not be the same as Fable.

9 Of The Best Alternatives Games like Fable

But, as you play the game, you will notice several features that are almost the same. It comes with its own share of adventure and captivating gameplay. The wasteland has a sense of elements in it.

You never know what lies ahead. The plot is simple to grasp. You are taken into a world of an influential gladiator on the wasteland against several enemies. You have to destroy each of them using a different strategy.

You are in Boston in 2277, after a nuclear attack has damaged literally everything there is. The city lies in immense ruin. As a citizen of the great city, you are drawn to its current scenario with a sense of grief.

As a gamer, you need to understand that your decisions can affect the outcome of the game. This is one of those games that makes you compromise on your comfort zones.

It takes you to horizons that you haven’t been before. Though all want to live and survive, nobody wants to take the role. You need to know that you are choosing between wrong and right.

But, you end up sacrificing something. You are taken into a command system known as VATS. Gamers have commended this system as it gives you a unique feeling of power. You consider yourself robust when fighting with others.

Gamers can also wear different gear when they are playing the game. You also look for commodities that you can loot. For example, you require houseware and gadgets. Remember, health products and ammunition are key to survival.

So, you must check the bodies of dead bodies lying ahead of you for these. You will see that moving around the vast landscape is simple. Choosing the right kind of weaponry is the most stressful thing that you must consider doing.

However, some of the visuals feel slightly beyond dull. They come with their own glitches and flaws. At times, the characters walk through objects and stand in thin air. The game comes with its flaws.

For example, if you put the controller down, you get a feeling that your companion is not there. During this time, the game becomes quite an intoxicating experience. The game is such that it makes you feel responsible for your actions.

When you are done with the controllers, you are the testament to great storytelling. It is safe to say that the game has more substance over style.

6. Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning is sixth on our list of best games like Fable. You could say that is the closest to Fable with the plot and the visuals. There are seven classes where you can select from more than 1 million combinations of abilities, weapons, and skills.

Best Alternatives Games like Fable

The bad guys in this game have built a device that can bring people from death. As a hero, you are the only hope in this weird world. When you are in the game, you are taken in the world of Faelands, where you have a lot of riding to do.

Since you are coming back to life, you at times feel like a zombie. Some of the moments are dictated by the fact that you do not impact the world. As you use your power and hit things on the land, the evils of the world take note of that.

You are then sent on a very long journey to thwart Fae’s crazy plan. During your journey, you are running through a series of zones, which are wide open. Each of these come with their own central hub town.

However, you can also join the forces of Amalur. They come in 5 factions, and you can choose any of them. As you kill the baddies, you are offered weapons of a different kind. Gamers can smash, sneak, and even cast spells on their enemies.

When you fight, you are provided with these powers. Most of Amalur’s games are fun and exciting to play with. Those of you who prefer using swords will love this game.

However, you have other options too. When you crawl under the dungeons, you are walking very close to your enemies. But, it takes some practicing because you need some getting used to.

The game comes with loot. Each time you kill somebody, there is loot. You can consider using the elfin Fae, to waltz through over again and again. Using the straightforward quests, you are stumbled upon the design and lack of choice.

As you get used to playing this game, you find yourself turning in completed missions quickly. Some gamers have felt that the game is very long. Perhaps the developers could have taken more care with the regions to make them interesting.

When you are keen to smash things or kill enemies merely, then this game is your first choice. But, when expecting more then, The Witcher and Skyrim come to mind. Having said that, the game’s story and characters are fun and exciting for a while.

7. Risen

Yes, we have Risen on our games like Fable list. Though it is an old game, you may want to consider playing it because of its gothic fantasy, customization, and open-world game. In this game, you fight weird-looking monsters and locals.

9 Of The Best Alternatives Games like Fable

They are in search of your blood and want to gobble you up. That is because you are food for them. As if, that were not enough, you also need to tackle the earthquakes that can frequently occur.

The game Risen comes with an exciting start that gives you goosebumps if you have not played the game before. The setting is very interesting and exciting, a true gothic style. We were highly impressed with the armor provided for players.

You literally have ample options for choosing. When you are the kind of player that wants to swap new equipment, then you have to be game. The Harbor Town is broken down, and their citizens are fed up with it.

You can hoard gold in the treasure that you want to have. The visuals are stunning with wolves roaming around, people walking with swords in hand, and other dangers that await you underground.

Gamers felt that the game is best played on Xbox 360. But at times, our thoughts might not be the same or true. We found it quite exciting on the PC, though.

Risen is a game that you might enjoy or not, depending on your gaming style and preference. Unlike other games, this is user-interface friendly. When you are not able to understand how to tackle things, then this choice is not suitable.

But, when you like games based on gothic, then this game is a must-try. The features, the characters, and the story itself are based on gothic. We were overwhelmed by the combat capabilities in this game.

Though it is not the best, the pacing of the game is good, and it comes with the right amount of combat elements in it. The game has the ability to give you an experience that won’t be forgotten.

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8. Banner Saga

Banner Saga is something in the realm of Fable. This is a wild card game, and you will enjoy these turn-based games, The game needs you to use skills, strategy, and skills. Gamers loved the fact that the music and art shatter conventions.

It is able to complement a poor story into a powerful one. This is a tough RPG game that you need to move ahead with careful strategy.

Which one is most similar to Fable? 🤔

This is it. We have come to the end of our list of games that are similar to Fable. It is one of those games that hold dear to our hearts. Finding a game that is similar to it was quite a task. We had fun preparing this exclusive list of games.

We monitored the games based on the RPG, customization, story, graphics, and feedbacks. We are sure that these games will entertain you, and some can even surpass Fable. Most of the games mentioned here are similar to Fable and gave the same feeling.

At this point, you will want to try something different too. Some games come with their own features and characteristics where you wonder what are they. But, once you begin to play them, you become hooked to them.

In all honesty, they are all good. Did we feel any game that is close to Fable? The Witcher and Skyrim were good enough to be better than Fable. It is not surprising to see that these games come with ample characters and a powerful story.

For somebody who has played Fable for quite a while, we can assure you that the above games have the ability to replace it. For doubts, ideas, or suggestions, please feel free to communicate with us through the comment section.